Six JFK Shooters, Three Tied To CIA, Named–Oswald not among them

by Sherwood Ross (with Jim Fetzer)


123 The four hits to JFKSix shooters who participated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, including three with ties to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), were named by a prominent critic of the Warren Commission Report (WCR).  Remarkably, Lee Harvey Oswald, the Warren Commission’s lone-assassin-designate, was not among them.

During an interview published this past Nov. 20th in The Santa Barbara Independent, WCR critic/researcher Dr. James Fetzer of Madison, WI, and Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, revealed the names of five of those who appear to have been shooters, where he has identified the sixth separately:

(1) The first shot that hit, which struck Kennedy in the back, appears to have been fired from the top of the County Records Building by Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford. He used a 30.06 to fire a Mannlicher-Carcano (MC) bullet fitted with a plastic collar known as a sabot, which hit JFK 5.5″ below the shoulder just to the right of the spinal column. This was a shallow wound with no point of exit.


(2) Jack Lawrence, a U.S. Air Force expert, who had gone to work for the automobile dealership that provided vehicles for the presidential motorcade just a few days before the assassination, fired the shot that passed through the windshield and struck JFK in the throat from the south end of the Triple Underpass.


(3) Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, an anti-Castro Cuban recruited by the CIA, fired the shot that hit JFK in the back of the head after the limousine was brought to a halt. He fired three shots with two misses using a Mannlicher-Carcano, which were the only unsilenced shots fired, from the Dal-Tex Building, which housed a uranium mining corporation, Dallas Uranium and Oil, that was a CIA front.


(4) Roscoe White, a Dallas police officer with ties to the CIA, fired from the grassy knoll adjoining the motorcade route, but seems to have “pulled his shot,” Fetzer said, “because it would have hit Jackie, so his shot went into the grass.”  His son subsequently discovered his diary, but gave it to the FBI and it has not been seen since.


(5) Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, who shot from the Dallas Book Depository, may have murdered a dozen people for Lyndon B. Johnson. “Mac” appears to have fired from the west side of the book depository at Texas Governor John Connally in the mistaken belief he was Sen. Ralph Yarborough, whom LBJ despised. Wallace’s fingerprint was found on one of the boxes in the “assassin’s lair” in the book depository from which Oswald allegedly fired.


(6) Frank Sturgis, later complicit in the Watergate robbery, who also appears to have been connected to the CIA, is said by Fetzer to have fired from the north end of the Triple Underpass the shot that entered Kennedy’s right temple. Sturgis is known to have ties to Meyer Lansky, a notorious crime syndicate kingpin, and confessed his role to a New York City Gold Shield Detective when he was arrested attempting to kill Marita Lorenz.


In his interview with the Santa Barbara “Independent,” Fetzer said “there were shooters at six different locations,” with a total of up to 10 shots fired, three of which missed. He asserted JFK was hit four different times: in the back from behind, in the throat from in front, and twice in the head after the driver had brought the car to a halt to make sure he would be killed. Another shot missed and injured bystander James Tague, while “one or more shots hit Connally.”


By contrast, the Warren Commission concluded that a single bullet struck Kennedy in the back, exited through his throat and then wounded Connelly. Fetzer explained that the “magic bullet” theory propounded by the Warren Commission is not only false but provably false and not even anatomically possible, because cervical vertebrae intervene.

Ruth Paine, who appears to have been working for the CIA, arranged for Oswald to go to work for at book depository “just weeks before the assassination, which was part of the whole project to set him up as a patsy,” Fetzer said. Right up to the time of the assassination, Oswald was a paid FBI informant, collecting $200 a month, which explains why his W-2 forms have never been released by the government.

As for the motivation to kill JFK, Fetzer noted that he was threatening to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, that the Joint Chiefs believed he was soft on communism, that the Mafia was unhappy because Attorney General Robert Kennedy was cracking down on organized crime, that he was going to abolish the FED and cut the oil depletion allowance.

Fetzer said Vice President Johnson, who had forced his way onto the ticket with JFK in Los Angeles in order to succeed him when he would be taken out, “was a pivotal player” facilitating the assassination. LBJ sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements for the assassination were in place.  And his close friend, J. Edgar Hoover, used the FBI to cover it up.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Fetzer said further there where “more than 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in setting Kennedy up for the hit”: two agents assigned to the President’s limousine were left behind at Love Field; that JFK’s limousine, which should have been in the middle of the motorcade, was put first; that the motorcycle escort was reduced to four and instructed not to ride ahead of the limousine’s rear wheels; and after the first shots were fired, the driver pulled the limo to the left and stopped.

What’s more, Fetzer produced an AP photograph that appears to show Oswald standing in doorway of the book depository at the time JFK was shot. They may be compared with Oswald’s photograph taken later that afternoon in Dallas police headquarters. When questioned, Oswald told Dallas homicide detective Will Fritz that during the shooting he had been standing with Bill Shelley, one of his supervisors, in front of the building.


Note the missing left shoulder and the figure who is in front of and behind the man in the doorway at the same time, which are obvious indications the photo has been altered.  Facial features have been distorted, but the clothing is the key. “If you look at the height, weight, build, and the clothing he’s wearing—especially the highly unusual shirt and the t-shirt he has on—they correspond very closely to what Oswald was wearing when he was arrested,” Fetzer said.

For more proof that the man in the doorway (Doorman) was Lee Oswald, visit the Oswald Innocence Campaign on-line. While they altered features of Doorman’s face, the only other candidates for having been there were not wearing comparable clothing or did not fit the height, weight and build of the man in the doorway.  When you consider the totality of the evidence, no alternative explanation is reasonable.

“Guns and Butter: The Assassination of America, Part One

“Guns and Butter: The Assassination of America, Part Two”

In his Santa Barbara Independent interview, Fetzer said public opinion polls “have shown over the years that as much as 85 percent of the public has expressed disagreement with the Warren Commission and the lone assassin theory.” Fetzer elaborated on the points he made in great detail during his keynote address, “The Assassination of America”, for the Santa Barbara JFK conference that he organized and moderated, which is now available at

Fetzer is a former Marine Corps officer who earned his Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science.  He has published 29 books, including three collections of studies by experts on different aspects of the assassination. Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he is also an editor for, and contributor to, Veterans Today.

Sherwood Ross is an award-winning reporter. He served in the U.S Air Force where he contributed to his base newspaper. He later worked for The Miami Herald and Chicago Daily News. He contributed a weekly column on working for a major wire service. He is also an editorial and book publicist. He currently resides in Florida.

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55 Comments for “Six JFK Shooters, Three Tied To CIA, Named–Oswald not among them”

  1. Jim I was looking at current events and came across a couple of articles about the back ground here. I don’t know about the writers background, but work points at a bigger working group. One that researchers would, I think , be interested in. (main article)
    [Please folks, remember, only one outside link. We have to do this consistently to be fair to all, and we also don't want the comments boards to be a vehicle to sending our readers off site when we have so much material here...Thanks, Jim W. Dean] … (article that drew me to look at the first article). I did not research the name.

    What do you think for future investigation?

  2. I have come to the conclusion the entire thing was an elaborate hoax.

  3. Adam Evenson ~ …. in face book, above.

    (This is a bit off topic). Interesting comment Adam. You say “(yes, I know just how)”
    I remember walking into the huge TV area of a big department store somewhere in Germany. There were maybe 200 TV sets, all showing the same picture: the 2 towers coming down. I just stood there watching, and crying. A lot of people stood around, silently, young and old, men and women, and we looked at each other silently, having tears in our eyes, but we weren´t ashamed of our tears, but somehow proud, and for some moments I distinctly felt that I am one with all the others, as if I knew what they all were thinking.

    Now, up to this event, I never knew what a ´false flag´ is, nor would I feel the need to distrust a government statement. In other words, I hadn´t ´woken up´ yet.
    Only some time later I saw the clip where Bush read something to the school kids and is interrupted and told about the towers. As Bush then looked up, I `knew´ the man is guilty. As if someone whispered or even screamed it right through my whole body.

    • In short, much intrigued by these events, I just had to find out what happened to me. This led me deep into the spiritual spheres.
      You say that every “official” action has a spiritual “odour”. I discovered that EVERY action, in our 3rd dimension on earth, official or not, creates and leaves a spiritual (counterpart) shape or form, in the higher dimensions of the spirit world. You call it odour, fine. I call it something else. You ask: why can´t more people do this (smell the odour)? There is a simple explanation. But not here.

      In conclusion, yes, I certainly believe that you ´know just how´. By now it´s got so bad with me, sometimes annoying, that I can tell true or lie by simply reading an article or listen to people, it´s been ALMOST 100 % reliable. Why not 100%? Because my own feelings interfere. Or, because most of the time I don´t really want to know, I would much rather prefer to simply believe what people tell me, I would so much prefer people wouldn´t lie. Lies make me terribly sad, I could cry.

      Many, many thanks to Mr. Fetzer and Mr. Ross. I admire both.

  4. Interesting work once again Jim. I believe everyone has seen this tape, but it is something I hadn’t seen before.

  5. Fetzer is correct as far as he goes. I have personal knowledge. Weatherfor’d brother was my family physician and my aunt’s boyfriend for many years.

  6. Very interesting! but the role of Israel and the Mossad seems to be absent or completely muddled in this presentation. And it would seem helpful some to have conclusively dismissed the roles claimed by Chauncey Holt and James Flies in the assassination.

    • I discuss Chauncey Holt again and again during interviews and presentations. I got to know Chauncey in person, read his books, watched his video series for his daughter, organized a symposium about him at JFK Lancer in 1999. Chauncey was the real deal.

      Files, however, is another matter entirely. I have written about him many times. He did not mention that the limousine was brought to a halt to set up “his shot”. That means he wasn’t there. The idea that he was introduced as a shooter than morning is ridiculous.

      Have you even watched “JFK at 50: The Who, the How and the Why”? And if not, why not? What is supposed to entitle you to make dismissive remarks when you have no idea what I have done or said or written about persons like these? Watch “JFK at 50″ for a start.

      • Plus I discuss the role of Israel in my Santa Barbara presentation. You really ought to watch it, too. Or at least listen to the audio track on “Guns and Butter”, which I included for those who want to learn more, such as you.

        • Points taken. But I see the JFK assassination as having opened the ‘flood gates’ to Israeli penetration of our government military, intelligence and other vital institutions. There is a “players” continuity between the JFK assassination and 9-11. Hence, my concern that Israel’s role always be highlighted.

  7. This article isn’t proof of anything. In fact, this article is nothing but a series of unsubstantiated assertions — which is par for the course for Uncle Fetzer.

    So Uncle Fetzer, how did your equally unsubstantiated 9/11 conspiracy theories work out of you? Are you still threatening America’s structural engineering community with “death” for their alleged role in the “cover up of the controlled demolitions of the Twin Towers”?

    • Well, let’s see. It is based on an interview with the Santa Barbara Independent, which may be the longest on the conspiracy and cover-up that has ever appeared in an American newspaper. It also embeds “JFK at 50; The Who, the How and the Why”, which runs over an hour and presents proof after proof about the assassination, how it was done and who was responsible. And it also provides links to two segments of ‘Guns and Butter”, which present the audio of my Santa Barbara presentation, which is my most recent. In addition, I have three books and many other articles, dozens of which are archived here at VT. So if you think I have something wrong, then identify what it is, why I have said it and what I have wrong and how you know.

  8. Dr. Fetzer: Yours very informative. James J. Rowley, Secret Service Director, remained in charge after JFK assassination and had never been investigated. Very interesting: there is a Masonic Lodge in Ohio named after him. Very few americans know the significance of masonic oath to secrecy and obedience and that Masonry works for Israel command of the NWO. E. Warren, E. Hoover, G. Ford, A. Dulles and LBJ were all Masons and A. Spector was a jew, so the Warren Comission was a cozy place for contrivance as were all among “brothers” with the mssion to “certify” Oswald as a single culprit.
    Also, as do notice certain coherence linking most of VT contributors, with little divergence on main issues.
    I just can´t understand why M. Shrimpton is given an equal stand among that very qualified staff.

  9. Thanks Dr. Fetzer:
    I wouldn’t have been surprised if Spector-Lavine-or other Zio-senators on the shooters list!!!

    On a previous page didn’t we see that LBJ also had his own sister murdered by Malcolm “Mac” Wallace?

    Also there was an interview with LBJ’s mistress that their son (a lawyer) had been murdered after he tried to claim LBJ’s properties as his & his mother’s inheritance!!!

  10. Shrimpton is disinformation and a disservice to the other great researchers on JFK at VT.

  11. Bernard Barker was the secret service imposter giving cover at the fence area and supposedly either he and/or Gordon Liddy were involved in the Tippit shooting.

  12. Our country is being brought down from within. Can you imagine JFK allowing this type of crap?

    Recall that the 5th column FBI sycophants RELEASED the “dancing Shlomos” caught laughing and high fiving as they filmed the controlled demolition of WTC? Recall they were ordered to release them and repatriate them to Occupied Palestine, where they are recorded as

    [ One link only in comment folks... Thanks, the Editors ]

  13. Stunning work Dr. Fetzer, if you were whistlin’ dixie, the families would be litigating you and VT for libel and defamation; interestingly enough, the HSCA got the Roscoe White shooting from the Grassy Knoll part correct, but they didn’t draw any conclusions…

    I’m extremely proud sir, that you are always entertaining new evidence and evolving your positions, specifically with the Lansky/Jewish mob/Israel connections, i.e. Mob, Dimona etc. While it is ridiculous to say that the Mossad pulled it off, altered the Z-film, medical evidence etc, it is clear that the Illuminati utilizes Israel as one of their centers of power and their own private Thermonuclear nation and JFK being opposed to Dimona is a MAJOR factor.

    • I make those points during my Santa Barbara presentation, but you have to do a pay-to-view ($15 for ten days) since we are trying to recover the expenses incurred by the speakers, who paid for their own travel and accommodations.

  14. Preston James, Ph.D

    Awesome article. Once again we have grand jury ready evidence for those perps still alive and hundreds of accessories after the fact who are still actively participating in the perpetual coverup, which the USG spends many millions per year financing books that are written by doofuses dupes, and those Traitors hired or human compromised.

  15. Jim,
    Did Oswald shoot Tippit? Was Tippit involved in the conspiracy? Was Tippit’s body substituted for JFK’s?

    • Those are the views of Robert Morningstar, among others. I believe he was not Badge Man but was involved at the periphery and that, even given the resemblance, his body did not go to Bethesda.

      • I’ve not been able to find your view on Tippits killing. Especially if Oswald never even came in contact with him, which some suppose. Some have said Roscoe White was one of two killers of Tippit, which could provide a motive if Tippit was near the grassy knoll. I just would like to hear your opinion on why Tippit was killed?

  16. I have no doubt that Dr. Fetzer has “done the math” on all angles of this murder mystery.

    Short of someone coming forward, that was actually involved in the planning of the murder, we may never know more.

    It is amazing that the plotters were able to recruit so many assassins from so many agencies and keep the whole thing covered up for so long, leaving no doubt that many we trusted in the news media from then until now are complicit to the actual murder.

    Which brings us to Lady Byrd Johnson. Could she possibly have not known? I was moved about her account of LBJ agonizing over the dead Americans in Viet Nam.

    If he could participate in the killing of his President, would he have given a f… about the deaths of any average Americans? A man without conscience, as all involved must have been.

    It seems most in Gov’t or future gov’t were involved, Nixon, Bush. Is there anyone who did not know the truth, besides us?

    Surely Obama knows. So does every Congress Critter! and the MSM.

    911 shows the continued depravity of the same forces that were at work then are still at work in this modern world.

    Thanks for your hard work, Dr. Fetzer

    • As I have explained in several places–including “JFK at 50: The Who, the How and the Why” (above)–we had a succession of presidents (LBJ, Nixon, Ford and GHWB) who would never have held that office but for the death of JFK, where all four were complicit in either the assassination or the cover-up. And “W” would never have been taken seriously but for his father having previously served as president. I am quite certain Lady Bird was in the know.

    • ……agonizing over the dead Americans in Vietnam. Her husband was personally responsible for every one of them killed (as well as millions of Vietnamese men, women, and children) once he launched the false flag known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to escalate a war Kennedy wanted to pull out of. None of these people had the least bit of remorse for their crimes against humanity and country.

  17. As for the wounded bystander, James Tague, I wonder if Olivers Stone’s movie, if he wanted to be authentic, included James Tague. Does anyone know this?

    • Yes, sure. Everyone knows about Tague. I discuss him in “JFK at 5O: The Who, the How and the Why”. I interviewed him on my radio show. Go to and do a search on “Tague”.

      • Argh (smiley with red face needed), if I just had checked IMDb I would have seen that James Teague was played by an actor called Michael Skipper.

  18. the only other motive I can think of left out this time, was JFK’s wanting to stop izrahell from becoming a nuclear power by pushing for inspections. the same criminal cabal has been near solidly running-ruining this nation ever since IMHO.

    • Yes. In my Santa Barbara presentation, “The Assassination of America”, I discuss the role of Israel more extensively.

      • yup, and you’ve hit it home in other articles here too thanks, great stuff! minor-major point I’ve made in comments here at VT is how this cabal is always handing each other “presidential pardons” ASAP by the newly (s)elected to whoever is just exiting, obummer pardons bush pardons clinton pardons bush pardons reagan pardons ford pardons nixon pardons johnson.. or damn near that!
        so much real treason just swept right under the rug with this criminal “policy” of aiding criminals.

      • What gets me about Israel is that they were smart enough to back these so called Christian Ministers like John Hagee to twist quotes out of the bible to fully support the State of Israel when they fully know that is was to come back under the divine Grace of Jesus NOT man & a Belfour treaty. All so they could get more money from these people and more support from the dumbed down sheep to make it legit.
        I think Satan has given them special logistical powers & insight to deceive so many with man’s weakest soft spots.

  19. It goes to show, that no government can be trusted. In light of such, are we any worse off with anarchy?

    • not the right conclusion. if the power was decentralized then nobody could have pulled such a treason. imagine local police dept, FBI and secret service and senators carrying out investigation separately and in equal power. that’s the reason we the people need to oppose centralization of power. of course aipac would be very unhappy if such a thing happen. it is easier to bribe and control few people but far harder to control lot more. bankers would always like power in the hands of few who can be bribed or controlled

      • very good point, constitutionally there was NEVER supposed to be the amount of centralized power that the District of Criminals now claims as legit. NAFTA-GATT handing all technology and production to China with “corporate welfare grants” handed out (that WE are held to pay for!) so companies could move there leaving US unemployed, was absolutely treasonous economic sabotaging warfare against the American People. when real investigations got underway, they blew up buildings!

  20. Thanks for this quick response to the Shrimpton nonsense.

    • seconded

    • I don’t even read that joker. ignore them and they will crawl back to wherever they come from. ditto for any msm. I don’t even want to refute then because for refuting them I need to listen to their nonsense lies. just ignore.

  21. I am speechless. Wow. What can anyone say.

    • Your work is nothing short of miraculous. The dedication and perseverance on this tragedy is above admirable. It is the pinnacle of the summit if there is such a thing.

      The shooting of Tippit was done by an automatic that ejects shells. Oswald had a revolver that does not eject shells. Eye witnesses stated there were two men, and the description of either one of them was not near Oswald’s height and weight.

      The Wayward Commission was a stacked deck. Russell hated Kennedy, and stated as much about Kennedy’s policies. “To me, the president’s legislative proposals (civil rights) are clearly destructive of the American system and the Constitutional rights of Americans citizens. I shall oppose them with every means and resource at my command.” Pictures of a person with Prescott Bush and Nixon, in the 40’s, who can easily be seen standing right behind LBJ during the swearing in ceremony on AF1.

      That infamous meeting the night before it all took place with all those powerful people coming to Dallas, and leaving the morning of.

      How did you discover Lawrence? That is the only one who took me by surprise. Six of the biggest losers in history. It makes sense Mr. Fetzer. Again, thanks.

  22. Obama was too young to have been involved.

  23. not in the coverup! JFK, 911, and more. even after the fact, aiding criminals is criminal.

  24. Jack Ruby was the “local arrangements chairman” for the mob. Arlen Specter was crucial to the cover-up. For the complete picture, you want to watch “JFK at 50: The Who, the How and the Why”. Thanks.

  25. I discuss the Israel connection in my Santa Barbara presentation. Check it out and write again.

  26. hey plucASS, you were replying to jdglassel and YOU started ranting about Tyron as if it were him you were replying to, that he is some kind of sick twisted racist responsible for some black man in Africa capturing and selling your great-great-great grandpa into slavery 300 years ago!
    the majority of your post has zero to do with the article or any concious reply to jdglassel, and everything to do with CRAPTASTIC RACIST attacks on Tyron. are you a friggin 12 year old?

    was it funny to play the stereotypical “N”, ending your rant with something “yer mama”?
    please, just go back to your crack pipe, go find your welfare check hidden under your workboots so you dont starve, be sure your fist is tight so you dont drop from a tree limb mister branch manager because I’d sure hate hear about you falling on your head again..

    you like attacking (like a savage) so much, have one back. bush-clinton were being investigated for Iran-Contra when they blew up OKC and trotted out the ™ monica lewinski blue dress sideshow BJ that seems to have caught your attention, and you swallowed!

    “U cant debate me cuz U R a racist hater”, lmao, projecting a little maybe?
    it isnt racist when YOU do it, right plucASS? no double standard hipocrisy there nope..
    your delusion of grandeur about chasing me away from infowars site, is as comical as all your “hate whitey” crap you posted there, then dragged here trying to stir the BS.

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