US stonewalled Syrian peace talks to threaten military option

The West has unleashed a 100 times the terror ever attributed to bin Laden

The West has unleashed a 100 times the terror ever attributed to bin Laden

Syria bathed in blood by West for two years: Commentator

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     …with Press TV,  Tehran


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor Veteran’s Today, Atlanta about the Syrian peace talks to resolve the terrorist crisis which ended without any result.


The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Dear folks, We are still having embed problems with PressTV videos.

You can watch the 3 minute interview here.


Press TV: Looking at this situation where basically nothing concrete has come out of this latest round of talks. What do you think it’s going to take to actually bring these two sides back to the table in order to get some concrete results for the Syrian people?

Dean: That’s very simple. The [so-called] Syrian National Council is obviously not doing anything that’s not closely coordinated with the US and they’re still sticking to Assad and the Syrian regime that you have to surrender first before we will sit down and talk to you.

And of course they’re not going to do that. No party would ever surrender as a pre-negotiation technique.

One of the reasons they’re insisting Assad step down is that they’re obviously fairly sure that if he stands for election after they do an interim government that he would probably win.

So what they’re trying to do because they have not been able to win this disastrous war that they’ve started, they’re trying to win the war through the negotiations by just making it look like the Syrians are not cooperating and then “harsher measures would have to be used”.

Press TV: What exactly does that mean? As you said in the beginning usually in any talks a concession like the major one of Assad’s stepping down is usually not something that they’re willing to wheel and deal on, especially initially.

And on the other hand you said possibly the opposition they know that President Assad would be re-elected.

So where does that leave the Syrian government right now trying to deal with this opposition in order to try to get peace back in their country?

Dean: There’s really not a lot the Syrian government can do; it’s really up to the world, it’s up to people like Press TV and Veteran’s Today – what we’re trying to do to put pressure on the people that need to have pressure put on them. And that’s the US government and that’s all the other world governments particularly the ones that are backing this proxy terrorist war against Syria.

They (the Syrians) have to scream bloody murder that we know what you’re doing and we think you should have to pay for it, and don’t have immunity; and you’re not going to be successful on blaming this on the Syrian regime.

The blood is on the hands of the Western governments and the proxy [Perisan] Gulf States that have been bathing Syria in blood for two years.


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4 Comments for “US stonewalled Syrian peace talks to threaten military option”

  1. insane mcCain needs to be arrested for blatantly and actively suporting terrorists.
    hillary gave em a whole bunch of money too from what I remember and understand.
    obama gave em a bunch of LETHAL CRAP and claimed it was “non-lethal”
    the United NAZI-ons aint gonna do squat, they’re in on it all.
    where do ya think weapons go to from “fast-n-furious” after they import the friggin DOPE?

  2. Yes, as the author point out, the US is playing a transparently criminal role trying to collapse the Talks, so the US and its allies can have an excuse to invade and wreck yet another viable nation, Libya-like, in the Middle East. We must not forget who, despite, at times, providing ‘critical’ cover for itself, benefits most from this ill-considered strategem Israel. Is the US calculating its meddling in the Ukraine will be sufficient distraction to keep Russia from intervening to rescue Assad a second time?

  3. It always surprises me how quick the Press TV website loads.

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