Missing 777 or Flying Bomb?

VT Working Group Says “Plane is on the Ground”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The group assigned to discovering the fate of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has concluded that the flight was hijacked.  Our first direction was “crash.”  Within minutes of the disappearance, we discovered the plane had been damaged while on the ground in Shanghai. 

I can see the plane being crashed into a military facility in the Ukraine, to be blamed on Russia.  This is me, not the group.  Whatever the scenario and we have run many, the plane is slated, in our estimation, to be used in a terror attack.

Our group includes senior FBI (retired) and airline security personnel, mostly former US Air Force with background in special operations.

We looked at the pilots, found problems there, a tendency to keep the cockpit door open, too much “socializing” with female crew members, things like that.

We then looked at the plane, particularly the aeronautics bay, how many hijackers could hide there.

Actual attack map used by US Army personnel in Kiev embassy

Actual attack map used by US Army personnel in Kiev embassy

For those who don’t know, it is a “crew party zone” with heat and air conditioning that runs all the way to the cargo bay.

We were told there was a cargo onboard worth $400m.  I list that as unconfirmed.

We then compared how to get in and out of the aeronautics bay.  Some planes, you come out in First Class, others open more toward the front than that.

Our first guesses toward range put the plane down in Southeast Asia.  Then we looked at the fuel loadout and we ended up with 5 hours of flight time at 550 mph.  As our members tend to think of terrorism conventionally, their guess was Somalia.

I will not speculate about passengers.

I was asked to write this because there is speculation that this plane could be used in a terror attack.  Israel was mentioned.

I see no reason to assume that.

With today’s revelations from Anonymous Ukraine that the US is actively involved in planning terror attacks against air facilities in the Ukraine and planning to blame it on Russia, having a “flying bomb” with this kind of capability simply disappear is even more suspicious.

For those unware of the hacked emails, this is the text from one of them:

Oleg , an urgent need poshumity on behalf of Russians at the airport in Melitopol. This should be done by March 15 . Sam understands why.

First of all you must contact Pasha Tarasenko. You must know him , he is a local Liberty and has a theme.

Before you arrive 10-12 boys from the Centre. Top fighters Trident . Chief Mike there , you should know it too . Details will know him. We need people to meet and provide everything you need.

Proceed with caution. Speak only Russian. 25 team is executing combat missions , so do not do them much damage to aircraft . There is a lot of scrap metal, with it you can do anything . Damaged aircraft you specify. It is essential that all was as real attack neighbor’s Special Forces. But without corpses.

Give me again your account. The money will come in time, do not worry.

See the appendix . This is an example of action. Decisions are made in person.

Here is another:

Basil , you must quickly carry out proactive in Melitopol. There’s 25 aviation brigade . Must zamaraty our sworn friends and good neighbors. I think you understand me.

Just proceed carefully and cautiously. 25 brigade combat mission out , so do not do them much damage to aircraft . There is already damaged aircraft , that He can do everything. Yihny board numbers you give. Remember , you need everything to be as real attack of the Russian Special Forces.

Brigade commander there is a reasonable man . Details of know he will not, but in extreme cases it can turn to. We did come.

And one more:


Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.

I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.

It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.

Do not waste time, my friend.



Jason P. Gresh

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Assistant Army Attaché

U.S. Embassy, Kyiv

Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112

 (380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636



Chief, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division

Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO

General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine

tel +38044 481-5407

Cell +38067 407 97 40

e-mail: i.v.protsyk @


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77 Comments for “Missing 777 or Flying Bomb?”

  1. Lenggang Kangkung

    Malaysia Airlines “Suspicious Cargo” Destroyed In Massive New Mexico Explosion – http //

  2. I just found this link about flight mh 370. The missing plane may be tied to the two dead navy seals on the marks Alabama. Check this out. http //

  3. AWAC or Jet with intercepting and JAM equipment on board hijacked the plane electronically using the fly-by-wire systems built into every such plane, allowing full control of the plane from outside.

    Hijackers inside the plane wanting to just crash it, would not have turned twice and flew around for 8 hours (according to newest info)

    The AWAC or Jet then went on to JAM all communications including mobile phones.

    This would explain how the plane went missing on the tower radar but was tracked still by the more sophisticated Malaysia military radars, which detected the plane flying low, as if it was trying to avoid radar.
    Flying low would mean mobile phone towers would pick up the phones even if no one was calling. Police often using mobile phone tower logs to check who was in the area when a crime happened, including the route. Since there seem to not be any such logs and no calls made, the most likely scenario is they have been jammed.

    It is clear by now, the plane had some communication on board which could NOT be turned off. The media seemingly on purpose does not ask the right questions.

    If a device was on board that was pinging satellites for 4 (8 hours?) then how is it possible we cannot know the location at least broadly? Are they telling us it was pinging just 1 satellite?

    I would rather think it was many satellites, and then via statistical analysis and triangulation one should be able to figure roughly where the plane went +-1 hour if it really took that long between pings.

    A plane vanishes from the radar screen of the towers, and they just sit there and inform no one? Malaysia is a high tech nation, no banana republic.
    Jets should have been scrambled to check what is going on.
    This only adds to the mystery. It is entirely possible that human incompetence was the case here.

    It is confirmed that there were 20 Freescale employers on board of the plane, 8 of which were chinese. There is a petent that was issued just recently on which 4 chinese employers hold 20% each, with freescale also holding 20%.

    Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)
    Freescale Semiconductor (20%)

    It is NOT confirmed if or not any of those employers was onboard just that 20 employers of freescale were. The patent is real.

    http //

    Rothschild is definitely involved in freescale.

    Hard to believe someone would go as far to gain monopoly on a patent, but one has to check all possibilities.

  4. Black box turned off before last transmission. Last transmission sounds like co-pilot. Co-pilot was young pilot. Someone payed the young pilot to take control of the plane and fly it to a set location. On route, once well off original flight path, plane destroyed. Jacob Rothschild has a new secret toy to play with. Why can’t the U.S. Patent Office be subpoenaed? Talk about a corrupt institution. It would clearly shed light on this guessing game.


    Maybe the passengers on the flight were raptured to heaven? Isn’t this the scenario of the Left Behind books and movies, planes disappearing in mid air? How Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins must be choking on their beer to think that it happened to a plane full of Moslems! LOL

    http //

    That Malaysian Triple 7 was supposed to have gone down due to “pilot error”. The likely purpose was a warning to China that Airbus contracts would go to EU rather than Malaysia buying replacement Boeings. [There's also talk about Rothschild being the remaining partner (after the crash) on Chinese technology patents.]

    NSA has live footage of this airliner crashing. A “directional charge” cut this Triple 7’s systems and it dropped like a rock. That was the reason the emergency transponders were not functioning because they had been destroyed. The sabotage was run out of Singapore for German and Italian interests in the Airbus contract. I do not comprehend how there were survivors of this downing, but some did survive and were murdered by the clean up team as survivors would have mentioned the blast they heard.

    Psy-ops groups are trying to cover up the crash, & another Triple 7 is being rigged, having reported the plane actually landed. These Islamists will be blamed for having executed all on board. There is an 80% probability this story will be generated, as it has been invested in already.

    For all of this to have changed points to someone being extremely upset the plane was brought down & that there will be hell to pay. China is the one doing the threatening & they are threatening the Germans & Italians. Notice the non-help by the Obama regime because they knew of this dirty operation

  7. Where is the oil worker who claimed to have seen it ablaze and falling to the sea very near to it’s last known location. Is this person credible? Bloggers and detective wannabe’s are saying this plane isn’t supposed to be found so it can be used as a ghost…..if so then exactly who is playing who here?

    They cannot keep everyone from searching…..sooner or later debris will be found…

    Question Is it true that relatives have been calling cells and receiving ring tones or is this disinfo?


  8. It seems that based on the known additional flight time and the changes in altitude(see http //, as well as several other factors, the only place this plan could have gone without entering and being an issue for other airspace such as India is BIOC (https //,7.09808&sspn=0.084867,0.198269&oq=bri&t=h&hnear=British+Indian+Ocean+Territory&z=12 ). Given the refusal to follow the now officially accepted report that the plane had changed course, those responsible were given two full extra days to cover their tracks. In all likelihood I would assess that the plane was taken over by remote control systems via satellite, taken up to a high height to make everyone unconscious or dead through decompression, then flown on to Diego Garcia. The plane will have been searched for something and then probably flown on to be dumped somewhere remote in the southern ocean. It was probably searched for something very valuable, maybe sensitive military technology on its way to China perhaps sold in a deal arranged by Israeli intelligence but known of by part of the CIA. It must have been fairly critical stuff to risk such an operation. It is interesting to see how technology is making these operations both easier to execute but also easier to spot.

  9. Vulnerable crew easyer to compromise ,divert plane to hanger to be “chopped”, send parts to a clear target area, blow up deserted target and display wreckage? If satellites can tell how much water vapor is leaving my body then how do they expect us to believe that the plane “may have flown for another 5 hours”? Like they don’t know.

    • The rub is that they know, if not accurate then it’s a given that someone else does. This story, like every known mystery of the past has too many inconsistencies. This indicates that as more people became aware of the fraud, they simply introduce new info meant to confuse.

      They want you to believe that they are looking for a needle in a haystack, a stall tactic, especially with billions of dollars worth of gear scatter about…..I’m waiting for them to start pounding on the stolen passports and nationality aspects of such….I think the reason they have yet to do this is because it would most certainly be a dead give away as to who is really responsible.

      This wasn’t some get lucky magic trick……sophisticated to say the least.


      • All this publicity must be intentional, too. There are WAY easier ways to get a plane if that’s all you want. No, we’re meant to stew over this for a few days. Then, when the plane is “found”, we’ll be mad, enraged, ready to go to war or whatever the intended reaction is.

        I agree with you, the purpose of the plane is to be found. That’s what all this media-circus publicity is about.

        BTW the Washington ComPost is now reporting the Malaysian PM says the plane was deliberately sabotaged and flew off-course for 7 hours……

  10. Howard T.Lewis III

    Motive. Opportunity. Alibi. Always follow the money trail. Who is so powerful and full of hot air they do not think they need an alibi as bad habits die hard.
    Who assumes all benefits and income from the new high tech inventions of the missing compliment of (minus the BS) 20 Freescale Semiconductor scientists? BS. Does BS carry the authority to use the extensive array of US military equipment and facilities to pull off criminal activities? Duh(of course) Is BS beholden to the owner of BP? Yes. Is BP a fan of the U.S.? When BP has the run of U.S. resources. Does BP answer to any other government authority, such as the U.S.? Ha ha ha X 500. Is BP running herd over killing off needy civilians with contamination in Japan to clean up the nuke mess at Fukushima? Yes. Alibi? Never. Had enough?

  11. From Jim Stone I agree with your analysis of the Malaysian airline crash. The circumstances are very similar to the mysterious crash of Japan Airline Flight 123 in August 1985.
    “The Truth of JAL123″
    Reportedly, there were 17 top engineers of TRON, OS system indigenously developed by a professor of Tokyo University. It is said that TRON at that time was so advanced (comparable to current Google Chrome) and free that the entire Japanese public sector was to adopt TRON OS. Then the entire echelon of TRON engineers were killed by the JAL 123 crash, and Microsoft instead took over and dominated the Japanese OS market thereafter.

    • Thank you for your puzzle pieces, this one and the one about the patent holders.

      The controlled media will never mention this, giving us all possible other theories.

      • You are welcome, stephan! There is also probably a link to recent sudden deaths of 2 very healthy Navy Seals on board of a cargo ship docked in Seychelles – they were guarding “special cargo” that was later loaded on flight 370. Usually those teams protect nuclear or biological material.

    • Hi LightSaber,

      There is an interesting article that I think expounds upon
      Stone’s info re patents in Kerry Cassidy’s latest vid now on YT

      https //

      Or, the article that’s mentioned is titled something like “Malaysian Airlines Patents Patents Patents”

  12. Well, if you fold a $50 bill, it shows the Hoover Dam collapsing. My guess, the Iranians or Russians would make a nice scapegoat.

  13. Interesting comment form the link I posted early today Four days after a missing flight, a patent is approved by the Patent Office for maximizing dies on a wafer. 4 of the 5 Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX. Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders. Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%) Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%) Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%) Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%) Freescale Semiconductor (20%) If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will. If 4 of the 5 dies, then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent. That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor ?? Jacob Rothschild through Blackstone who owns Freescale…

  14. The Russian View of What Has Been Happening In America!
    http //
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello-When Are Americans Going To Wake Up-God Bless America.
    Semper Fi!

  15. That punk Gresh has all the qualifications to run with the psychos. Or at least he did until his creepy emails ran wild like rats. You can forget about your Flying Monkey wings, Jason! The little squirt thinks he’s playing nintendo with other people’s lives. He should be slapped all the way back to West Pointless from whence he came.

    Hey, Jas–I bet they made you think you really count for something, right? You’re so smart! It’s not like they’d ever use you for a stooge or anything. But being that you’re so smart and all, don’t you know they’re all screwballs and flip out without warning? Did you really think that normal people would plan disasters? Now you let all those emails out and you put a crimp in the plans. And what’s that bag you’re holding? And where are all your friends? Don’t look now Little Pointie, but you’re standing on very thin ice. And right next to folks who know from ice, too. Real smart.

  16. I’ve been accused of being a conspiracy theorist, to which I plead guilty. The irony of MA370 is that I just visited Singapore & KL in February. I was amazed at the polite and through security checks at both airports. I also found out Singapore has one of the largest gold vaults in the world, and a thriving jewel market. The airline seems strangely silent about its cargo dockets. Maybe just my hope all passengers & crew are safe in some hanger, awaiting the precious cargo to be safely dispersed.

  17. Knowing how the cabal have taken out whole passenger airplanes in time past to kill one inconvenient person – my first thought was to look closely at the passenger list. Were there any key people or key dissidents to the gangster establishment on board? Very soon a scenario that compliments the false media narrative will be put forward anyway – regardless of any facts being unearthed..

    The days of properly getting to the bottom of events like this are now long gone. Fact merges with fiction to create the daily global illusions – and the massed population victims of these deceptions – lap it up with their soap operas and drugs.

  18. JimStone had a plausable explaination for how it went missing. If history is any indicator, Rothschild and the neocons won’t be far behind the story.

    http //

  19. On March 26, 2013, Anonymous made this headline

    ‘Anonymous’ hacks Mossad website, gains access to data of 30,000 spies

  20. Wasn’t Malayia the sponsor & forum of the international criminal tribunal which prosecuted & convicted the Bush crime cabal & then issued their arrest warrants?

    • YES it most certainly was….oh whats webs we weave on our way to deceive.

      • More talk of plane hijacked!!!

        I wonder if the convicted mass murderers below arranged the hijack to force ICC & Malaysia pull the convictions & the warrants!!! after all they haven’t been able to leave the U.S. for years now!!! They’r on the bounty hunters list.

        I bet you folks like Chip Tatum could make a fortune hunting them down!!!

        World Wide Arrest Warrants Issued For Bush And Obama 2013


        • My first thoughts precisely.

          Ditto Elizabeth Windsor, Cameron, Bliar et al.

          The spectre is becoming unthinkable.

  21. Look at the wiki page for this event…..already 156 references….So take it for what it’s worth but this looks to be a massive effort put forth by the usual suspects. jmho


  22. This guy thinks it’s connected with the new global currency reset and all those ‘suicided’ bankers
    ***http //***
    “As we are obviously getting closer to the implementation of this multilateral system, I would question the significance and coincidence of 20 employees of the company Freescale Semiconductor being on the Malaysian Airlines flight that is now missing.

    Additionally, most, if not all of the banker “suicides” which have been taking place over the last few months have involved individuals who were directly involved in IT departments or other algorithmic points of contact within their respective banks.”

  23. Don’t dismiss the woo-woo. This could be one of those ‘Bermuda triangle’ missing planes, except it happened in Asia.
    ****http //****

    • Duff probably has it pegged – BUT Secret Space Govmt knows ‘facts’? > Star Wars> missing Trillions?
      Fiction or Fact?

      Utilizing antimatter by creating an EM field, which destabilizes the gravity wave, allows antimatter to unite with matter, creating a portal through which space/time can be bent, or traveled through via this “bending.” In other words, producing an EM field, bringing in the antimatter, IS the bending of space/time? Is that it?
      – Yes

      – With proper technology you can create a portal where desired. There are unlimited options.
      Proper technology. … is it in the antimatter universe that all this traveling back and forth is done by aliens when they abduct people?
      – Close. They transport through it, but most abductions take place in either 3rd or 4th density.
      Is this movement through the antimatter universe, is this what people perceive in their abductions as the “wall of fire?” The coming apart. The demolecularizing?
      – No. That is TransDimensional Atomic Remolecularization.

      Antimatter universe has no space and no time… so, the antimatter universe is possibly where the poor guys of flight 19 are?
      – Yes.
      And you can get stuck in this place?
      – Yes. And if you are in a time warp cocoon, you are hyperconscious, i.e. you perceive “zero time” as if it were literally millions of years, that is if the cycle is connected or closed, as in “Philadelphia Experiment.”

  24. Gordon,

    Now some very smart people are reporting that the ” un-named sources ” have lied…both covered by the WSJ and Wash. Post… this is looking more ” logically ” like an accidental shoot down and someone is desperate to keep this from being found out…..Now…most passengers were Chinese, some have said to have been Computer associated genius types……who will suffer from any reprisals if this is found to be the case……Did this plane continue to fly? One source of evidence has proved to be false, so another was quickly established…..all the while it evaded high tech military radar…..sorry I’m calling BS…..with all due respect of course. This looks like an obvious dog and pony show made for TV.

    I respect your work and look forward to further opinion, and or fact. Thanks.


  25. I don’t know … this hacked emails look like the 9/11 calls from the hijacked planes.

  26. About a month ago two navy seals were found dead on a ship. Two the same day on the same ship from the same cause? Would that have had anything to do with the plane?

    http //

  27. If this plane is parked some place and being prepped for a terror attack….just htf are they gonna pull it off? New tail #’s, fresh paint, new cords for identification …you know satts, radar, radio for air space …Now this will be the caper of all time….Jesus Christ people….My old man is rolling over in his grave and it ain’t from angst ….

    Boeings who fail to respond on radio, or have clearance for air space, soon have escorts, no response results in shoot down..Again this takes far more than a few man team…..


    • all of the above, not so hard to do. Our team says it has all been done already.

      • I sincerely hope Mr. Duff that your team is better than “their” team.
        And that your team will kick ass and save us all from a new false flag.
        My thoughts are with you and your team in solving this!


      • Mr. Duff, as I told Mr. Dean…
        If the US wants us to in the “case” of Bin Laden to suddenly believe that someone in the White House actually cares about the religious or Burial rights of Arab’s or Muslim’s so that their “Last Right’s” would be totally observed. (sic) This while droning Wedding Parties and as stated as an actual “Military POLICY” to kill/murder all males of military age and then add “Children” to that “List” alleging that CHILDREN are suddenly demolitions Experts able to assemble, plant and then Arm IED’s for the very Taliban who Biden says, “Isn’t an enemy of the US.” The Al Qaeda they refuse to break “Contracts” with knowing these same-ones who are killing US Soldiers.
        REF ****http //
        REF ****http //

        That truly as during the Senate Foreign Relations CSPAN2 while watching McCain speak of Lobbyist in the Ukraine supporting those like MCQaeda McCain until that hit a sour note and then the fact that the US was supporting the IMF as the “main cause” of US actions in the Ukraine while trying to SCHOOL Russia about International Laws that are totally ignored by the US killing millions over lies. That you will find they indeed CAN make this *Crap* Up…..
        Great Summery.

    • Why this plane, when “they” have access to other, older models?

      Under what flag it will be flown? If an “unknown” airplane appears anywhere on the radar it will be intercepted soon.

      The only possible scenario is switching planes during flight (like 9/11, to remotely controlled drones) – only possible in the countries from the Rothschild Commonwealth.

      It has to be transported to the airspace which “they” can have access to, control of – how to do it without being detected?

      Most probably the target is in the US (west coast?), and the plane will be a nuclear missile…

      • Not if it’s Diego Garcia or even Coco Island. Simple. And I’m sure the Russian sats watched Diego and a few other places very quickly after the Mallacan turn. Chess. Seven moves ahead at all times.

        This has USSG all over it “shadow”…for the slower.

    • The above highjacked bomb plane could easily hide amongst current unofficial air traffic. If it was spewing persistent clouds of nano-aluminum like the rest of them – nobody would look twice – including air traffic controllers.

    • LightSaber
      Thank you for that link. They keep updating it so it’s worth checking on it regularly. They now think the plane has been taken to the USA. Maybe they will disguise it as a Russian or Chinese plane and use it to nuke mainland USA and start WW3.

      … the plane … would be flown to the Eastern mainland of the United States, over the Atlantic Ocean to escape scrutiny … the … livery would be painted over……. four days after the disappearance of MH370, a curious military exercise took place on the Southern-Eastern part of the United States coastline. Fighter jets were reportedly “escorting” a plane. To quote,
      ” Members of the South Carolina Air National Guard are conducting an air defense exercise along the coast. Guard Senior Master Sergeant Edward Snyder says people might see fighter jets escorting a civilian aircraft Thursday over the North Charleston and Myrtle Beach areas.”

  28. If TPTB wanted a countries aircraft, all the neo con zionist had to do was to remote control the aircraft, block any comms, and fly it over Russian air space to get the Russians to shoot it down, like the old Soviet days.
    And to use one from the ex PM of Malaysias home country, that evil anti semetic holocaust denier whos name I can’t remember.
    Ask Dov Zacheim, he knows about remote a/c.

  29. Are there any interviews with concerned relatives?

  30. and where are the passengers? All killed? or in one of the dark prison US is running ? ….outside USA maybe Poland !! as the seems to lend a willing hand to the USA in all sort of dark undertakings… sharing same hatred for Russia as their own Brzezinsky … Tanks for the data….

  31. Thank you for this Mr. Duff… and for all you do.

  32. ———-“Israel was mentioned.” ———-Why? Because —-“Israel Is The Evil Empire” & its Self Distractive Bomb Is Ticking.

    ———Among all it’s “Evil Deeds”,——1950’s Israel was “The First Country in the World to Hijacked a Commercial Airline,” Ironically it was a Syrian Airline.

    —–In 2010 Israel Mossad “hit squad” stolen 11 passports from Australia all the way to Europe (Ireland, UK, Germany, Hungary, etc.,) to murdered Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mahbouh in Dubai. The hit squad stalking the Hamas commander in his hotel before he was killed. Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim asked Interpol to issue an arrest warrant against the Head of Mossad. And told Israel he wouldn’t be able to travel to any Arabic country.

  33. Communications satellites picked up faint electronic pulses “pings” from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after it went missing on Saturday. The “pings” indicated that the aircraft’s maintenance troubleshooting systems were switched on and ready to communicate with satellites as needed if the airline had subscribed to that level of maintenance, which it hadn’t. The system transmits such “pings” about once an hour.
    US aviation investigators and national security officials believed the Boeing 777 flew for a total of “five” hours, based on that data automatically downloaded and ‘sent to the ground’ from its engines as part of this standard maintenance monitoring program.
    The range of 777’s is approximately 14,000 klms to 17,000 klms.
    Big questions is, where is it now and how long will it take to retag, refit and assemble and reload its ‘new’ cargo ???.

  34. I suppose, given the escalating possibilities for miscalculation and with Dempsey playing the belligerent fool, if the war in the Ukraine breaks out in the next several days, the missing plane loses its relevance to the Olympians and it is ‘discovered’ or we discover its role in precipitating the first engagement starting WWIII.

  35. Recall those nagging stories about UAL 93 landing in Cleveland? The psychos use the same plays until they are stopped.
    With the technology developed in the last dozen years, disabling the radio, transponder, or other electronics used to locate an airplane, without affecting the flight controls or engine. In fact, I suspect it would be possible to “cloak” an airplane by jamming radar and/or satellites,

  36. It seems that Flight 370 taken out by Navy laser!

    Leuren Moret Flight 370 was US weapons demo for Putin; Payback for Tribunal vs Israel, US/UK

    http //

  37. Preston James, Ph.D

    Gordon Duff always comes through with the best info. And this one is one of his best yet.

    This is a stunning revelation that should come as no real surprise to most avid VT readers. It is what we might expect from a govt run by Banksters who are nearly out of options, except a major new war.

    Reality is closing in fast and desperate criminal psychopaths are capable of many serious crimes like false-flags, even some nuclear in a major city. Who knows what this bunch of criminally insane perps are capable of?

  38. The only purpose this plane has now is to be found. The chances of it being used for anything other than that are 1 billion to 1.


  39. Interesting! I await the updates. Why I read VT, and why it makes many stop and think of the possible scenarios. I wouldn’t be surprised if this plane wasn’t hijacked to be used later. Not something the 5 30 news is going to headline is it? Unless of course they need another reason, real of false for war. Great work.

  40. I wonder about KSA – they are closing borders with Qatar – something is cooking up there…

    • Uh they were mentioning two Iranians with stolen passports – maybe they want to crash plane in KSA and to blame Iran… (

    • And with that Russian-Iranan-Chinese alliance wold be jeopardised due to large number of Chinese passengers?

  41. “Within minutes of the disappearance, we discovered the plane had been damaged while on the ground in Shanghai. ” – is it really physically possible?

    My bet is on the scenario aimed at China to enforce “proper” voting during the coming UNSC session passengers are hostages somewhere.

    Re attack on the military facility in Ukraine – those AWACS in Romania and Poland are there for a reason…

    • And Gen. Dempsey in Bloomberg shown as a sable-rattling war monger – that must be a “cover” for some operation too, right?

      • Exactly right. General Dempsey is a member of the Knights of Malta. He may as well be a ‘dual-citizen’ because his primary loyalty is to the ‘head of the snake’…in the Vatikan.

  42. Bullshit. Period. The majority of the passengers aboard were Chinese…most of whom still use outhouses…..this stuff is getting old, getting old very very quickly… I said it once and will say it one last time…All of this stinks of desperation……………top to bottom….and they are counting on everyone rolling on over and eating one more jelly donut…( sic ) >).. Too fat too lazy and way way too f,ing fat to do a damn thing about any of it…..flat out sucks.


  43. Good work, molecule. The world is NEVER as presented. The Mao, Vietnam, Cambodian scene never rang true in my mind. US forces were poisoned so they wouldn’t live long enough to have a serious impact on US policy.
    We were fighting “the communists” then, replaced by “terrorists” since 9/11 false flag, bogeyman excuses for the basis of all wars, economic gain for some, loses for others.

  44. Right. It seems that there is Mossad/ Pentagon again. Last record of the missing plane was made somewhere on the route towards the border of Turkmenistan and Kazakstan. CASE SOLVED!!!!
    It must be somewhere in Turkmenistan. Read the following, ex Mossad-agend controls Turkmenistan´s gas product!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, they planned to use the plane in false flag in Ukraine!

    “This is the Great Game all over,” Maiman told The Wall Street Journal about his role in furthering the “geopolitical goals of both the U.S. and Israel in Central Asia. “We are doing what U.S. and Israeli policy could not achieve,” he said, “Controlling the transport route is controlling the product.”
    “Those that control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production,” said energy expert James Dorian recently in Oil & Gas Journal on September 10, 2001.
    Foreign business in Turkmenistan is dominated by Maiman’s Merhav Group, according to The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA). Maiman, who was made a citizen of Turkmenistan by presidential decree, serves as Turkmenistan’s official negotiator for its gas pipeline, special ambassador, and right-hand man for the authoritarian President Saparmurad Atayevich Niyazov, a former Politburo member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
    The Merhav Group of Israel officially represents the Turkmen government and has brokered all of the energy projects in Turkmenistan, contracts worth many billions of dollars.
    – See more at http //

  45. Very few know that Mao was jewish. It´s nice to read about that to some one it´s clear. Red China is jewish. There were many western jews in Mao´s government and for other job, like Shapiro. They ordered gun ban in 1936, if I remember correctly, and after that killed cold blood 20 MILLIONS of chinese. Now they try the same in US.

    Why they hi jack planes, if they don´t need them to build up a terror attack?! It´s Purim, and they are really blood thirsty? I suspect, that the flight from Rio to Paris in 2009 was captured as well. Possibly to Azores or to some other Mossad ground. So, why are they hi jacking the planes? For the passengers? Ritual victims? To test new drugs? To make secret human experiments?

Comments are closed


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