Missing Plane Mystery Solved?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TV


Two former high-level insiders may have solved two of the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370:

What caused the plane to suddenly fly off-course? And why are all of the governments involved covering up the truth?

Had MH 370 crashed in the ocean, it would have left a huge, easily-visible debris field. Countries with satellite surveillance systems, and their partners, know exactly where the plane went. Boeing and its engine-manufacturer Rolls Royce also know, since planes and engines have GPS systems. (You can buy a GPS system for a little over $50 in the US; it would be naive to think a $320 million aircraft doesn’t have one.) Even the INMARSAT satellite “pings” that we have been told can only sweep a broad arc of possible locations could in reality be used to locate the aircraft with some precision, due to the fact that radio transmissions vary in signatures according to time of day, sunspots, and so on. The “hunt for the airliner” peddled to the mainstream media is clearly a charade.

So what are all of the major players – both in governments and the aircraft industry – working so hard to hide?

Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained during an exclusive Truth Jihad Radio interview that only a remote-hijacking fly-by-wire scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance. Chang’s views were confirmed by Gene “Chip” Tatum, a former Special Forces Air Combat Controller and US Army special operations pilot who has carried out ultra-sensitive missions at the direct orders of US Presidents.

Chang says the Malaysian government has been given sealed evidence by one or more foreign governments concerning the fate of MH-370. As a condition of receiving that evidence, Malaysia is not allowed to divulge it.

Matthias Chang is familiar with the highest levels of power in Malaysia. He presumably has some idea of what is in the sealed evidence. But if he did know, he could not say it directly.

Maybe that is why Matthias Chang recently sent an email to MH-370 investigators in the alternative media with a “hint”:


What “things” would “come to a complete halt” and badly damage the world economy if the truth about MH-370 were told?

Chip Tatum thinks those “things” are commercial airplanes. In our interview Friday night, Tatum suggested that the current generation of airliners’ fly-by-wire systems are extremely vulnerable to catastrophic sabotage, including electronic hijacking.

Tatum called the alleged search for the aircraft “a smokescreen… They’re keeping the media busy in the South Indian Ocean while things are being done in other areas. I think the government doesn’t want us to know what they know because they don’t think we can handle the truth.”

But what could that truth possibly be? Tatum explains: “If it were known that something is that easily hijacked by remote control, people would stop flying. And then you’re talking about a huge impact on business and everything else.”

So when Matthias Chang says that the truth about MH-370 would cause “things” to come to a complete halt, he is presumably referring to commercial air traffic. I asked Chang point blank if this was true. He did not deny it. But rather than confirm this hypothesis – which may be off-limits to direct discussion due to its inclusion in the sealed evidence Malaysia has been given – Chang directed me to his most recent article at citing evidence that new technology allows planes to be flown from the ground.

Chip Tatum speculates that a bright teenager with a laptop and a cell phone could hack into commercial aircraft fly-by-wire systems. He explains that in newer aircraft, cables driven by pilot controls have been replaced by computers sending electronic signals. While technologies have been patented for protecting these fly-by-wire systems – notably US Patent #8,391,493, which the US government immediately “disappeared” from Patent Office records by invoking the Invention Secrecy Act – they apparently have not yet been implemented. If Tatum is right, commercial aircraft currently flying are wide-open for remote hijacking.

The scenario outlined by Chang and Tatum explains how MH370 was hijacked, and why all the major players are covering up the truth. But it does not explain who remote-hijacked MH370 and why.

One clue: Tatum provides evidence for the possible involvement of the CIA-based Bush crime family in the cover-up. The fake satellite trail to the remote and dangerous Southern Indian Ocean, a gigantic red herring, was fabricated by INMARSAT – whose largest owner, Harbinger Capital, is the new name for George H.W. Bush’s notorious Zapata Corporation.

Tatum has first-hand knowledge of the depravity and corruption of the Bush mob. While working in Special Operations for the CIA and US military in 1992, Tatum was personally ordered by then-President George H.W. Bush to “neutralize” Bush’s political opponent Ross Perot. Based on his past missions for Bush, Tatum understood those orders meant that Bush wanted him to force Perot out of the presidential race by any means necessary, including murder. (Tatum refused Bush’s orders – the beginning of the end of his career in Special Ops.)

Tatum has also revealed his knowledge of Bush-related CIA drug smuggling and mind control operations. He survived as a whistleblower due to the extremely sensitive documents and recordings he set up to be released in the event of his death or incapacitation-by-torture.

Tatum has released many other documents corroborating his stories of Bush’s corruption, CIA assassinations and mind-control. But despite his credibility, the mainstream media refuses to report such information.

If the Bush crime family is deceiving the world about an operation involving remote-hijacked airliners, it wouldn’t be the first time. On September 11th, 2001, fly-by-wire systems appear to have been used in the false flag attacks on New York and Washington. Bush loyalists and Israeli Mossad assets are the two main groups of suspects in those attacks. Could the same forces be involved in the theft of MH370 – perhaps as part of a plan to stage another plane-into-building false flag, as Christopher Bollyn has suggested?

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47 Comments for “Missing Plane Mystery Solved?”

  1. Yes. Problem solved but the problem maker beast got bigger & greeder & blood-thirstier!!!

    Rothschild Behind Disappearance of Flight MH370??? U–bet-U…..



    Kevin, you don’t really address why the plane was hijacked in the first place. Just why they are covering it up to allay fears of commercial air passengers. Your article doesn’t go to the heart of the matter in my opinion.

    • This is the problem with these nuts, they never go beyond the first step of a conspiracy. If some terrorist or evil child brought the plane down, why don’t they do it again? How is covering it up going to stop it? Making up imaginary things like the gps doesn’t change facts. I was hiking yesterday in New York, no cell phone signal, so if I sat down and died no one could find me, even though i had a gps enabled cell phone on me. If the plane flew into a dead area, no one can see it. The answer is very simple. Some kind of fire, they started to drop the plane and turn around, the fire got worse, they put on the autopilot while fighting the fire, no one lived long enough to turn the autopilot off, so it flew in a straight line until it ran out of gas and crashed in the middle of nowhere. All this will be proven correct someday when something washes up somewhere, until then the nuts will have a field day. But they will never explain thier theories, as to why would a terrorist take over a plane and fly it in a straight line for 7 hours, or if a kid hijacked it how did his little laptop keep controlling over the seas where no cell phones work?

    • Dear YAISHUA –

      If a VT writer know the answer to “WHY” a freshly performed criminal operation like this one happened it means he participated in it somehow!!! (eg. by planning it or participating in it physically or being a backup etc….).

      Writing about it reveals the writer’s personal knowledge & involvement in the criminal operation! & WRITING About it can criminally implicate him & could lead to criminal prosecutions of himself & others involved!

      Some writers on VT have done so because they had “official orders” as their “official job” to do it. Such as the things which CHip Tatum used to do including assassinations!!! He writes & talks about them now freely (without fear of prosecution) by backing it up with official White House letters for his assignments. That way no one would prosecute him criminally- although the family of his victims could sue him in civil courts but courts probably dismiss their cases because Tatum was “DOING HIS JOB”!!!


  3. Another commenter just posted this source on Gordon Duff’s last VT page.

    This pilot definitely knows what happened.

    #1938 Marine Links Serco’s 370 BIOT Rendition to Obama Red Switch Override, ConAir Sheraton Cross Key Torture


  4. The Boeing was definitely remote controlled by fighter jets flying with the airliner. Here is proof –

    Girlfriend Of Passenger On Flight 370 Says A Family Member Saying Plane Was Followed By Fighter Jets


    The Passenger shown here is Phillip Wood the same IBM guy who sent his IPhone text + photo which Jim Stone tracked the coordinates to a Hangar in Diego Garcia in my below link.

    There are two more good links at BrasscheckTV

    • I have a super slow internet connection at the moment, so I can not watch videos. How is it possible that a passenger (who should be missing) contacted a family member? Did the passenger send a message by phone?

      • Yes. My below link at bottom of this page. here again

        The I-PHONE GPS is not fakeable according Jim Stone-

        Original sources is apparently Jim Stone (former NSA engineer) •with plenty details on that –


        • Ah, I know the Phillip Wood story at Jim Stone, thought the passenger above is another one. Did not read carefully enough.

          • RiteOn –

            I thank Jonathan Glassel for posting below link on another VT page. Following this lead got me to Jim Stone’s page above.

            SHOCK CLAIM GPS Data Reveals Possible Location of Flight 370


  5. Dr. Barrett, Thank you for standing out to take the flack. I would have loved to have a class with you as the professor. But, have you considered interviewing Mr. Field McConnell? Check out and see what you think. Mr. David Hawkins is also on the show and is very intelligent. Put out the truth whatever it takes. Thank you sir.


  6. In Below demo the 1961 Remote Controlled B47 Bomber Plane was Boeing . Malaysian plane was also Boeing- 53 years later!!!

    Below look out for “BOEING B47” in the middle of steering wheel and “BOEING” on another moving part starting @ 40 second.

    Remote control planes were invented in Germany in the 30’s.

  7. More!! Drones? Possible, yes. This plane could be used as a WMD to strike Russia. Russia has become the major gas supplier for much of Europe. Cutting into the business of a couple other major oil/gas corps like BP and Shell who had hoped to dominate that market before the Wall went down. When Russia went to a sort of free market economy and a semi-democratic government that whole picture of energy control and domination in Europe changed when Russia gave Germany and others there a better deal for their gas and oil. Thus their need for a deep water port in the Ukraine to import the gas and oil from North Africa and the Mideast, after they take Russia out of the picture. Thus the saber rattling we hear now about Russian involvement in the Ukraine. Yes, it seems like a wild conspiracy.
    But we have seen similar events happen. AKA 9-11. This leads to the guy named Rothschild who now is the sole holder of that unique patent that could crush the present day energy picture. Conspiracy???

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      I just wish the Malaysian govt…and why NOT Russia and China?….would all take the ball and run w/this one….all the wqay to the UN…..This one episode would expose Our mendacious govt…how controlled our media is…the false-flag of 9-11, 7/7 etc….the reality of the true nature of the US govt…and, by extension, Talmudia..

      • Somehow I suspect the UN is not the place to resolve the issues for the people.

        Lots of people believe UN to be the instrument to create the NWOdor system of global governance.

  8. Humm??? There is a lot of speculation about why this plane went “missing”. There was also a sidebar story about a patient that was held by 4 persons one of which is named Rothschild. It seems that the other three were on that plane. That patient was described to be one that would change the energy grid to include oil and gas and how we use it. So, there is one more cog in this set of gears. I also saw a story about how a plane that appeared to look just like MH 370 was seen on the ground at a base in israel the day after 370 went missing. Drones? Just like the one that hit the Pentagon. An airliner couldn’t have made the maneuvers needed to hit the Pentagon so it had to be a much smaller aircraft not flown by an on board pilot. That leads to the capability of remotely controlling modern aircraft. We have been doing that for decades now. Was even tried during WW2. So that can be factored into this. More to come.

    • “An airliner couldn’t have made the maneuvers needed to hit the

      Actually it COULD have — which DOESN’T of course diminish NOTING
      of 9/11 having been a false flag in the end. (Ditto,’s Thierry Meyssan’s pioneering criticism on 9/11
      remains fundamental, heroic and *correct* without loss of
      generality even then where he is mistaken in a couple of points.)


      http //

      Flight AA77 on 9/11 New FDR Analysis Supports the Official
      Flight Path Leading to Impact with the Pentagon Frank Legge and
      Warren Stutt, January 2011

      (And before you start replying BS, please read more articles by
      Frank Legge so to learn who he is and what he thinks on 9/11.)

      There is plenty of items that ineluctably point to 9/11 as a
      staged, synthetic operation, including their statistically
      impossible combination.

      Eventually, the aircrafts *di per sé* matter little–the
      devastations not having been caused primarily by the former


      • I would even let TEMPORARILY aside the discussions on the
        Pentagon, and focus on one single, inescapable point WTC 7 came
        down for about 80m in near (virtually identical) free fall. If
        you understand just basic, uncomplicated, high school physics
        then you should know what this does mean–that nowhere in the
        world a controlled demolition can be refused ever. (The same
        applies with the other WTC towers, but with WTC 7 it has been
        thankfully possible to establish it incontrovertibly, in fact
        NIST had to admit it officially eventually, rectify its reports
        and scramble for damage control.)


        http //

        Destruction of the World Trade Center North Tower and Fundamental
        Physics David Chandler, February 2010

        And google for David Chandler 9/11, more in general.

  9. Well if this plane mistery cover-up was to protect the airline system safety then I salute it, but if something was cover-up for middle east rape, robbery and murder how can someone support it? Stil, thin air is the best well of ideas..

  10. One would wonder if this article is beating around the bush, or just another cover-up? Actually Mathias Chang had already made it plentifully clear it was an operation directed against another major global power and any open conflict between Am and the other major global power would stop all almost all commercial activities in the world, considering that other major global power now produces most of the consumer products of the world today. It was a devilish and evil act, but a brilliant one nevertheless. One stone, multiple birds…..


      I agree. The article is a distraction from the true motives for the aero-abduction

  11. What ever they are hiding I wish the search would take another flight over Khalimanthan on the Headhunters side of the Mahakam river Jungle. Also North Korea and YES the South POle

  12. has a full passenger list…… well as a lot of technical information. www. is another good source. Jim has an excellent assessment of Philip Wood’s call from Diego Garcia……

  13. The Malaysian government knows the truth and it really will be devastating to the airline industry. People will not want to fly at all for fear of being remotely hijacked. This is going to bring out the true conspirators behind this and several of our previous false flags, especially 911.

    Just start of list of all of the oddities that have occurred since the disappearance

    1. – changing flight path
    2. Israel – shutting down all embassy’s (first time ever)
    3. “Iranians” being “exposed” as evil doers within 24 hours
    4. Heart Bleed Virus giving nefarious people access to critical usernames and passwords
    5. Boeing’s Uninteruptible Autopilot being exposed turning ANY commercial plane into a drone (this must scare the shit out of the airline industry)
    6. Michele Obama all of the sudden going to Beijing immediately after hijacking.
    7. Boeing being sued
    8. CNN’s nonstop coverage (dead giveaway it is a conspiracy)
    9. CNN’s Martin Savage spending 30 days at a 777 simulator coming up with wild theories.
    10. Obama all of the sudden deciding to go to Malaysia
    11. The “ping” this “Ping” that stories.
    12. The US military, along with many countries in the region, including Malaysia, Thailand, et al holding war games exactly during the same time as the disappearance of the plane and exactly the same area. Actually, two war games. Sounds eerily similar

  14. “Had MH 370 crashed in the ocean, it would have left a huge,
    easily-visible debris field.”

    Crashed–not if it had SKILLFULLY ditched in the water (where it
    would also have been able to float some time).

    “Matthias Chang [...] explained [...] that only a
    remote-hijacking fly-by-wire scenario can explain the plane’s

    Don’t need Mr. Chang to *explain* (did he that, explain, really?)
    to figure that out, but thank you nonetheless. Q did Mr. Chang,
    much more cogently *explain* also which were then the very likely
    implications of such a scenario for the fate of the passengers
    and crews?

    “Chang says the Malaysian government has been given sealed
    evidence by one or more foreign governments concerning the fate
    of MH-370. As a condition of receiving that evidence, Malaysia is
    not allowed to divulge it.”

    I don’t believe it in such a Joe Sixpack wording. Are we talking
    of plausible deniable zero-knowledge proofs?


    This is kindergarten reasoning.

    This is kindergarten reasoning.

    “Tatum suggested that the current generation of airliners’
    fly-by-wire systems are extremely vulnerable to catastrophic
    sabotage, including electronic hijacking.”

    Hmm, not wrong strictly speaking, but this is rather the language
    of a profane.

    • “If it were known that something is that easily hijacked by remote
      control, people would stop flying. And then you’re talking about
      a huge impact on business and everything else.”

      Hahaha, thank you for the good laugh.

      “Chip Tatum speculates that a bright teenager with a laptop and a
      cell phone could hack into commercial aircraft fly-by-wire

      Q.E.D. Definitively a profane. (Crap.)


      Anyway, this was a weak article; I would have expected more from

    • At a second thought,


      is not simply kindergarten reasoning, it’s plain abusive! Maybe a
      recall to the Nuremberg process (“superior orders”) would be of use.

      • Go to (Isra)Hell, Jewboy.

      • I encourage everyone to put a *glance* (not everything will be
        understandable, not too easily or quickly at the least) at
        SERIOUS sites such,, even if you can
        stand Schneier’s limited hangout/politically correct stance and
        wishful, naive thinking in virtually anything is outside exact

        Good examples …to get the *feeling* (and understand the
        difference that there is with outlets such, and similar)

        http //
        Dismantling More ‘badBIOS’ Hyperbole and Explaining How TAO Works

        http //
        The PC BIOS is Insecure As Hell. WHY?

        http //
        The badBIOS Analysis Is Wrong.

  15. Initial reports were that MH-370 carried $400 million in cargo, likely Indonesian Gold to China. There has been no official manifest, curiously, but if true we are left with several possibilities….

    1. Real Gold was stolen for the oversold Gold futures market, China gets lost cargo insurance.
    2. Fake Gold was loaded, real Gold kept in Malaysia, China gets lost cargo insurance.

    Diego Garcia offers 15,000 foot dual runways with ILS approach, AWAC escorts, plenty of B-52 sized hangers and all false flag provocateur services needed to serve the ruling Demonic Warlords.

  16. I remind puzzlers that MH370 carried cargo transferred from the MV Maersk … on which two Navy Seals died in suspicious circumstances, in the Seychelles (soldier-of-fortune Land). These guys worked for the Trident Group, known to escort dangerous bio- and nuclear cargoes.
    Unverified, Chinese bio-security and doctors were apparently flown to Diego Garcia. Fishermen in the Maldives witnessed a Malaysian Airlines plane flying south-west over their archipelago.
    If MH370 flew south in the Indian Ocean, it would have been detected by the large US Navy base at North-West Cape in West Australia, and could not conceivably have reached beyond the very northern tip of the ludicrous ‘search area’. Australian PM Tony Abbot is a famous liar. Plot just gets thicker, ‘n’ thicker…

  17. “If the Bush crime family is deceiving the world about an operation involving remote-hijacked airliners, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

    My intuition told me that. ;)

  18. The zionists love to keep us guessing. We know the zionists did 9/11, we’re just not sure HOW they did it. With this plane “kidnapping”, we know HOW they did it, but we don’t exactly know who did it.

    Maybe this is just standard Jewish spite in action. After all, when your “religion” teaches that vengeance is everything, even more important that life itself (Samson, Ruth, David, Moses, many others) the term “smokescreen” becomes an understatement. They want us confused so we don’t notice Samson’s hair growing back………..

  19. reason given is flimsy. most cars are hijack able so do most traffic signals. basic encryption technology can prevent hijacking by kid with a laptop. even basic laptop is provided with VPN when on internet. it must be so with aircrafts and other control systems. Mossad has shown capability to hack such system when they cyber attacked Iranian nuke plants. they also have best know how of hacking.
    I think this story is continuation of cover up.

  20. A retired air force general had told me that he had personally seen demonstrations of large fly-by-wire airliners take offs & landings in the 60’s. He also said that select U.S. air-command centers had the capability to take over certain planes’ control remotely since the 60’s (including all heavy military aircraft)!!!

    Here is a massive U.S. bomber flying-by-wire (totally)-

    1961 Remote Controlled B47 Bomber Plane Predecessor to the drone


  21. Dr. Barrett –

    370 was hijacked & taken to Diego Garcia as Gordon Duff had originally revealed-may be with remote control or people aboard (or a combination of both) because an IBM engineer had sent a text + dark photo from captivity saying they were hijacked & taken hostage by some type of military force.
    Apparently he couldn’t identify their origin because they were mixed mercenaries perhaps(Most likely ZIO-TERRORISTS-Mossad)!!!

    The I-PHONE GPS is not fakeable according Jim Stone-

    Original sources is apparently Jim Stone (former NSA engineer) •with plenty details on that –


    This hijack could be for the later hijacking of the next U.S. election by Florida’s drug lord Jeb Bush!!!

  22. I would like to know the passenger list, maybe with knowing who was on the plane could give us a possible reason why this plane was taken

    • Check out 6.44pm above………… ;-)

    • has the passenger list. Check it out.

    • We have the passenger list. But I can not think what the motive is…. Don’t tell me they did this shit just for making a little bit of money….!!!!! If so, we have some sick people running this world and they need to be taken out, now!!!!

      • Yes, and we have passenger lists of the flying myths of 9/11 too, don’t we? Names are just names. The significant difference between this mysterious flight and The Flying Dutchman saga is that wind provides an endless source of energy for the latter whereas the former is dependent upon its petrofuel supply. Could it be that this is not only the significant difference but the only difference between the believability of both narratives? Oh my! Such heresy!

  23. great comment molecule, at a number of levels. Please keep posting.

  24. I have read only liberal bashig of republicans. I might remind you that this happened on a Democrat controlled exutive branch and senate. Clinton signed NAFTA.

    I am by no means sticking up for the Republicans. My only point is to keep this liberal bashing of strictly the right does not help anybody. The sooner the extreme left quits looking past the acute indescretions and complete corruption of its own party and realize governement in general is the problem, the better off we all will be. Same goes for Republicans.

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