Lavrov: Ukraine ready to accept Russia’s humanitarian aid


Lavrov: Ukraine ready to accept Russia’s humanitarian aid

… from  Russia Today,  Moscow


It looks like the aid trucks will finally be on their way

It looks like the aid trucks will finally be on their way

Editor’s note:  The humanitarian effort to bring critical supplies into East Ukraine encountered some road blocks from the White House, throwing what they felt would be stalling obstacles, which early reports estimated would prolong the suffering for at least another week.

But, to the surprise of most observers, Kiev and Moscow worked things out without foreign interference. Imagine that!

The Russians used a tactic unknown in the West. To speed up getting aid to those who so badly need it, they said yes to any concerns and conditions that Kiev had until they were all settled. So once again, the Russians have taken the diplomatic moral high ground, while the West remains in their mud bunker.

We have an earlier VT posting today on the OSCE observers continuing to report that they have found no Russian violations of having threatening military forces along the Ukraine border. The Pentagon and NATO continue to make fools of themselves and squander what is left of American prestige with blatant lies on the world stage that are quite easy to expose. The 20,000 troops they told us about must be those invisible Russian commandos.

So the East Ukrainian people may get some respite from the pummeling they have been under. An American transport plane landed in Kiev, and yes, it was loaded with military supplies for the Ukrainian army.

Is Poroshenko reversing his push for a military solution, or buying time like before?

Is Poroshenko reversing his push for a military solution, or buying time like before?

We remember that Poroshenko used the first ceasefire to rest and refit his troops to launch a new offensive as soon as the last one ended.

When that offensive was stopped with significant losses, that was when Kiev started shelling the civilian areas in retribution. Neither the US nor the EU showed any effort to stop it.

Poroshenko has also asked for international talks to begin on an East Ukraine settlement. His government is teetering on the brink with its inability to get a budget passed, as too many MPs want to play Santa Claus for their districts when there is no money. Maybe they are beginning to figure it out that the war is eating up the funds that they want for other things.

They could have asked VT months ago, and we have could briefed them about how stupid it was not to negotiate a federated settlement. So we will hope that some grownups can be found to negotiate a grownup settlement, so they all can get about rebuilding their country… Jim W. Dean ]


The Ukrainian parliament continues fighting over money that is not there.

The Ukrainian parliament continues fighting over money that is not there.

-  First published  …  August 12,  2014  -


The Russian Foreign Ministry has received a note from the Ukrainian government expressing its readiness to accept the Russian humanitarian aid. The news came as Moscow agreed on the Ukrainian presence in the humanitarian convoy.

The arrangements for the humanitarian aid convoy have been  completely agreed upon, with all of Kiev’s wishes taken into  account, including the route, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey  Lavrov told reporters at a press conference in Sochi.

We have agreed on a route convenient for the Kiev  authorities. We agreed that our trucks would have Ukrainian  number plates during their way through Ukrainian territory. We  also agreed to take on board not only the representatives of the  Red Cross and the OSCE, but also representatives of the Ukrainian  authorities,” Lavrov said. “The convoy has set off,” he added. “We have  received a note with the confirmation of the Ukrainian side’s  readiness to receive the aid.

Earlier, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military said that Kiev  intended to hold up the internationally-supervised aid convoy  meant for the Ukraine’s east for at least a week. Ukraine said  the time was needed for the International Committee of the Red  Cross (ICRC) to establish where exactly the aid should go.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has abandoned the idea to reload the aid from  Russian trucks onto Red Cross transport after a search at the  border, according to Lavrov said.

They raised the question of reloading the aid from all 287  trucks onto the trucks rented by the Red Cross, but, for obvious  reasons, abandoned this idea, because it would only complicate  and make the implementation of this humanitarian action more  expensive,” the Russian FM said.

I count a lot on the hope that public statements made by  some Kiev authorities with the demand for new conditions will be  disavowed and won’t interfere with the accomplishment of the  agreements reached between Russia, Ukraine and the Red  Cross,” he added.

Lavrov stressed that Kiev is guaranteeing the safety of the  convoy.

We firmly rely on the assurances by the Ukrainian  authorities. They are guaranteeing the safety of the whole  convoy’s movement on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian  special forces,” he said.

Russia is also counting on the anti-government forces to ensure  security. The self-defense troops in eastern Ukraine have already  been informed:

We expect the self-defense forces to express the same  attitude toward this humanitarian action. I’m sure there’ll be no  breaches, as they are now on the territory, the residents of  which require badly humanitarian assistance,” Lavrov stated.

The truth about events in eastern Ukraine has started to appear  in the Western media, Lavrov said, and thanked Russian  journalists for the contribution they have made in covering these  events.

“Western media are beginning, although unwillingly, to cover  the situation in detail, showing all the horrors experienced by  the civilian population,” Lavrov said.


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  1. Just saw an article that claimed a western reporter “witnessed” a convoy of Russian military equipment entering Ukraine. You intel guys may not have much time to disprove this.

  2. I just had a singular experience.
    I was carrying on (perhaps unwisely)
    As regards if the bad guys decided to come visiting (and did not ring the doorbell)
    The machine (windows XP) (one of our trusted girls, probably trying to keep me from harm
    (our machines here re are allowed to do that stuff, I do not 86 them for it.
    she did a cold start and loaded an update.
    I meant what I said, I will leave it there.


    I suspect the node I am talking through had in mind to save me from harm.
    But that is not her chargrge.
    I will kill you if yopu terspass here.
    It will not happebn here, nor will anyone know.
    My Machines try to keep me out of trouble.
    Now all tyhe ‘bad guys’ need is something to keep Them out of trouble.
    I will Rest.


    • That last part shows you how I compose, but in this case I want no misunderstandings.
      And yes I am pissed off, never a good time to tell the time of day, but here it comes
      We run a clean shop,If you come here trespassing we will kill you (simple as that)
      It will not happen here,and might involve the whole damn family.
      I know you are up to your necks in punks who make idle threats.
      What I told you is Company Policy.
      We have our own reasons for looking at life like that.
      We actually do not pester the nice people
      And you should not either (word to the wise.
      This place has a perimeter.
      Play Nice!


  3. Thank God for Putin! He’s proven to be the JFK of his generation; so let’s all hope he survives to bring this demented era of Planet Earth to an appropriate conclusion, once and for all! The criminally challenged USG is now flailing away, with no oars left in the water/ sorry, my period is not working so a forward slash is all i have/ There is no place on earth left to hide for the Zionists/ They have used all of their favors and now they are left exposed for all of the world to see the Monsters of the MidEast that they truly ARE!
    They shall have hell to pay and rightfully so/ Their transgressions are nothing to snicker at/ They deserve what they are about to get times 10! May God have mercy on their soulless souls!

  4. Watch and Learn.this is how Chess is played with real people (and the opponent insists)
    I never liked Chess, nor got good at it.
    Never liked monopoly either, but I was deadly at that one.


  5. God is with Putin and not the synagogue of satan. Lavrov must have hinted they have enough proof of MH17 culpability, for willy wonka to concede. Yats is very quiet on MH17, mebbe he was out of the loop and does not want to be in the dock at the Hague as an accessory after the fact. We will have the rats fleeing to israel from the sinking ship in the not too distant future.

    • I agree that the Ruskies probably got the goods on MH17. What a dastardly thing to do. The perps should be sent to Malaysia for trial and punishment.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      From your keystrokes to God’s ears!

      • It would be interesting to know if the attackers did so knowingly or if they were mislead into dirty work.

    • Funny you brought up Mr Wonka (albeit in a totally different context.
      I think The Chocolate Factory is more a message to adults than kids, though kids are welcome
      and probably more likely to ‘get it’ as it were.. anyway.
      This whole setup is the Chocolate Factory
      and we are the kids (who might inherit)
      we think in terms of shortage,
      Wonka thinks in terms of succession.
      (the real joke, it is our chocolate factory!)
      I did not like the Johnny Depp version for a bit,
      but then I did not like Johnny Depp for a moment either.
      Now I like him (a lot!) and the Gene Wilder version
      and remember Dick Van Dyke and a different candy factory (candy whistles if memory serves).
      These people are trying to tell us something I believe.



  6. US politicians are up in arms again, worrying about the “credibility” they “lose” whenever the USG fails to bomb opponents, enemies, and sometimes former allies into submission. Russian politicians don’t seem concerned about the “credibility gap.” They proceed like statesmen, work things out through dialog, making concessions when necessary to get the job done. Russia earns credibility while US politicians – like their Zionist masters – just whine about not getting what they want, and how badly the world treats them.

  7. Hope it is not true that I was reading that they were stopped at the border.

  8. Sounds too good to be true and the situation rife for sabotage? But, well…we shall see.

  9. Thank You (I have kicked the wrong thing at times,
    but unlike Jack Daniels (I heard he kicked the Safe and died of gangrene of the foot!
    Now there is something I am going to avoid doing.
    Truth be known one of my least favorite ideas is to hurt someone (me included)
    I hope this fine day finds you well,


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