Our Guess: Why Robin Williams Killed Himself?

MADRID, 28 Jul. 2014 (EUROPA PRESS) -

Sent in By Dick Eastman


[ Editor's note: I knew Robin Williams. We had only met a few times, years ago. He exuded anger and passion even those many decades ago. His films always represented humanity. Is it a reasonable statement that watching what we are seeing today was too much for him, Gaza, ISIS, vanishing airliners and the sea of blatant lies we are subjected to? What decent person could survive Hollywood?

We have reached a new level of insanity. The ADL has sent out "talking points" asking their "constituents," creeps, toadies, trolls and untermenschen, to write nasty little emails to journalists who tell the truth about the Israeli genocide. We are being called "Jew haters."

The ADL has decided, speaking on behalf of the world's Jewish population, that being "Jewish" and murdering children are "one in the same." Attacking child killers is "Jew hating." If Jews around the world are willing to quietly accept this label and accept Foxman's use of them in support of war crimes and genocide, the label should stick.

Thus far, many have spoken up, not enough but many.

Let us not forget the others, even Vladimir Putin is silent on Gaza. We have defined, not "Jewishness" as a criminal cult but something far broader. If humanity is a herd to be culled, then those not deserving of the oxygen they are wasting are now defining themselves. Consider this a rare gift, having the opportunity to look around and see the ignorant, the sub-human stand to be identified. We at Veterans Today know that 99% aren't Jews and that silence is now and will always be the real crime against humanity...Gordon Duff ]



The Letter:

In the horror happening right now  in Gaza there is NO place for distance or neutrality. It’s a war of occupation  and extermination waged against a people with no means, confined in a minimum  territory, with no water, and where hospitals , ambulances, and children are  targets and presumed to be terrorists. It’s hard to understand and impossible to  justify. And it’s disgraceful that western countries are permitting such  genocide.

I can’t understand this  barbarism, even more cruel and incomprehensible considering all of the horrible  things the Jewish people have gone through in the past. Only geopolitical  alliances, that hypocritical mask of business -for example, the sale of weapons-  explains the shameful position taken by the U.S., the E.U. and  Spain.

I know that as usual certain people will discredit my right to  express my opinion with personal attacks, which is why I would like to clarify  the following points:

Yes, my son was born in a  Jewish hospital because I have very dear close friends who are Jewish and  because being Jewish does not automatically mean you support this massacre, just  like being Hebrew does not mean you are a Zionist, just like being Palestinian  does not automatically make you a Hamas terrorist. That’s just as absurd as  saying that being German makes you Nazi. Yes, I also work in the U.S. where I  have a lot of Jewish friends and acquaintances who reject such interventions and  the politics of aggression. “You can’t call it self-defense while you’re  murdering children,” one of them said on the phone to me yesterday. And others  with whom I openly debate our conflicting positions.

Yes, I’m European and I’m  ashamed of the European Community that claims to represent me with its silence  and its utter shamelessness. Yes, I live in Spain and I pay my taxes and I  don’t want my money to finance policies that support this barbarism and the arms  industry along with other countries that get rich murdering innocent  children.

Yes, I’m outraged, ashamed and  hurt by all of this injustice and human beings getting killed. Those children  are our children. It’s horrendous. I can only hope that those who kill will find  it in their hearts to show compassion and be cured of this murderous poison  which only breeds more hate and violence. That those Israelis and Palestinians  who only dream of peace and coexistence can some day find a solution  together.

Javier Bardem.


Some of Spain’s most influential cultural icons have  signed an open letter denouncing Israel’s assault on Gaza as  “genocide.”

Hollywood producers have signaled a potential  blackballing of actress Penelope Cruz and her husband, actor Javier Bardem,  after the Spanish couple criticized Israel for its offensive on  Gaza.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a US-based Jewish  human rights group, responded with a statement saying Israel “did not start this  war”. “It did what every country on this planet, including Spain, would do if  hundreds of rockets were hurled at their population centres by an  internationally known terrorist organisation,” said founder Rabbi Marvin  Hier.

One “top producer” who has worked with Cruz anonymously told  The  Hollywood Reporter that he would never hire her again. 

Another top executive said he is “furious at Javier and  Penelope” and could not say whether he would ever work with the Oscar  winners in the future.

One studio leader was willing to publicly state his  views.


Billionaire Producer Ryan Kavanaugh  speaks out against Penelope Cruz “Anti-Semitism or Ignorance” and his preference  for Hollywood and Tel Aviv over Gaza and Hamas.

“As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I know that anyone  calling what’s going on in Israel ‘genocide’ vs. self-defense is either ignorant  and shouldn’t be commenting or is truly anti-Semitic.” said Relativity  Media chief executive Ryan Kavanaugh. 

Kavanaugh had previously told The  Hollywood Reporter that the letter “makes my blood boil.” He now says  that he received more than 500 calls, emails, and texts in approval of his  comments in the 24 hours after his comments were published. He said that support  included top Hollywood executives.


“How can a  Hollywood community so tolerant … tolerate this utter tyranny?” asks the CEO of  Relativity Media, who challenges celebrities with anti-Israel views on the  conflict in the Middle East

If  you’re a woman, gay, Christian, Jewish or just non-Muslim and reading this, be  thankful you don’t live in Gaza. Not only would you not be allowed to read this,  you probably would be publicly executed.
If you’ve ever voiced an opinion that  isn’t shared by Hamas publicly or merely attended a meeting where people are  discussing anything Hamas does not support, be thankful you don’t live in Gaza,  as you probably would be publicly executed. In fact, a half-dozen unarmed  peaceful protestors were beheaded this month, on camera. Anyone who wishes to  see can do so via the Internet, with a minimal amount of  work.
Be  thankful you live in and around Hollywood. Hollywood is a special place; a place  filled with creative geniuses — actors, screenwriters, directors, sound  engineers, computer graphics specialists, lighting experts and so on. Working  together, great art happens.
But in the end, all artists depend on  diverse audiences who can enjoy, be inspired by and support their work. Without  audiences, artists would be doing something else, and their creative and  technical skills would fall on absent  eyes.
What a shame that would be. Which is why  we are left to wonder: Why, in a community that celebrates the human spirit and  the right to share opinions via art, do some celebrities express opinions that  Hamas would support in its war against Israel. Israel is perhaps the closest  free-thinking place to Hollywood.
Israel  is a wonderful place to be an artist — a place where imagination flourishes.  Israeli culture is refreshingly avant garde — making films, music, performance  art and visual art that continues to push the envelope, inspire and  empower.
And  not just in the arts. Israel is a place of inventors and innovators. Much of our  hyperconnected, digital world is made possible by the work of groundbreaking  Israeli technologists. These are people who reject the status quo — in a truly  good and powerful manner. In short, Israel is one of the most creative nations  on the planet, in every dimension of life — invention, research, technology and  yes, the arts.
I ask any of Israel’s Hollywood critics … have  you been to Tel Aviv?
It is an arts mecca. You would be  hard-pressed to find a city anywhere in the world that is more similar in spirit  to Los Angeles. It has energetic streets, an extraordinary music and film scene,  and one of the world’s most vibrant centers of gay culture. Rejected in their  own communities and countries, Arab homosexuals frequently move there, because  they are welcome there. When actors visit Tel Aviv, they always come back and  tell us how warmly embraced they felt there.
So when we see some in Hollywood — truly gifted artists and  good people — aligning themselves with views that would be supported by Hamas,  which fires rockets frequently and indiscriminately at innocent Tel Aviv  citizens, we have to wonder what they’re thinking. Are they  thinking?
War  is a tragic and horrific reality in the region. We understand that many are  moved by the images of destruction and violence and loss. All of us know that  the loss of innocent human life is a tragedy when and wherever it takes place.  You don’t have to be an artist to be empathetic.
Yet we humbly ask that they consider the  consequences of siding openly with views supported by Hamas — not the least of  which is giving prominent credibility and propaganda victories to one of the  most anti-Western, anti-creative, violent forces on the planet. We ask that  these Hollywood celebrities, leading artists and globally respected icons of  their craft pay closer attention to the world of Hamas — a world of fanaticism.  It’s the world of the Muslim Brotherhood. A world where individual freedoms,  especially the freedom to create art, is repressed severely.
Hamas  has created a society in Gaza that openly celebrates the death of innocent men,  women and children. While Israel uses its missiles to protect its children,  Hamas uses its children to protect its missiles. The true tragedy? This could be  avoided. Hamas need only stop firing rockets and let Israel exist in  peace.
But Hamas continues to fire, because it is  virulently committed to killing Jews and destroying Israel. Period. Genocide is  the stated policy of Hamas. This is not opinion but their self-stated charter.  In fact, this is a charter which all of Hamas is required to follow. A line from  the charter says, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will  obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”
Hamas also encourages and facilitates the  inhumane treatment of women as property and second-class citizens — and among  Hamas’ supporters are many who force preteen girls to marry men. In Gaza and  other places ruled by the same tyranny, gays are lynched and Christians, if they  refuse conversion, are beheaded.
How can a Hollywood community so tolerant  … tolerate this utter tyranny?
I know we as community do not stand for  this type of oppression. Many of you have boycotted the Beverly Hills Hotel  because it is owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Why? Because Brunei is supposedly  governed by Sharia law. But Sharia law is enforced strictly by Hamas, yet we  remain silent — or worse. I would propose there is only one answer: Anyone who  has actually visited Gaza and seen the truths Hamas stands for, would not only  be supporting Israel but violently opposing Hamas.
My grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, used  to say, “Remember Ryan … remember this happened. Remember that the U.S. stood by  and allowed Hitler to take over Poland and so many other countries, and  slaughter 6 million Jews.” It took five years before the U.S. did anything, and  one-third of the Jewish population was captured and killed. Remember the very  streets in London with rallies chanting “Free Palestine” are the same streets  where some British citizens rallied and chanted in favor of the Nazis. And  remember our government did nothing.
President Barack Obama has said  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is “sincere in his desire for peace,” even  though Abbas denied the Holocaust occurred until recently, when he shifted his  public position on the issue as he was being promoted as a moderate statesman to  broker peace.
My friend, Congressman Ed Royce, chairman  of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, recently told me, “Congress is  steadfast in its support of Israel and absolutely and completely condemns Hamas.  In fact, Congress recently unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution condemning  Hamas for its use of human shields.”
So here is a modest proposal for our  Hollywood colleagues to consider before they weigh in on the conflict in the  Middle East — or anywhere, for that matter. Ask yourselves the following  questions:
Where can my artistic work be seen and  enjoyed without censorship or restriction?
Where would I feel comfortable working and  living? Where would I feel comfortable having my daughter begin a career as an  artist? Where could I openly mock, in my art, the political or religious  leadership of a country without fear of imprisonment — or worse? If you  decided Gaza or Palestine, and actually moved there and practiced any of the  above, you would no longer be alive.
Consider this: One-fifth of Israel’s  population is Arab; they are among the freest Arabs in the world. Yet no Jews  live in Gaza. Why? They would immediately be killed.  (Editor’s note:  60 years ago, 85% of Israel’ population was “Arab.”  Where are they now?””
And so I ask you … in what world are we  better off with Hamas?
If Israel were to put down its arms  tomorrow, Israel would be decimated and all its citizens killed within 24 hours.  If Hamas were to put down its arms tomorrow, there would be immediate  peace.
The sad part is that every time both sides  have agreed to a cease fire, Hamas immediately fires.
Ryan Kavanaugh is the founder  and CEO of Relativity and recipient of the Anti-Defamation League’s  Entertainment Industry Award.
How Israel targeted the children of Gaza “We are seeing how Jews treat everybody when power is in their  hands.  As long as any gentile has anything which a Jew covets this is the  unjust use of force we will be seeing everywhere.  They don’t want you  talking to each other about this — or you will get yours right  now.
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108 Comments for “Our Guess: Why Robin Williams Killed Himself?”

  1. Mr Eastman

    This one seems a bit too speculative. Afterall – nothing can be “known” as to Mr Robbins reasoning behind what has been proffered as a suicide. We have read nothing thus far about a “suicide” note found in the aftermath of his passing. So nothing from him to allow for anything but speculation. Bridging his death to all sorts of discussion on the ill-effects of Hollywood, the Zionists in charge there etc – appears to me at least really reaching – and in a skewed direction.

    You have conflated his death -and the depression that must have hastened it – with the action/reaction issues that surfaced after Javier Bardem and his wife publicly urged Israel and Hamas to search for a more rational and moral way to resolve their problems than bombing or hiding behind women and children.

    There is no way to connect these two issues or events in anyway but the abstract. Not the the real substance of your article is worth our consideration. But what is gained by positioning them as you have?

  2. Mr. Williams was half clothed (bottoms off). He had asphyxiated himself to get a better jack’ (seated position in a chair). They are hiding this for the family. Once the life insurance comes up they will recant and that will be hidden until TMZ pays for the info. PERIOD.

    • This is outrageous. Say it ain’t so.
      hmmm…but I have to wonder. If this was the case, did he get to have the ultimate ‘O’? You know, the one that was so intense, it took him to the other side? (what dreams may ‘come’?)

  3. Bravo to Penelope Cruze and Havier Bardem! There are indeed decent and brave human beings out of the sewers called Hollywood!

    • I try my level best to not do stupid litmus tests,
      and appreciate peoples gift of their art, and no peeking up skirts.
      Art is Too Damn Important to be crippled by politics (including religion,
      look it up, Re Legion (the bringing together (of the tribes?
      Nothing in there about truth, just politics by another name.
      I Highly Recommend Dictionary Diving!


  4. why would everyone give him”” williams””a pass on his drugs and alcohol abuse.i saw him at the met in ny do a show on cable for 3hrs straight just wired to the gills.he was as good as you can be fast and funny.but you cannot keep doing that and live.and gordon is asking about some murder rape???come on are you people that unaware of the drug/alcohol scene???he reached his end and possibly with anti depressants added to the mix.that would kill you for sure if doing the other two.

  5. I suspect Robin Williams was a jew because he was able to survive & thrive in Hollywood for such a long time with such a limited talent.

    I seldom find him funny except for that Viagra joke – that was a riot.

  6. The thing is people don’t realise there seems to be deep pathologies within Isrealiness unleashed upon Palestinians. The way people act when they have authority over others in the truest test of character and Kenyans have sen the true colour of the Chosenites.
    It was so bad poor Kenyan women practically enslaved within an Isreali national Yehuda Sulami’s hotel turned hoe-tel wondered aloud “I used to tell them that I am not Sulami’s property. He owns the hotel but not me. I thought to myself, “God, do they behave as such in their own country?””
    http //
    This is worth a read since an Israeli himself wrote it and it shows their true nature-brutalizing others.
    Incidentally many hostels in Goa and Thailand refuse Chosenites.

    • Forgot to mention-the hotel blew up! The second Israeli owned hotel in Kenya to be hit by “Arab terrorists.”

  7. thought some of you would like this tribute to robin williams http //

  8. Frankly Speaking

    Im glad you mentioned the possibility of murder, you should also consider the possibility that its an Illuminati hoax. There was reference to a Robin Williams suicide on TThe Family Guy, and a Robin Williams death hoax that day before. II think either hoax or murder are possibilities.

  9. Having just wandered down through the traffic,
    You are Bad boys and Girls aren’t you!
    I just got a ‘”Veterans Today is busy, come back later!”
    I do not know about you, I won’t come back later
    I am here right along (but only make noise sometimes
    When I think It could be of Service.
    Well, here is to “Being of Service”!
    Looks like we got their attention (who, hell you tell me
    But it does look like we got their attention.
    My Commendations to the pesky lot of you
    you do not work for me (count your blessings) But you DID get their attention!
    I Commend You,.
    I had an unprecedented occurrence here just now.
    This node went south, and I had to pull the plug (literally)
    a note to the bad guys
    If you mess with our equipment we will be unhappy with you
    And may make our displeasure known in ways you have yet to experience.
    Now, where were we ? I loose track when I have to pull the physical plug
    on one of our nodes.
    The Bad Guys will pay for this, I have no time to waste!
    Meanwhile we still have comm.


    • I am almost always here,
      and all too often awake.
      So if you just can’t resist
      Know This.
      The bugs are with me, the neighbors dog (who he is clueless)
      He would not know what to do with that dog if it bit him!
      Fortunately the Dog is a lot smarter than the neighbor, so far it worked out.
      Am I making sense to you
      I sincerely hope so..
      well , that dog is with us too!
      So you all come visiting sometime (see how long you last!
      You Heard Me, I am Going to get Some Sleep.


  10. “What decent person could survive hollywood”?. Good question,Gordon. I’m here in hollywood now,asking the same of myself. I guess it’s the idea that I could part part of a film that actually does something to change the paradigm. I was in one that attempted to do that..very well-received..but nothing really changed. I don’t care about the celebrity thing. I just want to work on things I can be proud of. the problem is, that type of project is few and far between. Most everything is dreck. I don’t know..after popping off against Israel during cast lead, and again over protective edge..I may not get many chances in this town any more. I’ve been pretty vocal on social media.

    Robin Williams death is such a loss. I never knew him, but, his honesty and kindness just shone through everything he did. he had demons,obviously..but, in this town..everyone does. I wish someone had been able to reach him, to let him know how loved he was. How much his light mattered to us. As Billy Crystal said on twitter..”no words”.

    • Don’t give up! There are a lot of us who strongly desire to change the destructive paradigms right now. Film, music, literature & art can serve a crucial purpose in awakening higher consciousness among the masses. As Dr. Preston James tells us, we CAN make a difference by joining our Psi Power & co-creating solutions rather than despair over the past…The best to you!

  11. The man really loved Israel and the Jews. Perhaps he could not handle the dissonance, double standard. It is very depressing that precious children passed away so horrendously. His heart must have been broken as he was sensitive and wanting to be supportive of those who suffered great tragedy. Perhaps this was part of him going over the edge. I wish him well.

  12. I am sitting here listening to Enya (Eithne Brennan)
    I so Love you all
    I so hope we get this sorted.


    • Love right back to you, John! The world could use strong doses of it right now…Peace, too…

      • My Love to you Darling.
        I only wish I had a Majic Wand and could make the Bad Man Stop!
        I am from the Home Office for what it is worth
        And I am packing heat you do not need (nor would you want to want) to know
        I know they all say that shit, So make of it what you will.
        You can tell I am for real
        (which is more than I can say for some of these poor excuses for protoplasm.
        I used to vacuum computers ( and I did a good job)
        So I got Promoted.
        I am in fact here from the Home Office
        I really need your help.
        If only I could fix it,
        but I can’t, for that we require your kind assistance
        My Love To You!!

        Make the Bad Man Stop!
        I am in possession of stuff you probably do not want to hear about
        I know there are punks who make idle threats
        My Love To You.


  13. I’ve wondered for a long time about the ‘special’ people who decide someone has to die, because presumably they’re a threat to someone’s money or their current operations. I suppose for the most important jobs they would use top-level security people, or maybe some of those highly-trained zombies who can be erased later. A friend tells me that some of the long-time crime families in New York have been pushed aside by foreign criminal enterprises, whose soldiers don’t have spouses and families, and thus have no reservations about killing their targets’ spouses and kids if they don’t play ball. Richard Pryor in one of his comedy specials talked about attempting to hold up a restaurant in Youngstown run by Mob guys, and when he was in the back office being razzed about his silly holdup, someone spoke to one of the Mob bosses and Pryor said “His face turned to stone”, which gave Pryor a profound chill. The ability of the ‘deciders’ (who run the criminal enterprises who employ the killers) to be so dispassionate about the decisions they make must require that they have a conviction as to their superiority over ordinary people. And I guess as long as they’re paying the salaries of their killers and guaranteeing their security, nobody is going to talk.

  14. 1939 films “Gone with the Wind”, “Stagecoach”, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and about 757 other films were released this year. These films did not have explicit sex, or obscene language. Some of them were huge money makers even today. They had powerful actors and actresses, top directors and writers and fabulous stories underlying their foundations. Some people say 1939 was the best year for Hollywood. Clearly they once knew how to make great films which are both entertaining and meaningful to personal lives of viewers. All that is gone now. Pornography has taken its place. We have not had cable or television in our home for over a decade and none are planned. Boycott this filth. Remind the Hollywood perverts that they need to learn their own history of producing great films, not perverted, obscene worthless garbage. Send them a message they cannot ignore. Poke a hole in their pocketbook.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      I read a mystery novel written by a Jewess that was really a screed against the Catholic League of Decency ( that actually did the Jews a favor by reining in their predisposition to degeneracy in the arts ) more than it was a mystery novel….Robin Williams may have killed himself because he realized there’s no joy to be found in a world that’s run ( and owned ) by these people..

      • More at IMDbPro »

        The Story of Louis Pasteur(1936), Madame Curie (1943) –

        Above are two great films Hollywood produced in the golden years on two of the world’s greatest scientists, Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie. Marie Curie won two Nobel prizes in physics and chemistry! It takes about six pages of small print to list all her medals and decorations from around the world.
        Pasteur was one of the greatest chemists and microbiologists and is personally responsible for saving many lives. Note that although Marie Curie was from Poland, she married her husband from France. Pasteur was French. France has contributed immensely to civilization and knowledge. It is part of our great European heritage which so many fools seek to trash today. However despite all her accolades, Marie Curie was denied entry into the French Academy of Sciences! Prejudice at high levels is a terrible thing to observe.
        Hollywood has degenerated down from its glory days. Of course most children and adults are so ignorant today they would not watch either of these great films if already tuned in on the television screen. In a sense, all the Hollywood Perverts are doing is responding to the dumbed down population today with sex and obscene filth. America is clearly on the way down.

        • wjabbe,
          Although I agree with the general theme of your post may I be so bold as to suggest that the mainstream version of Louis Pasteur story is again another misrepresentation of reality that fits the Matrix Reality. Pasteur was in fact a plagiarist and somewhat of a fraud. Research a gentleman by the name of Antoine Beauchamp.

  15. My heart & sincere condolence goes out to the family & friends of Robin Williams. Having lost a beloved nephew (army vet) to suicide, I know the heartache they must feel. They deserve our respect for their privacy at this difficult time. My prayers are with them…RIP Robin…

  16. In my opinion, Mark Twain (1835-1910), Samuel Clemens, was America’s greatest writer. He had a low opinion of man. One of his great pieces of satire was published post humously in 1938 “Letters from the Earth”. Here is his “proof” that man evolved down from the higher animals “He placed one Anaconda snake with a herd of 500 sheep and observed it took only one for its meal. Then he placed two hunters with a herd of 500 buffalo and observed they slaughtered the whole herd. He concluded from these facts that man evolved down from the higher animals.” UC Berkeley has had several full time professors editing his works long after his death. Man is the great destroyer, plunderer, egotist, on and on and on. Twain saw it all a century or more ago.

    Family Guy coincidence proves it is far more than probable that Robin Williams was murdered. Robin Williams was first reported as asphyxiated in the Mexican press, with it uncertain if it was a suicide. Then a story about a belt was hatched, and it was declared a suicide. But asphyxiated and hung are two different things, and the fact that the original story mentioned nothing about a hanging, I find odd. I seriously doubt anyone could successfully hang themselves with a belt, you cannot tie good knots with a belt, it is not long enough or supple enough to tie a good knot on both ends, put around your neck and jump. Robin williams did not weigh 400 pounds thus necessitating a five foot belt, I CALL B.S. ON THE BELT. I am of the belief that ANY “hanging with a belt” is a murder. Two things are required to die in Hollywood. 1. be very popular, and 2. stop going with the program. I believe Robin Williams was murdered, and with an ebola outbreak, war on Gaza and other things hot in the press I would not doubt Williams touched a nerve on one of these issues, or was going to, and they offed him.
    (The murder bears the marks of Illuminati assisted suicide. Hanging is an extremely painful way to die and much harder using a belt instead of a rope. Williams was smart enough to know that. Death comes in about the same amount of time required to eat a sandwich).

    • ~ ”I totally agree, when I first heard this, I wondered if he took his life, by way of car exhaust, then hearing how others portrayed him, & all this shit going on in the world, his fallout with DISNEY, one & one isn’t equaling 2, on television a reporter said a sheriff said Robin, had enough & it was time to go, well that sounds like he left a note if this TRUE, now to the hanging, I read it was on a Closet DOOR, who installs DOORS for a closet, regardless of how rich one is + I would think that the DOOR would have to be at least 8 foot high, so that enough clearance is needed for one to hang them self, add in the Family Guy episode, someone predicting he would die 3 days prior, throw in DEAD ROYALTIES, he is worth way more to others DEAD than ALIVE, did he openly voice his WORLD opinions, did he want out of the HOLLYWOOD game, pretty weird though on Sundays’ episode of THE STRAIN, a woman hung herself, & then the next day him” ~

    • ~ ”About hanging oneself with a belt, IT CAN BE DONE QUITE EASILY, but going out in that way, MAKE A HUGE DRAMATIC STATEMENT, & how everyone said he was this kind & gentle soul, I understand that he could of been putting up a front, masquerading his emotions, in front of others, as for the DEMONS, they can be CONQUERED…When word of his death went live, someone wrote into a show, after hearing about his death, said that they wanted to commit suicide, I also heard about a ILLUMINATI CELEBRITY SACRIFICE, which makes sense to ME, since many viewed him as a kind & gentle, friendly soul, taking him out in their eyes, may have had a greater effect on many other people, who adored him, SOMETHING JUST DOESN’T ADD UP, & SEEMS OUT OF WHACK + the 3rd wife is JEWISH ( go figure ) we were told the same about Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, just to name a few, as far as the CELEBRITIES OVERDOSING, that goes both ways as well, if they took their own life, then that is SHEER STUPIDITY, along with SELFISHNESS, but when one is ASSOCIATED WITH HOLLY-WEIRD, you just never know is someone ACTUALLY TOOK THEIR OWN LIFE, or IF THEY WERE MURDERED” ~

      • Charlotte NC Bill

        His 3rd wife was a Jew? well that’s where he signed his own death warrant..

        • ~ ”Susan Schneider” ~ soon as I saw it, I was like she’s most likely JEWISH, German, Jewish, WE know the deal, I also read somewhere, that she was his nanny long ago, 30 years his younger, & WE know how that always goes, don’t quote ME on the accuracy though, only relaying what someone else wrote / I read” ~

      • “Robin Williams was a Jew also..sort of”

        I like the “sort of” Americans….and try to be one.

        As for the best issue, no man would use such to commit suicide as it might be confused with death by auto-erotic asphyxiation. A friend of a friend, a short time ago, knelt in front of a train. I had just talked to him 2 days before.
        That’s something really hard to get your head around. Talk about “statement”…..

        • ~ ”You know Gordon, if that was the case, then the police report is A LIE, because it said that they both slept in separate bedrooms, she woke up & went out, thinking that he was still sleeping, yet the loving wife says, ”she lost her husband, her best friend”, & yet didn’t think 2 give him a kiss good-bye, since WE ALL KNOW, that when she left, she could of got in a car accident, & ended up in a COMA, or even died, & at least Robin could have said, well at least she kissed me goodbye…Now David Carradine, died in somewhat similar circumstances, & in that type of setting, who is the choker, does it go both ways, I don’t know, WE ALL KNOW, that people can get in all kinds of kinky, or weird sexual situations, could she have offed him for his wealth, did he allow her 2…ME personally, like I said, if he took his own life, I thought it would be the car exhaust way = no pain, smoke some weed while you are at it, & you will just fall asleep, eventually…I would really like to hear some psyches come out, & explain the different meanings / statements, that each kind of suicide may suggests, or presents to them, not that I would believe them, although I would still love to hear what they think, to ME, someone hanging them self, is the most bizarre, I mean I know that they are a lot of ways to off oneself, but the mental images that one leaves behind, for their loved ones, family, friends, fans, etc, kind of takes the cake for ME…

          • ~ ”The train isn’t a pleasant one either, especially if it was a passenger train -vs- a freight train or a subway train, since the speed can be tripled, as a child I remember hear choppers, because kids were playing chicken, we went 2 the area, & this kid was scattered everywhere, if left a very gruesome memory in my mind, the image was horrifying, I was about 8 years old I think…As 4 Robin being a Jew, if we were 2 say the flood was a actual event, & you came from the lineage of Noah, then many people possess Jewish blood, then when the 10, 11 tribes scattered around the world, even more people possess Jewish blood, in my eyes the others are just Demonic offspring, because the devil & its’ demons have birthed a lot of its’ kind into this world….As 4 Robin Williams, I did not follow his career, I grew up watching Mork & Mindy, I liked his part with Matt Damon, in Good Will Hunting, when Matt Damon got under his skin, & he went ballistic talking about his dead wife ~ I did not hate him, but 2 think that he may have been possibly murdered, like so many other Stars, Celebrities were ~ REALLY RUBS ME THE WRONG WAY, & I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE IOTA” ~

        • And so we are yet again reminded that Life is Precious.
          A lot of hurting people out there just now.
          Please say prayers, it really will help (no audit trail, best effort


      • I don’t believe for a single moment that he died
        a natural death! it probably was another blood sacrifice,
        like Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Houston, Carradine,
        Phoenix, Lennon and the list goes on and on.


    • Either you plagiarized JS or you ARE him. please, fess up (to either or)

    • Is your name JS? If not, please do not plagiarize his work

  18. The Zionist talking points work on the ‘spell bound’.

    Today, at approximately 10 36am in San jose, Ca on my way into my dentist appointment, I watched as a whole army of San Jose’s ‘finest’ dressed in their pretend war costumes utilized their Israeli training and executed a lone woman in the middle of the street for a domestic dispute.

    I don’t want to hear anything the ADL has to say or any other Israeli supporter about their right, period.

  19. Oh captain my captain!

  20. Excuse me but I am having a hard time thinking of one Jewish artist of any real note? Oh yea Bob Dylan! I wonder why he didn’t use his Jewish name? Pretty arrogant for an industry that promotes necrophilia, vulgarity and loud noises. Jewish culture is a myth created by the Jewish people. The Nazi’s proved that. If Manfred von Ardenne had not invented the TV there would be a lot of Jews that still would have to work for a living instead of boring everybody in America with an IQ above room temperature to death. The fact that they have been allowed to commandeer Hollywood and genetic defects like Joel Stein can write columns in the L A Times laughing about it is a disgrace and reflection on the virility itself of every man who calls themselves American and is not a Zionist pig. No one group, especially one as myopic as the Jewish people, should be allowed the control any country’s media where they are a minority of 2%.

    • Jack, many of us readers or editors could out ourselves as beeing jewish in some way or another as Gordon did. I wrote this peace word for word, sometimes several times to not loose any irony which is imprinted in the specific english wording.

      At the end, I concluded that something was missing. In the end it’s the obvious fact that “the arts” as the Tel Aviv “artist”see it, include the delicious “art of killing” innocent women and children. Don’t be shy about that, enjoy it, sit down on a couch on a hill in front of Ghaza and watch. Why are you so closed up, think of real “art” as a real reflection of live under all circumstances.

      It’s all a great show to see people die horribly. Don’t feel pain or anger, that’s negative.

      See it as we see it, it’s a live show of live and death. We live, they die and they deserve it. This is “art” at its highest level, take your wife and your kids with you and don’t miss a shell, not a single one.

      The world hates us and we enjoy it, isn’t it fun to live yust like that?

      • Sorry, I meant “I read this …”

        • Detlef I grew up in Brooklyn with a father who had 3 Jewish partners in his fur business, I read and write Hebrew and follow many of their dietary laws, in short I am more Jewish than most Jews. I’m speaking as an American and I’m still waiting for the people I once considered my family to do the the same.

        • DR,
          Never forget for even one moment that you are their prey.
          The alleged holocaust, that event that they haven’t proven, and can’t prove, is the weapon to keep you silent and stupid while they murder children and advance their agenda of worldwide annihilation.
          They are beyond sick, they are now nothing more than pathogens that threaten to destroy the planet, and the rest of humanity.
          Whenever you can, eat pork.
          Buy toilet paper and draw the star of david on it, then drop a mighty nutty turd and wipe yourself with this appropriated symbol.
          If the way things are going hasn’t convinced you that the monkeys who think they are in charge are beyond any hope, I don’t know what will.

          • “” Never forget for even one moment that you are their prey.””

            Thanks for the reminder Mike .

    • Actually, the Ashkenazi has been vilified as a plagiarist by many of his Goim peers. A phony, make-believe talent, much like Freud, (stinking perverted Talmudic “expert” foisted upon the gullible Goy), Einstein, a class three patent clerk was the highest achievement he could attain on his merit alone, not constantly trumpeted on the tribal media until a comatose culture who began saying; “Einstein? who the heck is he?” to, (after the umpteenth million time he was “granted” coverage), “EINSTEIN! wow, they say the guy’s a genius!” Shandling, Seinfeld, Stiller et al….shove ‘em down the idiot goyim’s throat long enough and they’ll pay a fortune to see our latest “Gollum”. “Gentiles!! get the latest, greatest Instant Jewish comic/academic/genius! just add media!”

      http //

      Do I hate Jews? nope. Not even after the (most frequent) slaughter of our fellow Christians/Muslims with weps provided by our Neo-Judas class in D.C. I’m simply stating (well-hidden) truths because I am sick to death of hearing the “truth” according to Lucifer’s “Chosen”.

    • Charlotte NC Bill

      If billionaire Jews in Hollywood have such power that they can kill careers ( here in North America anyway ) just for telling the truth about Talmudia ( the Frankenstein monster of the ME ) then they really need to have these cultural/entertainment vehicles ripped from them ( or their “entertainment” needs to be ignored )!

    • “” No one group, especially one as myopic as the Jewish people, should be allowed the control any country’s media where they are a minority of 2%.””

      Exactly correct . Unfortunately , they control much more than just the great majority of information . . . . . they virtually control ( both de facto and de jure ) the whole country of USA . The Rothschilds ( Synagogue of Satan ILLuminati ) started getting control of the America long before 1913 when they finally clinched rulership with the nefarious Federal Reserve Act . Information dominance , which includes FRA money dominance , is the ultimate control of the sheeple .

      • To be sure — information industries includes Hollywood , music , TV , radio , books , magazines , internet puublications , schools , religions , advertising , commercials , money creation , etc.

  21. Doubt it ..haven’t heard of him in years…why would they want to off him? Now Gordon is a different story…;-)
    Bentwaters and Woodbrige….

  22. There was no holocaust, no gas chambers, no executions of jooze. See “6 million jews my arse” at https // The Red Cross has published that about 223,000 people died in camps during the second world war from diseases like typhoid and the bodies we see on photographs were of people who had died and were obviously well undernourished. Neither the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, nor any other holohoax “museum” has been able to come up with the list of names of the alleged 6 million because no such list exists and it would if the 6 million claim was true as whenever anybody dies there isa record of who they were and where thyey lived.

  23. Suicide.
    Y’know its darn weird. Many years ago, a friend of mine was “found dead”.
    The cops-and this was before they all became trained Israeli psychopaths-declared that she committed suicide. I never believed it, but neither she nor I came from any stock that mattered.
    Found out later the same night she supposedly offed herself, a couple of kids got the hell beat out of them by thugs moved into the community by the idiot politicians who sought a more “diverse” community.
    Did R.W. kill himself, with a beautiful daughter and much to live for?
    You decide.

  24. I doubt Robin Williams killed himself. He was more than likely murdered, like some of the OTHER stars the PTB don’t like for various reasons. MOST of us are depressed at times and millions have drug or alcohol problems and don’t kill themselves.

    Re Hollywood The only movies they make these days are TRASH – despicable zombie, monsters, fairy tale, and fowl language so-called comedies with their ugly Jewish stars like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Adam Sandler, etc. paired with nice-looking goyim stars, since the Jews can’t succeed on their own. The writers of 21 Jump Street and the other movies the Jews call “comedy” are NOT funny at all. They’re FULL of foul-language, disgusting scenes like breast milk spewing across the room – THEY ACTUALLY THINK THAT’S FUNNY!!!!! This summer’s box office receipts are down by 20%, and I’m surprised it’s that high. I am BOYCOTTING Hollywood and it’s Jewish TRASH altogether. Millions of others are doing the same.

  25. Another invisible wall that needs to be brought down. Mood altering pain killers are the first line of defense for civilian and military patients. They are provided by doctors who have no other alternative to immediately rectify physical and emotional pain . These pain killers should be the last option. Legalizing pot is a good start.

    • I’d include the act of mourning as well. I don’t think theirs a time limit on that and its only unhealthy when it completely overtakes our will to keep going; like anything else.

  26. this was a complex guy, long history of cocaine abuse, depression and now Parkinson’s. None of us should live a life devoid of reality and I believe Robin Williams felt as though he were up to his neck in the Hollywood sewer.
    There is no more evil place on earth.

  27. Nearly all hollywood/tv actors are jews,and the Christains who manage to stay in the system, keep their views very close to their heart.

    They know who writes out there cheques, and have to remain quite.

    Mel Gibson, come out and tell us about Gaza, or has he finally been squeezed out

    God bless Palestine/Iran

  28. “Is it a reasonable statement that watching what we are seeing today was too much for him, Gaza, ISIS, etc…”

    Yes my thoughts as well. Maybe his despair and inner outrage was amplified by SSRIs? Or maybe what finally pushed him over the edge was coming face to face with graphic images of the mangled corpses of innocent little Palestinian children…spilling out their blood, brains, and inner organs while their horror-stricken parents look on in shocked disbelief. ***http //

    • ~ ”Yea, that photo the other day showing a baby’s empty skull, because some tough guy warrior PUSSY, thinks he was, or is a BIG BAD KILLER, for taking that child out, even though that photo was DISGUSTING, & DEPLORABLE, it does need to be shown, for THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE” ~

    • ~ Yea, that photo the other day, showing that baby’s empty skull, must make that warrior PUZZY, feel like a BIG BAD KILLER, even though that photo was VERY GRAPHIC, & DEPLORABLE, it must be shown, for THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO SEE” ~

  29. yes Ryan, remember to check
    to check the total casualties…

  30. The concept of “Israel” existing in peace requires explanation. It means simply, that zionist leadership may continue to conduct limited genocide on palestinians without interruption by “Goyim” and international organizations that are not controlled by israeli leadership.

  31. John Voight is speaking out. George Clooney is speaking out. Tim Robins, Susan Sarandon, and many others speak out and voice their stances for or against social issues. So, to say Robin Williams committed suicide because he did not like what was going on is a coward’s way out of an existence where he could’ve helped others in so many ways. Maybe he did, but he also had a voice he could’ve used against the establishment and their destructive ways. The outspoken comedian Bill Hicks conveniently died after years of being gut-wrenchingly straightforward. The establishment did not like and could not combat it except by likely taking him out in hidden cowardice way as they do things.

    • Robin had worn out his genius. He failed to change with the times. His age crept up on him, and his behavior did not fit his geriatric nature. Night at the Museum from Fisher King; Jumanji to Mrs. Doubtfire, his talent was entrenched and unending. He simply got old physically but stayed a child mentally in my observations. He was a decent American who had enormous power in what he could say but would not. His power was not realized for many Americans are so intimidated they dare not take a stand. Sad, he felt so alone and powerless-much like the rest of us who are not taking their lives but withstanding the elitists pilfering. Na nu na nu. Have a good trip Robin.

      • ~ ”To be honest with you Chandler, I truly believe his troubles REALLY STARTED, after doing Mrs. Doubtfire, because A MAN IS NOT SUPPOSE TO WEAR A WOMAN’S APPAREL, this in & of itself opened the doorway, for the DEMONS to creep in, & enter…As far as the Drug Abuse goes, many have USED IT, & ABUSED IT, & CONQUERED IT, & still came out on top, in reality look at all the stars, who have done this, they seem like FAIRIES NOW, & yes even SHAQ too, some have done it for HALLOWEEN, many others have done it on the Silver Screen, SATAN KNOWS HOW TO STEAL ONES’ OWN SOUL, IF YOU ALLOW IT TOO” ~

  32. ‘The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a US-based Jewish human rights group, responded with a statement saying Israel “did not start this war”. “It did what every country on this planet, including Spain, would do if hundreds of rockets were hurled at their population centres by an internationally known terrorist organisation,” said founder Rabbi Marvin Hier.’

    If these “hundreds of rockets” could do any harm, the “internationally known terrorist organisation” just had to fire these toy rockets at the big fat Israeli oil tanks north of Gaza.

  33. Robin Williams was my hero

    Not impossible but at the same time not very likely
    IF he was murdered, it could be a ‘Gladio operation’, for destabilization, to achieve a ‘strategy of tension’
    [Let's get people thinking ] “If one of the warmest, most genuine, most humane Hollywood veterans can hang himself, then there is no security or comfort anywhere, and no-one can feel safe and no-one can be ‘trusted’.”

    “If this admired, beloved, wealthy and successful man can’t find a reason to keep the fight up – then everyone should wonder if it is worth it.”

    potentially effective but not extremely likely

    his union demonstrations should also be noted

    • Williams said a lot of things the zios didn’t appreciate, too. I saw him in the 1980’s and I was surprised what he got away with, even then. I suspect the Gaza Slaughter may have brought out the Irish in him.

      The Israelis love whacking comics. They think it’s funny.

    • there is something about being a Jew and facing the smears…they had already started on him, filling the tabloids with his history of substance abuse
      he was already being targeted…
      were we given access and resources, other questions might be asked as well. had he spoken out, it would have been something very powerful and, in the process, he would have been crucified.
      …thus far all conjecture unless someone close to him is willing or able to add…

      • ~ ”I imagine WE will have to wait on the RAG-SHEETS, because believe it or not, THE TRUTH always seems to make its’ way into the light, sooner or later, Whitney Houston’s suicide to being called a murder over drug debt, Michael Jackson’s daughter speaking out about the ILLUMINATI, Prince not long ago, these CLOWNS, have been becoming more & more open, about their agenda, as if WE the little people, can do nothing whatsoever to stop them ~ REST ASSURE, if it is out there, it will come to light eventually” ~

  34. “Hollywood is a special place; a place filled with creative geniuses — actors, screenwriters, directors, sound engineers, computer graphics specialists, lighting experts and so on. Working together, great art happens.”
    For whom? The denizens of hokumwood of course. Why was Sono Bono “taken out”? Along with many others who have tangled with “hokumwood”.

  35. May you rest peacefully Robin Williams.

    I intend to petition the N.A.M countries to donate(or lease for a dollar each) several decrepit ships each to be loaded with humanitarian supplies, So volunteers can use them to break the siege of Gaza.

    200 plus ships, Flying the flags of 120 separate countries would make for quite a formidable armada.

    Does anyone think that israel would try to stop 200 ships flying the flags of 120 different countries in international waters like they did with the MV Mavi Marmara ?.

    Even if we had to take half of the ships under tow, It would not matter. All that matters is that the ships would be sailing under the flags of 120 countries.

    I will volunteer as a mechanic with first aid training (i can also use a rifle), And i am sure we could find more than enough volunteers to crew every vessel.

    The question is, Would israel have the courage to declare war on 120 countries at once ?.

    Sleep well, You baby-killing perverts.

  36. Its like self torcher to be a good guy in this world. If you walk around in this flat world knowing its round for long enough. Sometimes you come to the conclusion its not worth it. Good thing I found surfing 30 years ago. I only get out a few times a month even though I live a block from the beach. This wonderful economy keeps me chasing my tail (just how they want us). But it saves my life every time getting in the water. Most of America is suffering from a massive brain disease. It actually quite pathetic. But also quite selfish and self centered. Which makes it all that much more frustrating to deal with. Non Violent dissent is the best answer. It pisses them off more than anything. They WANT violence….don’t give it to them.
    Just spit in their face socially. People like Michael Chertoff’ and Lindsey Graham’s eternal legacies (and the sheep that follow) have already been set in stone. Cockroaches have a better legacy …than these super trolls!

    • “” Most of America is suffering from a massive brain disease. It actually quite pathetic. But also quite selfish and self centered .””

      The disease is called Mass Stupidity . It is contagious and as deadly ( really ) as Ebola but in a different way . The * Protocols of the Elders of Zion * [ aka Protocols of the ILLuminati ] alludes to the disease in Protocol 15 , item #6 where it asserts the main reason for the enslavement of nonjewish goyim — ” the wind blows freely between their ears “. In other words , the disease is a form of ignorance and it is contagious . Here is a link to the Protocols —

      ***http //

      Beware of stripped out colons if any in the link .

  37. And that’s why Uncle Duff, I don’t do Hollywood!
    Most of those actors are part of the problem and
    deceiving the people.

    I am sure that people here know what the origins
    are of the word Hollywood and if not please
    look it up.

    They casting a spell on the unsuspected public
    just fine!


    • ~ ”YOU just ain’t Whistling Dixie there, this is a FACT, I liked a bunch of actors, until I found out about their CORE BELIEFS, many of these active movie stars, Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, don’t believe that the people have a right to bear arms, among other things, yet they write, produce, direct & star in shoot-em ups, big time violence, even killing, now some films may have justified killings -vs- just killing to kill….Add in those DISNEY CARTOON MOVIES, which only are made to send out SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, to the youth in the world” ~

  38. “Kavanaugh

    “How can a Hollywood community so tolerant … tolerate this utter tyranny?” asks the CEO of Relativity Media.”

    This is brilliant, a blazing insight into the mobster mentality of the Chosen Ones. Anyone who DARES to stand against ANY of their lies is a TYRANT. Uh-huh.

    That’s OK, you zionists will get used to it, eventually. We’re just getting warmed up.

    • look around vt…and, heaven forbid, the comment boards…
      there are lots of brilliant people around…
      hell, I am a far better comedy writer than putting out political crap….
      imagine doing this year in and year out…unpaid…continually threatened….hated by the scum of the earth…
      but then again, there are downsides as well

      • Your are priceless G.

        As a wise-man once said “you just can’t make this stuff up”

      • What You Said!
        I do not care if they think you look funny
        I still like you.


        • With Reckless abandon and Nothing to Loose!
          (well almost nothing, if they blow this thing up we are going to look pretty stupid!
          Nothing other than you all have,
          house, reputation, pets, nice neighbors
          That’s Right Nothing to Loose!


      • Mr. Duff, The “upside” is there are many more of us who appreciate all that you do on behalf of We The People. Too, we’d love to see you elected President of the US in 2016! Your comedic talents help us lighten up & keep our balance in an increasingly insane world…

    • ~ ”May I ask who we are talking about here, Thank You” ~

      ”How can a Hollywood community so tolerant tolerate this utter tyranny?”

      I’m thinking it may be M.O.

      • ~ ”If by chance, it is P. Cruz, this dude is a whack job, & probably a fudge-packer” ~

        Sorry didn’t initially read the piece, jumped down to read the comments first…

  39. My guess is that he was on an SSRI, just like many, many others who have decided “not to be.” He will be missed by many.

  40. The level and volume of propaganda being used against us, when we know it’s happening and are unable to stop it, is draining and it’s on a daily basis.

    For anyone with intelligence and interest in world affairs, and trying to make the world a better place it’s especially hard to take. Robin was that kind of person.

    Just look at the attack on Japan and what it’s caused to happen all over the planet, and to think it was a planned attack, and again Israel was involved, and the world continues to suffer. Israel didn’t like Japan’s position on Palestine.

    Now we seeing Malaysia and it’s airline bankrupted for a similar position on Palestine. It’s beyond comprehension and enough to depress anyone, especially when it appears they’re getting away with it. I would think Japan would want to retaliate but so far we’ve seen nothing. It seems there’s NO honor or sense of fair-play remaining, with these monsters. And it hurts, in the gut.

    • ~ ”In regards to Japan / Fukushima, always thought H.A.A.R.P. was involved, not saying that Israel didn’t ask U.S. for help, the funny thing is, RUSSIA said in the past, that whenever H.A.A.R.P. is used, it always leaves evidence, in the form of a low magnitude earthquake, way back when, when a 911 widow flew to Chicago, to see Attorney General Fitzpatrick, or Fitzgerald, the plane was attacked using H.A.A.R.P. & RUSSIA, came out soon thereafter, saying emanations similar to a earthquake, was recorded by radar, or satellites used by Russia, when that brand new state of the art airplane, just fell out of the sky, near Buffalo or close to there, & they tried blaming the crash, on frozen windshield wipers…THE LAUNDRY LIST OF DELIBERATE KILLINGS GOES ON, & ON, IT IS ENDLESS…

    • There is a suspicion floating around that a nuke was detonated on that earthquake flautline near Fukushima and that it was placed there by a submarine force . Will we ever know for sure ?

      • ~ ”I wouldn’t doubt it, Japan was coming back after that 10 year setback, & that event, just sent them way back again, or may have even decimated them, beyond repair forever, as for KNOWING THE TRUTH, I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN JUDGMENT DAY, so any & all secrets, & unsolved whatever, will finally be brought to light, the only thing is, whoever happens to be sentenced down below, will never know THE TRUTH, unless their bragging rights / accolades, would be permissible discussions” ~

  41. Big Pharma & their “Psychiatrists” strike again. Where is the REPORTING that Robin Williams was Prescribed Anti-Depressants (Serotonin Up Take Inhibitors)??? This class of drugs should be banned, but because only one American commits suicide every 13 minutes Big Pharma along with a complicit CONgress consider the numbers too low to bother with a recall or complete BAN ? Medical journals report that more Americans are dying from prescription medications, taken AS PRESCRIBED, than all traffic accidents AND illegal drugs COMBINED. Where is the outrage ? Oversight ? Accountability ? Anti-Depressants list SUICIDAL TENDENCIES as a “Side-Effect.” Combine that with a “professional” psychiatrist and you have a deadly combination (the power of suggestion…). How effective are these psychiatrists when there is a death every 13 minutes ?$$$ You Tube LAWLESS AMERICA

    • I agree. Bizarreness of his death definitely proves brain toxicity. He is just one more victim of drug industry. Being sensitive is a great disadvantage. Sensitive people( most often enzymes P450 deficient) are doomed in USA. They targeted by PHARMA just like alcoholics by alcohol producers and they are poisoned by licensed doctors, dying every day in great numbers from suicides, choking, cutting and whatever they can use to harm or kill them self. I am sure sooner or later we will know drugs that killed him. They are source of income for one financial scam and fantastic collateral to collect for others. He was a very disturbed man! Anybody noticed?

    • The failed war on cancer is just as corrupt. About one person every minute dies either from cancer, treatment or both. All approved “treatments” are life threatening. Therefore, when a patient under treatment dies, they could have died from cancer, treatment or both; usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer. No routine autopsy, done by a top pathology laboratory, is ever performed to prove the cause of death. This is a gift to the drug producers and medical doctors who are enriched by the biggest scam on the planet, so they won’t get charged with malpractice. Read the book “The Cancer Industry” by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., 1996, 1989 and 1980.About 500 pages with 500 references. He documents shocking criminal misconduct by Ph.D. so called scientists and FDA heads over many decades. Every FDA Head for the past half century should be in jail for life or better yet hung in the public square. Again fools in Congress have sold out the duped public. Just another failure of many of our failed government.
      Moss was fired from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY in the 1970’s for refusing to lie about positive research on Laetrile. He was assistant director of public affairs there.

      • All advanced cancer patients exhibit the so called wasting disease called cachexia, which depletes the body until it becomes a paper thin patient. This is a result of anerobic glucose metabolism exhibited by alll cancer patients. Joseph Gold, M.D., a top medical doctor in Syracuse, NY, discovered a drug to block the glycolic pathway in 1968. This drug has been proved to be safe and effective in scientific studies from the Soviet Union to UCLA. It is also very inexpensive. Its name is hydrazine sulfate.
        Our government lied about it on a government website and has refused to approve it. All this is documented here Dr. Gold even did post graduate studies at UC Berkeley in the 1950’s. Our government FDA, NIH and NCI are criminal agencies and all involved should be charged with scientific misconduct, medical quackery, fraud and crimes against humanity.
        Congress, as usual, and our president, have totally sold out their constituents. America is a dismal failure. Americans are the biggest fools on planet earth.

        • “” Americans are the biggest fools on planet earth.””

          Pope John Paul was once quoted as saying that ” ignorance is bliss “. Many people are so dumbified that they believe he meant [ ignorance is a blessing ] whereas he really meant that people fool themselves into being happily ignorant .

  42. Look at the map since 1947 of what Israel has taken by force vs original deal. Also consider that Menachem Begin admitted the Israeli’s started the 1973 War, this is important because Israel has said they were attacked and therefore had a right to the spoils of War. Since they have admitted they started the War (Begin quote) then the lands stolen must be returned and reparations paid.

    So, this supposed “Only Democracy” in the ME has NONE of the qualifying conditions required. They never followed the original agreement on setting up a State Of Palestine. They have NO defined borders. They have NO constitution. They don’t treat all citizens the same. They have stolen many multiples of the original land allocated. They have violated hundreds of UN Resolutions. They have started many Wars against their neighbors.

    They used a Nuclear Weapon against Syria in May 2013.

    Consider these arguments vs what you just read above and get back to me. Also consider that Israel is firing rockets at itself mostly into empty lots to justify stealing GAZA’s natural Gas reserves just offshore and it’s 25 miles of ocean-front property worth many billions if developed. The gas is so close Israel could bring it immediately to their country and be energy independent.

  43. It could very well be that for Robin Williams what is happening on a macrocosmic scale was too much to bear on top of his personal microcosmic reality. For sure I strongly feel that formidable depressive pressure myself.

    I lost my dad to kidney cancer in 2003 long before I had any idea that there were curing options beyond conventional medicine – and was aggrieved that there was no chemotherapy for kidney cancer! That was probably a blessing in disguise that he was spared that horrific ‘remedy’. My dad was the most caring, compassionate, & tenderhearted person I have ever known – empathy beyond ordinary human capacity and most definitely a truth seeker > he was always on top of the political situation locally/nationally/globally – and he could always see thru the propaganda although he had no idea how truly bad/evil things really were. Even though I miss him terribly, I am thankful he is not alive today to witness and truly suffer the horrors playing out all around us. I honestly believe it would have too much for him – maybe not to kill himself, but to kill his soul. I know there are days when the enormity of it all just makes my head want to explode!

    I strongly urge all to read the following to fully understand the level of evil that has humanity in its death grip>
    http //

    • Spears & swords have been replaced by ultra-military weapons of mass destruction. People – time is up! We MUST stop this DEATH CULT now > The Brotherhood of the Serpent – the antiChrist


      • AMEN. The time for talk is over. This scum is not going to go away quietly. Get used to it, folks.

      • The sheeple are not going to stop any death cult ; both the sheeple and cult know this . It will take an opposing power greater than the power of the cult to stop it . It will take time and they are working on it .

    • lost a neighbor…though not good friend….to kidney cancer…died at 42, a pediatrician with 3 kids. this was years ago….
      I remember discussing alternative treatments…even then.

  44. My Love to Robin Williams and to his family.
    There but for the Grace of God.
    You can leave if you want, just be really sure!
    It occurs to me I will get there anyway, no hurry just now.
    I hope this fine day finds you well


  45. I personally would be looking at murder. That it has not been mentioned, not even a semi-suppressed conspiracy theory, makes me curious.
    My interest is not political but rather the idea of losing a simple person who had become a social icon…this is someone who has suffered as have so many of our time….so many around us…so many of us…
    We live in callous times.

  46. accidental suicide?.Auto Erotic asphyxiation. Easy way to make it look like a suicide. Like “Kung Fu”.

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