Netanyahu Threatens PA over UN Treaty Move


Israeli Premier Threatens PA over Treaty Move


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Mahmound Abbas

Mahmound Abbas

[ Editor's Note:  Israel once again goes back to the well with their favorite scam of trying to play the victim, while deploying a flank attack of the offense being the best defense.

They know they broke the agreement to release the Palestinian prisoners by tying that to an extension of the talks.

The Palestinian Authority warned the Zios that if they broke that pledge, they would proceed with the increased UN recognition as a response. Netanyahu thinks that since that happened a few days ago, none of us can remember.

The Israelis will probably do their usual, hold up tax revenues and issue even more permits for settlement building. And therein lies an opportunity for us, to really put more pressure on world governments to broaden the boycott response on Israel, moving toward a complete one, including the demand to turn over all of its WMD to international supervision.

We need a lot more pressure on US politicians to begin cutting off US financial support, including the misuse of American charitable organizations using tax deduction-funded donations for settlement support, plus other efforts to undermine US policy.

During this year's election campaign, candidates promising blank-check support for our Israeli friends must be confronted with the long history of Zionist subversion on America, and have to defend their cooperation with that effort... Jim W. Dean ]


First published April 6,  2014  -


The Israeli prime minister has threatened to take unilateral measures against the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless it abandons plans to join 15 UN agencies and international treatises.

Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the PA treaty move launched on April 1 undermines the US-brokered talks between Tel Aviv and the Palestinians.

“Any unilateral moves they take will be answered by unilateral moves at our end,” the Israeli premier said.

The comments come as the Israeli-PA talks reached a new deadlock when Tel Aviv refused to free the final batch of over 100 Palestinian prisoners in late March as part of a deal for the resumption of the negotiations. The PA, in response, decided to go ahead with its applications to adhere to the international treaties and join the agencies.

Representatives from Israel and the PA are set to meet US envoy Martin Indyk on Sunday in an effort to keep the so-called peace talks on track.

On April 4, US Secretary of State John Kerry said there were “limits” to the time and energy that the US administration could give to the talks.

The release of Palestinian prisoners is not the only thorny issue that has been hindering the negotiations between the two sides.

Since the resumption of the direct talks last July, Palestinians have also objected to Israel’s illegal settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli settlements are considered illegal under international law. However, Netanyahu says the settlement construction is part of Tel Aviv’s policy and will not stop.

The PA also refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, saying it would not accept any agreement with the regime which fails to include East al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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8 Comments for “Netanyahu Threatens PA over UN Treaty Move”

  1. captain obvious

    nutty-yoohoo terrorizes again? really?

  2. “On April 4, US Secretary of State John Kerry said there were “limits” to the time and energy that the US administration could give to the talks.”

    —–Former President Bush, Sr., should be admired for his guts and tell Israel “The Evil Empire” no more 6 Billion dollars aid unless you work out with the peace process.

    • Am I missing something again? Why should Bush, Sr. be admired for his guts? “The Evil Empire” should be told “no more anything” from the American taxpayers. Let the Jewish trillionaires finance Israel’s wars. It isn’t the job of the virtually bankrupt U.S. citizens to pay for them in both blood and money! Visualize a United States with no more ties to that “shitty little country.”

  3. —-Looking at this photo, it’s clear that these individuals are a disgrace to the human race, and the World would have been a better place, if they were born as beasts which they are.

  4. Despite all of the misery poured onto these people, they still have what it takes to watch this evil dissolve in a fit of insanity, exposing to the world just how corrupt a regime can be with the greatest media black out in history trying to hide it all. I had hoped our congressmen would get a few pointers from the Palestinian families that have to endure constant harassment and remain defiant, but I hope for too much. Fat cats don’t listen to reason unless it sounds like money. Free Palestine.

  5. This is such a blatant act of bullying. The Israeli leadership is not to be trusted. This goes for its enablers as well. Time for the World Court to show its hypocrisy too, as will most likely be the case if the Abbas the Eunuch finds enough hormones to actually present the Palestinian case to them.

  6. thanx . i agree with your assessment regarding this election cycle . and however long it takes. not up for a blood backed reserve note. not any more than it already is.

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