VA Says It Has Cut Claims Backlog 44 Percent

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The Veterans Administration (VA) says it has reduced its persistent backlog of unprocessed claims for disability benefits by 44% since March 2013, when the number of pending claims peaked at more than 611,000.

In real numbers, the latest VA Workload Report shows the number of claims pending for more than 125 had dropped to 344,000 on March 31, 2014, from what the agency called the “tipping point” of 611,000 a year ago.

Additionally, the average time veterans must wait for a decision on their disability benefit claim is now down to 140 days, compared to 260 days in 2012, according to the VA.

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“No veteran should have to wait to receive earned benefits,” said VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, sort of portraying Captain Obvious, in a press release. “Through a combination of transformation initiatives and the hard work of our employees, we are making significant progress toward our goal of eliminating the claims backlog in 2015.”


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