The Courage of the Quenelle

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Quenelle: Courage or reverse Nazi salute?


… by  Gordon Duffand  Press TV, Tehran

First  published  January 2,  2014  -

[ Editors Note:  Dear readers, This was a top read commentary on Press TV this week.  This gesture which encompasses all ethnic and religious groups, is the kind of thing that scares the hell out of spinmeisters, as it can erase many years of past brainwashing, and render their current efforts ineffective.

We can afford not to spread the word about an effort that simple flows around all the traditional roadblocks for people winning the divide and conquer games our elitist enemies have played on us for a long lone time. We have the power in our hands to tell them we won't play any more...but will we roll up our sleeves and accept doing what has to be done... Jim W. Dean ]



Dieudonné M'bala M'bala - Using his talent to challenge government psyops

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala – Using his talent to challenge government psyops

There is a strange gesture sweeping Europe called the “Quenelle.”  Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, the vastly popular French comedian and activist for social justice is credited with creating it.

What is it?

Haaretz calls it a “reverse Nazi salute.  When I see it, it is someone brushing lint off their sleeve.

Are the Zionists of Europe, the extremist political group that masses are rising against to be considered “lint” to be brushed away?

Perhaps that is the message that the decades of hatred spewed at Germans, the robotic indoctrination of Europeans in questionable history, self-hatred and slavish obedience to a “bankster” elite is the real heart of Zionism.

This is the real message of the Quenelle, a stand against apartheid in an Israel that legally was never intended to be a Jewish state but rather a “homeland” for Jews persecuted during the war. Never mistake one for the other.

Badge of Honor

The Quenelle is the antithesis of Zionism.  It is international, inclusive, non-sectarian, steeped in not just humor but a dedication to social justice that turns away from violence. You see, Jews are victimized.

Few non-Jews understand and fewer Jews each day “get it.”  Jews are the fodder of “hatred mythology,” an industry of manufactured mythology that is at the root of over 60 years of conflicts and deaths that now number into the millions.

Whatever is said, there would be no Syrian war without Zionism, no “war on terror,” no Suez crisis, no Chechnian bombings in Russia.  We can go further; there would be no Tea Party of warmongers and extremists in the US without the Zionist money behind them, no flood of narcotics into the world’s schools and kindergartens and, most of all, no world economic and monetary crises.

Is this an overstatement, an oversimplification?  If only that were true.

Quenelle has become an instant gesture to support resistance

Quenelle has become an instant gesture to support resistance

The Quenelle, labeled an “anti-Semitic” gesture by those it is intended to expose, is a real success.  First of all, why in the world are Zionist still using the term “Semitic?”

A highly respected study done at John’s Hopkins by a group led by Israeli scientist Dr. Eran El Haik conclusively proved that Israeli Jews are genetically European.

Most Jews, 97.5%, have absolutely no Middle Eastern DNA of any kind, not Semitic certainly.  Does this mean there can be no Jewish homeland? Actually no.  Does it mean that “settlers” can move simply displace very real Semitic residents, for Palestinians are a totally “Semitic” race, and steal their homes?

The Geneva Conventions qualify this as a war crime.  Even the European Union now outlaws anyone from having financial dealings with Israeli companies or persons living on illegally stolen land, not just the West Bank but 40% of pre-1967 Israel as well.

This is law, though unreported.  Instead, newspapers call the Quenelle “anti-Semitic” but fail to recognize or report that their own governments have sanctioned Israel for apartheid acts against their real Semitic population. This is why the Quenelle is so important. It is about “justice.”


Terrorism  as a National Policy

If this had been done to Jews, it would have been denounced everywhere

If this had been done to Jews, it would have been denounced everywhere

Never published, never spoken of publicly, the intelligence organizations of the world are all aware that most terrorist acts are staged as theatrical events to forward the economic aims of powerful quasi-national organizations.

The largest terror organization in the world is Israeli.  Calling it the “Mossad” is an oversimplification.

In actuality, it encompasses factions of the intelligence organizations of dozens of nations, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Britain, India and, especially, the United States.
The Mossad only manages these factions.

These groups, in turn, back revolutions, rig elections, set off car bombs, hire “lone gunmen” and “suicide bombers” and train terror groups in three dozen nations.

Last week, Africa suffered a “jolt” from this very real conspiracy.  Few saw it, few recognized the pattern but it was there. Are the “Jews” doing this?  The real answer is no.  Jews are people like everyone else. Making them seem otherwise, making them hated or feared is the work of the Zionists.

Reporting the history of this well recognized and highly documented fact can be fatal.


Denying the Holocaust?

The US has never taken any real action to stop this

The US has never taken any real action to stop this

Like any good parent, I took my own children to Dachau, twice actually. I didn’t say anything.

Later, it was admitted that Dachau was never a “death camp” and the millions of children, busload after busload, decade after decade, had all been lied to.

This also means that the millions of American servicemen that claim to have visited the gas chambers of Dachau were suffering from “American Legionitis,” a disease caught from too much time on a bar stool.

I have also been to Auschwitz, something few can really state.  This is hours of driving from Berlin, involving renting an apartment in Krakow and driving south.  Auschwitz has to be seen in winter, when days are short.

It is a dismal place.  There is a story there, IG Farben, Standard Oil, the Bush family, synthetic rubber plants, a huge industrial area, work camps, a real truth that is only told in pieces. You can smell the suffering and death.  What you can also smell is something else wrong.

You see, Auschwitz, at one time credited with the gassing of millions of Jews is, officially, no longer considered a “death camp. Was massive wrong done there?  Anyone who doubts that is insane.  Is history, as it is taught in Europe, virtually at gunpoint, wrong?

If truth is justice, then why is truth a crime?  The answer is simple, the truth would expose something monstrous, well beyond questions of the holocaust.

If the “game theory warriors” are right, we are fed historical absurdities to confound and blind us.


A Simple Truth

The Zionist war against “the Quenelle” is a war against tolerance, not against hate.  Zionism is the definition of hate.  Zionism is little more than one head of the hydra.  Jewish victimization mythology is no more than a tool.

If the “game theory warriors” are right, the persecution of the Palestinian people is little more than a game, part of a complex equation, “chaos theory,” intended to create a fertile environment for human subjugation.


Oddly, I probably receive more “anti-Semitic” attacks than most, though I am a primary voice against Zionism and Likudist “hokeyism.” There is one nasty truth Jews need to accept.  They are being played for fools.  The Quenelle is a way of demonstrating this. “Any fool can see this.”

It is the job of Zionism to make certain every Jewish child spends every waking moment in terror of being turned into soap or a lampshade though such things were debunked long ago.

Who would want to victimize a child like this?  The answer is simple, monsters. Why would they want to do this?  That answer is simple also.  They do it for money and power.


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94 Comments for “The Courage of the Quenelle”

  1. I would believe the Dieudonné’s invention of the quenelle salute was to symbolically protest zionist policies and actions. However he has failed to in any way shape or form to dissuade it’s use for acts of antisemitism. Most of the images I see for the quenelle salute are in fact acts of protesting and making fun of Jews.

    It’s like making a pie, leaving it out on the picnic table and being surprised that the birds all ate it.

  2. You can go to Dieudonné facebook page to put this article and dear free thinkers from WORLD do this Quenelle
    You can see in this page that everyone in France do that in wedding, in beach, policemens, army, students, doctors, teatchers, in water, in sky even Belgian deputy Laurent Louis

  3. I live in France and there is here a feeling of civil war. Dieudonné is supported by all population but media lie about Dieudo.

    Thank you VT for youe excellent job. You are definitly my favourite newpappers

  4. Preston James, Ph.D

    Terrific article. No wonder it is already viral. This is a prime example of spontaneously emerging populism without any support from the controlled major mass media. as social scientists who study mass phenomena (there aren’t many) know, once such spontaneous populism start emerging it cannot be easily stopped and usually will reach critical mass, even sooner if government resistance or force is applied. This populism is a long time percolating and now has finally taken hold. The arm gesturing is a mere symbol of a deep commitment to stop zionist oppression. It is a simple symbol such as this which catches on like wildfire and cannot ever be stopped. Once a critical mass is reached in Europe, it will quickly spread to America and we will see the full exposure and end of Palestinian apartheid by Israel, and then full exposure of zio infil-Tration and hijacking of America and then its demise. This article symbolizes a critical turning point for the zionist central banksters NWO and is the start of their demise and removal from power.

  5. “Jews are people like everyone else. Making them seem otherwise, making them hated or feared is the work of the Zionists.”

    How can the Zionists create such an amazing people?


  6. Whoever wants a Quenelle pin button badge with a pineapple (maybe the day they start imprisoning the saluters), I designed one.


    ( has a tutorial, and because Adobe has an older version of Photoshop for free, copying and editing the image should be no big problem.)

  7. They have very good piece at VoltaireNet “The Move to Muzzle Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala. The Bête Noire of the French Establishment”

  8. Does this mean we will soon be removing them from the TV, movie screens, news papers, magazines, every available teaching position and financial position, the courts, every other senate seat, congress seat and…

  9. Pretty cool, this article has over 22,000 hits already. Why? Because we want to know what we can do about it and the Quenelle gives us some small avenue of protest.

    One explanation of its popularity with younger people, the “Holocaust” is not part of their generation, it “happened” 65 fricking years ago, it is time to move on.

    Young people are smart enough to simply not accept the false guilt laid at their feet.

    I am looking forward to a time when people, young and old surround the Fed, for instance and give the Quenelle to our corrupted banking system.

    I looked for a wall on Fascist Book, thinking I could post a picture of myself doing the gesture, but I couldn’t find one.

  10. Dear folks, This is from Nasir…who is out in the western boonies and wanted this put up:

    Dear Dublin Okarra, About Germany, just think why all the art and money belonged Jews? Same here in the good old US of A. I remember something from a book by “Chiam Potok” called “The chosen”, which I paraphrase,” The Jews were imported to Poland because the government was not able to collect sufficient taxes; the Jews although doing someone else’s bidding were so good at tax collection that in time they even held the keys to the Churches–which of course was not their fault and as a result they were persecuted and driven out of Poland, although it was not their fault.” How wonderful!

    Another Gem from OT, “The first Tax collection ever established by anyone in the history ay by Joseph”, who taxed the Egyptians 20%, while allowing the Pharaoh to take the blame”, of course when it came the turn to help people out they were sold the grain, in exchange for their land, livestock, and when they ran out of that they were brought into indenture and slavery. So in 14 years those who has saved his sorry ass from his own kin were enslaved, the Pharaoh took it up the rear, and his own kin were not only forgiven but became the masters of Egypt. Ever wonder, why at the time of Moses, the chosen people were enslaved in Egypt? Because people figured out who the real culprit was, just like now in US, before this in Germany, before that in Poland, before

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      At least twice as many German civilians died in Dresden as ALL the “Jews” who died in the work camps…they were a pro-soviet population that was being given a chance to help their country’s war effort and prove their loyalty….much the same way we put the Japanese in camps..”Arbeit macht frei”: they were work camps..Much worse is what the Khazaars have instituted for us all: compounded up-front interest on mortgages, a media that spews lies, false-flag terror like 9-11, an NSA that spies on us-and American co’s, for Israel..unnecessary, unjust wars fought mostly for Talmudia, etc.

    • Thank you for this, Jim, I ordered Potok’s book three minutes ago.

    • Jewish enslavement in Egypt is another example of the lies propagated by the eternal victims.
      If one follows the writing of Siculus, a Greek historian living in Roman Sicily, one discovers some very interesting things, not the least of which is that Palestine was an Egyptian colony. Remember the recent archaeological findings that have discovered Egyptian artifacts buried deeper than the earliest hebrew artifacts in Palestine.
      More archaeological evidence unearthed in Egypt proper has definitively proven that Egypt did not practice slavery, that hebrews were never enslaved, and that, in fact, delusions of grandeur aside, the hebrews had absolutely nothing to do with Egyptian social order, Egyptian economic policy, Egyptian architecture, Egyptian construction, or for that matter, anything of note regarding Egypt at all.
      The old testament is an artifact of the unholy oath that binds the jewish people to the off planet demon, jehova. It is not, nor has it ever been a historical record of any kind.

  11. belphegor69@aol.comlombardi

    Uh, this gesture has been around for years, it’s something Italians in NY have been using since my grandfather’s time. I was always told it was a kind of “F_ck you” without sticking up the middle finger, or “Stick it up your ass.” I appreciate what it has become, thanks to Dieudonne

  12. Jewish masses are just another tool of the elite of global “Elders”/monopolists used to “divide and conquer”, to spread chaos, mistrust, hatred, conflict and suffering from which international war-profiteers gain enormously. Their scheme goes as follows: 1. target an underprivileged, discriminated group with legitimate call for justice, 2. spread propaganda through dominated media outlets about the target group’s plight overblown out of proportion 3. if social reaction is weaker than desired increase pressure on that group through staged events with real (the more horrible the circumstances the better) or fake victims from that group or through artificial economical/social crises (food/water shortages, strikes) 4. when the social movement demanding justice for that group gains enough political/social influence hijack the leadership, kill off legitimate representatives 5. take the initial, justified rational demands to the extreme calling for bloody revenge, collective responsibility, instilling chauvinism and sense of being privileged (“chosen people”, “master race”) in the members of the group and masses of compassionate supporters 6. using that vehicle take control of the society and apply thus justified terror (physical or economical) still fomenting distrust and hatred along the lines of the “rights” of the target group 7. takeover the education process to falsify true facts behind the conducted regime change and to bring up new generations of brainwashed, obedient masses

    • That design has created chauvinist movements defended by masses fighting for their freshly gained “privileged status” – members of the initially discriminated group and their compassionate supporters – unknowingly being used as a tool of the global elite to implement reign of terror over society. This includes:
      – oppressed/poor Jews in the Middle East:hijacked by Talmudists
      – oppresses Christians: hijacked by the Vatican
      – working classes, peasants in 1917 in Europe: legitimate reform movement hijacked by the Bolshevics
      – working classes, peasants, the poor in 1930 in Asia: hijacked by Maoists
      – Germans gravely mistreated by the Treaty of Versailles: hijacked by the Nazis
      – Italians: unemployed, poor, defeated: hijacked by the Fascist
      – Jews persecuted over centuries in many countries: hijacked by the Zionist
      – oppressed Muslims: hijacked by the Wahabbis/Takfiris/Salafists
      – oppressed middle class in the USA: legitimate issues of the grass-root movement of the Tea Party against “big government” – hijacked by the Koch “Conservatives” (Corporatists)

      Next on the agenda: GAYS (see Hillary Clinton’s declaration of the goals of the US on the global stage while still being a SoS). Gays were supposed to be new “Jews” had the plans to conquer Syria succeeded.

      • The “Elders”/monopolists take over control (killing or buying off original leaders) pretending to represent legitimate concerns of the target groups, and turn that group and its supporters into ruthless chauvinists taking revenge for their overblown “suffering”. Persecuted become persecutors – tools of the elite.
        Controlled conflicts are necessary to achieve desired profits – Quigley (Clinton’s mentor) said: “What needs 50 years during peace time can be achieved in 5 years of war”. Lenin: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”
        See “All wars are bankers wars”

        • This concerns also “color revolutions”, feminists and so on. In Georgia legitimate fight against corruption and for more freedom and independence was highjacked and led to the brutal rule of Zionist dictator Saakashvili. In Azerbaijan hijacking by the puppets of the “Elders” resulted in the present dictatorship by BP and Zionist oil mogul (Meriva or sth).
          In Iran in 1979 justified revolt against foreign corporations looting the country was hijacked to install Khomeini and his terror at the moment when the Shah turned against his monopolist masters.

    • The “Quenelle” is a perfect form of non violent protest. It is becoming an anti zionist protest symbol but was originally a simple way to symbolicly say “UP YOURS”!
      The Italian under the chin flip off is similar.

  13. —–The atrocities of Israel the “Evil Empire” & the most hated country in the World is like no one has seen on the “Planate Earth.”

    ——The “Evil Empire” Self Distractive Bomb Is Ticking.

    ——As if ethnic cleansing, land theft, arresting 5-12 years old boys & jailing them without trial & being killed by Israel Terrorist Settlers, currently, Israel IDF “Spraying Bathroom Waste” not only on Palestinian demonstrators, but also on “All the homes nearby”, unlike Civilized Countries of the World that brake up demonstrators by “Clean WATER.” –As a result, Palestinians have to stay with friends & relatives, until they get rid of the stink.

    ——In the late 50’s Israel was the “1st country to introduce to the World Hijacking a Passenger Airline, ironically, it was Syrian Airline.”

    —–In 2010 Israel Mossad “hit squad” stolen 11 passports from Australia all the way to Europe (Ireland, UK, Germany, Hungary, etc.,) to murdered Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mahbouh in Dubai. The hit squad stalking the Hamas commander in his hotel before he was killed. Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim asked Interpol to issue an arrest warrant against the Head of Mossad. And told Israel he wouldn’t be able to travel to any Arabic country.”

    —–“Israel was engaged in assassinations in Paris, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Dubai, Malta among many other places and yet it is not a “Rogue State”.

  14. Netanyahu the PM of Israel, “The Evil Empire” and (The Enemy of USA), after he admitted that Israel is at the lowest point as favorable country since 1965, his government set aside $1-million dollars (of course our tax dollars), for “Israel Digital Diplomacy Propaganda” for college students salary & tuition, if the students write “Good things about Israel”.

    —-The “Good News,” after the students found out, the person who setup the “Propaganda Website” wrote a few years ago on Facebook, that “Palestinians are Stupid” among others things, most Israeli students refused to join in, by saying “Action Speaks Louder than Words”.

    • ——In 2010, on “The Guardian/UK” the Israeli embassies in Europe were giving out $1000.00 each, (USA-Taxpayers $) to any one who will post positive comments from religion, Israeli government, and anything in between.

      ——And they were told, not to make the positive comments obvious.

      • Damn it, ProtectUSA1st, you are right. And the post above you is also right, and so are those below you. So, if peace marches or even the Military can´t change things, why not take up Diane Marino´s suggestion above and give them salutes, Millions of them if necessary, and see if that doesn´t drive them up the wall. The cabal can organize world-wide non stop wars and non stop killings and slaughters and sufferings and hurt and hunger, what can they organize against salutes?

        • Sorry, sorry, I think I know what they can do against salutes, they can throw you into prison! I´m pretty sure those French NWO puppets will throw this poor Dieudonne M´bala guy into prison.

          All this has just brought to my inner awareness that 85 Million Germans accept a law to forbid them to do a salute !??! First the Hitler cabal enforces this embarrassing silly salute onto the people otherwise they are thrown into prison, then the same cabal forbids it or, otherwise they are again thrown into prison. Today German judges sent their German brothers to prison because of a salute !??! Germans have made this a LAW for their brother Germans !?
          How can a German be proud to live in such a screwed up country?

  15. The quenelle …a stand of solidarity for truth and against our common global enemy …. the courageous in the spotlight of mainstream exposure spreading it like wildfire…..people are asking what is Zionism? .. learning fast

  16. ——A few years ago, there was a big commotion about Swastika “reverse Nazi salute” just like Quenelle, “reverse Nazi salute” not knowing the right hand (clockwise) is a sign of the HEART OF THE BUDDHA.

    —–“The Swastika represents the Heart of the “Buddha Shakyamuni”, resignation of spirit, all happiness that humanity desires, mind, infinity, all, many, 10,000.”

    ——“Does this mean there can be no Jewish homeland? Actually no.”
    ——Your Correct, unless the 193 UN member states pass a resolution.

    —–When the Zionists presented their final document for signature President Truman, he crossed out the “Jewish State” wrote over it Israel.

    ——The Only group of people in USA that uses its “Religion” rather than its country of origin” are “ISRAELIS” ——Jewish (Religion) -Americans ——-rather than Israeli-Americans” unlike Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans (it’s like saying Catholic-Americans).

  17. johnonthemountain

    Thank you, Gordon Duff. This feels like a tipping point article, tipping point in consciousness. Just something about the chemistry of the article and the timing.

    The temple people have had their hands in the goyim cookie jar far too long.

    Time to take out the garbage, which I was taught even as a little boy to do, or the house becomes
    smelly and unlivable.

    You are a true warrior, Mr. Duff.

  18. Thanks Gordon for coming up with this theme….I imagine this is going to be the strongest 2014 global movement!
    My deepest adoration to Anelka….wondering who will follow this gesture at Sotschi Winter games.
    Really hope this games are not overshadowed by Saudi Arabia and its allie Israel. They will try everything to hurt Russia.

    Did Hitler thought about Moses when he invented the “Hitler salute” ?

    “with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm ……” Deuteronomy 26:8
    Moses lead the “chosen nation” out of the slavery in Egypt.
    It is nowhere said that the “chosen people” are the Semites.
    So how can this gesture be associated with anti Semite?

    Can we see Hitler as the re-incarnated Moses,
    …who freed the Germans out of the slavery ..dictated toward them by the treaty of Versailles and the allied banksters?

    • If the Exodus would be more than a wonderful written fairy tale…why historical ancient Egypt does not mention the Israelites?…the seven menaces?..the killing of all first born? the destruction of the Egypt army on the ground of the red sea?

      If the Jewish holocaust would be more than a fairy tale ….why history can not show any written order or any voice records (MI6 had the whole Auschwitz camp communication taped) ….which demands the killing of Jews?

  19. I think Abe Foxman taking a shot at us on this (the first in a long time) might help take it viral and introduce us to a bigger French audience. Thanks Abe. Where can we send a check? :-)

  20. They just can’t help robbing and cheating. It must be in their DNA…..

  21. LOL….Anti-Semetic – four quenelle.

  22. “Quenelle de luxe”: counterpsyops com

  23. since this gesture become Viral, now they aim directly to the source Dieudonne M’bala M’bala

    “French comic Dieudonne ‘must pay racism fines’ – Valls

    The French interior minister says he is determined to make the controversial comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala pay the big fines he has incurred for racist abuse.

    Speaking on Europe 1 radio, Manuel Valls accused Dieudonne of trying to bankrupt himself, to avoid paying fines totalling tens of thousands of euros.

    Dieudonne has been accused of anti-Semitism and Mr Valls wants him banned.

    On Thursday there was a bomb scare at a Paris theatre run by Dieudonne.

    A police bomb squad was sent to the Theatre de la Main d’Or, but no explosives were found.

    Dieudonne has six convictions for hate speech against Jews but started out as an anti-racism activist. Youths from migrant communities are his core audience.

    His trademark is the quenelle gesture, which critics see as an inverted Nazi salute. He says it is an anti-establishment gesture. It made headlines in the UK last week when used by West Bromwich Albion footballer Nicolas Anelka.

    In the radio interview, Mr Valls said: “All the services of the state must be mobilised… to make Dieudonne M’bala M’bala pay his fines.” “Nobody can be above the law,” he added.

    There are doubts about a forthcoming nationwide tour by Dieudonne, after the authorities in Metz and Nancy called for his shows to be cancelled.”

    and a bomb threat? somebody really pissed lol

  24. Hello from France !

    In addition to your comments : the Quenelle song with translation in english !

    Let’s go for another Revolution !

  25. Sorry to hear that. It’s their loss. Certainly you will find better job in a more friendly environment. All the best.
    BTW Using CAPS is very counterproductive.

  26. My dear Quenelliers friends being a french person, I am gonna try to explain to you the meaning of the Pineapple.
    Dieudonné created a song called “Shoananas” which intend to make fun of the holocaust victimization business.
    Basically, he took an old song called “chaud (hot) cacao (cocoa)” which was a song made by an old famous french singer. This song was seen as a bit racist against black people and colonialist but it didn’t bother anyone…
    He took the same music and did “chaud (hot) ananas (pineapple) also written shoananas to make fun of this zionist elite ( lyrics are ” to all the 6 millions deported pineapples” for example). They all went crazy on this one and he was brought to court by the jew “zionist” associations and sentenced to a 28 000 fine.
    Dieudonné is a real humanist going through really ruff times in my S&#t country.
    Bless him and his noble fight for freedom of speech.

  27. What…why the subterfuge with this inverse hand gesture? Why not give supporters of Israel what they deserve: a full blown Nazi salute? We are entering the ‘end game’ phase of a generalized collapse of what is referred to as Western Civilization. Consider the smug, venomous smile of your typical Zionist and supporter of Israel, who have played their part in this disaster acumen, anticipation and without any concern for the fate of humanity. Why the subterfuge at all?

  28. My wife and I are expecting our first born, we have decided if we are blessed by a daughter, we will name her Quenelle.

  29. Being linked to Hitler is a point of honor and pride in the 21st Century. The converse – being linked to Jewish groups – a point of shame and acute disgust.

    • It is one coin with two identical sides:



  30. It’s getting old on all the complaints about anti-semitism by the self righteous, because no one really sanctions the criminality the Zionists are conducting in the Middle East or over here as far as that goes. To distinguish the Zionists from the Semites the salute should be concentrated more on the middle finger instead of the arm, either up or down!

  31. Hi everybody !

    I don’t know if there are a lot of people from my country France, reading and writing here, but I can tell you frankly, that this history of “quenelle” is going hectic here !

    The comedian Dieudonné, is attacked directly by the french minister of the interior (to explain quickly, the guy in charge of police forces), and he has by his side, the real powers of my country : zionists associations, the absolute power ( absolutely all the mainstream medias), and yesterday, some political actors (we’ll be in a double election process this year :in march, to elect mayors, and in may, to elect representatives at the european parliament) didn’t hesitate to say that Dieudonné must have all his stage performances, just forbidden !
    On thursday, Dieudonné starts a new tour with a new show, in a city in th west, called Nantes where the prime minister Jean Marc Ayrault (may you burn into hell, bastard), used to be the mayor ; he had to quit in june 2012 to become prime minister.

    For this new tour starting, we have some leading persons here and one especially names Arno Klarsfeld ( such a french sounding name, isn’t it ?) asked in the media, that people should go in front of theaters where Dieudonné will perform, to create public order troubles !
    And no one to stand in front of this appeal to riot in the streets !
    From an occupied country, here was a short testimony ! If you need more details, contact me !
    Take care american patriots, and happy new year to resistants everywhere

  32. Gordon… In North Africa.. this gesture or “salute” is common among all people and it is standard greetings used for centuries…yes, placing the hand on the chest is not a reverse Nazi salute… Perhaps Zionists have to inform all how to use the arms, hands, fingers ( middle finger), gesture, lest it offend their sense of sensibility.. what a bunch of crap, screw them….

  33. Reminds me of the two Olympic athletes holding up their arms with fist clenched. Hand gestures inciting anger and have subjective meanings can and do cause concern. Today accepted as just a clenched fist and not black power. However this Quenelle may mean more than iintended due to disgust for Zionism. Imagine a hand gesture causing so much upheaval? Sensitive are we?

  34. Gordon great article, its wonderful when people become creative such as the message of the Quenelle. I will be sending this message out to others, as I am sick and tired of the uncivilized Zionists trying to create their version of reality for us all. These pedophiles have been fornicating everyone for a long time. The time has come for change and we must all believe in that thought to make it real. Hilary Clinton didn’t like it when a former employee stood up when she was speaking and turned his back on her. He received a good beating from the police on this action. By knowing the truth and understanding it we will create a new reality
    The Zionists are fully aware of this and are afraid of this spiritual awakening taking place. They are uncivilized barbarians who use bestiality on all as a form of power and control. Believe in conquering this evil through our thoughts and we shall prevail. For we are awakening and love will conquer this mass of pure evil.
    For the truth will set us all free.

  35. Majority of the Jews is not aware of the criminal cabal of their Elders – but it’s sold on the “privileged status” of “chosen people”, license to “do as you please” to others.
    Majority of the Americans is not aware of their criminal SSG – but is bought of with higher living standards thanks to the status of the dollar as the world reserve currency.
    So none of those groups is inclined to question anything.
    In both cases “the status” will go up in flames very soon…

  36. ???!!! “His Highness the Amir expressed condolences for Saudi King for death of Prince Bandar”
    “KUWAIT, Jan 4 (KUNA) — His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sent a cable of condolences for King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia Saturday over the passing away of Prince Bandar bin Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.
    His Highness the Amir praised Allah the Almighty to betow his blessing on the deceased.
    His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sent a cable of condolences for the Saudi Monarch on the death of Prince Bandar.
    His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah sent a similar cable. (end) bs KUNA 042044 Jan 14NNNN”

  37. Thanks for pointing out this huge truth behind the cooperation of intelligence groups from different countries Gordon.

    Nice call!. It was told me, “It may be just the rogue elements”, . . . . otherwise it looks like a definite plan with defined outcomes to suppress each others citizen residents. Now people should be able to see a little more clearly what the DHS is planning and working toward.

  38. Wow, stunning article Dr. Duff; like Clayton Douglas says: “the Jewish Grandmother down the street is no more part of the NWO than the Christian Zionist next door.” The average Jew is pimped like everyone else into the divide and conquer game; unfortunately their hierarchy has an elitism and racism that is unknown to most goyim. The perfect example is Howard Stern, where 90% of his staff is jewish (even though they are atheists) with one “house black” and a few Italians.

  39. **********
    I had no idea what you where talking about Mr. Duff, so I looked it up and found a nice song. English subtitles included.

    • Chaud Chaud , ananas!!!

    • Thanks for sharing (funny..)! :-D

    • Thanks.

      (But I do not understand the ananas, is it a gaga idea or is there a deeper meaning?)

      • Hello !
        first, sorry for my bad english ! i just want to try to explain the “ananas” (pinaple). It’s picked up from a old ridiculus french song of Annie Cordy. This song is quite racisme, cause of the reference to the colonial past of France. the original title, “Chaud Cacao’, means hot chocolate (pronounce “sho” cacao). So, Dieudonné has taken the song and create “Chaud ananas” (“Shoah”-nanas, Shoah means the Jew Holocost in world war 2 in europe) to denounce the the exploitation of the Shoah by the zionist !
        I hope you ll understand despite my english :) this an extract from a dieudo’s show, with english subtitles, it’s about the 9/11.
        Peace from France. Please support us against zionisme.

        • Thank you for the back ground. The pineapple word twist kind of gives the whole video a new, em, flavor. The slipping I don’t care to guess about. Does it have anything to do with the vet and that poor animal? It may not help you much, but I’m not really picking up bad English, because I’m not looking for it.

      • Hello, the annanas means pineapple and the gesture for the quenelle is like showing how much of your arm you are putting up the asses of those sionist/profiter. Now imagine an annanas(pineapple) ….!?
        Also it is a rhyme with the word Shoa/Shoa-nanas…!
        Get it !? however the gesture is not the point because like its specified on other post its kind of a traditional gesture to say f-ck off . The point is that Dieudonné improve it as to make it discret and the establishment are now completely ridiculous telling the people it is a nazi salute and Dieudonné is a Nazi==Dieudonné is a black/white mix and was militant for years against the extreme right, that is well known in France and the discret gesture as ridiculed many politician and established sionist by taking picture with them while giving a discret quenelles and posting it on the internet. It is like a national sport, meaning the more the power usurpator try to stop it, the more they unmask themselves and the more they ridicule themselves and the more value is a quenelle.

  40. Mr. Duff: one of the best. Both.

    This is going to be hilarious. From 1945 up to this day, the Germans are being arrested for
    doing the Hitler salute. I am NOT kidding, this is fact.
    Now, with this Quenelle, the reverse or Anti-Hitler salute, thus being PRO-Jewish, Germans being caught doing this one will also be arrested !?!
    Does that mean that all the Germans in Djewmany can only move around and about safely with a finger up their arse?

  41. Mr. Duff,
    If it is true that the majority of jews are dupes falling for a contrived narrative, then the question that must be asked is why so few of them resist the program?
    In other words, if someone is really at odds with something, then they find ways to withdraw, express displeasure, resist.
    Yet what the world discovers over and over is that more than with any other self defined group, jews close ranks and demand that world accept them AS THEY DEMAND TO BE ACCEPTED. This wouldn’t pose so much of a problem, if this group was free from implication in an endless series of atrocities and crimes, but it isn’t, is it?
    Therefore, the appearance of the landscape from this perspective shows that jews celebrate their participation with this identity group. Even if a case can be made that the jews are but tools for a larger agenda, by all appearances, they are immensely fond of their status as tools.
    Even jews critical of their group largely favor the kind of thinking, premises, and beliefs that place, and have placed jews at the center of engineered annihilation time and again.
    Can this just be a strange coincidence? An amazing run? A meaningless repetition of the throw of the dice?
    If so, then the laws of probability must be revised.
    If it is true that jewish families live in a self-inflicted terror, then why has this terror not been a motive to find their way free?
    Could it be they LIKE it?

    • Mike, your reply is remarkably mature, wise, and right on! I investigated this question some years ago and I was told that your everyday jews are deeply fearful of being shunned by Zios and thereby stay on the “good side” of said Zios. Mind you, I’ve never read of instances whereby said jews were treated malevolently and said treatment was widely broadcast for all to see. There is an internal glue that holds this group together and this could be construed as sycophancy at the very least, and complicity in crimes at the worst. Perhaps Kol Nidre might be able to help us obtain the proper answer.

    • Best comment on the board, thanks. I think, though, for a Jew to behave ethically means NOT being a Jew. There are good Jews, of course. They’re called Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. If a Jew chooses to remain a Jew, he or she considers himself / herself “chosen”, superior and entitled, by definition. That’s what a Jew is.

    • it may also create a situation where theyed be branded “a self hating jew” to be shunned, a term about as common as “anti-semite! ™ ” that oughtta invoke “ANTI-CHRISTanic” in my opinion.

    • Questions regarding jewish identity, and its relationship to judaism, always confound and confuse. It is quite clear that semite is an improper term to use when referring to jewish ethnicity, and that jewishness is not necessarily related to the practice of judaism.
      Why this confusion?
      Could it be that it benefits those who define themselves as jews, and allows them the unique opportunity to force their definition of themselves on the remainder of humanity?
      Jewishness is neither genetically, nor religiously mandated, although both, or either may be present. It is primarily carried by assuming a set of ideological principles that the group defines itself with, and primary among those principles is the illusion that they are the master race, chosen by their god, which they believe excuses them from having to follow basic rules of conduct understood by the rest of humanity.

  42. Thanks for this article, Gordon and for clarifying the Holocaust. Very well put.

    And we give thanks to The Quenelle as well.

    A Navy Seal looking guy walks into my shop. A white guy with a darker skinned young lady of about 12 years or so.

    I didn’t notice his “I Stand with Israel” shirt at first, but soon into our conversation, I did and the steam started to rise.

    Now, stress is created when the mind overrides the body’s desire to choke the living sh*t out of some asshole who desperately needs it.

    I envisioned myself throwing him through my plate glass window, but instead, trying to be sarcastic and loud enough so the young lady could hear, I said, “my personal favorite is one shot, two kills.”

    He said, “I like that one, too.”

    I was fuming because I had not run his ass out!

    But, I did manage to say, “How would you feel if we were referring to that young lady’s mother?”

    He went quiet and left. I wished I had had a “Free Palestine” banner to display or a tee shirt that said “No more wars for Israel.”

    But now, I will always have The Quenelle, and I will use it until the bastards amputate my arms!

  43. Again, Jew is a slang term used to identify one who belongs to the Judaic religious cult. The “children of Israel, the Hebrews) long ago converted to Christianity. Then in 740 AD the people of the empire Of Khazar in eastern Europe converted to the Judaic religion. They are not Semitic and have no right to the land of Palestine. The tern anti-jew would seem to be called for. That being said, I have stated from time to time, and caught flak for saying it, that you could wipe the jew from the face of the earth and those responsible, those pulling the strings would still be perpetrating evil upon the world. The man behind the curtain knows that from time to time the peasants pick up their pitch forks, light their torches and demand some pay back, the jew is being provided to satisfy the peasants pay back blood lust when things reach that point. Now with that said, the jew deserves everything that is coming because they are parasitic in nature, and enjoy dealing out misery and mayhem. I will cry no tears for them as they cry none for their victims. But after that, let us go get the man behind the curtain.

    • Agreed..

      Martin Luther, echoing most Germans of his day, provided a solution to “the jews.” I will not err on the side of political correctness in specifying a proper noun. Luther also knew, spoke, and wrote quite vociferously on “the Man behind the curtain.” He took a pilgrimage to actually meet Him in person. Later, post Trent, He had to go underground. (Not Luther)

      Are you familiar with Saussy by any chance?

    • i certainly understand “gettin them bastards before they get us”
      but think about it…pushin in the pitchfork!
      at what point do we become them?

      • Do you let blood sucking ticks kill your dog, or do you pick them off and smash them under your foot so they do not reproduce?

  44. Just before Christmas French footballplayer Nicolas Anelka faced suspension for doing a quenelle as a goal celebration. Even a French (…) minister spoke out and called it “disgusting”. In the end Anelka was not suspended after he promised to never do it again. The result of the row is that the bulk of the British population now think of the Quenelle as an antisemitic gesture, as does a very large portion of the world. The English PL is watched around the globe…. by tens of millions.

    • Yes the pathetic and deceptive “antisemite” position was largely echoed in the Quisling British prostitute media. Again by biased reporting they reveal their position, part of the problem. Shamefully the French have one up on the Brits and have proven themselves more streetwise. Likely the French will free themselves from the yoke before us, I may emigrate.

  45. Superb, Mr. Duff. Thank you.

    Sums up my sentiments completely.
    (All we need now is a hand gesture to show our contempt to the originators/controllers of Zionism.)

    • “(All we need now is a hand gesture to show our contempt to the originators/controllers of Zionism.)”

      We already have one. And it’s even more satisfying, when gesturing with both hands.

  46. Hitler had the money thing right!

  47. Spastic hyperactive delusional reactionism. Thats all. Someone calls them out and they go heaping ballistic and don’t shut up until they are ready to pass out. Insane, yes. Theirs is a program of hate, we just dont like them very much and wish they would go away; with the exception of 47 Senators and the rats that scurry about them, keeping them in line.

  48. ‘They’ want total control over the human species, Mr. Duff. The money they just print.


  49. bingo.

  50. Some intelligent person, one of the founders of the Comintern, Rakovsky, had some very disturbing and eye opening insights on this issue.

    It’s well layed out in “Read Symphony” for all of us who want to know how frightening his move was for the masters of wordwide finance.

    Thanks Gordon, I wish I could write about these things with the same clarity in my country without beeing thrown into jail for simply telling the truth.

  51. The pineapple appears in several pictures, but you have to change the search term to quenelle+ananas.


  52. Hello, the pineapple is ananas in french. So Shoah nanas is a play on words but athough a reference to an old kitsch french song:

  53. But they love Dieudonne and football player Anelka much more than their saudi zio sponsored government.
    This is going to be the new french revolution!

  54. —— SEMITE & Hemites Ethnicity—-A member of any group of peoples of ancient North Africa, Middle East, the entire Arabian Peninsula, Southeast/Southwest Asia and beyond, including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Amhara/Amaric and Arabs.

    ——When one says anti-Semite, he/she has to say which group of Semites, not—-Paternal or Materna.

  55. ——When one says anti-Semite, he/she has to say which group of Semites—-not Paternal or Maternal?

    —— SEMITE & Hemites Ethnicity—-A member of any group of peoples of ancient North Africa, Middle East, the entire Arabian Peninsula, Southeast/Southwest Asia and beyond, including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Amhara/Amaric and Arabs.

  56. Tyron,
    Yes, in France we are under attack, from the inside, from our zionisme government. It’s a shame for us, and a lot of us dont see it..we hope that the Dieudonné case will open the eyes of blind people..
    It’s really hard, but, if we wake up here, we will kick them out ! Our traitors in government under estimate our force. It smell like a revolution here, i know french people.

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