Senator John McQaeda urges Syria military intervention

McCain with Al Qaeda buddies in Syria - a bit camera shy

McCain with Al Qaeda buddies in Syria – a bit camera shy

McCain need a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is mentally fit to serve.


Top Daily Story    …by Press TV, Tehran


[ Editors Note:  You know folks, the more I think of it, maybe McCain was sending us a message with his 'Bomb bomb Iran' it kind of rhymes with 'Bomb, bomb McCain' if you were working on a poem in that genre. If that guy wanted to qualify for meeting the business end of a drone one day, he sure seems to be making a major effort.

"Dear people of Arizona, really must do something about 'John da Loon'. I mean he has gotten hooked on this 'donate a $1000 to my campaign and I will make a statement to have America attack someone or some place you don't like'.

Is there not anyone in your state more qualified?  Even the military and Intel communities consider him a security risk. The hawks want Assad to negotiate by surrendering, or "we will attack"... this after the Syrian Army is retaking territory from McCain's Al Qaeda buds. Maybe that is really what McCain's beef is.

Please, call his office and share your natural thoughts about his unnatural thoughts. And, those of you who live in Arizona, you need to make a list of the Republican party heads and start getting the calls in to them...that enough is enough... Jim W. Dean ]


First published February 16, 2014  -


Hawkish US Senator John McCain has called on the Obama administration to employ its already-devised plan of military intervention against the Syrian government.

“The only way to achieve success at Geneva is to change the balance of power on the ground,” McCain said in a statement on Saturday, referring to the failure of the so-called Syria peace talks in Geneva.

“There are options far short of an Iraq-style invasion that can, and should, be employed to change the calculation of the Syrian regime, stem the violence, and ultimately achieve a negotiated political solution,” he added.

The second round of negotiations ended on Saturday without any concrete results about the unrest in Syria.

“The second round of Syria peace talks ended today with no progress toward a negotiated political settlement to the conflict and UN Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi recognizing that failure is looming,” McCain said. “After three weeks of talks, we are moving further and further away from a peaceful political solution,” he argued.

The Arizona Republican senator also criticized President Barack Obama for allowing Russia to put pressure on him.

“Russia has recently prevented the passage of a much-needed UN resolution on bringing aid to desperate Syrian civilians,” he said. “Such actions indicate that the Russian government is simply not a partner for peace in Syria and cannot be relied on to help secure a successful outcome.”

During a press conference on Friday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said there is no military solution for the crisis in Syria.

“The crisis in Syria is a crisis. The circumstances on the ground are horrific that is why we have to bring the parties together to try to compel them towards a negotiated political settlement because there isn’t a military solution here,” Carney said.


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34 Comments for “Senator John McQaeda urges Syria military intervention”

  1. The cat is out of the bag… the insane McChain was actually Kerry’s messenger ref Kerry talking to reporters in Indonesia and saying what McCain was saying… what a bunch of dingbats.

  2. What bugs me is that McCain is so unpatriotic. He primarily represents the international bankers that make a fortune off of wars. I don’t think McCain cares one iota about he people of the USA. If he did, he would not want us to lose lives and to spend money we can’t afford on another ill-advised and cruel war.

  3. That is a very timely and proper question. Hillary and McCain are good friends, if someone with access or publicly would ask and check carefully what McCain was doing in Libya and also che what happened to those mercenary brought in by Netanyahu to fight the protester and ask Hillary what did all those Israeli Intelligence troops were doing in Libya…..etc etc. The silence is deafening given the Benghazi issue and etc.

    • btw, hillary is a FELON multiple times over, and a traitor. ineligible for ANY political position.
      obama appointing her as secretary of state is also STILL an impeachable crime.

  4. We don’t need a psychiatric assessment for Mr.McCain.We need an investigation into his finances his shares in the military arsenal industry that is and possibly in companies with nobid contracts that make billions by “rebuilding” a nation, once it’s trashed by the military arsenal companies that Mc Cain has his shares invested in.

    • Drones for sale ! Don’t forget to see if he owns stock in Israel drone manufacturers. When we have destroyed Syria and Iran for these warmongers….drones will be the weapon of choice for quite a while. Israel is the worlds leading exporter of drones…go figure.

  5. The Sub-heading “McCain need a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is mentally fit to serve.” is exactly what is needed. …. and actually a serious matter and should be pursued accordingly. McCain I understand does not have a clean record from his VN War days his actions and statements are insane ref Syria ad Ukraine unless someone is using him in some perverse fashion to make a point they themselves can not be seen to make. He is of course not the only one of the American politicians who is insane but
    McCain is in the advanced stages, so how can he be certified and removed quietly from public life ? I don’t agree with your subsequent making fun of it. I think it should be seriously pursued and maybe serve as a warning to other politicians.

    • warn other politicians hell, psych-eval ALL of em, the treasons they have approved IS insanity.

      • Exactly. The original Manchurian candidate is just one of many in DC that needs to be prosecuted for treason.

  6. Thanks Mr. Dean.
    John McCain has a one track mind, all he can think about is war.
    Guess president Putin was right when he said war mongrel.
    Somebody was has been in a pit for many years in Vietnam loses his mind.
    Was he really in a pit that long?
    His mind set is all about war.
    Bomb, bomb Iran his famous slogan during the election.
    He wanted boots on the ground in Libya, now boots on the ground in Syria.
    Than he is closer by Iran.
    Good grief can the man ever talk peace?
    When are there elections again in Arizona?
    But than Arizona has an other famous one Sheriff Arapoia.
    They apparently like strange fellows in Arizona.
    Pink underwear and women prisoners working in chains.
    Mentality of the middle ages.
    Can you imagine where this country would have been with him as president
    and his vice president, the queen from Alaska.

    • McCain/Palin never had a chance, thank god. The Repubs knew it was the Democrats’ lobbyists’ turn to run the country into the ground, so they threw McCain a bone and let him run, but saddled him with Liz Lemon to further divide the nation and just in case Diebold machine manipulation failed. This was to ensure the Kenyan Queen got the gig, so that the sheeple could believe for a while that anything is possible in elections, when it is the absolute opposite.

  7. so, i wonder if “bomb bomb syria” syncs with the “bomb bomb Iran” reasoning – a stargate in the area?

    • Syria is three syllables and wouldn’t fit at the same time.. You’d have to rush it to get it in. Bomb, bomb bomb I-ran, has seven syllables with a brief pause after the 3rd bomb.
      Bomb bomb bomb Syr ree uh has 8 syllables, thus one more would be too much for this idiot to handle. Then he’d get mad, throw a temper tantrum and suck his thumb, and want to bomb the Japanese again. So don’t put too much pressure on him okay?

  8. He should have long since retired to a nursing home.

  9. Why is it that everytime I see McCain I think of the nutter that Marlon Brando played in Apocalypse Now.

    • yeaaaaa, or Mr. Magoo… (and referenced in Thunder Heart by the medicine man when he told the FBI agent that Mr. Magoo needed to go on a mountain to get a vision?)

    • because he reminds me of the same character. Odd you should add this, but accurate.

  10. Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain, Doctor Phillip Butler

    I can verify that John has an infamous reputation for being a hot head. He has a quick and explosive temper that many have experienced first hand. Folks, quite honestly that is not the finger I want next to that red button.

    People often ask if I was a Prisoner of War with John McCain. My answer is always “No – John McCain was a POW with me.” The reason is I was there for 8 years and John got there 2 ½ years later, so he was a POW for 5 ½ years. And we have our own seniority system, based on time as a POW.

    Doctor Phillip Butler is a 1961 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a former light-attack carrier pilot. In 1965 he was shot down over North Vietnam where he spent eight years as a prisoner of war. He is a highly decorated combat veteran who was awarded two Silver Stars, two Legion of Merits, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Heart medals.

    After his repatriation in 1973 he earned a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at San Diego and became a Navy Organizational Effectiveness consultant. He completed his Navy career in 1981 as a professor of management at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

  11. I do think this man will twist off in the coming future if he doesn’t get what he wants. He is a loose cannon, and his actions reflect it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a hot-tempered elected official. He has all the warning signs of impending doom, and danger looms wherever this guy goes.
    How has Arizona re-elected him (if they have honest elections?) How can such a volatile, vile and unpredictable human being get elected repeatedly unless either the voters are devoted to his rabid behavior and don’t care what he does? Or are their elections rigged in the manner that permitted lil ol’ Georgie boy to steal Florida and Ohio? Such human tragedy in the wake of both men. Sad.

    • Probably a combination of rigged electronic voting machines and geezers believing the “hero” narrative, despite many, many accounts earning him the moniker “John McCanary” because he reportedly sang like a bird to the enemy.

      My guess is the IXCS has so much on him that his only response when they tell him to jump is “how high, Master?”

  12. John McCain was brainwashed by the North Vietnamese first, who he collaborated with according to his fellow prisoners, then by the U.S. intelligence services. He is a completely mind controlled tool of the Illuminati who has no choice what he says or does. People have trouble understanding what state of the art mind control can accomplish. Anyone can be forced to kill themselves or even their loved ones after completing their assigned “mission”.

    • Totally agree…he is a sad specimen of humanity. Mind altered people like him are useful idiots to the PIP.

  13. McQaeda had been heavily bribed & supported to take his first terrorist attack at Syria last year.
    But the Soviets interfered with the chem-weapons destruction & McQaeda must now either cough up the dough or finish up his ZIOPs.

    I think that’s the guts of his commitments -nothing personal!!!!

  14. I appreciate your info. Give me all the sources you can and I will read them. Education is here on VT and I only wish I know what many here do. Not only are the articles great but the comments are at times more informative than the article. Many here should write for VT telling us all what we need to know. Thanks though, and keep it up even if you think you are repeating yourself. If they can repeat their lies, we certainly can repeat the truth. Maintain the vigil…

  15. Lindsey Graham? Butt buddies? Th’ay it ain’t th’so!

  16. Mc Cain isn’t fit to serve a Mc Donalds. He is a traitor like his Dad (remember the ‘Liberty’! -not the False Flag ‘Maine’).
    You don’t honestly believe Syria was a ‘Spontaneous Intifada’, do you?
    Just in case you do, check out ‘Ex French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas says he was approached in 2009 (two years before the mercenary incursion and insurgency) by two high British officials, who told him that Britain was going to overthrow the Assad regime with mercenaries, and asked if he was interested’.
    And check out 4* General (ret) Wesley Clark, who was told in 2001 (TEN years before the kickoff) that the US was going to overthrow ‘7 governments in 5 years – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran’ (obviously the time-scale has slipped).
    And the ‘Arab Spring’ was pre-planned; Soros, NED and other ‘Agencies’ pumped millions into countries to organise destabilization, and locals were trained, pproviiided with networking skills and so on. Who do you think is organising the Ukraine troubles? Same ole same ole; Uncle Sam & Co.

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