Who’s Crazy, Us or the Psychiatrists?

by J. Speer-Williams -


The unholy alliance between Big Pharma and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has played a most ruinous role in devitalizing, demoralizing, and dehumanizing our entire nation. The various pharmaceutical combines manufacture the psychotropics and the APA invents the disorders meant for those drugs.Scientology_psychiatry_kills

You may be interested to know that the APA has been instrumental in abetting American intelligence agencies in their torture tactics of human life, but they have now hurled their prestige and credibility into dangerously uncharted waters.


In an ignominious move to destigmatize pedophilia, the APA has once more proven just how anti-life they are.  In their updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the APA now states that adults who secretly wish to have sex with children will no longer be classified as having a severe psychiatric condition. In other words, the APA has suddenly claimed that pedophilia is merely one’s sexual orientation, sexual preference, if you will.

Could this reclassification have occurred because so many APA members are crazed pedophiles?

In any case, expect the mainstream media to eventually join the chorus of those who make excuses for sexual child abuse with notables telling us that pedophilia is merely a personal preference. And who are we to condemn it?


The APA’s manual of disorders makes up for losing one psychosis by classifying over one-quarter of all Americans as having serious psychiatric disorders. Listed among these “afflictions” are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and pain disorder.

Disliking pain is a psychiatric condition? Who would have guessed it? The bizarre, however, is routine with the APA.

Federal laws, military policies, mainstream media newscasts, government schooling, in fact, almost all American institutions attempt to formulate, direct, and solidify US public opinion. This is exactly what the American Psychiatric Association ventured to do by labeling the crime of pedophilia as merely a sexual orientation.

But that bit of ridiculousness proved to be too much, too quickly. Segments of the American public rose up in outrage and let the APA know about it. Realizing they had moved too swiftly in the grand plan of their hierarchy to further degrade America, the APA backed off claiming an error had been made in their DSM.

Yes, the APA had made an error, but it was not of the typographical nature spokesmen for the association alluded to. Many critics of psychiatry have long predicted that the APA would sooner or later reclassify pedophilia as merely being of a sexual orientation much like homosexuality. But today is not that day. Will tomorrow be that day? It depends on how many Americans wake up to the realities the power structure is trying to effect.

A person, however, who would put their life in the hands of an APA psychiatrist does need help, but obviously not from a member of the American Psychiatric Association and their vast array of deadly prescription drugs – all approved by our less than helpful Federal Drug Administration.

In short, anyone who would take the advice or deadly drugs given by a common garden variety psychiatrist should have their head examined by someone qualified to do so.

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34 Comments for “Who’s Crazy, Us or the Psychiatrists?”

  1. The history of Psychiatry trying to elevate itself to a Science is long and tedious.
    They have been playing ‘Name That Pathology” for quite a while (and if it is codeable you can collect
    To a substantial extent the gig is up, most have either met or know someone who has,
    and so..
    A New Initiative to make it Look Scientific!
    (no, not the new DSM which even the shrinks are taking exception to.. no..
    The new Human Brain Mapping initiative! (Beware!)
    Meanwhile it seems that some psychopaths have oddities that show up on PET scans.
    (a rare thing in psychiatry, no blood test or scan er nothing,
    and the drugs (poison) affect different people differently (lots of room to fudge!
    Anyway, not all who show on the PET scan turn out to be psychopaths.
    There are a few delightful new bits on the cable / sat, one is about this discovery.
    I am at a loss as to the name or channel, but keep your eyes out.
    It turns out the researcher doing the presentation has the signatures but is NOT a psychopath.
    May I recommend Carl Jung ‘Man and His Symbols’ if you are curious about brains and such.
    For the most part I think you best just avoid the lot and sort yourself out as best you can.


  2. all most forgot I didn’t see any mention of “MK ULTRA” as well as other “Programs” that have surfaced over the years. Any comments on these?? With ” CON-TROL” being the name of the game.

  3. have to agree with Tyron I think we should give the “SRINK’S” A free frontal lobotomy . no more problems.
    I’m sure if every one on VT with a combat history would send their c&P reviews by the srinks we would all have a good laff. Oh I not predudiced but I think mine would beat most any one’s c&P review . It was done by a (fee basis ) srink. Oh I didn’t take any of the “Drugs” they prescribed I think you would under stand that there is absolutely NO TRUST FOR THEM.
    great article

  4. Knowing they hold the ‘keys’ to your individual freedom, society (that is us) have allowed abuses to accumulate for decades . . . just don’t make us look at it and keep the denial-ability far away. The drugs create permanent damage at the neuroreceptor sites in the brain. . . they have you where they want you. The intuition is correct.

    Perhaps there are alternatives . . . Tyron and Dr James are absolutely correct. Competence has nothing to do with it. It is calculated slaughter. The picture we are suppose to ‘buy’ is Isolation and separation. It does not help that everyone spent years being abused by their school systems and media outlets and social peers enforcing the internal dialog of years of not being good enough or other similar low self esteem labels. I encourage everyone to retrain themselves with humor and a lot of forgiveness.. . .or just go for the orgone.

    Life force only needs corrected and directed, but help from a politically motivated system is a pretty bleak proposition.

  5. been there.. “take your meds!”.. excuse me, what kind of meds? how well do you know me to even begin to prescribe something? what exactly are you prescribing, will you show it to me in the PDR (physicians desk reference lists all medications, what they do, and potential side effects)??
    “OMG HE’S UNCOOPERATIVE!!” excuse me, who is unwilling to show ME the proposed prescription?

  6. Preston James, Ph.D

    A truly outstanding article. Many psychiatrists and psychologists are well meaning folks who have actually been mindkontrolled with bogus information provided by Big Pharma. This data is based on cherrie-picking a few marginally “successful studies” out of hundreds of failed studies and used to promote and sell harmful mind-bending psychotropics and anti-depressants, a huge income producer for Big Pharma.

    And yes, J.-Speer Williams gets it right, disorders are created to justify inhuman social and chemical manipulation of others, especially children who have individual differences or have been damaged by mercury, squalene and other adjuvants and preservatives in vaccines as well as the cell lines themselves, many of which still contain DNA or RNA fragments or even soft tissue cancer-causing Siimian SV40 virus. Like the old saying goes, the Talmudics got the central Bankster system, and the Nazi Abwehr/fourth Reich got Big Pharma after WW2 (like both sides of the same coin like Rebloodicans and Democrips as Gov. Jesse Ventura points out). Don’t forget that Psychologists who were members of the American Psychological Association participated in designing torture programs for Abu Ghraib and Quantanimo. Both Psychiatry and Psychology have abused millions by “labeling and stigmatizing patients” in order to collect lucrative insurance payments and this often degrade patients over their lifetimes without giving informed consent of the lifelong ramifications in many areas of life.

  7. Look on the bright side. If pedophilia is no longer either a mental illness or a psychiatric disorder, then a defendant cannot plead insanity or reduced capacity.

    It thus becomes purely a criminal matter: Did the defendant commit the act, or did he not?

    If a jury finds him guilty, then send him to prison. I’ve heard that child molesters are not treated well by other prisoners.

    • interesting take on what theyve proposed, it’d be effective if applied as you’d suggested!

      • One could possibly consider greed — the desire to commit theft — as an “economic orientation.”

        Yet we treat it as a criminal matter, don’t we?

        • Martin M: brilliant thinking
          greed can be listed w pedophilia

          perhaps war can be listed under magical thinking

  8. Psychiatrists aren’t scientists, they don;t measure things. Psychiatrists aid the US in it’s electronic harrassment/torture of innocent civilians – the CIA has people stalked and of course anyone claiming the Government stalks them is “paranoid” or “schizophrenic”. Read the PsychoPolitcal operatives manual to find out the mindset of these sick degenerates who pass themselves off as healers.

    • dear “zen master”, you are correct as is this article. it’s known as gang stalking using corrupt vigilante threat assessments and mental illness labeling for anyone who whistleblows, journalists, anyone who isn’t a sheeple, and or anyone who makes the wrong person mad. i know because i have been living through it for years. esp whilst divorcing a military officer. they also use HUMINT and SIGINT…role players and crisis actors that literally follow you around. cellphone and computer hacked, phone calls redirected when you seek help and then you get to talk to an actor perp who always says “there’s nothing you can do”….plus the smear campaign. it’s COINTELPRO 2.0 alive and well meets the STASI via SRP’s, misguided community outreach programs, the DoD, DARPA, FBI and private intelligence companies that hire SRP’s….most are great people in all those agencies…but they’ve been infiltrated with a corrupt rogue element…even the court system. See Gordon’s article on Scamsters and Trolls. Look up targeted individuals. “fight gang stalking dot com”

  9. To escape the tyranny of psychiatrists, German rockstar NINA HAGEN ( has become spokesperson for, an organization that assists people who have been threatened by forcedrugging and insitutionalization against their will by providing legally valid documents that prevent both.There is an excellent organization in the US (founder GENITA MASON) that helps people escape APA categorizations by providing n a t u r a l methods to keep body and mind in balance.Sofar they are expensive, but if the military gets involved (Veterans are in pretty bad shape when they come back from war traumatized and suicidal) and can squeeze in a budget of maybe 10% of the Pentagon (war) budget a year to restore the wellbeing of their cheap and always willing canonfodder, that would be wonderful.

  10. Thank you for this, VT.

    This extremely important subject should be a frequent news item. Russia seems to be ahead of the game on the issue:

    ‘Pedophilia not a ‘sexual orientation’ – Duma-proposed bill’

    Also, the ‘disorders’ being added to this years’ DSM are a wake up call to the complete control that’s in the works. Even shyness will be classified as a ‘disorder’.
    Remember, all the hype about ‘unstable lone gunman’ shooters in schools, shopping centers, etc., is being put out there for a reason. One thing these false flags have conditioned the public to accept is the ‘unstable’ label. With the addition of more and more ‘disorders’ to the DSM, the more your rights are being taken away, especially when it comes to lawfully owning/carrying a firearm.

    • exactly, and Dave Sarti is a pretty good example of what-how they do it. his “MD” wanted to run a lot of tests that Dave didnt have time for because of his real world responsibilities. Dave was then branded something “uncooperative crazy for refusing treatment” and denied his 2nd amendment rights?!!
      yeah, Dave IS a bit “off the wall” sure, but I wouldnt consider him a danger to himself and others unless he were faced with a real and immediate threat! apparantly to THEM, any response that isnt “dial 911 and wait to die in fear” is psychologically unstable?! a right to refuse treatment is now regarded as an excuse to diagnose in order to use force?!

      • Who is Dave Sarti? I don’t keep up with a lot of things.

        • Yeah, me too, who is Dave Sarti, captain obvious?

          • ok.. Dave Sarti is a good ol Tennessee American farmboy Christian type guy who was on a TV show called “Preppers”, he works his little farm, stores some food in a personal shelter and naturally has some weapons for self defense. to me, he seems maybe a little off the wall but also pretty darn harmless. he was suffering a bit of chest pains (likely pluritic, lung infection type) and went to see a doctor that proposed a lot of tests he really didnt have time for, and because of it they branded him as some kind of crazy, to deny his God given constitutionally reminded 2nd amendment right to be able to defend himself. MD calls shrink calls judge and whap.. judgement and order without any kind of honest psychological evaluation. meanwhile, we have District of Criminal “politicians” who are FAR more a danger to themselves and others than David Sarti ever even thought of being..
            (ya’ll couldda looked him up, he’s got some youtube videos)

  11. Psychiatry as currently practiced in the US, is the most lucrative racket on earth. And totally legal! First, you start with MDs who were at the bottom of their graduating class in med school, assuming they actually went to med school. Many psychiatrists are from foreign countries. Are we sure of their credentials, and are we sure that they care about American patients?

    The money and power, what’s not to like? As a psychiatrist, you can give everyone the same diagnosis (bipolar) and give them all the same drug cocktail, and make sure they keep coming back to you for the rest of their short lives, because it’s too dangerous to get off the drugs.

    If the patient complains, lock him up. After all, you say he’s crazy, and nobody will cross you. Not the cops, not the courts, and definitely not other medical professionals and hospitals. Yup, the perfect racket.

    • again, exactly. they’re handed ALL the credibility as they deal out health and mind trashing DRUGS that WILL make a person pretty Fn crazy, and they CAN make use of FORCE at whim, with a phone call.
      its pretty disgusting.

    • I laughed. Bipolar is the in thing. Until proven otherwise we are all bipolar.

  12. Tyron: the meds that psychiatrists have to work with is very limited. Unless one is truly psychotic- schizophrenic- these antipsychotics have terrible effects: uncontrolled restlessness, stiffness, severe uncomfortable feelings, strange feelings in feet, etc. The SSRI antidepressants only work for half and many feel incredibly nervous on them with severe anxiety, trepidation.
    These young men who are engaged in combat and have to pull the trigger as well as others who are very traumatized in so many other ways may have uncontrollable nightmares. Many of us were pawns- totally deceived . I do feel that many of those psychologists, etc who interview vets for problems, disabilities do an excellent job for the VA. If one is straight with an examiner that examiner is usually very understanding.
    What will happen when thousands of vets learn about PNAC and zionism’s role in getting young people especially men to fight in Iraq starting in 2003?
    As for DSM saying pedophilia is “OK”, just who writes this manual? What percent of psychiatrists, psychologists vote for what goes in there?
    These pedophiles should be castrated. The Muslims know how to take care of these depraved individuals.
    In the days of old these sexual perverts were brought for justice to the people whose children they violated but today we have too many perverts in public offices-so called “civil servants” and it is these liberals who treat pedophiles with kid gloves and make big bucks in the legal system.

    • It took me three start-ups to get rid of Venlafaxin (Trevilor).

      First I found it helpful, but then the psychiatrist had to save money and gave me cheaper products, which were horrible, so I decided to be no longer her guinea pig.

      • Were the cheaper products generic Venlafaxin or different meds entirely. Compared to the costs of antipsychotics, Venlafaxin is cheap.

    • 60′s, you gotta be aware good ol MJ can help suppress dreams and nightmares, right?
      the sabotaged economy combined with jailing young men for an inability to pay child support, offering inmates a military-economic option out, is also pretty darn thick, they dont need a draft with this garbage!
      the “war on drugs” (that they import, using military to guard it too!) has “recruited” millions too.

      • captain obvious- I know a goodly number of Vietnam messed up Marines and soldiers who live in rural areas and every evening they smoke MJ and it has done them a lot of good. It is interesting how our minds are all different and how chemicals work differently on people, so more power to those who find something that helps them to sleep and helps their chronic anxiety and PTSD, etc.
        Nightmares are uncontrollable unless one finds something and that is very difficult. No one can stand nightmares for long so whatever works and won’t kill you in a short time makes good sense.
        My WW2 uncle used booze to help combat nightmares of WW2-he died young. He never complained-didn’t know abt ptsd -didnt exist. But govt authorized killing weighs men down.
        I paid child support for 20 yrs so i know what that does to us- only those destroyed by these judges know what it does to our minds.The Iraq war led the Army to accept a lot of trash- I had hundreds of decent soldiers tell me abt all the problems (i worked at an Army base). The trash has now entered the VA disability system and numbers in the thousands. Most were given a free pass through basic and AIT and then decided not to work. The war on drugs -useless- idiotic.

  13. I waited for that. Others like Henry Makow and Jack Minor saw it coming too.

    Thanks for the article.

  14. Tyron: agree
    that acid will make things worse
    an old BP med , clonidine, has excellent smooth sedative effects and is good for sleep and bad dreams
    ut the psych community has little awareness of clonidine
    I have little contact with psych
    only what was required
    seems meds are given in cook book approach
    some docs really care but they had best be innovative bec these standard SSRIs and antipsychotics are hell for half the population they treat

    all psychs should be required to try out all the meds they prescribe

  15. Tyron- the education pollution has dumbed down our country especially when the professors are “radical”. To these radicals , the veterans are monsters yet Israel and its military is A-OK with them.
    The mass media has been the educators for decades but I think the youth are starting to see through the propaganda or mass media-zionist way of life and looking at things.
    Today, the mass media celebrates Nelson Mandela. They are saying Mandela is one of the greatest men in history. The numbers of black Africans trying to get into apartheid South Africa was in the tens of millions because as so many South African blacks told me- the country was very safe compared to the surrounding countries. I guess we can thank our mass media for all the rape and crimes now going on in S Afrika and more so in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). Of course our zionist mass media made it clear that all whites (we of the European heritage and other countries of white skin color) are guilty. I guess the 1840s Famine in Ireland didn’t matter because it involved whitey. The mass media and educational system in many areas is poison.

  16. It is too bad that so many people with depression, PTSD do not have loving people around them-this would be one of the most important means of healing and feeling protected.

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