OSCE – No Russian violation on Ukrainian border


Alexander Hug, Deputy director of the OSCE

 OSCE – No Russian violation on Ukrainian border

… by  Russia Today,  Moscow


The US is now stalling the humantarian relief effort

The US is now stalling the humantarian relief effort

[ Editor's note:  You just can't make this stuff up. With this current report by the OSCE, we learn that the Pentagon and NATO continue their 100% batting average on lying about Russian preparation to invade Ukraine.

The contempt this shows of the public is just off the charts. Facts on the ground that disprove their claims are just ignored.

American media has not laid a glove on the "perps" for this crime, a subversion of our democracy at worst, in that modern government seems to have adopted the continuance of never-ending psychological operations against the American people as one of its most important duties.

And as usual, the mainline veteran orgs and security trade groups have not raised question number one as to why Washington and NATO are at such odds with the official observation teams that have been on the Russian border on and off since the Western coup on Ukraine.

This is more evidence on the deplorable state of modern leadership of the country, where there is a rush to the stage for all the fluff stuff, but everyone has a family emergency when it comes to facing up to any substantial challenge where the powerful might get their feathers ruffled and take retribution. We are becoming a nation of bullies and cowards on the leadership level.

At the end of the day, it is the public's job to change that. Not nearly enough leaders are booed in public when they appear to play their assigned roles of herding us like sheep. When they treat us like the farm animals of a plantation they run, and we don't raise hell about it... well... they feel some justification for treating us that way.

Like a spouse in an abusive relationship, we seem to have developed a weird kind of dependency, or fear-of-loss head trip. Sure, we are unhappy about some things, but the challenges required to change the situation seem worse than just accepting the status quo. Such is a sign of a defeated people, and that is something we need to think about more... Jim W. Dean ]


First published … August 12,  2014  -


The US and NATO fiddle while E. Ukraine burns

The US and NATO fiddle while E. Ukraine burns

The OSCE monitoring mission on the Russian-Ukrainian border has registered no violations of international law by the Russian side during its week-long stay at the Gukovo and Donetsk checkpoints, mission head Paul Picard said.

During his press conference, Picard was asked to comment on  Western claims that Russia is shelling Ukrainian territory and  has starting deployment troops to the country.“In these two border crossings we haven’t seen such  happenings,” he replied.

The observers were assessing two checkpoints – Gukovo and Donetsk   – on the border with Ukraine’s Lugansk Region, which are  separated from each other by around 30km. Gukovo checkpoint is currently closed from the Ukrainian side,  but traffic at the Donetsk border crossing is “high,”   Picard stressed.

“About 80 percent of traffic comes from Ukraine to Russia. We  heard from people that there’s a queue of hundreds of car and a  kilometer of people standing in line to the checkpoint,” he  said.

According to Picard, the people – who are trying to cross the  Russian border from Ukraine – have their children and huge bags  with them, and don’t look remotely like tourists. The observer also confirmed that several Ukrainian shells have  landed on the Russian territory during the last week.

“Three was fighting on Ukrainian side south of [Gukovo]  border crossing point and… two shells fell on the territory of  the border crossing and two fell in the field,” he said. Picard thanked the Russian border guards for “providing  required security measures” for the OSCE mission.

He said there are currently eight OSCE employees working at  Gukovo and Donetsk, but the arrival of the rest of the group is  expected on Friday. In all, there’ll be 15 observers, a head observer and three  administrative staff, which will allow the mission “to work  24/7,” Picard said.

Picard also spoke about the group of over 400 Ukrainian soldiers  who crossed the Russian border to escape the fighting on Monday. He stressed OSCE’s active involvement in the transfer of the Kiev  troops as the organization remained in contact with Ukrainian  soldiers, while they were still surrounded by the self-defense  forces.

Most of the soldiers have returned or are in process of returning  to Ukraine at the moment, the mission head said. “Fifty-four of them remain on site [in Russia], but we hope  they’ll be back [in Ukraine] as soon as possible,” he added.

However, a weekly report by the OSCE mission has revealed that  the soldiers’ return home did not go smoothly. The transit of the troops had to be temporally halted on Tuesday  after a group of servicemen came under attack. According to the report, four soldiers were wounded as a result  of the incident, which happened on Ukrainian territory.

The OSCE mission is deployed to the Gukovo and Donetsk Russian  checkpoints on the border with Ukraine after a decision by the  body’s Permanent Council on July 24. The mission’s mandate will run for three months, with any  extension to require another ruling by the Permanent Council of  57 OSCE member states.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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5 Comments for “OSCE – No Russian violation on Ukrainian border”

  1. This does not surprise me.

    History repeats itself. The West stirred trouble in Hungary in 1956 and agreed that they would stay out provided Russia did not intervene in the Egyptian conflict created by Israel.

    ISIS was trained and battle hardened in Syria, funded by Israel channeled through Qatar, headed by a mossad agent Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadit, supported by U.S. and U.K. Deposing of Assad has not been put to bed yet. ISIS will return to oust Assad when Iraq is done.

    ISIS in the meantime have now been ordered to wreak havoc in Iraq. As one observant post here pointed out, drones could easily scatter the ISIS leadership if that was the intention of the West.

    If the plan all along, was to split Iraq into three independent nations than it would obviously be resisted by Maliki and the Iraqi government. With the past meddling, the West finds it difficult to intervene with troops without widespread condemnation. So how best to get the public behind such action? Continued…..

    • Maybe create a humanitarian crisis depicting that the Yazidi will be decimated by the barbaric ISIS. Then send in humanitarian aid, followed by advisers, then targeted responses. Now we have troops from the U.S., Australia and the U.K. being sent in without the 100,000 anti war protesters marching as they did in 2003.

      And why is the West being pushed into another action under the guise of humanitarian aid? Maliki has been deposed as he was against the break-up of Iraq and would have ordered his troops to resist another foreign incursion. Resistance, by the way, is bound to happen anyway, and then we will have a real humanitarian crisis on our hands with on going civil war in Iraq as in Lybia..

      The media is all for Kurdish independence. Sounds great on sympathetic grounds? The real reason? The newly appointed Prime Minister of Kurdistan is illegally selling oil through Israeli brokers that is not condoned by Iraq. So why are we involved an on Israel’s behalf ????

  2. Jim, could you please add a view counter for the articles so we can see how high your readership is?

    • Check the little blue box below the article, and above the beige “Comments” box. There’s a count of “reads.” Not sure if it distinguishes “unique” reads, or just counts the times the page was accessed.

  3. Your editor’s note once again hits the mark Jim……VT is on fire at the moment in a relentless drive to get the truth out and the whole team should to be congratulated on their efforts.

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