How You Can Support NYC Ballot Initiative to Investigate 9/11

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AE911Truth High Rise Initiative

Bob McIlvaine mugThe purpose of the High-Rise Safety Initiative is to make high-rises safer by compelling a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center 7 and by ensuring timely and comprehensive investigations when high-rise collapses occur in the future.

When passed, this ballot initiative will require the NYC Department of Buildings to investigate and provide a public report as to the cause of the collapse of World Trade Center, Building 7.

Click Here for complete details of the HIGH RISE SAFETY INITIATIVE

High Rise Initiative Letter

WTC-7 Inside Job

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20 Comments for “How You Can Support NYC Ballot Initiative to Investigate 9/11”

  1. Professional criminals don’t investigate themselves…..++ prevents others investigate them!!!

  2. —Thank you so much, anything that will help those poor people to “RIP”

  3. I am calling for an investigation of 4/19‒4/20, while 9/11 Scholars For truth and Dr. Fetzer are busy focusing on things like vermiculite and the minutiae of how specifically were the towers were disintegrated into micro dust particles.

    Dr. Fetzer and crew are busy steering everyone to look backwards, to what happened 12+ years ago, while the next 9/11, on a scale a thousand times larger, is right around the corner.

    I acknowledge that the more we learn about 9/11, the more we learn about 4/19 and 12/24. It’s a bit strange that Dr. Fetzer has been dealing with 9/11 for all these years, and never seemed to make any connections to prior attacks, or the ones right around the corner.

    The editors here are good at keeping everyone focused on every single false-flag in isolation, when in fact they are ALL connected to one another. Waco, OKC, Columbine were all connected to 9/11, and Mr. Fetzer deliberately ignores this and shows no interest in talking about it. 9/11 is connected to 3/11 Madrid, which is connected to 3/11 Japan, which is connected to Aurora, which is connected to Sandy Hook, which is connected to Chelyabinsk, which is connected to Boston, which are all connected to 4/19‒4/20 and 12/24‒12/25.

    Eventually Dr. Fetzer is going to be called to account for his deliberate ignoring of these obvious connections.

    12+ years and the 9/11 Scholars For Truth are talking about vermiculite. Folks, you deserve better. I’m calling for an investigation of James Fetzer, and his methods.

    • MMMMMmmmm,pretty sure Dr, Fetzer has had guests on his radio program discussing OKC, Sandy Hook, and 311.

      Don’t let me interrupt a good rant, though.

      • Please direct me to these radio programs. Not ones where they discuss these events as if they are isolated instances, but please direct me to programs or articles where Mr. Fetzer and his guests reveal how they are all inter-connected, planned out decades in advance, with a singular purpose in mind.

        Please direct me to all the programs where he explains WHY they carefully arranged all the details of these events. I am not interested in dissecting WHAT happened on 9/11 or HOW it happened. That was interesting for the first few years. 12+ years later, WHY 9/11 was done, is paramount. But it never seems to get to that, now does it? Always what and how, but rarely WHY.

        A good investigator doesn’t become so bogged down in inconsequential details that he can’t see the forest for the trees.

        I don’t want to just listen to shows about Waco, OKC, Columbine, and 9/11. I want someone to produce a show where Mr. Fetzer or his guests explain how they are all related and connected to each other.

      • Tell me, has Dr. Fetzer ever interviewed someone who was the slight bit curious as to why 9/11 was connected to Madrid 3/11, with 9/11 days in between the two, and then Japan was exactly 7 years to the day after Madrid? Has Dr. Fetzer ever had a guest on his program that wondered aloud why the BP Deepwater Horizon oil-rig explosion/sinking of 4/20/10 was on the 11th anniversary of Columbine 4/20/99?

        Did it ever occur to the 9/11 scholars for truth that there is a connection between Madrid 3/11 and Japan 3/11, and Columbine 4/20 and BP 4/20?

        Please just direct me to the shows or articles discussing this.

        • What you are seeing in that regard is called ” Cognitive infiltration ” sadly far too many viewers, readers, ect, are sucked into this abyss……Most all of those out front are enabled in one way or another. The list is a long one and only needs low level common sense to understand.

          I remain amazed at those who blindly cotton on and never ask one simple question, the obvious one. If they are so right, why then are they still around to continue pounding the drum..??

          The answer should be obvious to anyone with any level of critical thinking ability.

          There was ( in my opinion ) a very recent trial balloon floated here. An article about one Chris Bollyn being denied access into the UK to do an interview.. any mention of who he really is was immediately confronted by the author of said piece….cast off as irrelevant to the topic at hand. Under the guise of censorship//// lol My ass. As I understand it all roads in that regard lead back to Israeli Military Intel… But maybe those who say such a thing really are just internet kooks. I certainly have no idea…but many claim that they do.


          • You might have moved on from the comments section of Mr. Duff’s tin-foil article and not seen it, but I responded to your request for proof of foreknowledge of the deliberate perpetration of Hurricane Katrina. It is found in the film Dukes of Hazzard (2005) with Jessica Simpson. If people get their DVD players ready or their Netflix fired up, I will be happy to show them how this film is all about Hurricane Katrina.

  4. “… we will then work to ensure an honest investigation is conducted.” Translation “If we don’t like the results of this investigation then we’ll continue to call for more investigations due to unproven ‘dishonesty’ until we finally get an investigation that concludes what we’ve already concluded.”

    Psst…there already was a second investigation into 9/11… put out by Popular Mechanics… watch their show with an open mind. lol

    • Love that the PM so-called debunking was done by a hasbara rat named Chertoff. You murdering zioscum will have to pay for your crimes against America and the World. The clock is ticking…..

      • Omnipitus is a zhid, so of course he is purposefully blind to the facts, and insists that no one interrupt the sheeple from their slumber regarding the deliberate destruction of the WTC complex by the Mossad and their agents in the US.

        Anyone who is so dopey as to claim that Popular Mechanics, who featured no one of any importance, is worth considering over the 2,200 qualified architects and engineers who will tell you it was impossible for those buildings to collapse does not deserve any response except ridicule.

        Not sure why this Zionist is trying to sell such swill here. No one in their right mind would pay any attention to him.

      • Don’t feed the Troll.

  5. Thank you for getting the message out Mr. Saive (-

  6. “require the New York City Department of Buildings to launch an investigation into the collapse of Building 7.”

    Is that all? This is nothing but a side diversion, everyone knows the building was dropped by pre installed demolition. Why would anyone expect the Department of Buildings to investigate it’s own treachery?

    A fine example of divide and control of the opposition.

    • If you have a better idea then please share it with us.

      • How about someone file a FOIA request to see the approved demolition plan of the WTC?

        • It’s pathetic how many of the comments on this site amount to useless moaning. If you people don’t want to help then fine, your choice – stay on your sofas and keep moaning. Just please have the decency to stay out of the way when “someone” actually tries to DO SOMETHING to improve the situation.

          • I agree with Dodd. My way of “GETTING OFF OF THE COUCH” is to try to spread the knowledge to persons of reasonable intellect. A grass roots movement where more people are even aware that something is wrong with the story(ies) they have been told. Try asking nice folks if they were aware that 3 buildings fell on 9-11-2001. I hand out flyers that I purchased from Architects and Engineers. Let’s face it, however, most people’s belief system will not allow them to consider the real truth. Other people just don’t give a damn. I focus mostly on WTC because it seems the easiest to prove. I realize that nothing will probably change, but I’d like to punch those S.O.B.s right in the mouth.

Comments are closed


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