Satanist Scofield Bible Erasing Christ from Christianity



By Stew Webb

Kill an Arab for GOD says your Pulpit Goon, the Jews are GODS chosen people.

This one will tick off a lot of people and I hope it does.  Wake up you Idiots stop killing innocent people for Satan.

Why are 70-100 Million Evangelical Christians in America brainwashed into standing with and giving money to Israel? Watch the Video and then you might understand why.

American Zionist Christians say “GOD said the Jews are the chosen people”,  I will die for Israel then please go there and give me the missile to shoot you with.

Chosen for what?

To be mass murders of innocent people?

Idiots breed idiots…..

Republicans breed Republicans….

Democrats breed Democrats…

Satanists breed Satanists….

Bushes breed Satanic Criminals….

Illuminati breed Satanists

Dumb Christians breed Zionists…..

Liars, Killers and Thief’s are not GODS chosen People.

The Scofield Bible marked a turning point of Christian teaching in American Seminaries and churches.  Later translations have actually changed scripture, but the first Scofield translation did not. But it did add numerous incorrect, twisted comments which interpreted certain verses to create support for World Zionism by American Christians.

It is no coincidence that this Scofield Bible translation was initially published in England at Oxford University Press, the home of private Central Zionist Banking founded by the Rothschilds. Note that the whole World Zionist private Central banking System centered in the City of London Financial District is based on lies and fraud just like the paranoid racial delusions of World Zionism that have entrapped many Judaics all over the world, especially in Israel.







Christian Zionism the Tragedy and the Turning Part I Full Documentary

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The Scofield Reference Bible Exposed & Rebuked

YouTube - Veterans Today -


New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine

Zionists design myth of Jewish genome to usurp Palestine

A highly respected study done at John’s Hopkins by a group led by Israeli scientist Dr. Eran El Haik conclusively proved that Israeli Jews are genetically European.

Most Jews, 97.5%, have absolutely no Middle Eastern DNA of any kind, not Semitic certainly. Does this mean there can be no Jewish homeland? Actually no. Does it mean that “settlers” can move simply displace very real Semitic residents, for Palestinians are a totally “Semitic” race, and steal their homes?

The Geneva Conventions qualify this as a war crime. Even the European Union now outlaws anyone from having financial dealings with Israeli companies or persons living on illegally stolen land, not just the West Bank but 40% of pre-1967 Israel as well.


Stew Webb Veterans Today

Stew Webb Website

Veterans Today Radio News Reports Stew Webb Host

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49 Comments for “Satanist Scofield Bible Erasing Christ from Christianity”

  1. Mr. Webb, a Reuters news item from today states that a Black Mass will be held next month at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. It’s been held every year, but the local Catholic Archbishop is suing to stop it, with the Satanists countersuing for defamation. Never mind that the Black Mass itself is defamation.

    But it gets even more bizarre than that. City officials say that they can’t stop the Black Mass because of the group’s 1st Amendment religious rights. But this is a PUBLIC, government building, owned and operated by the city taxpayers. Remember, cities all over the country routinely prevent expressions of religion on public property, such as no Christmas tress or manger scenes allowed. In those cases, they cite the separation of church and state as an excuse. So how come city officials don’t say anything about separating church and state in this Black Mass case? Here’s a choice quote from the article “Officials for the Oklahoma Civic Center said that since the center is a city-owned facility, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not allow for them to turn away productions based on their content.” The city fathers in Oklahoma City are a bunch of weasels at best. At worst, they themselves are Satanists, which is why they have no problem allowing a Black Mass on government property.

  2. Note in passing
    The creeps that think they would like to rule the world (an who am I to argue)
    We have Love And Warmness, and that is our fix for their Coldness.
    they need to burn themselves out while we still have a Planet to Play On.
    And By The Way I have ‘seen the light in your eyes’ so to speak.
    Not you of course but it did happen, and there were no light sources which could account,
    this one happened when I almost left the Planet.
    I Saw The Light in Her Eyes (quite literally (just so you know it is real).
    Good thing I had friends I had not met,
    Hospice section, and two on vigil.
    Love to.


  3. From a point of science and evolution theory the story of Noach..the deluge. the clean and “unclean” pairs of animals he tooked on the boat might be a nice mythology but can never be a serious basement for genetical studies.

    At age of five hundred years he beget Sem, Hamand Jafet (Jonach died in the age of nine hundred fifthy years)
    Why we do not hear anything about Hamandites or Jafetites?
    We can find nothing mentioned about Semites in any archaelogical texts or other materials.

    But if Noach, Sem is just an mythology….there are no nations of semites.
    There is no bloodline down from Adam and Eve, no bloodline down from Kain…even not from Seth

    The creation from which the OT tells is the creation of the human.
    Its not the creation of the Homo Sapiens!
    Humanity is without bloodline! There is no human race existing. A race is related to the genetic grounds of the homo sapiens and his ancestors

    The bloodline story of the OT is a hoax….a later addition of dogmatic rules, unethical lies and inhuman

    But if there are no Semites…how can be anti semitism?

    • Alois,
      The myth of the garden, the golden age, the time when things were better, more complete, and easier than today spans many cultures, and is found around the planet. Each of these cultures has their own creation story. It is merely the arrogance of the ignorant to assume that theirs is the only valid legend.
      Joseph Campbell is utterly forgotten today, yet one of his observations bears repeating. Christians are more than willing to assume that every other culture’s sacred stories are mere myth, but they refuse to accept this reality for themselves.
      The events of the old testament have been proven to be anything but history. Noah never lived, much less for 900 or so years. Adam and Eve are allegories. Fundamentalism seeks literal interpretation, a rigid adherence to a dogma constantly reinterpreted by people who are not able to comprehend the mythic dimension.
      There is no “true bible”, nor is there any Jesus the man. Both are constructs from a literalist perspective that damage the human imagination.
      In a very real sense, those who adhere to the jewish agenda are jews. They have embraced master race theory, and the fantasy of biblical tales forced into literal reality. They are following the dictates laid out by their lesser god, and infecting themselves with a set of beliefs that destroy their humanity.

  4. Thank you Mr. Webb;

    Confirming your article is the Most ancient Book of Christianity written during the lifetime of Jesus revealed & filmed for first time predicted similar Satanists emerging in Jesus own words (in advance) 2000 years ago;

    Old Bible Proves Quran is Right


  5. I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape over this even if its treasonous to the original texts that make up the old and new testament. The problem is which bible is the original? Which bible has to most accurate translation from the ancient greek, where many of the stories come from. If their is a gospel of Judas, why isn’t it included. The last one is simple; According to this masterpiece just translated this century Judas as right hand man of Jesus was the only person he could trust to sell him out. None of the others would do it. Hows that for a twist?

    http //

    Those who chose the gospels did so with their own special desire to sell something, which is why I’m careful NOT to take even the traditional Catholic bible I have published in the late 1800′s literally.

    • Mauro Biglino Unexpected Bible – Translating it literally

      Mauro Biglino translated 23 books of the Bible for the Vatican. He had to translate the Leningrad Codex (the version of the Bible which all three major monotheistic religions – Christian, Jewish and Muslim – recognize as the official Bible) from the Hebrew, word by word, literally and with no interpretation whatsoever. The official publishing organism of the Vatican approved and released those books, at least 17 of them.

      While working on the Bible, he realized that many of the stories this book tells were mistranslated, misinterpretated, mostly on purpose, in order to insert the notion of a spiritual, all mighty and unerring God.

      As soon as he released “THE BOOK THAT WILL FOREVER CHANGE OUR IDEAS ABOUT THE BIBLE – THE GODS COMING FROM SPACE” that he authored, the Vatican suspended all further publications of Mauro Biglino’s work.
      https //

      • After reading David Talbott’s The Saturn Myth, those first sentences of Genesis take on a whole new meaning – to the extent that the Scofield note wasn’t so off base after all!

      • That is a very interesting video. Biglino reminds me of the nuclear engineer that lost his career for trying to dismantle the mega-corps myth that nuclear rods cant be recycled. Their both very brave and humble to eeeek out a living telling their story. Here is the site where I dug up the Judas story, its pretty lame compared to the alien theory, but I like the idea that the script was written in Greek. Its a personal thing.

        http //

  6. Revelations contains text warning against adding words to the Bible, so what Schofield did was an end run around that by adding “comments” instead of Biblical text. Smart fella, huh? But it’s not just Revelations that advises us – we’re kept arguing with debunkers by the same evil that wrote the “comments” into the Bible. That evil isn’t with horns and pitchfork and red Santa/Satan suit – that evil is described throughout the Bible in a very simple yet profound way, as the Father of Lies. The great liar that is known as the Devil – you can call him or it by any name, but as Shakespeare observed it’s still the same thing – deception that allows all manner of evil to walk right in when we’re deceived. You already know what they want – they want your money, they want to enslave you, and they want to kill America which is the one great barrier standing in their way. They will kill a billion as easily as 3 thousand, because they have a goal, just like PNAC, but much much bigger.

  7. Charlotte NC Bill

    The comparisons are endless…most Protestants have that “I’m rich therefore God loves me” mentality just like the Jews…Someone like the Rothschilds or the Facebook kid could fraud and rip-off everyone in their way but “God must love them because he trusts them with so much wealth…” Their teachings ( ” send me $30 and God will bless you with $3,000″ ) dovetail nicely with the Jews..

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      The Church is the New Israel…
      Real Christians in real Churches that have valid priests and valid Sacraments ( Catholic and E, Orthodox ONLY ) are the Chosen people of the New Testament era…if anyone else finds his way it’s in spite of his false religion-not through it…Yes, there’s a long-running war in the Catholic Church. It’s attacked the most by Satan because he knows it belongs to Christ….The SSPX…the SSPXMC…the FSSP are still decent wings of the Church…which is why they’re always under attack…

  8. I have to admit, the title grabbed me.
    Actually, christians don’t want to really know their history. They don’t want to know that their precious bible was edited and rewritten repeatedly. They don’t want to know that they ripped off Jesus from the Gnostics, and then genocided them to cover the crime. They especially don’t want to know that their religion was a political contrivance by a failing empire. They want to pretend that lending their energy to a lying, mind control invader religion is somehow a beautiful thing.
    It is unsurprising that tons of christians worship the jews who hate them, or that they practice all kinds of subservience to those they should try and jail. This is exactly the kind of deranged behavior christianity was designed to instill.
    It would all be very sad, except for the fact that the arrogance, and murderous complicity that go along with it have very real effects on the world. Thus, it is not sad, it is in fact, criminal.

  9. Excellent exposure of one of the lies Stew. If one embraces Koran, Torah, and/or the Bible . . . one should at least get the proper and correct translation (though that may be harder than first thought).

    It would seem the bigger lie starts as judaic history somehow being true?

    The name is “Enuma Elish”. It is the first written language we have thousands of tablets of Mesopotamia. . . it predates the torah by thousands of years. Additionally, we have the early’ Vedic Hymns’ ( again predating by thousands of years).

    So by all means embrace the three Abrahamic myths as metaphor . . . it is your choice, but stop pretending they have some undeniable connection to facts on the ground for the beginnings of mankind.

    John Allegro reported the truth about the dead sea scrolls and was shut up by both christian and jewish scholars. Why? because he came to understand that the essenes were essentially equating the mystical experience of psychotrophic mushrooms with experiences of G-d. (Which they very well could be described, approached in a tradition the west no longer understands).

    The etiology Zionism is a lie and that has no basis in fact or history. Arguing for something’s truth and existence while inside a box of beliefs based on the same said subject? Brilliant! Really?

  10. If you are of a Biblical Bent (or not as the case may be)
    It bears noting that the bible is a compiled work assembled by editors after the fact.
    I think of it as the Old Farmers Almanack of its day (in a narrow sense)
    (I like farmers better!
    Very few people could read, and look up what they did to the guy that made the bible
    readable by the rabble at large. (the priesthood was Not Amused!
    (they mumbled something about movable type I think)
    Anyway.. that book some of you hold so dear is an edited work, (the word Fraud leaps to mind)
    and there have been adjustments down through time,
    and they all said God will get you if you alter this (Right after they altered it.
    There is no Great Truth to corrupt!
    Abrahamic religions are based ion an angry jealous fraud that only ever created death and destruction.
    It is a Trap.
    You do not need the ‘book’
    aside from parables and such (which are not proprietary)
    it is an inaccurate history of a bunch of self important creeps who have been pestering humanity
    and trying to run a guilt trip.
    I hope they meet their maker sooner rather than later.
    Enough is Enough God Damn it!!
    And less still the Priesthood.
    Let’s say for a moment that Judgement is upon us,
    You will be judged on thinking for yourself (And getting it reasonably close)
    and club membership will if anything cost you.


    • “Christianity” was adopt / adapt / improved by some Romans trying to unite tribes
      more that a hundred years after the so called savior walked. (if in fact there was a JC)
      I have no idea if he did or did not (you might find and read Siddhartha)
      I Do Know ‘his’ message was simple, not at all unique, and as of yet ignored.
      He wanted people to quit with animal sacrifice and tribalism.
      So Far, No Go!


  11. William St. George

    Thank you for a most valuable article and video! And Obama is playing golf. I have nothing against golf but since he is the one person who could stop Israel in a second, it strikes me as an unforgivable derelection of duty. But then derelection of duty is now common place in America. Unfortunately I think many Americans have fallen into a bad way of life which produces much anger; and these wars are a way of expressing that anger. But the wars only create more seeds of anger. Behind it all is a great ignorance.

    • I’m no expert, but didn’t Christ directly equate Satan with human ignorance? If not, he should have………

      • Satan and Lucifier (both Latinized of Hebrew — “Morning Star”) is a fallen angel (Hebrew — nachash). So I don’t know how anyone of any right thinking mind can equate The Devil with anything — human. He (nachash are asexual, but have preference for masculine appearance for some reason) certainly did assist in “fallen” humanity, but this is not the same as equating Beelzebub (one of many titles) with anything resembling — humanity …

        If you want an expert here, then I would consult Mark A. Flynn. He is writing a new series of articles and book on this very subject. I would supplement him with present studies of Dr. Michael S. Heiser …

      • Oh.. never equate Satan (the tormentor, works for the home office)
        Beelzebub (claims there is no reservation and thumbs nose
        (I hope I did not cross up my mythologies
        And Lucifer
        Light Bringer.
        Morning Star / Evening Star (Venus)
        No wonder the authoritarians wanted to queer this one. (they are a misogynistic lot as well!
        Lucifer is not Satan.
        And your troubles are of your own making if they keep happening.


        • And Yes (I don’t know how many have voiced this observation,
          If Ignorance is not the Devil, it is probably the closest thing you have met.


    • It’s my understanding that Eisenhower played a lot of golf too – and his ordering all the German POWs be starved to death never saw the light of day. And then at the end of his last term he inexplicably points a finger at the MIC and warns us all against it! Is it any wonder the citizenry of this country is hopelessly confused!

      BTW – my dad was a mailman during Eisenhower’s 2 terms and as a federal employee received NO raise in pay for 8 years! Eisenhower balanced the budget on the backs of these workers! But he sure enjoyed his time playing golf!

      • Hey now, settle down and count your blessings (you can wait ’til you get home (shoot me later)
        To say he is Tone Deaf is to understate the case,
        If you thought the ‘optics’ might be an embarrassment.
        (look at the bright side, we are a lot better off if he sticks to Golf,
        now for someone to run the railroad!
        (he is on display and looks out of his depth to decision makers far and wide)
        I do not know if bamalama is as clueless as he seems (and at this point it is moot
        He is showing in front of God and everybody just what his employers think of us
        and it ain’t us “we just pay him” just what he thinks of the importance of getting it right.
        Cheap at twice the price unless the rest of the world looses it’s sense of humor.
        Be thankful he is not more sneaky.
        Thespians One and All!


  12. Spot on, Stew Webb, and please answer me this if all those self-replicating Abrahamic and spin-off groups you mention seem to be working toward the same end result, while often appearing to be at odds with one another, who benefits and who or what is the cause? It’s almost as if they are all infected with some neural toxin, isn’t it?

    Coincidentally, John Lamb Lash was just interviewed on Red Ice and he talks about this in great detail, offering solutions as well, to the anti-goy / anti-human program. Title of the show is “White Genocide and the Archonic Infection.” You can GOOGLE that and don’t worry. John Lash is not a supremecist™ (eek!) for he warns us that if “They” are able to bump off the White race, they will soon kill off all the rest as well, because that is the ultimate program. Can you look into this and write up your own thoughts and insights? Or Interview Lash for VT?

    • Gordon Duff has spoken many times on the differnt groups
      Veterans Today Radio News Report Stew Webb Host
      http //

    • Please note that THEY have spent years decimating/annihilating the indigenous peoples of the world – the remnants of people still capable of spiritual etheral/cosmic connection/knowledge. How much real archeology has been hidden or even destroyed to keep the real truths from becoming known. How many stories of enigmatic artifacts being sent to the Smithsonian that disappear within its bowels without a trace?

      Great effort has been expended keeping the rest of us in total ignorance of our actual history/roots or conjuring up tall tales/religion as explanations for the fake history including our origins.

      If you think the white race is at risk for genocide, consider it is the JEWS who are the ultimate targets! They are being played as much as the rest of us! We are caught up in a cosmic game with pathological cosmic tricksters > THEY’ve done everything possible to ensure we stay at each other’s throats – neverending slaughter & suffering > the ‘food of the gods’!

      Perhaps the only hope we can really count on is that psychopathic entities are incapable of believing their plans won’t work out exactly as envisioned. Their arrogance will be their downfall.

    • “working toward the same end result, while often appearing to be at odds with one another”

      Simple, these “illuminatus” eat their own. It is a collective (hive mind) mindset embodied within rivalries. They are all seeking “The Ring.” They sacrifice the one(s) for the many. That is how “legion” works. Read C.S. Lewis — “The Screwtape Letters.” J.R.R. Tolkien also discusses this in his works. (beyond LOTR) We humans do the same to some extent. However, “they” do it without remorse. If you want to discuss Archons, then see my previous pointing to Flynn and Heiser …

  13. We desperately need to reconcile actual reality to our spirtuality > only the truth can set us free.

    • Disappeared comment preceding above>

      It is beyond tragic that the populations of the world have been in continuous war and turmoil for centuries – much of it to do w/ religious concepts/beliefs. Where/how did these beliefs come to be? The answer is – not surprisingly – the SKY > the ancients witnessed the catastrophic collision of planetary bodies including Earth and left the record in myths and legends.

      http //


      • David Talbott is a comparative mythologist whose work offers a radical new vantage point on the origin of ancient cultural themes and symbols. His book The Saturn Myth goes into great detail connecting the most ancient glphys & writings to what was being observed in the sky – worldwide! Cultures globablly were all describing/depicting the exact same things! And they include the entire litany of gods/goddesses/paradise-Eden/middle earth-island-eye-temple/bulls-horns/twins/twin peaks-mountains-pyramids-mounds-twin pillars-tridents-Atlas/wheel-chariot/cross-four winds-north wind-four rivers-Jerusalem/crescent-boat-ship/womb-god man-child-Adam/creator-creation-king-queen/polar sun-black sun-Saturn-Kronos-Universal Monarch – etc. We are all familiar w/ these symbols as they are paramount in our world to this very day esp. as to religion, Masonry, and corporate symbols. ALL the terrestrial ‘Holy’ city/lands were humans’ duplicating the cosmic ‘Holy’ city/land > Jerusalem & Mecca the most prominent today.

        • Is Julius Caesar representative of the Warrior-Hero and Jesus representative of the passive Universal Monarch i.e. the Good King > a duality of Christ?

          Even though it seems the Hyperdimensionals & their terrestrial psychopathic cohorts have the upper hand, it would also seem more than happenstance that the very real Caesar and the mythical Jesus, primarily based on Caesar, have played such prominent roles in our past/present.

          Was the mantra of love & kindness engendered by even an artificially created Jesus the needed antidote to the growing popularity of the Yahweh fearing Hebrew faith? Those rebellious jews were huge thorns in the Romans’ side and the last thing they wanted was for even more people to convert to that religion! Solution – create/recycle a new version of a former saviour/redeemer except this time eliminate the warrior part and emphasize the forgiveness & mercy part. I’d say it worked like a charm! And if you need to fictiously add a few hundred years to the calendar to make it work – who’s the wiser?

          History Fiction or Science? “A Pretty Wild Theory” – Anatoly Fomenko
          This book presents a wildly radical restructuring of the timeline of world history.


          • He is a founder of the controversial “New Chronology” movement which essentially states that history only goes back till about 1050 AD. From what we now call the 11th through 15th centuries, there was a Eurasian empire (what we now call the “Byzantine empire”) which lasted almost 400 years. In the 15th century, the various remnants of the empire developed their own versions of the story, each with their own nation at the center of the story. These stories were eventually recombined into a single narrative which repeats itself cyclically.

            “I am personally a little skeptical, but I am at least convinced that the conventional chronology is basically fictional, being based on written documents which in almost all cases are much newer than the history they record.” – Timothy Horrigan
            http //

          • Aspects of this timeline ‘adjustment’ is part of the discussion here>
            http //

  14. It’s time for Christians to stop justifying evil, more commonly known as Judaism. You can be a Jew or a Christian, but not both, so PLEASE get it through your illiterate under-educated moronic brains exactly WHAT Judaism means and exactly WHAT your leader, Christ, said about the Jews,

    Clue #1.) They were NOT “chosen” by God, ever.

    Clue #2.) They were, in fact vipers, dead mens’ bones, all manner of unclean-ness and the Children of Satan, originally translated as the “serpent”, a viper in other words.

    And PLEASE, grow a brain, fast. If not for our sake, do it for yourselves. Christ also said YOU will be accountable for supporting evil, no matter what the reason.

    Ignorance is not an excuse.

    • I’m inclined to think that they WERE chosen by their psychopathic ‘god’ Yahweh > at least in that unsubstantiated book known as the bible – a book of ripped off real history, altered/corrupted & even invented for a specific purpose. The imaginary Yahweh of ruthless vengence and his ‘chosen’ ones > sure came in handy to not only lead the real Jews down the path of destruction, but the real Christians too! Yes, those Christians who turned out to be every bit as ruthless as the Jews i.e. the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the bloody theft of the Americas from the Indians!

      And look at what we have today > the Zjews &Zchristians out to annihilate the real Jew-Muslims while the Zmuslims in their terrorist ISIS mode rain destruction on the real Muslims and the real Christians – all 3 Abrahamic religions > all 3 tied to Messiahs! What’s wrong w/ this picture?!!

      We have been purposely deceived/manipulated to play the game of death/destruction/chaos > a game purposely designed – one might even say ‘Intelligently Designed’ – to derail the intended evolution of human consciousness.

      Only the truth will set us free.

      • In his book The Gods of Eden, author William Bramley states right upfront that he had set out to determine why mankind was always at war with one another and the very last thing he expected to find was . . . the UFO!

        Mauro Biglino set out to accurately translate the Bible – and what did he find > the UFO!

        • John Keel identified them as Cosmic Jokers / Cosmic Tricksters > transdimensional entities from the realm of demons. From Keel’s book Operation Trojan Horse>

          “Demonology is not just another crackpot-ology. … Thousands of books have been written on the subject, … The manifestations and occurrences described in this imposing literature are similar, if not entirely identical, to the UFO phenomenon itself.

          The Devil and his demons can, according to the literature, manifest themselves in almost any form and can physically imitate anything from angels to horrifying monsters with glowing eyes. Strange objects and entities materialize and dematerialize in these stories, just as the UFOs and their splendid occupants appear and disappear, walk through walls, and perform other supernatural feats.”

          We are dealing w/ something much more powerful and dangerous than deranged Zionists.

          • When I read the Four Gospels, without the other baggage of the “Bible”, that’s more or less what Christ said.

            He didn’t leave us much to go on, so that’s where self-serving egomaniacs like Saul (eh, “Paul”) stepped in to fill-in-the-blanks……. Much of Christianity should be called “Saulianity”. Or maybe Saul-Inanity.

            The Scofield “Bible” is a perfect example of how the Demons have turned Christ’s words inside out and Christians against others, and themselves.

      • ~ ”If I AM not mistaken, I do believe that you meant the Roman Catholic Church, flying under the banner of Christianity / The Cross, committed those atrocities, not actual Christians, Real Live Genuine Christians, DO NOT KILL other people, however, whenever THE FINAL TRUMPET BLOWS = THE GAME IS ON, BECAUSE THE BATTLE -VS- GOOD -VS- EVIL WILL HAVE FINALLY BEGUN” ~

  15. Morris Cerullo and his Mexican sephardic jews who migrated to Texas for the oil money have a lot to answer for. They have infiltrated the dumb southern redneck Baptists and turned them zio. Shamelessly the Southern Baptists now support the jews of israel so that Christ returns and the self-same jews then be wiped out??!! Very queer logic but bibi satanyahu is laughing all the way to the arms bank in the meantime, whilst praying for Moliech to return instead!! There are three very united reservoirs of evil in the US – the jews-Koch & Co,the southern baptists-MfCain & Co and the militant gays-Lindsey & Co. – the only organised force that can confront them, the Catholic Church is mired in misconduct and has been effectively neutered by Whoopy Goldberg & Hollywood!!

    • The Catholic Church? Are you serious? The Pope wears a Yarmulke! The Jesuits are a secret Kabulistic Army! The Rothschilds are their Bankers! Most Christian scholars consider the Catholic Church to be in Apostasy and to be the Anti-Christ! The United States was formed by Protestants that wanted NOTHING to do with Pope or King! That was a good idea then, and it is a good idea NOW!

      • Charlotte NC Bill

        The USA was created by the illuminati to advance the JWO/NWO….The illuminati had already infiltrated Freemasonry which was always designed to serve Lucifer anyway…Yeah buddy, it’s just an accident that our Central bank is owned by the Rothschilds and the Moses Seif bank and the shareholders of Goldman Sachs…Just an accident that our foreign policy serves the Synagogue of Satan….Just an accident that their rogue network was able to pull-off 9-11 and had it’s controlled media/politicians help cover it up….Where Christ doesn’t reign Satan takes the throne…he’s enthroned here in the good ‘ol USA!

    • Those Pedophile Priests were not Irishmen, I assure you.

  16. Charlotte NC Bill

    It’s true Evangelical and Pentecostal “Christian” Zionists are more Jewish than Christian…they’re wannabe Jews…they go even beyond the Juda-izers that was the basis of the argument between Peter and Paul ( Paul was right, Peter admitted he was wrong )….Unlike Pope Pius X who told Herzl to his face that he wouldn’t/couldn’t support his venture and that if he tries to take the Holy Land by force he’ll have “priests there waiting to baptize them”….Pretty lame response considering what Herzl was proposing but Europe was barely Christian…it was 1900, not 1200 or 1300…Yup…the heretics love Talmudia more than they love Jeshua…more than they love the truth ( about 9-11 for example )…

    • “Evangelical and Pentecostal “Christian” Zionists are more Jewish than Christian”

      Agree with to a point. It’s more complex than that. It has more to do with the simple fact of REFUSING to be “confessional.” There is a huge difference to “profess” vs. “confess.” Now even Rome can be classified under the “confessional.” However, they have other problems. I discuss that above. (See Curly Howard in FB posts.)

    • Paul’s propaganda about Christians being the new “Chosen Ones” has caused untold pain and suffering to people who were, and are, FAR superior.

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  1. NEO – Will France and Germany challenge NATO?
  2. Alternative Media Success Panics NeoCons: Still Launching Wars with Lies
  3. Da’ish (IS), FSA and al Nusra Compete for Dwindling Support…
  4. NEO – Sanction-Drunk West Forgets to Target ISIS Sponsors
  5. VT Gun Control Forum Video
  6. Report: Services for Female Veterans Fall Short
  7. Russia Calls International Probe of Kiev Atrocities
  8. Making You an Enemy of the State
  9. US-Israeli Con Game Runs Against Iran Over Nuclear Energy Program
  10. Vietnam Celebrates National Day
  11. Denver-area veterans given free marijuana at unusual event
  12. Disabled Combat Veteran Bullied by Hospital Medical Director in Leeds, MA
  13. Obama Launches Naked Aggression on Syria
  14. NEO- Will the US try to Pull Maidan Scenario in Russia?
  15. US strikes 50 ISIL targets in Syria
  16. 9/11 perp Mike Harari reported dead at 87
  17. Intellectual Perversity and Zionist Mumbo-Jumbo
  18. Has the Israel Lobby lost ground in its perpetual war against US academia?
  19. 28 Proofs: West Coast absolutely fried with Fukushima Radiation, Part II
  20. 28 Proofs: West Coast absolutely fried with Fukushima Radiation, Part I
  1. JLM3: All the zionist jews and their media ever had was lies, now they just look pathetic whether they're to sell a bs jew scam/policy to be paid for with american ...
  2. MDK: Great article Kevin, first reaction is we need a political Truth Party, millions of people know about 911. Nominate a candidate for president, have a debate between nukes, thermite, dew. ...
  3. warmingmyth: Sorry to dampen things down about the Scottish referendum but the reality is not quite as straight forward. The Scottish Nationalist Party -- the main proponents of independence from the ...
  4. Old Jules: Jim W. Dean I expect you're right about the jewels of history ending up no-telling-where after estate sales. I hope the Bill Miller photos didn't go that route. ...
  5. Charlotte NC Bill: If they're not going to be Defenders of the Faith and their own people there's no sense in having a Royal family!

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