US sanctions against Crimean officials are ‘silly, embarrassing’

French squadron at anchor - Crimean War

French squadron at anchor – Crimean War

US sanctions against Crimean officials are ‘silly, embarrassing’: Analyst


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … with  Press TV,  Tehran

First published Sunday, April 13,  0214  -


The Crimean War saw the first photojournalists in action - the first VT

The Crimean War saw the first photojournalists in action – the first Veterans Today, of sorts.

[ Editors Note: These sanctions seem like nothing more than a jobs program for State Department people.

But although they are not really harmful to the intended targets, as virtually none of them have American bank accounts or trips to Disneyland planned, they do contribute to poisoning the settlement climate.

Have the sanctions been a smokescreen behind which we are seeing the illegal coup government which the US and West was so quick to support...begin its attempted military intervention in East Ukraine?

Today some Army units have already surrendered their equipment and refused to engage any of the phantom terrorists they did not see...only local towns people, militia and babouskas.

Odessa has been pushed over to the protestors after presidential candidates there and in Kiev were beaten up by Right Sectors mobs while local police and Kiev appointed authorities just watched it happen. The rest of East Ukraine got to see what kind of election the Kiev coup-meisters had planned to consolidate their power.

I would like to say that the US Embassy has had nothing to do with any of this, but I would be lying. They have been involved with the coup gangsters from day one and have the blood of the Maidan dead on their hands. They may have diplomatic immunity but that will not save them from public condemnation back home. ]


You can hear the 3 minute phone interview here.

Not an active window - Click the audio link above

Not an active window – Click the audio link above

Sanctions imposed by the US against Crimean officials will have little effect and is a “silly” and “embarrassing” policy by the Obama administration, a political commentator in Wisconsin says.

“The sanctions that we have now have basically just been a token, they look kind of silly” and Crimean leaders are not worried about them, said Jim W. Dean, the managing editor of Veterans Today.

The sanctions are “like a cover for” a really “big mistake” the US government has made in Ukraine and Crimea and they are not supported by the American public, Dean told Press TV on Saturday.

The US strategy in the region is “turning into a zoo and a lot of us here have never been more embarrassed by the diplomacy that we’re seeing now from the American government,” he added.

On Friday, the US Treasury Department announced sanctions against six Crimean leaders and a Crimea-based gas company over the integration of the Black Sea peninsula into Russia.

The sanctions target the former vice speaker of Ukraine’s parliament, Sergey Tsekov, who helped pave the way for the referendum on Crimea’s independence. The US and its Western allies have already imposed sanctions against Russia.

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea declared independence from Ukraine on March 17 and formally applied to become part of Russia following a referendum, in which nearly 97 percent of the participants voted in favor of the move.

Crimean Information Minister Dmitry Polonsky said US sanctions against the leaders of Crimea are like “mosquito bites” and “are insignificant because they cannot do harm to Crimea or Crimea’s leaders.”

On of Fenton's famous Crimean War photos...the first time the public ever had seen any

One of Roger Fenton’s famous Crimean War photos…the first time the public ever had seen any.  Not a tree in sight.


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3 Comments for “US sanctions against Crimean officials are ‘silly, embarrassing’”

  1. The Guardian just ran a piece saying the “protestors” stole a bunch or tanks from the military and rode them through town in a victory parade.

    Talk about the World’s Most Pathetic Coup. The zios are getting scalped just beneath their yarmulke’s.

  2. I love the old Crimean War photos. Nice touch!

    • It is a lot of work to complie thise when doing a piece, but I knew I would be coming back and writing more about it later, so I stockpiled image folders. They have been a gold mine when doing layout editing to magazine out a piece, as when these come to mind and I have them right on the hard drive.

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