Instant Karma – 200,000 Downwind Deaths From Nevada Atomic Testing

American military forces participating in Nevada Atomic testing

American military forces participating in Nevada Atomic testing

From 1951 to 1970 the United States Government conducted over 1100 Atomic tests in Nevada whose radiation fallout has resulted in over 200,000 deaths throughout the country ~ instant karma for the over 200,000 deaths from the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and now Fukushima is slowly radiating the West Coast. In less than 70 years, Karmic law has once again asserted that those who ride the forces of evil will eventually be crushed by the very same forces: Allen L Roland, Ph.D


I was only 11 years old when The United States dropped the first Atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. I remember the moment well for I was sitting across the street at the Thompson Club, Nahant waiting for my twin brother to join me to play baseball. Suddenly I felt an immense sense of collective loss ~ and then a short time later my twin brother came running from across the street telling me that we had dropped an Atomic bomb on Japan. Even at that young age, I somehow sensed we had released an evil powerful genie that could eventually destroy ourselves and the planet.

Power corrupts, absolute atomic power absolutely morally corrupts, particularly when it is in the hands of the Military/Industrial complex with the power to control and destroy the world ~ whereas human life eventually becomes collateral damage as it did with the Atomic testing during the sixties in Nevada.

The extent of the Nevada testing most probably included the development of the Davy Crockett tactical nuclear warheads which have been linked to many false flag events including 9/11. See VT Article

US-total-fallout-51-70Here’s a chart of the radiation fallout pattern from the Nevada testing ~ please note that it extends well across the country while compensation is only being offered to a few states bordering Nevada.

As Wikipedia reports ~ Downwinders refers to individuals and communities who are exposed to radioactive contamination or nuclear fallout from atmospheric or underground nuclear weapons testing, and nuclear accidents. Currently, this article focuses on incidents in the United States, or caused by its weapons testing.

The impact of nuclear contamination on an individual is generally estimated as the result of the dose of radiation received and the duration of exposure, using the Linear No-Threshold Model (LNT). The hypothesis was adopted for regulatory purposes about 65 years ago and has no scientific evidence to support its validity in the years since then. It is vehemently rejected by the health and epidemiological communities in the face of abundant data refuting its validity. Sex, age, race, culture, occupation, class, location, and simultaneous exposure to additional environmental toxins are also significant, but often overlooked, factors that contribute to the health effects on a particular “downwind” community

Here’s some color film footage of atomic bomb tests in Nevada – especially the downwinders as well as hundreds of soldiers being exposed to high levels of radiation. 5 minute video

The United States Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) is a federal statute providing for the monetary compensation of people, including atomic veterans, who contracted cancer and a number of other specified diseases as a direct result of their exposure to atmospheric nuclear testing undertaken by the United States during the Cold War, or their exposure to high levels of radon while doing uranium mining. The 1990 act provided the following remunerations:

  • $50,000 to individuals residing or working “downwind” of the Nevada Test Site
  • $75,000 for workers participating in atmospheric nuclear weapons tests
  • $100,000 for uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters

In all cases there are additional requirements which must be satisfied (proof of exposure, establishment of duration of employment, establishment of certain medical conditions, etc.).

In some cases, however, it was extremely difficult for people to receive their compensation, especially in the case of the widows of uranium miners. Because many uranium miners were Native Americans, they did not have standard marriage licenses required to establish a legal connection to the deceased. In 1999, revisions were published in the Federal Register to assist in making award claims. See Downwinders article ~

On April 18, 2013, H.R. 1645: The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act Amendments of 2013 was introduced in Congress and promptly referred to committee with virtually zero chance of being enacted. There have currently been no votes related to this bill ~

The yellow states on this RECA chart are still virtually uncompensated for their exposure to radiation from over 1100 Atomic tests due to Congressional inaction or lack of public outcry. In 1980, People magazine revealed some consequences of continental nuclear testing for American citizens. The magazine disclosed that of some 220 cast and crew who filmed a 1956 film, The Conqueror, on location near St. George, Utah, (over 120 miles from Atomic test sites) ninety-one had come down with cancer, with an unheard of 41 per cent morbidity rate.Of these, forty-six had died of cancer by 1980. Among the victims were John Wayne and Susan Hayward, the stars of the film.


Color film footage of atomic bomb tests with active duty military personnel at Camp Desert Rock, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, shows soldiers in foxholes as nuclear detonation occurs nearby; light and shockwaves; blowing dust; soldiers climbing out of foxholes and running towards mushroom cloud. Some of this footage is familiar by virtue of having been seen in the film Atomic Cafe. Many soldiers who were present were exposed to high levels of radiation ~ and soon to be joined by countless civilians downwind ~ who were also assured by their government that there was nothing to fear. See 8 minute video ~

fukushimaAnd now we have the 2011 nuclear meltdown at Fukushima releasing another Genie of ongoing deadly radiation, along with the same old government assurances and lies, to an equally complacent public. For those who are not concerned by the payback from nuclear radiation ~ here’s a Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 – 3 Times Faster / 6 minute video

Once again, Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely morally corrupts, particularly when it is in the hands of the Military/Industrial complex with the power to control and destroy the world ~ and now we are realizing the deadly instant karma from the political mindset of the military complex to bomb, incinerate and fatally radiate over 200,000 people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

“After the thing went off, after it was a sure thing that America could wipe out a city with just one bomb, a scientist turned to Father and said, ‘Science has now known sin.’ And do you know what Father said? He said, ‘What is sin?”
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

About the Author: Allen L Roland is a Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist. He is also a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his web site at He also guest hosts a Truthtalk, a national radio show that airs monthly. He is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations via email at [email protected].

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9 Responses to "Instant Karma – 200,000 Downwind Deaths From Nevada Atomic Testing"

  1. Allen L Roland  September 1, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    The worse news is that there is little or no reliable, systematic, continuous measurement of radiation levels anywhere, not just related to Fukushima. Nor is there any honest, comprehensive, serious study of the effects of the radiation that’s not being measured. Independent scientists have sharply criticized this failure to gather reliable data in what amounts to a pattern of global denial ~ see http //

  2. etominusipi  August 30, 2014 at 3:48 am

    Allen, a very fine article on a theme too little discussed. the exploitation of first-nation workers at the sharp end of uranium mining is, alas, all too typical of the murderous cynicism which accompanies the overweening hubris of Amerika’s moribund power élite

    • Allen L Roland  August 30, 2014 at 7:12 am

      Well said, etominusipi ~ exploitation, suppression and hubris are the guiding principles of the power elite which comes sharply into focus just before they rightfully fall from grace.

  3. franktalk  August 29, 2014 at 11:51 am

    It kind of makes those war population deaths pale by comparison when you correlate it with genetic damage to our population (the gift that keeps on giving) over time.

    • Allen L Roland  August 29, 2014 at 12:11 pm

      Well said, franktalk ~ radioactive poisoning is indeed the deadly gift that keeps on giving to the world, in the case of genetic damage to our species.

    • franktalk  August 29, 2014 at 12:16 pm

      Now who would have the technology to create this surface quake? Perhaps our enemies are here now.

      https // ( amateur report no one payed attention to) Think of the magnitude of the Nuclear waste volume on site.).

      Israeli or Bush/Bechtel crowd.

    • franktalk  August 29, 2014 at 12:36 pm

      The weather weapons uses few are thinking about for the Cheney action promised can be understood by nuclear plants and storage, forget the emp, they just need the earthquake tool.

  4. JS  August 28, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Excellent article. Very sobering.

  5. wildcat  August 28, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Great article.

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