9/11: A World Swirling in a Volcano of Lies

by Dennis Cimino (with Jim Fetzer)

BREAKING NEWS: We have found a resolution that validates and integrates three apparently inconsistent positions (on the use of big nukes, small nukes and nanothermite) from respected experts on 9/11.

9-11aThe contentious debate over how the Twin Towers were destroyed has pitted those favoring large (“basement”) nukes against those identifying small nukes distributed in the elevator shafts throughout the buildings against those promoting thermite (or “nanothermite”).

Some of the most interesting and important research on the mode of destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) on 9/11 has come from “the Anonymous Physicist”, who has endorsed the use of mini or micro nukes but has also suggested that a mix of devices was employed.

Having devoted several articles to the destruction of the Twin Towers and perhaps also of WTC-7 (“Building 7″) using mini or micro nukes, I regard it as of scientific value to review the bidding from time to time, in case something significant may have been overlooked.

The Anonymous Physicist has drawn a parallel between the efforts that have been made to obfuscate and confound the public about the death of JFK, which has been comparable to what has been done in relation to 9/11.  As he observes,

With the analogous JFK assassination, when enough people saw that the patsy Oswald (himself CIA/ONI) could not be the culprit shooting from behind, as the fatal shot was from the front; the PTB put out a “Babel” of CONTROLLED alternatives: Mafia, LBJ, Cubans, Grassy Knoll, rogue elements, etc (some of which were involved). All of that was to hide the horrifying, ultimate truth that the alleged government protector did it—as has been discussed by Spooked previously.

With 9/11, the Babel of planes/fuel/gravity, thermite/thermate, DEW, car bombs in the basement, and surely more to come, was waiting when a critical mass of people rejected the (always) ludicrous, official, “investigation” conclusion. The massive, rapid outward—as well as downward and upward—explosions of the two towers, the toasted cars (but not paper), and popping ceiling lights (Ondrovic—see below), the micron-sized dustification of tower contents, the levels of tritium and heavy metals, the underground molten steel and high temperatures weeks and months later, all can only be accounted for by nuclear devices and their EMPs.

He agrees with the Finnish expert that fission-free fusion devices were likely used, where the Finnish expert states that a 1 kiloton (TNT equivalent) basement fusion device was used on each tower. However, the Anonymous Physicist:

(a) believes that a total of 1/10th of that amount was more than sufficient, including the power needed for vaporization/dustification of each tower’s contents.

(b) believes this 1/10th kt total-energy-per-tower occurred in several blasts (per tower), and in just one per other WTC buildings (possibly 3, 4, 5, 6); and,

(c) believes that WTC-7 did not have a nuclear device used during “collapse” but could have had one just afterwards to vaporize evidence as all the federal alphabet agencies were in that building,–and it would have been the likely planning/command center for 9/11 with a lot of evidence to be definitively “lost.”

In this article, Dennis Cimino, who has made multiple contributions to the study of 9/11, Sandy Hook and other staged events, reconsiders the views of Dimitri Khazelov, which he suspects may hold new significance for at least one aspect of 9/11, even while continuing to endorse the pivotal role of micro or mini nukes.

On the lies swirling around us

by Dennis Cimino

On the morning of 11 September 2001, we were all treated to a mind numbing Max Headroom ‘stutter’ of video rubbish that forever indelibly imprinted the ostensibly ‘fake’ story that was MSM fabricated and repeatedly foisted upon our ill-prepared and unsuspecting minds that morning. Much of it clearly had to have been created at the very least, days before 9/11, by virtue of the fact you just don’t crank out CGI generated aircraft whacking a building with any modicum of realism of any kind in ten or fifteen minutes time without at the very least really wishing you hadn’t aired it.

That was the case with the two different trajectories of UA-175, one shown in Europe which was pretty much a 25 or more degree ‘nose down’ dive into the South Tower, and the U.S. ‘enthralled and transfixed’ in horror morons got to see a plane appear just popping into the frame without proper entry, flying a very flat and straight and level trajectory, and nary an image of the other tower hi–even with the Naudet brothers on the ground with camera lenses pointed skyward to catch it all.

The nose-out phenomenon

Needless to say, CNN did screw up on the air at least once that morning, the forward nose of UA-175 barreling out of the other side, more or less unscathed and not blunted, and then the 75 or so feet of forward nose and fuselage then just magically ‘vaporize’ and went nowhere else.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The next airing of that same sequence is with a black bar that prohibits you from seeing this obvious goofy screwup that a sequence editor clearly missed before he vetted the thing for prime time foisting on the sheeple that Day of Infamy.

It took some of us years to go back and re-examine this stuff with a very critical eye, and indeed many like me were hard to sell the ‘no planes’ theory because we had all seen it on our television sets that morning over and over and over and over again. So, ten years later, some of us took a much closer and very hard look at the physics and the impossible airspeed, which such wide bodied jets could never achieve (512 knots, indicated air speed) at more or less 700 feet above ground in very cold dense air that morning.

The impossible entry

A few experts, like John Lear, made exceptional notes of it even before he knew the preposterous speeds they reported that radar track had been recorded in RADES 84 data moving at on it’s way to impact. Things like ‘no shadows’ and when you slow that video down frame by frame then pieces of the plane ‘disappear’ and then magically ‘reappear’ before impact with a very very hard building with a static mass many thousands of times greater than even a 512 knot, 110 ton aircraft with inertia built up behind it.

Lear’s US District Court affidavit is perhaps the most lucid and logical assessment ever advanced about this matter (one minor error notwithstanding). He hits the nail on the head. It’s nonsense to expect the plane (Flight 175) to not have done an “accordion” upon impact with the South Tower, had a real plane actually hit the building. Moreover, the structure would have swayed from the transfer of energy, which did not happen–for the obvious reason that no transfer of energy occurred (it was not a real plane).

Jetliner melts through steel wall

He noted that nothing came off the parts impacting the exoskeleton of the building, and this was STEEL and not aluminum, so it was pretty substantial even at that level of the building. No luggage, bodies, or internal components bounced off the rather substantial and at rest mass of the South Tower.

Amazingly, no deceleration could be discerned as the plane effortlessly slid into a steel structure without even deforming. No strobes, no reflections off the plane’s shiny skin coming from the light of the day on the building just immediately before impact and, much to my chagrin when I looked, no signs of ‘wingtip vortices’, which would have been substantially powerful vortices at that speed and which would have no choice but to impact the building post-crash and cause swirl patterns in the smoke which were not evident at all. Meaning: no lift was being generated by those wings on UA-175, which is aerodynamically impossible.

The gullible public

To the layperson, that is not a problem, because most have no clue that the wing generates these vortices once it’s at least ½ wingspan above the ground in height generating flight. In any case, the clues of CGI fakery were multitudinous and quite obvious once you looked, especially if you ever bothered to watch the late Gerard Holmgren’s presentations about the fakery. He laid it out so well that not even a layperson could come away without substantial ‘doubts’ about what they thought they had seen. Gerard’s work was a lasting gift to our sanity, but many know not of it.

My reason for bringing up that CGI fakery is because we saw many things that day in mind numbing repetition, which we bought without reservation, but upon maybe even the closest look or glancing blow of application of logic, the information jammed into our optic nerves was anything but reality based. Colossal fireballs, black smoke billowing, an engine hurtling out through the side of the South Tower that later would be proven to have forced the ‘planting’ of the WRONG ENGINE TYPE on a sidewalk UNDER A SCAFFOLD while onlookers watched guys unload it with a hand truck from a white van and then depart. But they dropped off a JT-9 engine, which United did not use on its B-767s.

Pick up or delivery?

They also left a Dave Clark aviation headset with helicopter interface cord,next to this ‘wrong power plant’ they stood on end, and–get this–they left the hand-truck behind, too! You cannot make this stuff up, really. The WRONG engine was planted by people we presumed to be F.B.I., but who they really were remains a mystery. Clearly to grab the ‘wrong’ engine and drop it off shows a lot of haste and lack of preparation, but maybe that was done on purpose. Maybe these obvious screw ups have been like recent hoaxes where they leave clear red herring clues that are in reality, non-sequiturs like Dorner’s twice found wallet had been in that hoax. That’s a bit beyond incompetent, isn’t it?

Doubting my lying eyes

Anyway, like many others, I began to doubt what my lying eyes had told me. Sure we saw that plane impact over and over again. But we also never here in the U.S. saw the same sequence of the same exact alleged plane coming down at a very steep angle to impact. How can it be both ways? In the U.S. version, the plane is straight and level. Not so in Europe. And yeah, in the U.S. version the plane doesn’t come into the frame from the right side of the screen, it just materializes there and continues as if it beamed there from an alternate reality somewhere.

Notwithstanding the things noted about the obviously CGI generated plane that never breaks a sweat entering a moderately resisting steel structure, the plane at least in one view by CNN comes out the other side unscathed and not deformed or blunted after hurtling through thick steel columns that it couldn’t possibly have missed all of them on the way through at that angle. So what gives? Very good question.

Plane half in:half out of South Tower

We bought so much fakery that in two months we were so brainwashed and numb we could barely stand to look at a TV screen for fear we wouldn’t see that same plane barrel into the tower and enter it totally without a counter reaction upon impact with it. Yes there was a fireball and yes there was a slotted entry, but here again, even the slot dihedral angle of the B-767 wing doesn’t match up. Sure the airfoil would be somewhat distorted maybe in a dive maneuver and then pull out before impact but as we saw in the U.S. there was no dive. So, why the wing dihedral change? Dihedral is the angle of incidence with the fuselage that is engineered into the aircraft to create ROLL STABILITY and enhance that characteristic in the flight performance of the machine.

Flight 175 still in the air

So, we know the wing had a set dihedral and more or less would not have a reason to be different on impact with a building given the fact that no apparent resistance of any kind was seen in video analysis by virtue of no deceleration occurring post impact. John Lear called it right, and many of us experienced pilots also did. Some of us knew that even a modified B-767 couldn’t get to ‘512’ knots at 700 AGL (above ground level) under any conditions, due to the drag coefficient going up by the CUBED as speed increases in dense air.

Pilots on Flight 175 on 9:11

So, nobody in the general population batted an eye when the government released the speed data from the radar track of UA-175, which, by the way, was still in the air over a place far far far away, post impact, by virtue of it’s ACARS DATA LINK transmissions which UA dispatch person Ballinger had good solid notes about, which he presented to the 9/11 ConMission people, no doubt keeping his original printouts in an undisclosed location. Today that data is in NARA archives under TOP SECRET classification, for only one good reason. They want that cat in the bag.

In two places at the same time

So we have aircraft doing impossible things, going too fast, coming out the other side, and their data links operating for hundreds of miles after the planes were allegedly fully destroyed. How can this be? How can anyone believe the real UA-175 and real UA-93 could have been destroyed when ACARS data shows this not to be true? How?

Pilots on Flight 93 on 9:11

My point is that in eleven now going on twelve years, we have had a lot of time to look at still shots and videos of the day. Ostensibly these little clues all lead at least in my mind, to a glaring fact. That fact is that the planes allegedly that had struck these buildings and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania no way could be ‘destroyed’ and in fact they remained in the F.A.A. aircraft registry for more than 4 full years after they were allegedly irrevocably totally utterly in pieces. Make any sense? Not on your life. The aircraft we knew as American 11, and its sister ship, American 77, were not even scheduled to fly on 9/11, according to Bureau of Transportation Statistics records.

Pentagon Implausibilities


We have no real evidence to support UA 11’s impact with the North Tower other than the video fakery. As for FLT-77, anyone looking at the Pentagon lawn 9 minutes later in photos saw virtually NO WRECKAGE until a C-130 piloted by Cdr. O’Brien of the Air National Guard, began to seed wreckage from a BUGA COLOMBIA crash that took place in December of 1995.

Planted debris with vine attached

One piece even had jungle vine still wrapped on it after it landed on the previously post crash PRISTINE lawn. People like Mike Rivero swear on a stack of bibles we are ‘pod people’ for asking where 100 tons of airplane went because there are no wing slots nor are there engine penetrations of the façade. And, not one drop of JET A fuel on the lawn after the alleged nearly full airplane struck ‘6’ poles on it’s approach at 465 knots, again, an impossible speed due to phenomenal drag resistance at such low altitudes in cold dense air.

Impossible speed at low altitude

Top speed down there not much better than 365 knots max, per BOEING’s assertions during a phone call with one of their test pilots. Those of us who ask; “where is the 100 tons of wreckage at” get; “Oh, you’re pod people” by Rivero and other shills. Clearly they cannot think us to be that stupid.

Pilots on 9:11 aircraft air speeds

So, my point is that the things we thought we knew were not necessarily based in hard reality. You cannot have so many departures from laws of physics and aeronautical science to then come to believe what you thought you saw was remotely valid. Planes that are destroyed cannot have operational data links over which the pilots have no control–and for hundreds of miles after they have crashed. So what gives? How can this be?

We have seen for decades how HowLieWood has in move after movie after movie shown us space wars, building being blown up that never were harmed, and impossible feats in fantasmagorical fashion in many many movies and for that matter, television series shown us since the mid to late 1960’s. Then in, oh, about 1968 or so, COLOR came around and gave us much more realism with studio effects that for the most part till computer technology became widely used, was not so badly done using simpler tools that required skill but no computers to create these fake realities in movies.

Other examples of fakery

For decades we had been pre programmed with this nonsense till we blindly began to extrapolate that kind of stuff into everyday life. I’ve seen real a real building in Los Angeles blow up, I have witnessed plane crashes, and seen automobiles crash in real life. Seldom do these things happen with the dramatic visual effects that you see in movie theaters.

Moon lander anomalies

In any case, I want to bring up a very powerful example. In 1969, we were shown a lunar landing that by any sane person’s estimation, could not have occurred with visual cues that show STUDIO LIGHTING and LUNAR WINDS (blowing a flag around in a vacuum) and yes, shadows being cast in differing directions on the lunar surface when only ONE light source bright enough to cast them, was the SUN and it wasn’t hop scotching around in space far as I know, so shadows showing multiple incident light from more than one source on the moon were not possible. Yet they happened.

Back in that very, very, sad Stanley-Kubrick-created fakery, we saw a 10 thousand pound thrust main engine not blow a large crater under the LEM, and we didn’t see any dust blown into the landing pads on the end of the main landing gear struts. In 1/6th gravitational field that is not possible. Nor is it possible that when an astronaut falls forward that his ass is lifted when the guy helping him is in front of him, clearly by a wire from above. Yet it took place. On Apollo 11. What also happened is an Astronaut named Neil Armstrong stepped off the LEM into inches of very fine dust that the main engine would have blown away all the way to bedrock as the LEM landed that day.

So many signs of fakery, including faces not being allowed to be seen in what would appear to have been mirrored helmet visors when in fact even the reflections on those don’t work, AND we see flags waving in a breeze that cannot possibly be there, and we even have camera crosshair placement that cannot be and clearly doesn’t work. So many clues of fakery we missed then, too, including that the landing pads would have left marks showing how they slid in the soft dust on touchdown, because of the cantilever shock-absorbing action of the struts. That no such sliding took place indicates that the LEM was put in place by being lowered using an overhead crane. For decades we missed indications like these.

Signs of foreknowledge of 9/11

We had so many chances to see through the obvious rubbish and ruses but today, I would bet that in light of calling out these insidiously simple facts, people will decry I am a ‘moon bat’ for inferring that our astronauts defied the VAN ALLEN RADIATION region around the earth which would have FRIED THEM on the way to the moon, and pointing out these facts seen with a wind whipped by fans flag in a LUNAR STUDIO SET and an impossibly crane placed LUNAR LEM lander that looks like it was set there and nary disturbed a single pebble or blew dust into the lander’s pads as it touched down. C’mon folks. Really.

Pre-game clues

Series 9/Episode 1, 21 September 1997, opens with “New York 9/11”, focuses on the Twin Towers, and ends with a lavish animation of the Washington Bridge, which was also a target. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t just also rub our noses in our ignorance and blind acceptance of stuff that wouldn’t cut it in a bad B GRADE MOVIE. Yet we bought it all, and ignored the nose rubbing in the poo like the SIMPSONS hint above that took place long before 9/11 was a dream in the Israeli PM’s nut sack. We get played. They toss up hints before the ruses are even pulled off, and in a way, it subliminally preps you for just rote acceptance of what rational people could never possibly accept.

In any case, I went long in this pass here but the reason is, the situation we have is that per these observations, we all have been asleep at the proverbial reality wheel for a long time here. They pull these things off, and we just buy them. Our brains having been pre conditioned for years to go in the direction of, “Oh hell, if it looks even remotely possible, I will buy it even with a nonsensical explanation” and that, when our brains say to us, “That does not compute.” Most are incapable of even thinking, much less computing anything.

Volcanoes of vermiculite

So, back on to the picture featured here. Clearly, that is hundreds of tons of pulverized VERMICULITE used in the floor slabs of the WTC towers. According to NIST the steel weakened and the buildings, floor by floor, pancaked and crushed everything. Well, in a movie studio that might happen, but not in real life. In real life, things just don’t instantly pulverize without a massive application of a lot of force. Granted, the asbestos-laden VERMICULITE is not concrete.

It’s significantly more like gypsum or DRYWALL and as many of us have seen in our own homes, a pissed off kid or spouse can drive a fist through that without going to the hospital for treatment. Surely though, this asbestos and less hardened fire retardant floor material used could not be so pulverized in totality more or less in the same instant without a huge amount of force being brought to bear on it.

Volumes of asbestors flowing

So how did that force come into existence and how did it get applied to make almost all of the vermiculite material completely fall apart and become dust not floor by floor but before the structure had even fully gotten to the half way implosion point. How could it happen? How could the aggregate totality of every pound of the floor slab material all in an instant be pulverized?

Vermiculite is fibrous and therefore by the very nature of that mixture, tends to much more evenly disperse force in multiple off impact vectors so that you might drive your fist through a wall but the rest of the wall remains solid and relatively not turned to dust. Much more rigid concrete on the other hand, shatters and because it doesn’t yield easily, tends to fracture and break up in larger chunks long before it turns to a powder state.

What was real, what was not

I pondered that for a long time and drew some amazing conclusions that until further notice need to be examined better to fully get a handle on what was ‘real’ that day and what could not be real. I began to really question the validity of much of the stuff we saw presented to us that day. Over and over and over again, we saw planes that simply did not get destroyed, allegedly slam into a building effortlessly and then blow up once inside of the building, in that case, the South WTC tower. On it’s face we have over decades been pre-programmed by not only MSM with rubbish, but by HowLieWood fakery that entertained us for all those years. The end result is a population that is best characterized by a movie called, “Idiocracy”

My main intent here wasn’t to spend the whole column pointing at the fakery, but it was important to preface the main course of this too long meal with some rationale about how and why we got so easily rooked. Some of us are a bit brighter, have the physics backgrounds, the common sense, and the ability to think. Yet, in ten years how many would dare talk about ‘no planes’ involved in the 9/11 hoaxing? That group is growing by the way, but it’s still in it’s infancy. After 12 years now and then some, you’d expect more people to be questioning ALL OF IT. Not happening that way quite as fast as it should. Meaning, the social programming of nonsensical muck on the tube has brought us to a place where ridiculously bad crap gets eaten up and incorporated into people’s psyche’s and then spit out again in echo-chamber repetition of rote memorized excuses and epithets hurled to demean and demoralize those of us who see the fakery.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

What I meant to get into right off the bat is that the video, the still photos, and much of the narrative pre-programmed us to accept muck we otherwise would not have. Very few of us saw that top photo and understood the totality of that shot. Many would go, “So what?”, and not think twice. But to any person with any background in testing of materials and matter in a real world, you cannot see that without understanding that if it is real, that virtually all of the flooring in the buildings was rendered unto dust not floor by floor, but almost in one instant. And that is very, very telling.

Khazelov’s theory of 150kt nukes

We have had people like Khazelov come forward and tell us about nuclear weapons being used at WTC in NYC that day. His main theory is that 150kt weapons were used in all ‘3’ out of a total of ‘4’ utterly destroyed and demolished, in one case, cratered as was WTC-6, buildings. That is like using the same size hammer to drive railroad spikes and thumb tacks. May be a bad example but excessive force in that range would have probably destroyed much of lower Manhattan that morning not just from blast damage but by radiation. Some of us had asserted, unlike Khazelov, that ‘mini’ or ‘micro nukes’ had been used, but they could not so instantly and totally render ALL of the vermiculite material in the floor slabs unto dust in an instant as apparently was the case here.

Yes, we can also say, “Oh, it wasn’t an instant–it took seconds”, which is also true, but the total collapse sequence took almost 10 seconds per tower and same goes for WTC-7 which went down a bit later than BBC planned by their script because they reported it down on a broadcast a full half an hour or so before it actually IMPLODED by controlled demolition squibs and charges. We know that from the morning till 5:20 PM that insufficient time elapsed to put charges in as Silverstein asserted because he had admitted the building was damaged and had to be ‘pulled’ and so it was. But clearly that sequence had started before Barry Jennings got evacuated because the lower lobby was more or less destroyed with dead bodies in the lobby long before he got taken out by fire-fighters who came to get him out.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

All total, we had ‘4’ buildings completely utterly destroyed. Allegedly ‘2’ planes were involved. Then magically the week or more long work to put in charges in WTC-7 got done in a few short hours. Really?

In my final analysis here, I had cited to others that the neutron radiation from even small devices would have cause a huge amount of X-radiation to occur, by a phenomenon called “Bremsstrahlung” emission of X-radiation. If Khazelov was right, the steel in the WTC towers would have created enough of that to really ‘fry’ people just like the Van Allen radiation would have fried the Apollo 11 crew on their way to the Moon in 1969. And we do have reports of persons being “vaporized” in the vicinity on the otherwise pretty evacuated streets that day, which further confirms the use of nukes to take them down. And as many as 1000 may have been turned to toast in the building itself, where Don Fox has an excellent article discussing this issue, including a segment of an interview with Fr. Frank Morales, a first responder, on “The Real Deal”.

We can count out the 4000 recipients of the ODIGO messages that warned Jewish people not to come, but that still doesn’t explain the dearth of people in that area that morning at a time when it’s normally teeming with workers. In a very real sense, this effect cited above would have irradiated so many people on the streets and in adjacent buildings who were watching. And, this effect would have probably done considerable damage to solid state electronics nearby for at least a good 1/8th of a mile in all directions, perhaps not uniformly so but still it would have been a major problem in the aftermath. Radios still worked locally. Even a helicopter flying close enough and would have been adversely impacted and possibly brought down, wasn’t even fazed. So nuclear artifacts you’d expect were notably not there. Only question here is what kind of nuclear device deviates so grossly from what we know about them from their uses across the globe in test after test after test?

Relative thickness by floors

In any case, the look at the evidence that this piece is intended to hopefully trigger, isn’t intended to cause rancor and general bickering amongst co-workers and others who get into discussions about the fakery, but what the intent is here is to get people to ask again, maybe for the first time; “what the hell happened that day?” and not let others tell you by ‘consensus’ that this is the ONLY way to the truth. That word equates to ‘group think’ in reality. No TRUTH can come from that. No way.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

So, Khazelov may not have had it right but he was on the right path, because the total pulverization of the floor slabs of VERMICULITE fibrous material of gypsum and drywall and other components of concrete, made it impossible for floor by floor, NIST pulverization to happen without adding a whole lot of time to the collapse and hence really prolonged the near free fall speeds we saw that day.

Nuking the Twin Towers on 9/11

Guys like Don Fox, and Jeff Prager, and many of us contended that something unusual and well beyond just thermite was employed to do this to these buildings, especially WTC towers 1 and 2. For what it’s worth, WTC-7 more or less has all the earmarks of classical, very, very, very tried and true Controlled Demolition using thermite charges to cut the core out first. We saw the squibs firing, heard the pops. Down it came, about half hour after the BBC script said it did. And, what happened to WTC-6 that hollowed it out like a spoon in soft ice cream that day? Chuck Boldwyn’s presentation proved that the undamaged mass of the WTC towers could not have been brought down by a small percentage of the buildings being asymmetrically damaged by alleged plane impacts.

In any case my assertion is two-fold:

One: Much of what we thought we saw clearly was not reality. Unfortunately, it’s too late to erase our brains of it. It’s in there, indelibly imprinted on our psyche’s forever till we die.

Two: We need to cull out the stuff that the government has strewn into the mix that lessens the degree of certainty to the point of dissuading sane and thoughtful people from even bothering to question the official nonsense and fantastic story that 19 guys with box cutters who were mostly proven to be still alive days later, overcame NORAD defenses and flew planes beyond their capability and experience in ways only professional seasoned pilots might do or achieve.

But what we can do is ask how the X-radiation issue got dodged and didn’t occur if as we believe, nuclear devices of a ‘small’ size were used. Clearly even controlled demolition could NOT have almost simultaneously end-to-end, pulverize every cubic meter of vermiculite used in the WTC tower flooring. But something did that on 9/11.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

So, what did it? RDX didn’t do it. It’s a powerful and moderately heavy type of highly energetic explosive that is used to blow things to smithereens. If one were to sit down and try to force transfer the amount of that to pulverization of all of the vermiculite at once more or less and then we have a problem. I don’t think they could have installed so much RDX in the towers even given a lot of time, without causing the threat of an accidental detonation of it by things you cannot control that act as ‘initiators’ of the explosions. The proponents of ‘Oh, they put these in during construction’ have no clue what EMI (electromagnetic interference) and or HIRF.  Joe Kennedy, Jr., knew for a brief instant as his bomber got vaporized by that, while fully loaded with ordnance.

Concluding mixed reflections

It’s pretty clear that Khazelov may have been partially correct, albeit he used a broad brush to paint both slats and toothpicks. And, he got the yields wrong for the type of damage done. But, it is beginning to look like he was right insofar as high yield devices were employed from the bottom up. These devices were so powerful that pulverizing the vermiculite was not a big problem when the charge was detonated in a fashion that vectors the force almost entirely into the targeted material. From the basement, that means ‘up’, for sure.

The buildings were being destroyed from the bottom up in close proximity to being blow apart from the top down using micro or mini nukes inside the elevator shafts, where the falling debris masked the more powerful explosions necessary to destroy the lower, thicker portions of the towers. The suppression of the blast shockwave and the noted X-radiation and even neutron problem might have been aided by the instant pulverization of a material that by it’s very nature would have interfered with the effect that is known as “Bremsstrahlung” by suppressing the direct electron interaction during the detonation, in much the same way that boron interferes with neutrons.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Needless to say, sound waves are diffused by clouds of heavy rain, and dust, and in this case, finely particulate suspended in air matter, effectively attenuating or rolling off the sharp impulse ‘bang’ that would have been heard but was not heard. Sure firemen heard in the buildings; “bang bang bang bang bang bang”, over and over, again in squib firing precision sequencing. We know that, in addition to heavier than normal demolition charges, that cutter charges were instrument in destroying the Twin Towers.

It was an unprecedented and risky gamble that, while the top 30 floors of the South Tower tilted to the side, they were able to blow it before it could could come crashing to the ground. And thermite charges were used as core column cutters because the angular cuts are evident IMMEDIATELY in the rubble not done days later as some would irresponsibly assert in the blogs. So, in a way, those who have pointed the finger at thermite are in their own way, partially correct. It was employed but not the principal cause of the buildings’ demolition.

Twelve plus years has elapsed and we are close but no cigar yet. We know more, but we also know ‘less’ in that so much obfuscation and rubbish has emerged that five years ago we were probably in some ways better off not having heard some of that. But we are getting closer. From the perspective of psychology, the public has had an extremely difficult time accepting the idea that the security companies that were supposed to be protecting the buildings were engaged in preparing them for destruction and that the government on which we depend for our own nation’s security would so grossly violate it to promote a political agenda.

Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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130 Comments for “9/11: A World Swirling in a Volcano of Lies”

  1. Re —Palm trees in NY.-

    NiskiWALK WTC 6of7


    @ 0.30 sec. you see that the below FOIA shot of WTC hot-spot was taken inside the crushed Winter Garden.

    +Looks like more than 3 buildings had been nuked since this hot spot is not near the 3 WTCs- !!!

    • I do see that now. Thank-you. Through debate we verify what is true. Keep up the good work, LC!

      • Great.
        For everyone else- this was the Nuke-hot spot I had linked previously. But is located at one end of the Winter Garden not close to either of the 3 main nuked WTCs. So this means a nuke was also centered in this picture!!! Just how many nukes???

        WTC nuclear hotspot glows at night & for weeks afterward-

        911 WTC Rubble and the GLOWING Cave (A FOIA Photo)


  2. Mr. Saive
    Re “….we are doing nothing about it” ….

    But- We are doing something about it—-we’r waiting for the next one… just as we always have!!!

  3. This excellent piece proves that a landing gear was also planted on a sidewalk & under scaffolds –
    Notice all the people casually standing around and staring at the cleaned object one or two days earlier & then look at it after 9/11 ZIOP….

    Proof AA11 Landing Gear was Planted on 911 911Infowarrior


  4. Howard T.Lewis III

    Did Dr. Ed Ward,MD discover any other components to the multi-radioactive isotope primer paint found? mountains of photographic evidence of the use of cutter charges are omnipresent. It also is not logical to assume that they would use cutter charges throughout the WTCs but not at the planned points of impact.

  5. Dimitri Khalezov revelations fits better than anything else as he wrapped it up below —

    All three towers sank into their nuclear molten foundations while vaporizing as they sank into millions of degrees of heat…..



  6. UFOs hit WTCs to create plane colission effects –Video Fakeries made quickly after.

    Mysterious Ball Object Seen Flying Over WTC on 9/11 Part 2 – New Uncovered Footage


    This video doesn’t discuss holograms which were also used for the people to see. But if this guy is correct then 2 UFOs were actually used to physically hit the towers & then concealed with both holograms & quickly made phtoshops !!!

  7. Identical 9/11 mushroom cloud & aftermath 55 years earlier.-

    Color footage of atomic bomb tests in Nevada – Soldiers being exposed to high levels of radiation


  8. WTC nuclear hotspot glows at night & for weeks afterward-

    911 WTC Rubble and the GLOWING Cave (A FOIA Photo)


  9. Watch the red “MANHATTAN DEMOLITION” truck passing at a safe distance from WTC just before they began to “PULL’m”


  10. NATIVE American Indians Origin discovered by NASA — they came from MARS —
    here is proof folks–


  11. Howard T.Lewis III

    The cutting velocity o quality detonation cord is nearly 8 miles per second/ Plenty quick to remove and vaporize the steel perimeter panels as the incoming electrical potential did its task at hand on impact/ No holograms/ The panels had been prepped

  12. NASA fakery proof

    YouTube – “MAVEN Separates from Centaur Upper Stage” to see that

    MAVEN (NASA’s most recent silent billion dollar fakery) which I introduced below had its final separation from its last fuel tank at an altitude of only 800 Kilometers above earth. At that point it had escaped only nearly 15% of the earth’s gravity according to Wikipedia “Gravity of Earth” which says —

    “It is a common misconception that astronauts in orbit are weightless because they have flown high enough to “escape” the Earth’s gravity. In fact, at an altitude of 400 kilometers (250 mi), equivalent to a typical orbit of the Space Shuttle, gravity is still nearly 90% as strong as at the Earth’s surface. Weightlessness actually occurs because orbiting objects are in free-fall.[8]”

    So-in order for MAVEN to get away from the earth gravity pull it needed at least an estimated 5 more of similar size Atlas rockets to fire it & push it to the next rocket (each rocket helping MAVEN escape only 15 % of the remaining gravity force).
    Therefore MAVEN was either a complete hoax made of cardboard (&for cashing a $$ billion) or that it was a regular satellite placed in an 800 KM orbit just above Thermosphere & probably over-billed by 95%.

    +++ MAVEN only has 65 kilos of instruments & no camera!!!

    Proposal to Veterans Today — Please open a new page for space hoax exploration so people can post what they find about space black-holes into which trillions of dollars have disappeared. Thanks. -lc

  13. Howard T.Lewis III

    He thinks I am a dumb animal but I miss the work of eff Prager/ This stuff is depressingly selfindulgent/ I hear you learn that in parochial schools and frat houses/ How dreadfully boring

    • Howard T.Lewis III

      More Jeff Prager! Less hologram gibberish from a compromised peanut gallery! It is not logical to believe every square inch of the perimeter panels was prepared to vaporize but not the very limited site impacted by the jets. That John Lear fellow who wisely does not fly any more must REALLY have a grand liquor cabinet! How can anybody be so loaded they swear to a hypothesis? Drunk enough to be humored or ignored.

  14. Harold S makes a great point, better observation somewhere near the middle of these posts. It’s the one thing I keep looking for. So far no movement, just smoke and mirrors, and countless articles about one thing or another. It’s asinine beyond belief, worse is the fact that people keep falling into the abyss.

    Mr Fetzer is an expert at ” cognitive infiltration ” I believe he’s even written a few books and papers on the topic… makes it extremely difficult to stay on point….which at the end of the day was the whole idea anyway.


  15. Howard T.Lewis III

    Ouch! At the time NASA stated they were using staged photos because of incredibly expensive time constraints/ If all the authentic moon photos are gone I guess this is what is left/ I am still a believer in the success of the attempts to reach the moon/ 44 years of losing girl friends over claims of organized crime threats and nuclear bomb based demolition systems in the basements of the WTCs has toughened me up a bit/ I was morally obligated to tell them/ Ouch again/

    Yours is an avalanche of a case/ I recall the simulation notes at the bottom of most footage on the CFRtv accompanied by the NASA statement of financial restrictions making experiments and their results more important to the space program than many moon photos for the masses/ The experiments were by far more important/ Your argument could be compared to the action of reaching a Walmart in an excavation far into the future and deciding the lack of airplane parts and fresh dungeoness crab proves there were no airplanes or dungeoness crabs during the operational period of the excavated Walmart/ Only toy airplanes and alcoholic beverages and plastic knick-knacks which would have decayed to refuse/ The collection of moon photos around the satanists dominating the destruction of the space program would of course had to have been pilfered or destroyed thus lowering the resale value of the defamed space program for sale to the British empire/ **She blinded me with science**

    • Check out Mr. Shrimpton’s Lunar Landing Part 2 & especially below documentary to see the PBS film showing how Germans founded & fully manned NASA with 6000 scientists & engineers & leading to U.S. criminals looting of trillions of dollars in the name of “SPACE EXPLORATION” by faking trips to moon-Mars & beyond
      ******http //

      NAZI MEGA WEAPONS- V2 Rocket – Aired 07/31/2013

      “The first ever long-range rockets were designed and built by the Nazis in a network of top-secret research labs, underground silos and hi-tech launch pads. This is the story of how scientist Werner von Braun heralded the birth of ballistic missiles and laid the technological foundations for the space race.”

      • Howard T.Lewis III

        Since about twenty years ago NPR and PBS stopped being worthy of the label as a home for vigorous researchers/ Rockefeller control abruptly dumped the quality for the banal and false/ Every scrap of paper with musical notes scrawled on it became classical music and news reporting became lame/ There is so much garbage surrounding discussion of the US space program as of late/ Will it be sold to England for pennies on the dollar or merely given to them? the lack Parsons of thge lack Parsons let Propullsion Laboratory was second to Aleister Crowley in the international church of satan and they coveted absolute control of the US Space Program/ I hope what I see here is not Veterans Today facilitating in such a transfer/ all this lying and other hologram BS has me wondering/ No doctored video footage is admissible in court unless the Vatican controlled courts say so/ Oops all bets are off
        There is a lesuit psychiatrist in town who is a quiet fellow on the street but I am told he dons a black robe turns off the lights and uses candles during expensive state medical insurance paid for therapy sessions with welfare cheats/ Any of you hologram worshippers catholic?

        • May be you should ask VT to give you a dedicated page as an editor???

          • Howard T.Lewis III

            I live on an island in the Paciic and the people here don*t care about ANYTHING covered in VT including the radioactivity destroying biology in their midst/ That and my keyboard is decaying quickly/ No or / I as oghered the VT nuseletter by GD/ He clips my input/ I am too angry at the sheeple and shills and hould require a lobotomy like Ghrancis Gharmer received to make me a housepet/ Then I could not care nor take a stand on anything and perghorm as only The City o London*s trolls could appreciate/ Eirinn go Brach
            I have been up to 117 million searches using my true name and am assured by Microsot top execs this is because earth*s citizens care/ That or the NSA really likes to hump my leg/

  16. Re– NASA thefts with bogus paper Moon & Mars–

    A very quietly stolen $$$ billion by a recent NASA hoax–

    Put this in Google or Wiki or Youtube — “Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN)”

    This junk which I think is nothing more an earth-orbit satellite (based on rocket-to-mass ratios) supposed to have been launched to find out about MARS atmosphere & its history for the very first time!!!. But it indirectly reveals something much more sinister —

    1- nothing has ever gone to even Mars orbit much less land on it…

    2- all previous missions & rovers to Mars are 100% hoaxes since those fake rovers (if they were real) must have been at the ideal center of the exact place where they’re supposed to be literally measuring everything from Mars-air to mars dust & underground (& of course the many spices of Mars animals & artifacts which I have already displayed here with NASA’s own links. in Lunar Landing pages)!!!

    Folks let’s get our $$$ back!

    • eg
      YouTube “MAVEN Prelaunch News Conference from Kennedy Space Center”

      after one full hour of NASA crappola about MAVEN @ Min. 58. woman from Popular Science asked a simple question & got more crap for answer. another who followed up on it also got nothing!!!
      not surprising…..sounds just like the fake responses of Apolloonies who never answered any questions…..

      • Some nice details on this video — @ Min. 12 –“Separation will occur over Australia one hour after launch”

        by the time of separation the rocket has spent all its fuel just to reach a low earth orbit (which they don’t disclose how high- but probably 1-200 miles). At that point it has escaped only 5% of earth gravity but magically after that separation it opens its wings and flies to Mars with those wings wide-open & without a single drop of fuel???
        The Lockheed scam-artist (who cashes in most) said the wing “span is 7 feet”—but on earth when they opened them for testing they looked over 10 meters long!!! (Min. 27.44) which means what???
        I think it means the thing is a total fake (probably made of cardboard) or he would at least have the size right!!!

    • Howard T.Lewis III

      Interesting how the close ups of alleged structures on Mars documented US standard building code in the dimensions and proportions of features and esthetics

  17. Hear the expert explain holographic planes at beginning of tape & then explain what he thinks happened to WTC-7 at very end

    Youtube “John Lear – 9/11 Holographic Projector”

    FBI–If you watch the rest of video notice FBI taking pictures of the clean & rusty jet engine just after planting it under scaffolding one or two days before 9/11 cause you see everything clean – no debris- & people in background all clean & walking around casually!!! Notice the shiny advertising board glass behind engine & FBI man… !!!

  18. For Plane-freaks–

    Check these 2 short demos & try to hit a baseball through a similar fence around playgrounds. You can’t. No one can!!!
    Were WTCs built flimsier than these fences??? Did I hear yes???

    In YouTube


    3″x3″ Fixed Knot Fence vs. Chainlink Fence

    • Howard T.Lewis III

      The photoshops keep getting better and better at proving their place as cat toys for the aficionados of the macabre/ Shit LC this hologram bunk is getting downright Bush cabal quasisatanic sleazy/ The exact location of impact of at least one of the actual airplanes was the office space occupied by the manufacturer of different grades of thermitic material who also is a Bush criminal cabal member and is also now a close neighbor of Bush43 in Texas/ He would be a good one to get to cut a deal for leniency of a life sentence with visitation rights/ If we don*t step up the pace on this Rand Paul will end up getting his ass shot off after The Bush Mutant is shoveled in as vice President/
      Proven but not in a court is the fact that the entire inside surface of the perimeter wall panels was spray painted with a multi component thermitic steel primer and thus this and coincidentally utilized exploding bolts and other tools of steel structure demolition were on site/ It is NOT logical to believe every interior surface of the WTCs I and II were prepared with thermitic paint except those relatively small areas damaged by the impacting airplanes/ Note that the new garbage evidence of holograms omit the bright electrical flashes evident in several authentic impact video submittals/ LC FAIL

      • R–U–ON somethin?

        These are the fence videos.

        The hologram video is below–
        ++You,re confused between hologram of this video & the video-fakery (composite) of the ones which flash. sounds like you don’t know about holograms.

        ++ Below shot is taken from nearly behind the tower so even if there were a flash at contact point you couldn’t see it because you’r not on the impact side!!! ++ flash appears in composites (according to Ace Baker)-
        This is a NASA hologram @ Min.26+

        YouTube “The True History and Purpose of NASA”

        • Howard T.Lewis III

          Rubbish/ You confuse photoshop for hologram and try to bolster your case with fresh higher tech facsimiles of a horrendously tragic event/ What is the payoff? Much more fun to nail the US government perps and get our country back on track/ Likewise can the effort to disgrace the space program into a cheap sell off to the British or the Chinese as a proxy recipient until the clamor dies down/ I am not on anything and I would have beat you like a drum in logic class/ Facts are being omitted in your presentation and insults substituted for content/ Shame on you/ People are suffering and dying because of the 911 aftermath/ The agents of the British controlling the US government intend on giving away the space program as another encore/ What are you on? Dr Fetzer? He is a very clever person and it is NOT his fault individuals in the US military or civilian government are not reacting to the criminality of those in power/ No holograms today
          I know this hologram and phony moon story detract from the dignity of the accomplishments of the US space program/ Or maybe the obsolescence of the various systems and hardware is so deeply profound that we might con the British out of their gold for a yard full of scrap metal and plastic after they discover they have been had/ It is possible/ Queen lizard II opted for Al *D* Gore as her top *Global Warming and Carbon Tax Credit* salesman and Al *D* impressed liz with a *D* in his only science class *Natural Science*/ D for dandy

      • YouTube “UFO TURNS INTO PLANE”

        Above is a live experiment of a holographic plane shaping in the sky in broad daylight!!! (starting from a ball of light in broad daylight!!!)

        • Howard T.Lewis III

          Look at my middle finger and get serious/ Examine the damage at the points of impact at the WTCs i and II/ Watch Spielberg wannabes on your own time please? Your disrespect for truth and containment of the perpetrators is showing all this other material bolsters NOTHING with regards to establishing the truth of who how and why for the on going attacks against the world the US and all life in general/ You might find these death cult people want to take us all with them when they die so they don*t get lonesome starting with queen Lizard and prince Flipthebird/ The same cabal nuked Fukushima and attempted to destroy at least a dozen other nuclear power plants across the US in the same attack/

  19. Below shows that plane holograms were utilized also

    Just the fact that this shot hasn’t been aired by fraud-casting networks is proof that it would’ve blown the whistle of bogus planes..


    • Howard T.Lewis III

      photoshop/ how many generations away was this copy or merely a defocused copy then a refocused copy from it/ All those Nazi UFO pictures were done by alternating SLR camera and lithocamera images and paste ups/ We did them/ these cat toys you are obsessing on are all quite forgetable/

      Photoshop-INADMISSIBLE! unless Smellnerfish is the magistrate

  20. Apolloonies were always earth bound —

    The most Massive (but not most efficient) American rockets (2000 tons) are the ones lifting off the shuttles (24 tons) to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) of only 100 miles!!!.
    With similar size rockets NASA claimed it took 50 ton of Apollos to the moon!!! They must have needed several hundred of those rockets to do get 50 tons to the moon (not counting return of 35 tons) which required a few hundred more of those rockets!!! (that is according to Dr. Von Braun from his book) & according to physics.
    America’s most advanced & most efficient rockets are called Delta IV Heavy (733 tons). Their maximum range is the earth Geosynchronous orbit which is only 26,000 miles (40,000 Km). & the maximum load they can take that far is only 6 tons.
    No one can build anything which can take even this 6 tons to the moon because of a physics phenomenon also called “the law of diminishing returns” which means for every ton a rocket’s fuel weight increases at some point its lift (payback or return) begins to decrease until it just can’t lift off!!! To make it simple say you double the shuttle’s rocket size to 4,000 tons with the expectation that it will be at least twice as powerful! WRONG!! once you fire that monster you will see that it won’t lift off at all !!! because its lift return for the extra fuel dropped it down its bell curve to the bottom!!!

    To verify Just plug in any of the above search terms in Wikipedia to get their specs.
    + check VT “LUNAR LANDING” pages.

  21. Howard T.Lewis III

    I watched many times the first lunar landing as viewed from the landing craft/ Dust blew aside while the craft was still way up/ This is shown to have been followed by a landing site relatively free of dust/ and no evidence of a crater/ With 1/6 the gravity of earth there apparently was no need to be able to blast a crater in the solid rock below/ Makes sense and it is shown in numerous shots/ If one could find deep dust in some shots and no dust in others this would be good/

    Unfortunately the heat from the vaporizing WTC I and II perimeter steel panels on impact melted much of the attached exterior aluminum and this causes a false claim of an absence of aluminum panel debris on the street below/ Still photos and videos detail the impact damage to the interior floor/truss assemblies and some core columns in WTCs I and II

    • Howard T.Lewis III

      Ignoring honest witness testimony in favor of contrived notions based on heresay falsehoods and outright lies is counterproductive and inadmissable in any court except udge udy/

  22. Here is the live-link (if it posts) to the Anthony Lawson video discussed below proving the “Kazarkani video” was also a ZIOP video fakery…

    Set your Youtube Settings at slowest speed & stop @ Sec. 54 to see the bogus left wing passing totally behind a background tower!!!
    The tower was identified below by Shallel as “THE DOWNTOWN CLUB” @ 20 West Street, NY.
    Put it in Google map & will see it is exactly ONE MILE south of WTCs!!!
    This type of 1 mile+ wing-size is a routine occurrence in Road Runner or Inspector Gadget cartoons??? Just like in this video where left wing must have stretched over a mile behind that brick tower & quickly pulled back into its original place (WTC)!!! Having seen too many cartoons like those our brains have been preconditioned since childhood not to recognize a cartoon animations from a ZIOPs.

    YouTube 9/11 “Puffballs” — Busted

    http //

    By the way is this VT’s Anthony Lawson???

    • No live-link because the COLON was deleted!!! is this a glitch VT or is in intentional???

      • 1 mile south of the WTC is 1 mile closer to the camera, therefore in the foreground and the wing would pass behind it from where the camera was, The Battery Park Ferry.

        VT editors used to have to check every post with a link, as links can point to any site, and not necessarily what is shown. This takes a lot of time so posters would wonder why there posts take so long to appear. It seems they have a solution, in making the links inactive, therefore allowing faster moderation and the safety of having to copy, paste and add back the colon. Sounds like a reasonable solution to me.

        • Your previously identified building (THE DOWNTOWN CLUB) was very FALSE.!!!

          The second bogus plane supposedly flew from the south into the south WTC as faked in the below footages
          YOUTUBE “2nd Plane Hitting WTC – LIVE News Coverage – 9/11”

          @ exactly Min. 6.30 it shows the bogus HazarKani video showing the left wing go behind the tallest building which is behind several other buildings north west of the North tower.
          So that building (with the wing behind it) was not in the south of these towers but at North-West of the North Tower. You see that even more clearly once the video zooms out.

          I couldn’t find any buildings with the historic look of the one that pops up at that moment. It is quite possible that the buildings were also faked into the video to make the video look real.!!! afterall the whole thing was a video-fakery ZIOP.

          • Like you write LC, faked on purpose with a mistake. One reason to make the building error on purpose could be as a clue if the videographer wanted to reveal the truth. A second reason is divide and conquer. Like conflicting Sandy Hook info it causes arguments and helps split apart truthers.

          • You should really make up your mind, LC.

            “If your address is correct the building is called “The Downtown Club”. which also comes up on google search.
            I pulled it on Google Map & is exactly ONE MILE south of WTC!!!”

          • Yo— Really….

            Considering they erased so many buildings that day they might as well throw in a couple of fake ones just to spice up the ZIOPS….

          • @ Shallel–

            Its your disinformation which I revealed!!!

            My mind or opinion plays no role- only Facts do. & fact is that you furnished a bogus address which came up as a tall brick building with that name. So after you pushed your fakery that building was in foreground-and because I am not familiar with that area at all-I checked the direction of that fake planes’ approach & of course it turned out you provided disinfo!!! Just like all NASA & 9/11 hoaxters & shills who constantly throw in disinfo & crap on this website!!!

            You’re probably one of the previous shills appearing under this name!!!

  23. One correction for Dennis; the cited “nose-out” screw up was originally aired live by WNYW, the NY FOX affiliate. It was only replayed once, on CNN, with a banner completely covering the plane. Then it was memory holed.
    I support the high-rise safety ballot initiative in NY. I urge everyone to sign the petition.
    I think it is high time to have a criminal investigation of the traitors involved. While this may be difficult with Government officials, Pentagon Staff or Military Players, who can invoke National Security Secrets classification, it would be easier to start with the media companies that aired these fake videos (Chopper 5 WNYW Kai Simonsen, CNN Hezarkhani, ABC Fairbanks) which are in the public domain and cannot be classified.

  24. Great news – finally! I have been suggesting “mix of devices” for quite some time already…

    Keep up your good job!

  25. The most obvious to all of the complete destruction is ” COLD WAR CONSTRUCTION ” The twins were built to be destroyed in the future once they had become obsolete.. This is never pursued by ANYONE who has an audience.. It accounts for everything when it comes to collapse, especially a top down deconstruct.

    Necessary explosives were BUILT INTO the buildings……further….it’s been said that the Sears and Hancock, now Lewis and Hancock, are built in similar fashion. You would never be able to hide small nuke explosions placed ANYWHERE within the Twins….never….their presence would be more than obvious. I do doubt ( highly doubt ) an office fire could hurl a 2 ton beam 200 plus Hello folks..

    It’s good to ask yourself the often repeated lines above ” Just what exactly did happen on that day ”

    Demonize one member only to use his work as an example of justification for yours, is about as low as one can stoop…..Just my honest opinion…

    I’ll say again….ask Lee Hamilton……


    • I liked the 911 Gold Jeff Prager blog entries or article ( via Google ) proposing gold laundering done from one of the WT buildings as well as other securities fraud. Gold stolen from other countries had to be handled discretely. And that buildings built ahead of time, planned for distraction.

    • Howard T.Lewis III

      I typed a reply seconds ago but it was yanked as my keyboard went whack/ i hope it shows up after its self motivated cruise into cyberland/
      Was the Hancock Building set up? Sears and Roebuck became Willis/ Did a Sears and Hancock become a Lewis and Hancock? Am I to believe that my 911 debate participation at this website is indeed a *Truman Show* milieu and I reach only those with a record of contact on my cell phones? The total lack of engineer or builder response to my comments indicate such/ I have friends in high places who shudder at my situation/ They should stop shuddering and realize the minions of queen Elizabeth II and The City of London tried to kill everything on earth by simultaneously destroying a dozen(at least) reactors along with Fukushima/ Those dopes actually thought they could hide out in a bunker for 10 thousand years or more/ Totally stupid/ Anybody still cooperating with the madness of those psychos should go ahead and swim the ocean in a straight line/ A new Olympic event/ The Lemming Chase/ Bush/Obama gets Lemming vote/ Steven Chu still extorting lapan for BP and queen lizard II to accept all responsibility for Fukushima or the world dies while dumshit America sleeps easy including the Obummer/
      They may have filled lower level structural members with cement/ It would have been a highly irregular decision/ No way ohn Skilling and Co wanted the demolition system/ I was in the room for some of the intense yelling/ They were stuck and POed X10

  26. It’s weird how the known shill, Ace Baker, put moon landings in his 911 documentary. It’s almost like because people have seen the Mythbusters bust the fake moon landing conspiracy, it was placed there to discredit the 911 information. And the anonymous physicist, who started complaining about being poisoned, and then started talking about moon aliens. It’s almost like the DoD used psycotronics on him to start making “intuitive” leaps and discredit the 911 information. Even Dimitri started talking about how dinosaurs were fake. Maybe VT could write a guide “how to discredit your movement and alienate people” for truthers. Jim should read it too, maybe try doing the opposite.

    • Yes. And Icke and the Lizards. They could discredit themselves under command of the various controllers, tptb. Or they could discredit themselves under their own volition In order to appear weak and hence less likely to be targeted. Kind of like Gordon’s 40% , although sometimes seems like 90%.

  27. Here is a rare window of opportunity to DO something with a realistic chance of making a difference…

    ****http //

    Nukes or no nukes, planes or no planes, it’s all subordinate to the one thing I think most of us here can agree on – IT WAS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR 3 PLANES TO HIT 2 BUILDINGS AND CAUSE THE SYMETRICAL COLLAPSE OF 3 WTC SKYSCRAPERS AT FREE FALL SPEED.

    NIST says that WTC building 7 was not hit by planes and collapsed due to “office fires” – it’s the weakest link in the official fairy tale and we need to hit it hard. Check out the link and send them a donation so we can lift this initiative off the ground.

    • For some reason the colon ” ” disappeared when I posted the link to the petition. In case it disappears again, then you have to insert a colon before the double slashes for the link to work
      http //

  28. On the 9/11 twin towers implosion and the Pentagon cruise missile hit, I defer to Carl Sagan ~
    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    ― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World Science as a Candle in the Dark

    • “Howard Beale” from the 1976 film “Network” more or less nailed it….
      http(insert colon here)//
      http(insert colon here)//

    • Wow thanks Mr. Roland. First time I see this wonderful Quote of Sagan.

      I think Carl Sagan was referring to the Apollo & U.S. space hoaxes with this statement… Don’t you think so??? Obviously he just didn’t dare to name them…

    • “Venus and Dr. Velikovsky” – Sagan’s paper is a critique of Immanuel Velikovsky’s book Worlds in Collision.

      “Having read Velikovsky, I also read Sagan’s paper; I thereafter discovered that a group of scientists and scholars had written critiques of Sagan’s analysis. After reading these criticisms I began a search of the literature and over a period of time I became convinced that Sagan’s critique lacked substance. Most surprising was the number of statements made by Sagan that proved to be clearly untrue. Further reading reinforced this discovery of the glaringly unscientific and unscholarly quality of Sagan’s paper. What was much worse, was that it was difficult to imagine that even Sagan was unaware of the misrepresentation of evidence presented as scholarly criticism by him and offered to the public.

      It was at that moment that the realization struck that Carl Sagan’s cnticisms had been uncritically read by a wide audience. This was soon discovered to be the case among friends and relatives. Seemingly, they had all read Sagan’s side, but not Velikovsky’s. With little or no scientific background with which to judge, they had accepted Sagan’s word on all matters.

      It has been a deeply saddening experience to discover again and again the crassness of Sagan’s work on Velikovsky. It has also been a deeply shocking experience to learn the political nature of the way science operates.”
      _http //

      Sagan? Nuff said.

  29. Any time you read a “moon landing never happened” post, your Jew-Alert sensors should be sounding full-alert.

    Even if it’s true along with the Martians built the Taj Mahal theory, so what? Talk about a moronic distraction. Do The Jews REALLY think we buy their crap, anymore?

    • Zio-Satanists were the greatest beneficiaries of the bogus Apollo program (another of their false flag Ziops) which took off in the 60’s and ended early 70’s while the Ziops didn’t stop

      During (1963 to 1973) in the eyes of the U.S. & most of the world The Apollo distraction played a significant role in the expansion of “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East” which continues & expands according to Professor Israel Shahak

      ****http //

      Although Shahak doesn’t talk about Apollo & “U.S. Space Programs” those of us who were around (or know about) that time frame remember that first Vietnam & next Apollo were the main U.S. news agenda.
      The Mid-East 1967 war began a new era of demonization which escalated & accelerated with the 1973 war & later resulted in the 1974 sell out of Jordan to the Zio-Satanist by abandoning Palestinian territories to them!!!
      On top of the distraction effect of Apollo much of the looted trillions of $$$$ (today’s equivalent of 1960’s billions) looted in the name of “Apollo program” was pocketed by those Satanists headed of course by the Lucifer in Chief (the Rothschilds).

      So Apollo was a greater false flag Ziop than 9/11 & was mainly to syphon off unlimited $$$$$$ in return for a few bogus videos & fake photos….. the distraction was a long term side-effect bonus…..!!!

  30. The best case is made by Jeff Prager, and though I have tried I cannot find any fault with his thesis, excepting possibly, Thomas Cahill’s suggestion of “soil and glass boiling” at Ground Zero well after September 11th, 2001 and up to and including October 30, 2001 and beyond. Jeff’s article is here 911scholars. ning. com/profiles/blogs/911-metastable-intermolecular-compounds-and-steve-jones-physics?xg_source=activity
    It includes correspondence with Dr. Chris Busby, who postulates a cold fusion weapon or device of some sort, employing Uranium and Deuterium. The output is neutrons, lots of heat, lots of energy, gamma radiation.

  31. Thank-you for a great article!

    “The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center and The China Syndrome Aftermath, 2nd Edition
    What Really Happened on 9/11 To The World Trade Center? The Shocking Secret, the World Has Been Waiting For… The World Trade Center was… NUKED and the China Syndrome Resulted” – Anonymous Physicist

    This is an untenable position. AP’s “China Syndrome” is not possible without being detected, due to copious identifiable radioisotopes. Fission devices blasted all over Manhattan would never gather back together to create china syndrome. Emp’s produced by small nuclear devices are quite small, unless they are detonated at high altitude.

    Khalezov has many blind spots, scale of the weapons and no fried people as mentioned here, and he suggests that the steel used in the WTC structure was uniformly 2.5″ thick, when we know it tapered from 6″ to 1/4 ” as the height increased. (As illustrated in Chuck Boldwyn’s diagram.)

  32. Very good article, and it’s about time that people came around to the view that there was a mix of different kinds of explosives used on 9/11. I don’t know why the 9/11 Truth movement didn’t start there.

    One annoyance Dmitri (or Dimitri) Khalezov’s name was repeatedly misspelled as Khazelov. Could an editor fix that? Khalezov deserves to have his name spelled right.

  33. What is the point in re-hashing the disagreements on the minute details when we all know 9/11 was an inside job and none of us are doing anything about it?

    • Very pertinent remark, thank you!

      Indeed, as big the conspiracy of the twin towers’ criminal controlled demolition is, it is dwarfed by the conspiracy of multiple law enforcement agencies, from FDNY to the Air Force to the FBI, to try hard to not look at their video record and instead blame in unison Osama bin Laden’s fanatical hijackers. I’ll add that the evidently highly talented and richly experienced engineers who led this criminal controlled demolition would probably have declined the job had they not been guaranteed this criminal cover-up to begin with.

      The lesson is straightforward a simple way to prevent false flag terror, and therefore to considerably weaken terrorism, is to clean up governmental entities of their viciously criminal tendencies. A good start would be for 9/11 researchers to accept as a fact 9/11’s essence as a false flag and develop a better understanding of the cover-up. A good sub-start within that start would be to explore the possibility that the cover-up itself was allowed by some still larger conspiracy, in which case that conspiracy would deserve the most attention. But this steps outside the scope of this article.



    • I posted a reply a few minutes ago but it does not appear. I apologize if this is redundant.

      Harold Saive makes a very good point. The specifics of the 9/11 false flag are interesting and important, but not essential. Essential is the finding that the false flag was unthinkable without the cover-up. The 9/11 cover-up was arguably a much larger and much more frightening conspiracy than the criminal controlled demolition of the twin towers under evacuation. It implied a conspiracy by many government agencies, from FDNY to the Air Force to the FBI, to try hard to peddle Osama bin Laden’s hijacks and not understand the videos of the twin towers’ destruction.

      The amount of work involved in the cover-up arguably dwarfs that of the false flag, as hundreds, in not thousands, of public servants had to be given enough power, autonomy and impunity to practice negligence, incompetence and corruption at levels rarely seen in the West. It was also a pre-requisite to the false flag the highly talented and highly experienced engineers who directed the WTC controlled demolitions had enough foresight to decline the job unless they had iron-clad guarantees that they would not face criminal penalties.

      A sure way to avoid future false flags would be to purge government entities from what appears to be their innate drive to cover terrorism and protect terrorists. Accordingly, 9/11 researchers would render humanity a good service by focusing on the 9/11 cover-up.


  34. A fascinating article! I am curious though, dismissing the ideas of inertial or magnetic confinement fusion or even ‘cold fusion’ scenarios as inapplicable in the context of micro devices, what might be a mechanism for fusion without fission on any scale?

  35. @ Jonathan Glassel

    RE your Q “Is that as far as we can go?”

    NO Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) is as far as we can go (200 Km Max-not higher!!!)

    For explanation please check out the calculations & links on a recent Lunar Landings page of Mr. Shrimpton

    ******http //

  36. Attention Dr. Fetzer. You might like this.
    New video to me, Sandy Hook investigator. School Safety expert on Columbine and others. Ex sherif
    http //

    • Yes, I arranged for the interview. Wolf is a tremendous asset to Sandy Hook research.


    • Link= “no results”; assume you mean this
      _http //

    • Mr. Halbig is taking on Satan himself here by not being scared off and continuing to seek the truth about Sandy Hoax. He needs a 24/7 security detail…and NOT from alphabet agencies.

  37. I understand and respect peoples beliefs but, I wish you stuck with the subject. The JFK murder is pretty cut and dried as is 9/11 being done by TPTB. For me the jury is still out on the moon landings and I have worked for NASA and indirectly used the tools(mirrors) that they placed on the moon for measurements. I just feel lilke that kind of muddied the waters if you will of the 9/11 issues you had written about. Otherwise an excellent cohisive and concise article.

  38. Dr. Fetzer
    Your posting of the Lunatic Moony trips were good for fakery examples. I am not amazed that still majority of the sheeple believe in space trip hoaxes. I can’t blame the minority who were in on the hoaxed directly or indirectly else they would’ve been unemployed!!! The LEM above is kept together with duct-tapes.

    For those with any doubts about space exploration hoaxes more than plenty of documentation is posted by readers (including me) in recent Michael Shrimpton pages like this one

    ******http //

    Shrimpton apparently had a contract to push for “NEW SPACE EXPLORATION FUNDS” as if the criminals haven’t looted enough since 1950. Shrimpton must have lost his fundraising contract since he hasn’t posted any of his Lunar pages anymore.

    The trick of these paid USSG insiders is that once they’re confronted with proof of their phony claims they back off by not responding because responses would trigger logical discussions which would lead to more disclosure of hoaxes details & their cat would jump out of their bags (as it has in many situations leading to deaths of those who let it happen)!!!. So their strategy is not to respond at all…… Just ignore the question ever came up…..!!!

  39. Preston James, Ph.D

    Once again we have another dynamic shredding of USG and Controlled Major Mass Media lies about a zio inside-job false-flag attack by Prof. Fetzer and an associate Dennis Cimino. In this instance Fetzer and Cimino completely expose the web of deceit and blatant “in your face lies” of the CMMM and the usual USG mouthpieces and propaganda dispensers.

    Now, if we can get fine articles like this diffused to the general population where the real truth can sink in. Prof. Fetzer and Dennis Cimino have once again peeled back even more layers of the complex 9/11 Gladio Style false-flag attack making the following quite clear 9/11 was years in the planning with numerous complex sub-plots involved, some of these leading nowhere.

    This op was designed to demo the towers and the US economy, justify bringing the phony War on Terror home to the continental USA, and to serve as a justification to scale up illegal Mideast wars of provocation and mass murder, and to convert America to a new War Zone with anyone not in the “Federal Family” the new Enemy of the State. The overall goal, keep massive profits flowing into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex, massive payoffs flowing to top Policy-Makers and crooked Congressmen/women and Senators (almost all of ‘em) and to enhance central State Power in ways never before possible, transforming the USG into a Feudal Kingship. Yes, Fetzer and his assorted research groups of the world’s best are on the prowl for any big USG and CMMM Lie.

    • Preston James, Ph.D

      By the way, the last paragraph of this marvelous article says it all brilliantly and about as hard hitting as possible. Until the average naive American who views the USG a benevolent parent figure or as God and the CMMM as its blessed spokesperson, the USG will continue warring against the American People as their new enemy in the zionist USG’s phony Global War on Terror.

      • Howard T.Lewis III

        The words of those with zero experience in commercial construction should acknowledge they have no experience around the practice of the creation of steel and glass structures and what is possible and what is not/ Valor is a virtue and fool hardiness is merely that/ No holograms allowed/ Help nail those in the military who did this/ Don*t tread on me/ Veterans Today really is screwing up by making ZERO progress on exposing the US military*s cooperation in the 9-11-2001 attacks/Veterans Today has the contacts and ability to covertly have information showing up everywhere/ Why not?

    • http //

      Here’s another piece of the puzzle Montana 9/11 researcher gets COINTELPROed…over his research and focus on video?

      …”Although it sounds clandestine and complicated, Nelson’s misadventures unraveled in a relatively straightforward manner. All he did was peruse 9/11information from every source on the planet and then take a magnifying glass to the video tapes, a technique not used by many people but one that ingenuously turned up some rather unusual results.

      Whatever Nelson uncovered, it definitely “struck a government nerve” as only hours after he tried to publicize his information on radio and television, government helicopters and agents were swarming down on Livingston, something Nelson admits never happened before in his small hometown. “…..

  40. XXcellent weekend study for the . Thank you.

    + Pls. post this video (from your Simon Shack page) proving planes were video fakeries-by Anthony Lawson who had posted it to prove the opposite
    YouTube “9/11 “Puffballs” – Busted”
    Set your Youtube Settings at slowest speed & stop @ Sec. 54 to see the bogus left wing passing totally behind a background tower!!! Convinced???

    Q – to Dennis Cimino regarding the WTC parts which weren’t pulverized but thrown around with nuclear force. This question also put to VT in an Iran page Feb.13, 2014
    MR. Dean
    Please ask PressTV if they can have Iran physicists acknowledge this rough estimation of at least 5 Megaton nukes used for destruction of each WTC on 9/11 according to below simple force calculator
    ******http //

    Kurt Sonnenfled (FEMA) Photos I had previously linked here on VT show over 50,000 tons of WTC debris almost burying the winter garden (Gallery) 2-300 yards away. The distance must have been covered in less than one second. But to minimize the speed lets say the 200 meters took 2 seconds. So for acceleration we use 100 meters per second. And we plug in the 50,000,000. KG (= 50,000 tons) for mass & the formula calculates 5 MEGATONS of force needed to do that!!!
    That means using at least 10 mega tons of nukes on that day. … needs expert verification.

    Khalezov’s 150 KT per tower which he was shown in the 60’s was for an orderly demolition so rubble could be picked up afterward….

    • Khalezov’s 150 KT per tower which he was shown in the 60’s was for an orderly demolition so that the entire WTC rubble could be picked up & hauled away like a regular demo. That was not meant to pulverize a million ton of buildings into atomic dust so it could be blown with the wind!!!!
      Any comments Mr. Cimino & Mr. Khalezov???

      ++ I found & linked to a download of Dimitri Khalezov’s new 1100 page book on 9/11 nukes at recent Yukon Jack page

      ***********http //

      November 10, 2013 – 1 52 pm

      ++ Kurt Sonnenfeld photos showing half of WTC dumped 2-300 yards away at top of comments of above page.

    • LC, that bogus left wing was correctly animated. The building is 20 West St. in Battery Park and is in the foreground, not the background of the Towers.

      • If your address is correct the building is called “The Downtown Club”. which also comes up on google search.

        I pulled it on Google Map & is exactly ONE MILE south of WTC!!!

        So. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Obviously neither do you!!!

      • Howard T.Lewis III

        Digital omission/ 2-stage process/ Cat toy PHAIL

  41. As always, an excellent article. But the words that speak the loudest to me are the following;

    “Anonymous Physicist, who has endorsed the use of mini or micro nukes but has also suggested that a mix of devices was employed.”

    Yep…. I think that should be obvious to everyone by now, and it’s well past time to stop the bickering about how it was done, agree that there was some mix of exotic technologies employed, and focus our efforts on who would have control of such technologies, and the political cover and control to be able to use them and orchestrate the cover up.

    That sure as he## wasn’t Arabs, but rather some other desert dwellers.

    • Yes, “it should be obvious to everyone by now”! But it has been a struggle getting this far. You should not fault (what you call) “bickering” because some of us will settle for nothing less than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We have to do a lot of bickering to reach that point. But you are right: It wasn’t Arabs!

      • No Arabs???

        With my telescope I can see Mohammad Ata in the nose-out video above.
        Atta parachuted out & lost his passport when landing on the other side!!!
        Remember the famous passport found by FBI? That proves it came out of the nose-out (according to the U.S. Gov. & media). Although FBI won’t admit you Atta came out with it!!! But all those hijackers did & left the country with the first exclusively Bin Laden family-flights out!!!!

        • FUNNY – and here’s some “funny” facts
          “King Faisal Al-Saud declared to the Washington Post on Sept. 17, 1969

          “We, the Saudi royal family, are cousins of the Jews we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.”

          Among the most troubling of the “connections” of the 9-11 event, is the “hob-nobbing” of members of the Bush Reich with the Saudi Royal family all the while 15 of the alleged “hijackers” were Saudi nationals. As it happens, Osama bin Laden, the Western Media’s new “Bogeyman,” is also Saudi born. The recent “revelation” about the funding of some of the terrorists through the medium of an “innocent Saudi Princess” with “philanthropic tendencies” amounts, according to Michel Chossudovsky, to a Red Herring – an irrelevant topic that is presented in order to divert attention from the real issue the connections between the Bush Reich and the Saudis.”

          And let’s not forget about the Pakistan ISI connection to Atta and the 9/11 breakfast meeting
          between General Mahmoud Ahmad and Florida’s senator Bob Graham – our [former] esteemed chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee – along w/ Porter Goss and Jon Kyl as well as Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.S. Maleeha Lodhi and several members of the Senate and House Intelligence committees.

          • RE “ Atta and the 9/11 breakfast meeting between General Mahmoud Ahmad and Florida’s senator Bob Graham”

            Q was that breakfast meeting on 9/11/01??? Or before or after? When???
            have a link?

          • @LC
            _http //
            I also googled Pakistan ISI pays off Atta breakfast meeting – alas, only one link allowed.

      • I certainly don’t include you among those I categorize as bickering… have shown yourself to be extremely open-minded in considering alternate theories to the more recently developed one of micro nukes, and have followed where the evidence leads. I commend you for this, and if not for reading your articles I certainly wouldn’t be as aware of micro nukes as I am now.

        It’s those that state “this and no other” that frustrate me to no end. Something happened to those buildings that does not neatly fit into any single category, including micro nukes, which I agree had to have been used as the primary weapon. But that doesn’t exclude other weapons as a part of the mix, including the nano-thermite evidence developed by Nils Harrit and yes, even some of Judy Wood’s theories.

        I have listened to your open minded interviews with Judy Wood, and I understand from which side the bickering is coming from. But I still get disheartened by the constant trashing of someone who I believe has done remarkable work in discovering and presenting the evidence. Would that things were different among the various camps.

  42. The 911 lies are being taken apart every day.

    http //

  43. One picture shows the alleged airplane that hit the South Tower was not an actual airplane. At frame 38 59 of this video, the airplane’s left wingtip disappears behind a building that is behind the South Tower and then reappears in frame 39 00. This is impossible.

    http //

    • Yes. I have discussed this many places. See “Planes/No Planes and ‘video fakery'”, for example, or, most recently, “The Complete Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference”, Part 2, where I explain how it was done. None of the 9/11 airlines crashed on 9/11, none of their passengers were killed, and there were no 19 fanatic Arab hijackers aboard them!

    • Once again, this is a FOREGROUND BUILDING. 911scholars. ning. com/photo/hez-alleged-view2?commentId=3488444%3AComment%3A63672&xg_source=activity#!/photo/smanhattanview2?context=user

  44. I have always thought it arrogance for Jim and company to dismiss Dimitri — who was also first to mention no planes — only to come around later and gradually agree to more and more of his points– and yet you still pompously show where he is still wrong where he is a military nuclear expert and none of you are and he has had a major — like six years leap on you — monopoly on. 911 truth — hence his not appearing anywhere in alternative media. It is nice you are admitting he is more right now, but must you qualify with that with how he is still wrong? Or will we find out you will come around to his full story in about two years?

    Kudos on mentioning the moon landing. People, get over it. It’s faker than fake. End of story.

    PS Svil forces are seriously messing with this article. I had to keep re-loading it about ten times and the trolls are particularly obnoxious. People don’t get the big lie– that’s the problem. There truly must be litmus tests in alternative research or we go in circles instead of adding to a knowledge base. But, Jim, you are honest, I give you that. This is the most truthful article on 911 yet; now just embrace the empty tower/vicsims and we we will get closer. But none if it matters. Solving the demolition does nothing to convince a world that knows already. It is only action that can take liberty back; and revolution is only going to happen when Americans face a mortal threat or famine. The uber presentation of truth serves nothing to the choir.

    • Well, he does not discuss mini or micro nukes or the destruction of the building from the top down, which means he was wrong. It cannot have been done as he describes. But when you combine mini or micro nukes with bigger nukes THAT ARE CONCEALED BY THE FALLING DEBRIS in order to take out the thicker portions of those buildings, it makes sense. Yes, he is a nuclear expert, but even he did not get it right. OF COURSE HE IS STILL WRONG. He hasn’t changed his position. What else must I explain? There is no arrogance. You just missed the boat.

      • Actually mini-nukes makes no sense when you think about it. The towers didn’t collapse, they exploded. It took 10 seconds for the top few floors which weren’t destroyed in the crushing shock wave from below, to reach the ground. Those top few floors fell at near free-fall speed because they met no resistance from the pulverized floors below. The WTC tower no longer existed. It may have looked like a building but it had been crushed into dust. So to say it was a “top-down” demolition is erroneous. The bottom 90 floors had already been destroyed when the top floors and antennae started to fall.
        Mini-nukes may have been used in the demolition, but only to take out key support columns in the parking garages and in WTC7 prior to the detonation of the primary destructive force a large underground nuclear explosion under each tower.
        In an underground nuclear blast there is no fireball, no EMP, no burnt bodies and very little radiation, only a crushing shock wave which emanates in all directions from the zero box. Depending on the density of soil and the yield of the explosive, an underground nuclear explosion positioned near the surface can send a crushing shock wave upwards and destroy buildings or anything else in it’s path. This technology has been tested and proven by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.
        Underground nuclear blasts also explain the intense underground “fires” which burned for months under all 3 WTC towers…unlike suitcase-nukes, nano-thermite or space guns.

        • Justin Kennedy must have read Dimitri’s latest book– unlike Jim Fetzer who still clings to the notion that top/down was the way it happened and maybe didn’t read what Dennis wrote in the above article–either!

  45. Curious why you chose to use the phrase “volcano of lies” in your title? Is that some kind of subliminal message? I see this type of language in articles posted by others here on VT as well. Just a few days ago Kevin Barrett’s drone article spoke of “a tidal wave of treason”. One begins to wonder if there is something you folks are holding back and not being forthright about. Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to use language like “a volcano of lies”? Not a phrase one hears too often.

    • Cyprian…..Now you are beginning to ask questions, good questions. I agree with your line of reason here. It’s my opinion, the same as many many others who have devoted 10 x’s the energy I have to this event, that these are gatekeepers. It’s the sole reason why I never read anything Barrett writes, I consider it a waste of my time. Jim dabbles in sensationalism and ends up killing it with detail, an element of confusing the target audience…anyway….one would think that with such devotion, such dedication, such time invested, that one would be kicking up a lot more dust, ruffling a lot more feathers…..only the opposite seems to be the case…..This in my opinion is no accident.

      Remember, human beings have limitations. None are experts in more than one field. It’s hard enough to master one craft, let alone 2 or 3, much less so the numbers some here seem to claim.

      You need to go to BFN Forums and seek out the poster named Rafeal ( sic ) beware of Mr Dunne….he is not who he say’s he are most other gatekeepers….again just my personal opinion in that regard.. Rafeal is gifted, right up your alley….

      I trust this finds you well. Shack was made a new find…a huge one….need to look at it as well.



    • Raptor is a troll, who specializes in smears, not arguments. He dos not address a single point we make. The title was an obvious metaphor. Did you miss the key photograph he is discussing? IT IS A VOLCANIC ERUPTION OF ASBESTOS (VERMICULITE). I did not think it was subtle at all, for those who were paying attention. Those who continue to endorse Simon and the “September Clues Forum”, not “September Clues” per se, are ignoring the evidence and entering some bizarre fantasy land meaningful to themselves. So there is a perfectly straightforward explanation of the title, but Raptor turns it into a peculiar complaint. To understand where he is coming from, see “Simon Shack, obf and the 9/11 September Clueless distractors” here at VT.

      • I found one mistake in Simon’s Snowden video analysis and send him an e-mail. No answer. (I think the German Snowden interview was done on two days because there are two different static cameras, and two different positions of the two camera men, and two different arranged hotel rooms, and the wristwatch show a time span from 4 hours.)

      • Dr. Fetzer,
        The “Volcano of lies” was indeed obvious. I have used the volcano analogy for many years now, in explaining the demolition of the Twin Towers. It’s also pretty obvious that WTC7 was a classic controlled demo, no volcanic eruption. I do like the idea that a big nuke (or several smaller nukes) could have been used AFTER WTC7 came down.

      • Sorry Jim, unfortunately it’s my opinion that you’ve devoted endless hours, countless efforts and have yet to reach second base. One would think that you would have gotten much more traction by now. Why does this seem to be the case? Instead of these wind blown articles why not discuss them with the FBI? Why not contact the commission chair in Indiana…..I here he works for IU now, so you’d have something in common. Call it an ice breaker if you will. Newton Jones Burkett….look into him then explain just how in the hell he’s ended up where he is today… Should be a walk in the park for you.


    • Egad! Did you even read the article before asking this question? The section on the photo is even entitled,

      Volcanoes of vermiculite
      So, back on to the picture featured here. Clearly, that is hundreds of tons of pulverized VERMICULITE used in the floor slabs of the WTC towers. According to NIST the steel weakened and the buildings, floor by floor, pancaked and crushed everything. Well, in a movie studio that might happen, but not in real life. In real life, things just don’t instantly pulverize without a massive application of a lot of force. Granted, the asbestos-laden VERMICULITE is not concrete.

      • Jim, asbestos is chemically magnesium silicate whereas vermiculite is a 2 1(Si-Al) clay lattice structure. They are not the same material, not even close. Asbestos is a long, fibrous structure while vermiculite is a planar, layered material.
        Keep up the great work. It’s an inspiration to us.

      • Jim– A volcano erupts from beneath the earth surface–upwards!
        Same seems to have happened the way Dimitri portrays it with the big nukes and it’s very logical.
        You still fail to recognize the now-apparent truth.

    • Hi Cyprian,

      Your posts are something I think many of us here look for — thank you for all your information.

      Re the oddness of the language you mentioned, Clif High (whether or not he is yet another shill) did say something I agree with, which is sort of the underpinning of his alta program that everyone is a bit psychic and words/emotions such as those mentioned seep out, I guess as part of the whole zeitgeist.

    • Some people are more creative in their writing, which is a pleasant departure from the usually stale, trite, everyday language used by most people who post on the internet.

  46. Now for something funny. In 2007 Dick Maas ridiculed 911 in his hilarious Killer Babes.

    http //

    I can not explain why this picture does not make it around the world.

  47. “What also happened is an Astronaut named Neil Armstrong stepped off the LEM into inches of very fine dust that the main engine would have blown away all the way to bedrock as the LEM landed that day.”

    Another observation had the LEM landed the atmosphere should have been filled with dust for hours, if not days, making it impossible to see or film something.

    • @ stephanaugust

      “Another observation had the LEM landed the atmosphere should have been filled with dust for hours, if not days, making it impossible to see or film something.”

      There is no atmosphere on the moon to hold dust in suspension.

      • Thanks for the correction.

        (But now I have problems visualizing how an engine of a landing or starting vehicle would affect a planet’s dust. The same for the rover. How would the moon dust on the tires of the rover look like? Do the tires for a rover crusing the moon need fenders? I am totally clueless about that.)

        • The blast from the engine, which was directed at the surface, should have disrupted the moon dust, but it did not, which is physically impossible if this was a real event. We have rovers with no tracks at all, indicating they were lowered into position using cranes and did not drive there under their own power. See the brilliant work of Jack White, http // I have several interviews about the moon landing hoax at, especially one with Jay Wiedner, that you should hear. And I have given one interview about my own views on the moon landings to Sterling Harwood, J.D,, Ph.D., which is archived at http // I also recommend the work of Winston Wu, on the moon hoax, JFK and 9/11.

          • Great sources. But they do not solve one question for which I can only find Wikipedia style answers.

            If there is no atmosphere there is also no air resistance, so a toy balloon removed from a pump and not closed would not move (because the air leaves the balloon without resistance on the outside because there is no atmosphere).

            A rocket should behave the same way even if the rocket engine can burn the rocket fuel. The thrust should cause nothing in open space high above the ground (the thrust just goes out and hits “nothing”). Nearer on the moon the thrust can hit the moon surface and blow away the dust.

      • And little gravity to bring it down.

  48. We have revised the final section to provide better integration of the analysis and a more pointed conclusion.

  49. Some very good points, chap. However, many Americans are very chafed from the bits and pieces they are familiar with, and it might take just a bit to create the critical mass to unite them. When they are united, watch out! The collective magma of their hidden emotions will erupt like a fountain of thermate liquidized metal. Thar she blows……Putting the truth back into the bottle won’t be so easy, will it?

  50. ‘where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am’

  51. Tom Clancy was not an outsider, but rather a member of the conspiracy, an intelligence tool in the employ of the Masonic Zionist cabal. The Hunt For Red October was made to reveal the Illuminati’s foreknowledge of the deliberate Kursk sinking. Many of the rest of his novels are embedded with foreknowledge of false flags, although I am certainly not familiar with them all, there are so many.

    Please understand that many popular novels that capture the public’s imagination are written by committee J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, etc. are mere soccer-mom fronts, in order to disarm naive and unsuspecting parents. The Illuminati would never simply admit that these novels are written by a group of skilled Illuminists–who would let their children read those kinds of books if they admitted that?–so they need a front man or woman to play the author.

    Propaganda is the chief tool of the intelligence community. They have skilled teams of people write these types of books, and they do the same thing in Hollywood, where the plot of every film or TV show is oriented around false flags. It’s not just Spielberg, Lucas, James Cameron, Michael Bay, or Roland Emmerich that embed all their films with false-flags in advance, but ALL Hollywood productions have false flags hidden in them. Your film won’t get made unless you have been initiated into their satanic cult. That includes Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, C. Heston, and other phonies whom they try to portray as outsiders.

  52. As for George Lucas, I wonder if ILM stands for Illuminati.

  53. CC when I read Obama’s supposed autobiographies, I marvelled at his literary skills, honesty, integrity etc asking myself ‘how could such a busy man find the time to write like this?”

    That was in 2008. I have been on a very steep learning curve ever since. And shake my head at others who treat me as the looney.

    It is so hard and painful to wake up, but the penalties for staying asleep to me seem even more terrifying.

  54. So don’t listen to the Top 40. I never do, not for years now. You are a paying member of that gym, I suppose? So tell them to please change the radio station to something cleaner, or you will leave. Or else you can wear earplugs.

  55. Howard T.Lewis III

    See the 911 section of this website and the proof of what provided the energy to cause all of this damage beyond the aircraft impacts

  56. Howard T.Lewis III

    Aaron Brown*s previous gig was as news anchorman at Seattle*s KIRO news/ He was nose in the air there as well

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