Rude Awakenings

Reaper drops first precision-guided bomb, protects ground forces

An extraordinary look inside a drone-bombed home; Rude Awakenings was written by simmbiosis


… by  Snordster



Then I remember: Certain governments fly unmanned aircraft over residential areas and bomb houses where people they suspect of opposing them might be. Apparently, they were in the neighborhood and decided to drop by. While I didn’t really care one way or the other about them before, I think you can say I number myself among their growing opposition now.”



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13 Comments for “Rude Awakenings”

  1. John very interesting what you say but perhaps this disconnect is a good thing and of great survival benefit- why think/ponder depressive things throughout the day. It is better for one’s spirit to dissociate but for those who are on the receiving end of misfortune- war trauma, etc, it takes a heck of an effort to put it all aside.
    There does not seem to be a whole lot of parades out there for Iraq. I have encountered too many Army vets who don’t find positive meaning in what they have gone through. I don’t think another Wall in DC will restore the meaning in many vets lives. Of course, the Palestinians, Iraqis and many others must spend every day trying to put a lot of meaning into things.

  2. I largely agree with L. Dickerson. May I offer this Declaration for your consideration?

    http //

  3. The disconnect that so many people suffer from is in my humble opinion a sign of a massive dysfunctional separation from the frontal lobes of the brain. Only a psychiatrist could make any sense of it but a massive disconnect it is. America has become nothing more than a fairy tale. Something that does not exist. Yet like religious dogma they continue to believe it even though the truth is right before them to see. Could it be a national mental illness or simply the results of a massively successful program of mind kontrol?
    The rude awakening that many Americans will receive will be for most far too terrible and mentally damaging to comprehend let alone manage. They will go into shock. Their brains will congeal into a pudding like substance no longer carrying chemical and electrical information back and forth between neural transmitters and receptors.
    Time to shut down.
    The regularly scheduled program has been canceled.

  4. Does the term” canary in a coal mine” come to mind?
    How does one commit suicide by nailing themselves in the head seven times?
    Instead of saying dropping like flies, use dropping like bankers.
    Nothing to see here…keep moving.

    • 7 banksters to date have topped themselves John and lawrencedickerson.

      Do you read Les Visible? He is a precious contributor and ‘on the money’, which in this context is a dreadful cliche.
      Somehow, I am not sorry ;-)

  5. The narrator speaking for the man whose house was destroyed and whose wife was killed said “…trying to make sense of it”. Many of us know that most of these drone attacks (with their “collateral damage”) do not make sense just as when the Israelis perform their nakbas on Palestinians. But the majority of Americans don’t seem to understand the reality of losing everything important that makes life worth living. I still think that these wars since 9-11 and then the NATO bombings during the “Arab spring” and then and now the ongoing drone attacks are seen by most Americans as something akin to a professional football game and /or proper revenge for what happened on 9-11.
    The reality of what has truly occurred does not penetrate. But for most readers of VT, the reality penetrates.
    It is common sense what Solzhenitsyn wrote many years ago “what if it were you” (undergoing terror , pain, and suffering).
    A mystic who I thoroughly researched and feel passes the hardest tests for legitimacy, the Italian Padre Pio, once told a very intelligent man that what some perceive as the devil in the world- that yes, these devils are all around. (Take a crowd of thousands and their may be hundreds of devils).

    When someone has lost what is most important- flesh and family- it again says something like- if there is a loving God, why are these things permitted.

    • There is no loving god.
      The reality of it all will be when someones house in America suddenly goes up in a massive explosion courtesy of a hellfire missile. Or has it already happened?
      American by and large are isolated from the rest of the world. They live in a dream like condition that borders on a national mental illness. Fed by fluoridated water, toxic foods, trash TV and a lying psychopathic government, they now exist only to consume mindless trash and fattening junk foods.
      Reality for them is Honey Boo Boo, Justin Beiber, NBA and Big Bang Theory; It is buying worthless Chinese made junk they don’t need at Wal-Mart with credit cards they can no longer pay off. It is the constant propaganda spewed from the presstitutes on Fox Noise, CNN( Cartoon News Network) and every other lying propaganda media cesspool on TV.
      That is their reality. Soon, very soon, that reality is going to come crashing down like an old brick wall.

  6. and tomorrow that house could be mine …. or yours…. because we leave fingerprints on VT who knows? ….. or just because ….. who knows? ….. I don’t think there has at any time, we have records of, been a regime more deadly that the USA. …. fortunately for mankind there is today Russia and China and Iran who all exhibit restraint, sanity, and determination. Fortunately….and then there are the natural laws … it is now only a matter of time before USA implode.

  7. yes, and they’ve even said they dont care if you’re an American, isnt TERRORISM cuz they said so!
    they have been exposed as funding their terrorist “brothers”, from Mexican drug cartels to mercenary invaders calling themselves “freedom fighters” in Libya, Syria, etc.. but they are not arrested. they wrote “laws” against supporting or funding terrorists, but its never terrorism when THEY do it, especially their own staged false flag terrorist acts, even when they are exposed for being so blatant.

    • yes they re-write the laws faster than they change their knickers.

      They determine what is ‘taught’ in schools thru to looneyversity

      They control ‘sickness’ parameters and call it ‘health’

      They glorify war, hero worshiping the courageous but dead warriors, while the living vets are too often the walking wounded/dead.

      And we are seen as the looneys.

      o God it is all so sickening

      But keep your passion alive captain obvious.

  8. life does not get ruder than this
    and even here in Oz,
    drones are on the way.

    I was devastated when I first saw the pictures on Hang the Bankers
    Children of the Drone

    devastated is not the word

    little children turned to dust

    and Obama and Cameron and Gillard/Rudd et al are bringing these monstrosities home.

    We SHOULD ALL BE UP IN ARMS with an intent to victory for once and for all

    Instead, the Governor of the Central Bank and his side-kick Le Grande are centre stage in Sydney tomorrow
    and people like myself would be thrown in jail for whacky do behaviour, should I speak out in the public arena otherwise infested with grovelling media hacks.

    I speak out anyway.
    Thank you simmbiosis and Snordster

    • as they oppress everyone while at the same time claiming to be “leaders of the free world”.. HAH!!
      from my simplistic perspective first they disarmed everyone, then they got rid of jobs to render everyone “dime a dozen” and tax the hell out of anyone left that is still somehow employed afterwards.
      no treasonous economic sabotages at all because they said so, right? same as they have done and are doing to Canada, New Zealand, the USA, England, and everyone else they “OWN”. they tried to to it to Iceland, starving the people while trying to call it a “terrorist nation” for daring resist bankster fraud.

      • Look at the late 20′s and early 30″s in Germany. They went from starving to highly productive when Germany issued it’s own currency. We need a US Treasury Dollar that is limited in number to stop the runaway FED/US govt. (and private) debt dollar from self destructing.

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