Second Facebook Town Hall with General Martin E. Dempsey

??????????????????????By Stew Webb and Remmic Lewis


General Martin E. Dempsey is inviting the public to submit questions on his Facebook page again.

The first ever Facebook Town Hall took place 3 months ago on December 5th. Dempsey was impressed and dedicated one hour to responding to as many topics as time would allow. Each of the nineteen responses given were well stated, generous in length considering the time limit and gave the impression that the General is someone who truly cares about engaging the public and hearing their concerns.

In a follow up article to the event, General Dempsey said of such opportunities:

“I’ve also watched social media’s role in exposing the military experience to the citizens we defend, ranging from humor to debate. I’m impressed with how our nation’s understanding of the military has changed especially since 2001. As service members or veterans, we have a role in broadening and deepening that relationship with our nation, and social media can certainly help.”

General Dempsey has served as the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and principal military adviser to the President since October 1, 2011. He graduated 40 years ago this June from West Point Military Academy, an accomplishment he was hesitant to pursue until he was quilted into it by his Irish Catholic Mother. Thank you for that conversation:

A recent appearance on PBS yielded information on the high number of removals from the United States Military, budget cuts, Ukraine and more. It’s worth a listen:

I continue to see the highest ranking military officer in the United States stress the “Profession of Arms” after 10 -12 years of conflict in which things got “sloppy” and I am grateful for his resistance to the insane agenda to strike Syria, the preference of diplomacy over hasty force in regards to recent conflicts and impressive testimonies on budget cuts along with efforts to listen to and encourage the men and women of the Military and their families while encouraging better relations between those that serve and the general public.

Questions are to be submitted on his FaceBook post here

and will be answered Thursday March 14, 2014 at 3:30 PM EST:

General Martin E. Dempsey Bio: general-martin-e-dempsey.aspx

General Martin E. Dempsey Joint Staff Chief of Staff on youtube:

General Martin E. Dempsey first Facebook Town Hall December 5, 2013

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6 Comments for “Second Facebook Town Hall with General Martin E. Dempsey”

  1. Surprise, surprise. Officer Barbrady, er–, General Dempsey answered only the soft-serve questions and ignored the rest, including those by Jim Dean, and a Charlotte Smith, who asked;

    “I would like to know if and when the U.S. military will honor its oath to protect the American people and prosecute the financial crimes against this nation, even if it means removing the obviously compromised elements within the U.S. Congress, Whitehouse, Supreme Court and Justice department? Or is it the Military’s intent to see the American people conquered on our own land?”

    Crickets. Move along, people. Nothing to see here.

  2. Dear General Dempsey

    I very much would like to see Congress rounded up and thrown in jail and you may throw away the key.

    Oh and also the people behind the scene.

    Thank you so much for your help,



  3. I participated in the first townhall, but I don’t think my question made the cut. So, I will submit it again. My FB page is inaccessible to me at this time. Could someone here be so kind to forward my question to Gen. Dempsey for me.

    RE Interview between Mike Harris and Lee Wanta (The Short End of the Stick 8-16-13, Hour 2)

    Gen. Dempsey,

    When are you going to do your constitutional duty to order the Provost Marshal(s) to do their constitutional duty, per suggestion of Amb. Leo Emil Wanta (re public statements made on 8-16-13 on the national radio waves)?

    That’s all. It is a very simple request. So simple a request, that when implemented will change the face of the United States of America, in the eyes of the rest of the planet forever.

  4. Howard T.Lewis III

    Maybe someone else?

  5. Excellent questions, SST. Did you submit them on FB? It will be interesting to see what “top questions” Dempsey answers. I’m not holding my breath he’ll respond to yours, which are THE questions that need to be answered.

  6. Respectfully, just which Constitution are you referring to, Sic Semper Tyrannis?

    Are you aware there are two?

    No links allowed

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