NEO – Blinded by the Gaza Spotlight

It Zionist Isarel a kind of geopolitical black hole sucking down all attempts to resolve the problem?

It Zionist Isarel a kind of geopolitical black hole sucking down all attempts to resolve the problem?

Blinded by the Gaza Spotlight: What Is Happening In The Shadows?

… by  Gwenyth Todd, VT Editor    … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


Pulling it all together is an art.

Pulling it all together is an art.

[ Editor's note:  Some people can listen to Beethoven, some can play Beethoven, and still others enjoy the nuances of how his sonatas, trios and symphonies were constructed. 

In geopolitical analysis and writing, there are a few writers who can identify demographic indicators and explain it to the rest of us in a clear and engaging manner, and that is a gift which Gwenyth certainly has, along with her understanding of dynastic legacies in political groups. 

As Gwenyth notes, the International Community should enforce its own laws against Israeli settlements since 2004 in the West Bank, but it doesn't. We have seen sanctions being used quick-draw cowboy style on Russia to the detriment of the European economy, but not on Israel who deserves them the most.

Israel has everything to gain by keeping the world focused on Gaza's war, while Israel continues to break international laws by annexing the West Bank. This again illustrates that the best defense for Israel is a good offense, while our esteemed world organizations fumble the ball over and over... Jim W. Dean and Erica P. Wissinger ]


-  First published  August 10, 2014  -


Israeli Orthodox Jewish men hold copies of the Quran, after Jewish settlers vandalized the local mosque

Israeli Orthodox Jewish men hold copies of the Quran, after Jewish settlers vandalized the local mosque

With Gaza firmly in the international spotlight, few observers seem willing or able to strain their eyes to determine activity in the surrounding shadows blanketing activity in the nearby Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Careful stage-management ensures that horrific bombing in the tiny, crowded Gaza Strip, where 1.8 million people are crammed into an area of about 360 square kilometers, maintains global focus on what frequently seems to amount to a twisted carnival-type game involving Israelis shooting fish in a barrel.

The show is even more spectacular than the conflict in Ukraine because huge civilian casualties are guaranteed daily in Gaza, making for more sensational journalism.

In no way do I wish to minimize the tragedy of the ongoing slaughter of thousands of innocents in Gaza. I would, however, like to suggest that even as the death toll rises in Gaza, it is extremely important to remain vigilant regarding events in the much larger West Bank, where settlement building and ongoing, widespread human rights abuses continue unabated and unaddressed.

Additionally, people should consider that the size and resources of the West Bank could one day provide overcrowded Gaza with tremendous relief from its population pressure, thus reducing the desperation and poverty that help fuel Gazan terrorist activity.

This is why it is important that people realize how and why they are manipulated into focusing solely on the devastating problems in Gaza instead of on the potential solutions in the West Bank.

Map of Israel and the West Bank political area of the Jordan River

Map of Israel and the West Bank political area of the Jordan River

It is difficult not to be cynical about the Gaza drama. It was not an altruistic or benevolent act on Israel’s part when the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon withdrew the last protesting Israeli settlers from Gaza in August 2005.

The Israeli withdrawal relieved Israel of the significant burden of protecting Israelis in a cramped, dangerous, resource-poor environment. Uprooted settlers were generously compensated and relocated, with added bonus payments for relocating within certain areas of Israel proper.

The withdrawal further helped Israel’s international image by being portrayed as a major concession by Israel in terms of the Peace Process.

The gesture was designed to “take the heat off” Israel at a time when Israel had already begun building the infamous Wall between Israel and the West Bank, a wall supposedly designed to protect Israel from incursions and attacks, a hideous, looming structure reminiscent of the darkest days in Berlin.

It is much easier for the world to focus on the situation in Gaza than in the West Bank. There are about 1.5 million Palestinians living in the West Bank, and they are spread over 5640 square kilometres. Interspersed among them are up to 500,000 Jewish settlers, a number which is steadily increasing.

Contrast that with about 8500 Jewish settlers relocated from Gaza into Israel in August 2005 and the differences between the situations in the West Bank and Gaza become even more stark.

Simply put, it was easy and convenient in 2005 for Israel to withdraw from Gaza since it covered only a tiny area, housed only a small number of Jewish settlers, had no significant resources needed by Israel and was generally recognized as an overcrowded Palestinian slum.

I reserve the harshest criticism for those who sanctimoniously announced in 2005 that Gaza had a chance to become a real democracy. Any politician, historian, sociologist or even casual observer could have foretold that fundamentalist Muslims, most likely with ties to known terrorists, would be the only group sufficiently organized to win a general election.

Since independent Gaza’s fate still remained in the iron grip of the Israelis, the moment Hamas was elected provided an opportunity for Israel to set up a blockade to isolate, punish and direct international focus onto this tiny, overcrowded slice of land. In doing so, the stage was set for a permanent spotlight on Gaza to deflect outside observers’ attention from the situation in the West Bank.

The tragic reality of the never-ending Peace Process is that no Israeli government will ever be able to allow the West Bank to become an independent Palestinian state. While Israel cites security concerns, pointing to the rockets fired from Gaza and pointing out how much worse things would be if the West Bank, more than 15 times the area of Gaza, were an independent state, they might as well be comparing apples and oranges.


Politics and Resources

View of West Bank settlement

View of West Bank settlement

Many observers accept Israel’s security justification, but the reality is more complex. The first issue is resource-based. Israel counts on unfettered access to the huge fresh-water aquifer under the West Bank to keep Israel green and luxuriant.

Israel rejoiced when it gained control of the aquifer in 1967 and will never allow the Palestinians to control that aquifer without access to large amounts of water from another source. No such alternate water source is on the horizon.

The second issue is political. With somewhere around 500,000 Israeli settlers established throughout the West Bank, no Israeli government in recent decades has had the luxury of ignoring the West Bank settler votes. This is not likely to change either, thus there is nothing to be gained by Israeli leaders from peace talks related to creating a truly independent Palestinian state in the West Bank.

The housing market in Jewish settlements in the West Bank backs the assertion that the Israeli government has no intention of ever turning over full sovereignty of the West Bank to the Palestinians.

Israel’s news outlet Ha’aretz recently detailed skyrocketing house prices in the largest “settlements” in the West Bank, with settlement cities like Ariel and Betar Ilit seeing price increases of 104% and 77% respectively (see Ha’aretz, “Forget Tel Aviv, Israel’s Real House Price Boom Is In Ariel” by Hagai Amit, July 25, 2014).

Such significant increases in housing prices, affecting hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers, indicate great settler confidence in assured permanent residency.

Settler protestors burning a Palestinian flag

Settler protestors burning a Palestinian flag

The prospects of any Israeli government being strong enough to survive opposition from the settler communities in the West Bank are virtually nil. Therefore the West Bank will never be allowed to become a fully independent Palestinian state.

Such harsh truths do not sit well with the international community, thus Israel is desperate to keep stringing along the international community while it completes its slow but steady annexation of the West Bank.

In order to do so, Israel must create the illusion of supporting the idea of a two-state solution, until it can prove that such a solution is simply not possible due to insurmountable, constant threats to Israel’s security from the Palestinians as a whole.

Enter Gaza from Left Stage straight into the spotlight. By allowing an independent state to be created in a tiny, overcrowded, poverty-stricken, economically nonviable, isolated strip of land called Gaza, the Israelis have been able to extrapolate and establish a syllogistic argument demonstrating why they must continue to occupy and annex the West Bank. The glaring differences between Gaza and the West Bank are not understood by most nations and observers are happy to assume ignorantly that Gaza is a merely a microcosm of the West Bank.

As intended by the Israelis when they agreed and assisted in setting up the doomed experiment in Palestinian statehood, we find ourselves yet again staring at the spotlight illuminating the horrifying, but thoroughly predictable violence in the artificially created vortex of destruction that is the Gaza Strip.

It sucks in all the energy and attention of the media, human rights groups and Muslim nations along with the United States and much of Europe. That there is no viable solution for peace in Gaza under a democratically elected government is tragic but obvious to anyone who wishes to see the truth.

What is even more tragic is that the pull of Gaza seems to be so strong that no one appears able to tear their attention away long enough to recognize that the slow, yet still possibly preventable destruction of over 1.5 million Palestinians is underway, under our noses, less than half a day’s drive from Gaza in the West Bank.

West Bank arrest

West Bank arrest

The world today is facing ongoing civil wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya Ukraine, Nigeria, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and many other “hot spots”.

The Palestinian-Israeli battle has become part of the international security landscape for most international observers, and only the most spectacular fireworks seem able to motivate the world to take yet another stab at serious peace talks.

Even then, those organizing them are jaded to the point that no negotiators seem to believe success is possible.

During my years working for the US Government, I spent many hours in daily meetings with the key US figures associated with the Peace Process. The meetings were pointless, lacking in substance and highly politically charged in favour of Israel.

It was, and still is, far more palatable politically to be able to see, admonish, gasp at and try to negotiate over the terrifying, man-made spectacle in the Gaza spotlight rather than to attempt seeing past Gaza to the much larger West Bank, where the stakes are much higher, the political risks astronomical, and the logistical challenge greater.

Yet the possibility of a lasting solution outcome in the West Bank could be possible if the Israeli Government were willing to contemplate seriously a true two-state solution.

Grieving mothers of the three boys of Israeli settlers

Grieving mothers of the three boys of Israeli settlers – Many people are sorry at your loss.

Over the past month, at least three new settler outposts have been established in the West Bank. Those who built the settlements claim that it is in response to the mysterious and tragic death of three Israeli teenagers. Such an inflammatory response was highly predictable, given the settlers propensity to use any excuse to expand their presence.

Meanwhile, during the same period, hundreds of protesting Palestinians in the West Bank have been seriously injured, sometimes leading to fatalities.

While I do not have a special ability to predict the future, I would be prepared to state with absolute certainty that there will be more injury and death to come in the West Bank, while all eyes remain fixed on Gaza.

The global community may not be able to stop the violence in Gaza, but it could band together to force Israel to give Gazan civilians the choice of living peacefully in less crowded conditions by enforcing international laws against Israeli settlements since 2004 in the West Bank.

Unfortunately, Israel has too much to lose by ceding control of the West Bank and will thus likely turn the spotlight beam up a notch or two if it means keeping the world blinded by the horrors of Gaza while Israel continues its steady annexation of the West Bank.


Gwenyth Todd, a former Adviser to President Clinton, expert in international security policy, holds an M.A. from Georgetown University, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Editing:  Jim W. Dean and Erica P. Wissinger



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29 Comments for “NEO – Blinded by the Gaza Spotlight”

  1. Israel no longer needs US aid. It is a very wealthy and powerful first world country. Large amounts of money have been transferred to Israel by diaspora Jews since 1945. They excell in Hi-Tech Hi-Profit industries and have their informants (Sayanim) in every western country. When it comes to stock trading they can’t lose.

    • If they no longer need US funding, that’s great! I wish they would stop accepting it…

  2. My below comment & its audio link of yesterday related to this article.


  3. This is one of the more informative pieces I have read lately and Jim Dean and Erica Wissinger’s layout adds an extra dimension to Ms. Todd’s straightforward and information packed writing style, a real intellectual treat for those who crave more than the main stream media is providing about the ever expanding violence overseas that’s one constant seems to be its facilitation by “gods chosen people.”

    And by the way Ms. Todd I still consider your piece on Isis the definitive work I have seen on the subject to date.

  4. Here is the real “secret” Israel is hiding for the Zionists.

    http //

  5. Thank you Ms. Todd;

    I had linked more than enough proof in recent VT pages that the 3-teen kidnapping of ZIO-CANNIBAL gypsy terrorists had been total hoax. I previously linked Australian TV film documenting abduction of Palestinians from streets. They get cannibalized after much torture!!!
    Kevin Barrett even documented their Chief Terrorist talking about it a couple weeks in advance!!!!

    I think the main push of these evils to commit the genocides they do can be summarized in their addiction to cannibalism & to human blood. I
    Here some examples;

    According to this serial killers’ list which also quotes the Talmud saying;
    “Moed Kattan 17a If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there” .….

    All serial Killers are Jewish


    Which must be due to the Satanic practice of Murder-Cannibalism as documented here & many other places;


  6. cont.

    Israel today is an apartheid and fascistic state, where a minority has all the rights and the majority is subjugated with brutal terror. We must remind us of South Africa, how did the conquerors threat the natives and what happened to that apartheid state. It is gone forever.
    Israel has the same future. No more jews are willing to move to Israel, hundreds of thousands already left and now live in the USA and Europe. In 30-40 years the palestinians outnumber the jews, better said israelis, as many of then are not even jews, and then we have a state where a minority rules. We call it apartheid. That will be the end of Israel and the jews can start wandering, again!. The problem is that most of them will come to No. America, so watch out.

  7. The birth of a nation, just like all mammals, is usually bloody, just remember how was the USA born and how many humans had to die for it, also counting the original natives.
    The state of Israel is just a blink of the eye compared to the history of the mankind, if you did study history you may know how many states came and are gone forever. Israel could had a chance if they came not as conquerors, but immigrant who want to become citizens of Palestina. I had the pleasure to talk to several older arabs, who said that they would have welcomed their long last cousins.

    Fifty years ago Israel was a democratically organised, left leaning society, that did not realize colonising other nations has no more future. It made a terrible mistake when to increase the number of so called jews, they imported over two million people from the Sovietunion, a good third of them not even jews, but ones who just wanted to get out! These jews were the ones whose fathers and grandfathers invented communism, overthrew the zar, established a red terror regime that killed up to 60 million christian slaves to gain and to stay in power. With this mentality they changed the israeli society from rather a left leanning one to a radical right.

    • The birth of the USA and the birth of Israel have almost NOTHING in common.

      The USA was, like all other countries, the result of the ineviable migration of people form crowded lands to no-so-crowded lands.

      Israel has ZERO natural causes whatsoever. Only political and “religiious” (read DEMONIC) causes…… the “migration” of ethnic mobsters to a “land” where they would be “free” from prosecution.

      • You are wrong there. If I remember correctly, the early settlers in the new colonies were the quakers and other religious minorities persecuted in Europe.
        The new colonists stole the land from the natives, built towns on their land without buying it, chased them from their homes and finally killed millions of them. General Jackson, who later became the President, liked to wage wars against the indians in Georgia and Florida, just like the israelis do.
        By the way, the british used the same methods in other colonies, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Afrika, just to name a few, where the natives were subjugated and killed.

  8. Fortunately, the Israel/Palestinian dynamic does not exist in a vacuum and cannot be considered in isolation from the state of the world. Israel’s critical dependence on the largess of the US and EU entities, for example, is its Achilles Heel, so to speak. These political and military entities are in decline, one could say ‘in the midst of collapse’. This latter phrase would be the more accurate descriptor. The collapse of the West will define Israel’s future far more than Israel would like to admit. The concerns over the collapse feed Israel insecurity and the existential implications for Israel are, doubtless, well understood by Israel’s leaders. Hence, an explanation for the collective apoplexy defining Israel now. In the long run Israel is finished because the EU will collapse and so will the US. Viva Palestine!

  9. Israeli’s are evilly ingenious in creating ways to increase human suffering and degradation upon the Palestinian population. With Gaza “contained” the West Bank is open sport. Go through the Qalandia crossing from WB into Jerusalem, enter a turnstyle into solid steel cattle cages, completely sealed off, no way out until they let you out…when they feel like it… 3 people at a time while you stand shoulder to shoulder… as cattle…up to 45 minutes, no seats…no toilet. While they, in the seated comfort of air-conditioning, bark out orders behind sealed glass. They spray the ground around the whole area with this heaving raw sewer stench to repel foreigners from entering the WB. They throw “gas”canisters randomly, creating breathing difficulties for the small and the elderly. 5 children were shot in one night, 3 in Bethlehem, 1 in Nablus, I don’t remember the other WB villiage, the man who told me had his 2 yr old in hospital from the gas thrown at those waiting in line. Almost every male will see the inside of prison with beatings and complimentary torture…just answering back is reason enough. Mothers, grandmothers…none are spared. To document all would take years and fill numerous volumes. Yes… Gwyneth is right on.

    • and hotting up… http //

  10. If you realized that Israel is an evil entity, consider yourself fortunate and blessed. You are not blind.
    Some people go round treating them like human beings or even an animal, then the projections, assertions, conjectures are going to go haywire. They are not.

    Try this….they are going to lie, they are going to kill, they are going to cheat, they are going to steal, they are going to back-stab, they are going to manipulate, they are going to rape, they are going to torture, they are going to kidnap,they are going to destroy,they are going to massacre… on and it sounds just quite right.

    That’s what evil does, continually.

    • zane_al, you are absolutely right. the human equivalent is the pathological liar, of which some specimens were provided to me for analysis many years ago. decent people cannot cope with the pathologicalm liar because it is beyond their restricted paradigm. hence the endless succession of utterly futile “appeals to their better nature” etc. etc. it is now much the same case with many “elected” political representatives. optimism is a fine human quality. false optimism is foolishness which may eventually become life-threatening

    • Jewish agents are everywhere, including this piece.

  11. The control of the well is an ancient issue that is dependent upon the benevolence of those who hold it.
    The metaphor of the well and the bank also ancient. I didn’t know about the aquifer issue. But it makes sense to see it now. Better to control the well. I did see a chart regarding the sustained depletion of the Jordan that was pretty sad, but is it undrinkable , or unable to be delivered ? I’m watching the positive change in Ferguson Mo tonight and wondered…man, what if… hope its real and contagious.

  12. Sanction Israel? … how antisemitic. lol.
    At some point the world has to wake up and recognize the problem. Exiled from over 70 countries … hounded for over 2000 years. Why? Bad luck? Mistaken identity? Falsely accused? Just maybe career criminal is a good fit.
    In the morning I put a white shirt on. On my way to work 70 people comment… “what a great looking blue shirt you have on”. Maybe it’s time to change my thinking … it’s a safe bet that the shirt is blue.

  13. Frankly Speaking

    Gweneth has done some good work here but there is still some depth that she has not reached. Do you see the “three grieving mothers” with smiles on their faces? There’s a reason for their smiles. The death of their “sons” was a false flag or more likely a hoax. The funeral showed lots of yukking it up. The bodies, covered with Israeli flags, were so flat that you could lay a ruler atop them. There were no feet, abdomen or head.

    • Dear Readers, the author sends in the text, the VT editorial staff insert the photos and layout the piece. The authors don’t know ahead of time what photos might be used to help move the narrative along.

      The controversy over the 3 boys doesn’t detract from the overall theme of chaos game theory being played in the ME, nor do the salient observations that Gwenyth has made. Please share this piece with your friends, as it’s a gem.

      • Yes, she did a very good job listing many problems in Palestina, however those are known for years. In Europe we have a much better exess to informations on what the israelis do and what may be their aims, aims that they will never attain. As I already wrote above, Israel is doomed sooner or later, and if VT would put pressure on those US politicians, who make it possible for Israel to behave like a mad dog, then the end of the jewish state will come sooner, not later.
        By the way, what has Beethoven with the palestinian situation to do? Nice picture, but rather distracting from the story she tell us.

        • The best reason why Israel wants to hang on to Gaza is gas! Offshore there are huge deposits of natural gas and as long as Israel rules Gaza she can claim it. Should Gaza be free, they can forbid Israel to bore for that stuff.

  14. Must see video opinion of ex-CIA Michael Schreuer on Israel https //

  15. Gwenyth Todd, Once again we readers of VT are well served by your timely & astute insights. The world leaders at large, thus far, have failed the Palestinians. Where is it written that only the Israelis have the “right to self-defense”? Ongoing genocide by Israel is certainly a major RED FLAG that humanity can no longer ignore or hope it will just go away. This is the time for We The People to raise our voices loud & clear in protest. We must demand criminal trials & prosecutions for those Israeli perpetrators in a legitimate world court as well as boycott all Israeli products. No more Zionist lies & propaganda…

  16. My religion’s Bible says that ALL of the land between the eastern Mediterranean and Jordan belongs to ME, so I want the Israeli Jews out within one week or I’ll get Congress to send in the 82nd Airborne to evict these squatters and thieves.

    “All praise to BtRNWWq! (That’s the name of my -OD, which you mere mortals can’t pronounce.

  17. I would like to sincerely thank Gwenyth Todd for reminding us of the situation in the West Bank, She is absolutely correct when she says the israelis are using the slaughter in Gaza to distract us from the elephant in the room.

    In my case at least, I have been so infuriated by the israeli genocide in Gaza that I have not paid one iota of attention to the israeli’s actions in the West bank. That was a big mistake on my part, Even though I learned a long time ago that zionists don’t do anything without an ulterior motive.

    Now the scum have p1ssed me off big time. I am itching to see modern day Nuremberg trials, I might even think about buying shares in a rope factory.

    Soon these genocidal perverts are going to get whats coming to them.

  18. If the Jews gave up all the property they stole in the last 100 years, Israel would amount to “50 acres and a mule”. One can easily make the argument that talking about “West Bank settlers” and the “Gaza strip” and “1967 borders” is ALL a distraction, designed to take away attention from the fact that……..

    It’s ALL stolen property. Every square cubit.

Comments are closed


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