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The True Story Behind “Interstellar”

How anti-gravity technology got us off the moon, from September 2014

The scandals began right in the beginning

The scandals began right in the beginning

NASA Partner?

NASA Partner?

“This early type of magnetic buoyancy system

works in the vacuum of outer space by displacing the

magnetic field lines producing magnetic buoyancy

or an anti-gravity effect.”

… by Jeff Smith, VT Science Editor


First published September 17, 2014

Clinton Bastin

Clinton Bastin

In the August 2014 issue of Nexus Magazine there is an article entitled “NASA unable to recreate Apollo Technologies.”

To quote the late Clinton Bastion, VT editor and nuclear weapons designer for the US Department of Energy:

“All chemical companies who managed and all government chemical engineers who directed programs for the production of nuclear materials and components have left the US government.

It has lost the ability to produce most nuclear materials and components for weapons and assess the ability of other nations to do so.” ( This also includes NASA, JPL, Sandia, Los Alamos etc.)

This is how modern technology is lost.

The Apollo space program and the nuclear weapons field are the prime examples. We can no longer pour piss out of a bottle without getting wet. Boy are we in trouble, who is going to defend us against Marvin the Martian when he shows up? Cartmann on South Park?

I’d like to see that one, South Park VS Marvin the Martian. Poor Kenny I wonder what evil things that the Queen of Mars is going to do to him? Inquisitive minds would really like to know.

Cartoon reality strikes

Cartoon reality strikes

In getting back to reality vs back to the future…been there, done that one, and got the T-shirt. NASA has a really big problem. Apparently Star Trek the Next Generation ie., NASA, has forgotten how to build Space Ships that really work.

Gee wiz, I wonder why? In designing the next generation replacement for the Space Shuttle that was basically created by Walter Dornberger, first at Bell with the X-15 and then at North American and Rockwell, the prime contractor, they lost grandma’s secret recipe for yummy apple pie.

After spending billions of dollars on the Orion Space ship it is a turkey. It can’t go to the moon do its job and get back safely. Problems with Cavitation in the fuel tanks, heat shields that don’t work, metallurgy in the F-11 engines and gravity well problems on the moon preventing the LIM from taking off because it’s “too heavy”.

Why? How could this be? Did all of those very fine WW2 era German scientists that gave the world all of this technology just simply say screw it after the US revoked their citizenship at the end of Apollo program for being bad Germans during WW2? To quote the late Sergeant Schultz in the move Stalag 13. “I Know Nothing”. (Hogan’s Heroes. also.)

When a good German soldier is in trouble during WW2 it was best to not know anything. Dead men tell no tales or in this case pass on to their apprentices all of there dirty little secrets. To quote Dr. Von Braun, “This is why I am sticking to a propulsion system that I understand because it works.” So this is why Orion is a flop.

To quote Gorbachev. “We spoon feed the world communism just so they could spit it back up in our faces”. Maybe the world just didn’t like it or maybe the German rocket scientists just simply shut up because they got screwed by the US government in the end. It’s called Blow back that’s when a shot gun backfires in you face.

55The answer to the problem is simple. The current generation of so called rocket scientist don’t know how to go to the library and read old books. They think that anything that predates them is old hat and of no value.

They would rather watch Ancient Aliens on TV and trust Wikipedia than to figure it out for themselves. How wrong could they be? Learn how to use a slide ruler, it works.

Every piece of modern technology from the atom bomb to the Space shuttle was designed using a slide ruler and before that the Abacus. “Analog Rules Baby”.

If the wise guys at NASA would bother to just read the works of Walter Dongberger, Von Braun and Larry Bell then they would know how to make a better space ship that works. The most important papers are entitled:

“The inter office memos and field reports of Walter Dornberger and Larry Bell. Bell Aircraft corp. NY. From 1948 to 1965. The NACA Weight Loss Reduction Program”. Classified Secret, Q clearance required, library copy only, do not distribute, for inter office use only. The Atomic Energy Agency / DOE.

How do you spell “Secret Anti-Gravity Program”. Its called “The Special Committee on Space Technology”. I guess that Bob Lazar and Art Bell missed that one. Maybe Dr. Jones and S. Greer at A&E911 can explain it for us. Sure Fairy Dust Did It.

NACA chairmen

Members of The “Special Committee on Space Technology”.

As of their meeting on, 26 May 1958.

Committee member Title
Edward R. Sharp Director of the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory
Colonel Norman C Appold Assistant to the Deputy Commander for Weapons Systems, Air Research and Development Command: US Air Force
Abraham Hyatt Research and Analysis Officer Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of the Navy
Hendrik Wade Bode Director of Research Physical Sciences, Bell Telephone Laboratories
W Randolph Lovelace II Lovelace Foundation for Medication Education and Research
S. K Hoffman General Manager, Rocketdyne Division, North American Aviation
Milton U Clauser Director, Aeronautical Research Laboratory, The Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation
H. Julian Allen Chief, High Speed Flight Research, NACA Ames
Robert R. Gilruth Assistant Director, NACA Langley
J. R. Dempsey Manager. Convair-Astronautics (Division of General Dynamics)
Carl B. Palmer Secretary to Committee, NACA Headquarters
H. Guyford Stever Chairman, Associate Dean of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hugh L. Dryden (ex officio), Director, NACA
Dale R. Corson Department of Physics, Cornell University
Abe Silverstein Associate Director, NACA Lewis
Wernher von Braun Director, Development Operations Division, Army Ballistic Missile Agency

To quote Sergeant Friday “Just The Facts Mamm”. Lets see. According to Dornberger, Von Braun and Larry Bell this is how they solved the problems with Apollo. IE the dirty little secrets that they kept from us, Sorry I mean NASA.

66It’s called Thorium technology and Magnetic Buoyancy Technology.

The stuff that UFO’s are made of. When Thorium is used as a coating on rocket motors or heat shields it does three things:

1. On Rocket motors it increases thrust massively. This was done on the second stage rocket motors on Apollo, giving a massive increase in lift. Due to toxicity it could not be use on the first stage F-11 motors. Dornberger knew this from his WW2 V-2 Days. The Germans used thorium on everything because they knew how it worked. This was one of the V-2 secrets.

When Dornberger and VonBraun demonstrated it to the Army Air Corps in 1948 on a recovered German V-2 rocket at White Sands; after it went off range and could not be found for weeks. VonBraun was reported to have said to the brass, “I told you so and you did not believe me.” The Special committee on Space Technology response was “We Believe you now.” Was this Roswell?

2. They coated the Apollo heat shield with it. The increased ionization level gave added “Magnetic Buoyancy” to the spacecraft reducing the re-entry velocity by as much as half from over 2,000 MPH to less than 1,000 MPH. A ll Nuclear weapon reentry vehicles have this thorium technology imbedded into their re-entry systems. Unfortunately, the last re-entry space shield was made at the Bendix Kansas City plant back in 1995.

Since then they seemed to have lost the secret formula for making new ones. Oh No! They lost grandma’s secret recipe for making yummy apple pie! Or was that the British code name for Tube Alloy metal during WW2? I digress. Dornberger first tested this system on the X-15 while at Bell. That was the real reason for the X-15 program. Today it is used on the hypersonic spy drones and other low earth orbiting aircraft.

3. During deceleration of the main Saturn 5 rocket body the liquid fuel in the fuel tanks would undergo severe hydrodynamic cavitation. This was the equivalent of shaking up a really big bottle of Root Beer! If you shake it too much it goes bang. How did they solve the problem?

A. They used one of Dornberger’s tricks from his V-2 days. They just pressurized the fuel tanks with Helium instead of using the usual nitrogen charging system. Helium being diamagnetic simply neutralized the gravitational effects of acceleration and vibration in the fuel tanks by means of magnetic field line displacement. Just like in a helium balloon, ie., they used magnetic buoyancy to solve the problem.

B. Placed at the very top of the Saturn 5 rocket was the command module escape system. This pointy thing at the top also served as an electrostatic and aerodynamic air spike. Its purpose was to create a vacuum bubble around the spacecraft in order to induce a slip stream effect and reduce cavitation.

This was done both aerodynamically and by the use of one of “Dornberger’s Gadgets” called an electrostatic air frame charging system. (think B-2) It would only work above 30,000 feet, below that the ion density of the air was too great in order to get a large enough air frame charge to be effective.

C. The Lunar Landing module and Gravity wells.
In order to reduce weight on the lunar LIM it was fitted with only a 500lb kick motor that lasted for a maximum of 30 seconds. Due to weight constraints this was the biggest motor that they could put on the LIM but the problem was that on the earth it weighed in at over 3,000 lbs. So how do you get a 3,000 lb spacecraft off of the lunar surface with only a 500 lb kick motor that lasts only for 30 seconds?


The answer was in the so called micro meteorite shields. This was another VonBraun, Dornberger invention left over from the V-2 Program at White Sands. They knew that if you charged the outer skin of a spacecraft up to a very high electrical potential in a total vacuum that it lost weight. They could use this system on the moon but not on the earth.

So by hiding it in plain sight by designing its power supply as the main attitude gyro and placing it directly on top of the rocket kick motor and attaching the wires to the micrometeorite panels it formed a really big capacitor. Just like in those toy electrostatic lifters that you see on YouTube. The only difference is that it was a lot bigger.

It was called “Dornbergers Gadget” This early type of magnetic buoyancy system works in the vacuum of outer space by displacing the magnetic field lines producing magnetic buoyancy or an anti-gravity effect. Back then it was called a weight loss system because it only could cancel 5/6ths of the LIM’s weight. That left about 500lb of weight to deal with. Just enough for the lim’s rocket motor to handle.

Before lift off, the term used was “go warm the LIM up”. It took almost three minutes to charge up the LIM and when the amp meter registered zero on the instrument panel they were good to go. If it failed they were “Lost in Space” or “Danger Will Robinson” as Robby the Robot would say.

D. Gravity wells.

The last problem is called “Lunar Gravity wells” or lunar magnetic anomalies. The LIM had to be fitted with a very sensitive Magnetometer that set off an alarm during landing due to lunar magnetic anomalies called gravity wells. Gravity wells are due to the impact craters being highly magnetic from meteorite impacts. If the LIM got to close it would be sucked into one of these gravity wells and crash. This was a very big concern and during one Apollo landing it almost happened.



Bob Lazar’s area 51 UFO story. Is it true?

Bob worked at Sandia National labs from 1982 to 1987 as a lab tech. After that with help from Dr. Teller he got a low level technical job at Area 51. While at Sandia Bob also worked with Dr. Steven Jones on cold fusion and the head of A&E911 founder Mr. Greer? who was then head of P.R. at Sandia. Greer and Bob then went on to also work together at Area-51 and they both knew Art Bell, ie., the “UFO connection”.

Hint Hint… While at Area-51 Bob suffered from “heat stroke” and claimed to have seen some back engineered UFO’s., the so called American UFO fleet stationed at Area 51. Even though we do not question Bob’s version of events (reality) it does have some very important facts that parallel actual anti-gravity theory based on the magnet buoyancy theory of gravity.

Bob claimed that the spacecraft were made of a type of injection molded plastic with almost no metal parts except for the propulsion system and a unusual metal coating on the outside of the spacecraft. Well he was really close on that one and he gets a “B” on his final “polygraph exam”. The coating was a form of Thorium just like they used on the Apollo heat shield for reentry, in the engines and on nuclear weapon re entry nose cones.

By using a central Neutron generator made from element-115 (if you can make it.)and by the way it is perfect for this purpose, the function of the central neutron generator is to create a three point bang bang steering and thruster system in order to move the spacecraft around.

The function of the external thorium coating on the spacecraft is to act as a heat shield on re-entry and when excited by an external neutron generator it throws off massive amounts of radiation that pushes back the magnetic field lines of the UFO creating artificial magnetic buoyancy around the spacecraft. This is called an “Einstein gravity well’ or an artificial worm hole and his theories confirm it.

So if Einstein says it’s so who can question it. When the spacecraft is at zero buoyancy a neutron thruster can easily accelerate the spacecraft up to mac 3 and faster almost instantaneously with no G forces to deal with. However due to neutron radiation the old testament and the Torah tell us that Moses got sick and died from radiation poisoning after talking to Captain Kirk, sorry I mean God.

This is why the ground under UFO landing sights is always sterile. Its called Neutron radiation. The is how those tiny little probes use this to make all of those funny looking crop circles in the UK. Just ask Dr Who? and the British Wormwood society.


Ball lightning and Egyptian Lime Lite.


Lime light is a form of thermal lighting using hot quick lime as the light source. The use of this dates back to Egyptian times and they actually used it in making the Pharaoh’stombs. The Romans used it in ore mining in Europe dating back to the BC period. The ancient light houses also used it. It was called light house gasses.

The Romans and the Greeks even used it as a naval weapon and called it Greek or Roman fire. The Germans used it in WW2 in their Fu fighter program and the Brits used it to defeat the French navy. During the civil war the US navy used it in their cannons. Thus coined the term “Great Balls Of fire”…by Jerry Lee Lewis.

When quick lime is heated to a very high temperature by hot coals, tar, pitch or by being fired out of a cannon it luminescence’s, ie., it lights up like a really big light bulb. This is how the Egyptians made the tombs without leaving any soot behind. They used simple coal fired quick lime from a cement lime kiln.

The Egyptians were very big in cement technology half of the monuments in Egypt, Greece and Rome are made from cement and not stone. If you are going to build the Hoover dam and you have cement technology which one would you use? Simple cement or stone carving with copper tools. You decide. Soon to be a future episode on next seasons Ancient Aliens program. After all the History Channel would never lie. Would they?


Ball Lightning

During a thunderstorm, ball lightning is created when a very high intensity lightning bolt strikes a lime stone outcropping. The resulting lightning flash known as a plasma strike will immediately blast away small chunks of lime stone. The lime stone will be vaporized into quick lime dust and highly ionized. Due to the intense temperature of the limestone fire ball it will light up and levitate due to magnetic buoyancy.

This is the key as to how it works. Magnetic buoyancy is created in severe thunder storms and tornado’s. It has been mainly an unknown phenomena for decades. New research at the Severe Storm Research Center in Norman, Oklahoma is starting to prove this theory to be true.

This is why tornado’s like trailer parks and can toss tractor trailer rigs around like a kids toy. Buoyancy is not only a hydrodynamic process but it is also the key to all Gravitational phenomena. Including how the atom works.

….to be continued.

Editing: Jim W. Dean



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68 Responses to "The True Story Behind “Interstellar”"

  1. LC  June 23, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    I was just looking for some formulas I had posted last year in these archived pages but couldn’t find them!!!! or the page???
    Bottom line of Apollo + Shuttle + all NASA rocket hoaxes can be disproved with this simple conversion formula link you can copy-paste in browser:::::


    NOW::: Just type in Saturn-5 or Shuttle’s thrust force in Newtons on left side of equation & hit return to get its equivalent of TNT explosion force.

    For Apollo::::
    Saturn-5 MAX thrust force === 34 MILLION NEWTONS === 8 Kilogram TNT
    That means NASA claims they explode 8 kilo chunks of TNT at tail-end of Saturn rocket every half second or every second & that lifts it off earth & accelerates it to mega speeds.

    Just think about it. A roadside IED which blows up under a vehicle might need more that 8 Kilo TNT to lift it off from earth a few inches.!!!! NASA claims it lifted off many of its 3000 Metric Ton rockets!!!!

    Mark Twain was right:::: “It is much easier to fool people than to prove to them they have been fooled”!!!!
    Cheers -lc

    • Emma Yacht  June 23, 2016 at 10:32 pm

      There are some formulas below in the February 16 comment.

  2. LC  January 31, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Proof that NO “ANTI-GRAVITY” was ever used on rockets thus dismissing above “FACTS” as fiction:

    If you Google: “Space Shuttle specifications” then you’d see NASA claims these basic specs quoted from WIKI:

    System Stack: Height: 56 m
    Gross liftoff weight: 2,000,000 kg == 2,000 TONS WEIGHT
    Total liftoff thrust: 30.16 MN == 3,000 TONS FORCE

    THUS: Force-To-Weight Ratio (FTWR) == 3,000/2,000 == 1.5 == One & a half times == 1+1/2 TIMES

    So: even if NASA had any available “ANTI-GRAVITY” stuff it couldn’t have been built in conventional rockets like the Shuttles to reduce shuttle bulk’s real weight =Mass.
    If ANTI-GRAVITY stuff couldn’t be deployed in 2014 shuttles then obviously it wasn’t deployed 45 years earlier in Apollos (as Jeff Smith claims above).
    Although in Jim Fetzer’s “DENUCLEARIZE” page I had proved that both shuttles & Saturns were fakes for many reasons including that their data disproved & defeated each other’s truth.
    Eg: shuttle’s 1.5 FTWR defeats Saturn’s phony 1.1 FTWR which is impossible to lift off to even clear off launch pad (ie-100 meters). Here is a Human proof:
    Youtube this line:
    “Blob Jump Record 2012 – Norderstedt”

    Two guys jump on a BLOB from about 20 meters & shoot up one guy to about 20 meters in one second with a 1.5 FTWR (like shuttles) with about 2 g-force.

    one conclusion here is that (in rockets) You need at least a 1.5 FTWR to overcome G-force & clear launch pad!!! Saturns didn’t have enough FTWR & couldn’t clear launch pad. So they were fakes!

    • LC  January 31, 2015 at 9:31 pm

      Question to photographers+ anyone: can this be a real photo taken by ISS from earth + clouds + a shuttle returning to earth???


      @ bottom left click on “Original file” to get best shot.

      Even though below ISS earth is lit by the sun the sky is pitch black due to vacuum. But see the space covered with stars.
      Ain’t these the famously missing stars of the Apollo missions???
      Remember the astronuts testifying they saw no stars on the way to the moon & back???

      They told the truth because they never left earth & so they couldn’t see stars in broad daylight!!!

    • LC  January 31, 2015 at 10:34 pm

      Above shot destroys all moon travelers who claimed seeing NO STARS:

      YouTube: “Neil Armstrong interview, BBC 1970.”

      He claims:
      -The sky is deep black,
      -The earth is the only visble object in the sky, other than the sun.

      Armstrong is either instructed to lie…or he has never been on the moon! (actually both-I AM SURE)!!!

      ++ Look at the phony shot of earth he shows!!!

    • LC  February 1, 2015 at 12:33 pm

      Killing NASA + Saturn-V + Apollo:

      Google IMAGES: rocket optimum thrust-to-weight ratio (without quotes “”)

      Which gives many colorful shots including this link with priceless calculators:


      1- Now in first box put in Saturn-V thrust (force) number:
      34020000 Newtons & it returns a maximum liftable weight of 1528988 Lb== 700 tons.
      However: Saturn-V supposedly weighed 3,000 tons. So it couldn’t lift off!!!

      2- Now in second box put in Saturn-V weight of 6540000 LB (pounds) & it quickly calculates the minimum motor thrust needed for lift off 145515000 Newtons.
      Now divide this by Saturn’s thrust number of 34020000 N to get: 4.2 times (FTWR).
      That means for Saturn-V & Apollos to be able to lift off & clear launch pad they needed four times power than what they had without additional weight. (ie-not above 3,000 tons)!!!

      ANY MORE DOUBTERS that Apollos & Saturns were fakes??? So where did the $$$$$ GO??? (ask Judy Wood)!!!

    • LC  February 3, 2015 at 11:27 pm


      Youtube: “The Plan to Launch America”

      @ Min. 20: Confesses never delivered a U.S. crew to ISS (itself a hoax).

      Why??? Cuz Shuttles were hoaxes–>> 2000 tons can’t lift off launch pad with existing rocket power!!!.

      Here’s Proof: Google IMAGES: “Thrust and Mass Studies”
      & pull up first chart’s page.

      I think that bell-curve (even though based on model rockets) is meant to apply to real size rockets by scaling up. It assumes rocket power always at possible Max.

      NOW: From the left start point of curve draw a vertical & a horizontal line across box.
      It shows a 300 gram rocket climbs about 1,250 Ft.

      Now: follow horizontal line to cut right side of curve & draw a vertical line from that point to cut base line about 1.5 Kilos == 1,500 grams.
      This means both 300 & 1500 gram rockets (containing almost all fuel) could both climb same 1,250 FT!!! Additional 100-200 grams totally grounds the rocket!!!

      Now: draw same two lines from the apex of curve which is the optimum rocket weight. You’ll see it cuts below line @ 750 grams & left side @ about 1,300 Ft.
      The APEX is the point of diminishing return where every added gram of weight of fuel+ starts to diminish rocket altitude (thus make it fall)!

      Now: apply curve to today’s rockets:
      Heaviest rockets capable of flying with today’s most powerful engines are about 750 tons because any heavier would fall back from Apex!
      SO: 2,000 ton Shuttle & 3,000 ton Apollo could NOT lift 1 INCH!

    • LC  February 9, 2015 at 11:40 pm

      Although I had previously linked this on VT this one has several NASA whistle-blowers + @ Min. 34: “Richard Hoagland is a fake & a NASA agent”

      YouTube: landing safely on the moon is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE

      ++ Von Braun’s grand son blows the whistle too: Youtube: Apollo auf dem Mond?

      You could probably understand everything he shows without understanding the language!!!

    • LC  February 11, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      NASA’s new BIGGER THAN APOLLO HOAX launched (Feb. 11, 2015). Here’s proof:

      Google: “DSCOVR Spacecraft & Instrument Overview”

      Open both. 1st is the project while 2nd shows launch specs with a 10 min launch clip.
      Total liftoff force == 600 tons & total weight == 500 tons giving a low Force-To-Weight Ratio (FWR) == 1.25 (I think bogus)

      But assuming 1.25 OK it can only be due to SpaceX 100+ times advanced fuel + navigation ++ other systems than that of Apollo 1960s.
      Total weight is below peak of diminishing return of 800 tons in above chart where 800+ tons weight lowers altitude & 1000 tons probably grounds it!!! + shuttle

      In launch film 9 minutes burns all minus one minute worth of fuel to reach just 250 km high == 160 mile.
      He says once @ 250 km rocket coasts 22 min & then turns on rocket again to burn its final minute of fuel!

      According to above 9 min. flight numbers the extra minute burn takes it up another 30-50 km to reach total of 300 km high.!!!
      Remember phony Shuttles & ISS supposedly orbit higher than 300 km & can’t go up any higher!!!
      He then says that from there with NO more engine the cargo (a satellite) flies itself 1,000,000 miles to “Lagrange Point” from where it monitors & reports Earth climate changes! while @ min 9 woman said: contact already lost!!! (ie- bigger than Apollo hoax)

      What really happened:
      Rocket coasted 22 minutes @ hi-altitude & fell into Atlantic several hundred miles away & CIC cashed in a $$$billion+ with this new hoax!!!

    • LC  February 12, 2015 at 2:34 am

      The first chart in below page helps understand why today’s SpaceX launch + Space Shuttles + Apollos were all hoaxes & couldn’t lift off launch pad (unless alien ANTI-GRAVITY stuff was built into them!!!)


      If you plug in weights of each above named rocket (just drop zeros to match left side numbers) you’ll see that all of them fall in the deep UNSAFE zone of this chart.
      For instance to lift off the 3000 ton Apollo 6200 tons of force was needed just to reach the safe power zone. That is almost twice the power NASA claimed Saturn had.
      Same principle applies to the other two rockets.
      Therefore non of the could have lifted unless alien tech. anti gravity installed in them. (If such things exist then this could be possible in the new SpaceX rockets not in previous stuff)

    • LC  February 14, 2015 at 11:52 pm

      NASA says: Gravity in full force in earth orbit:

      Google IMAGES: “maximum possible weight of a rocket”
      One of the pages that comes up is this one from NASA:

      “On orbit, the shuttle weighs 250,000 * .907 = 226,757 pounds. Notice: the weight is not zero. There is a large gravitational force acting on the Shuttle at a distance of 200 miles. The “weightlessness” experienced by astronauts on board the Shuttle is caused by the free-fall of all objects in orbit. The Shuttle is pulled towards the Earth because of gravity. But the high orbital speed, tangent to the surface of the Earth, causes the fall towards the surface to be exactly matched by the curvature of the Earth away from the shuttle. In essence, the shuttle is constantly falling all around the Earth.”

      Just as I had previously documented here @ 200 miles only above 5% of earth gravity force is overcome. Therefore the bogus SpaceX rocket launch last Monday didn’t even get to 200 miles let alone shoot its bogus satellite 1,000,000 miles away without a rocket even!!! As I said SpaceX just coasted 22 minutes & fell into the Atlantic a few hundred miles from Cape Kennedy & the Cannibals In Control cashed $billion + for the show!!!

    • LC  February 16, 2015 at 11:28 pm

      ++Google: “SpaceX CRS-4 Mission Press Kit”
      +open both pdf links at top.
      The 2nd is last Monday’s bogus launch in 2 pages but no details. But the 1st is from a few months back with such details:

      “Merlin 1D Engine The Merlin engine that powers the first stage of Falcon 9 is developed and manufactured in-house by SpaceX . Burning liquid oxygen and rocket-grade kerosene propellant, a single Merlin engine emits 654 kilonewtons (147,000 pounds) of thrust at liftoff, rising to 716 kilonewtons (161,000 pounds) as it climbs out of Earth’s atmosphere. Merlin’s thrust-to-weight ratio exceeds 150, making the Merlin the most efficient booster engine ever built, while still maintaining the structural and thermal safety margins needed to carry astronauts.”

      The above 150 == TWR of 1.5. But last week they said its TWR was only 1.25 which could’ve only launched without air pressure outside SpaceX. But we know there was plenty wind & drag.
      + they threw in the hoax that its payload satellite magically flew 1,000,000 miles away by itself!
      SpaceX hoax was tested only once last month with dummy payload & a 1.5 TWR & now they shot a weaker SpaceX 1 MM away!!!
      They got to cough up that $$$ BILLION+

      Google IMAGES: “Thrust to Weight Charts”
      Shows a minimum TWR == 3 with little or no wind.

      To see limits of a 1.25 TWR: YouTube: “F-22 Raptor vertical takeoff”
      Showing slow vertical lift of very few seconds but only because wings stabilize plane as opposed to wingless rocket needing more TWR

    • LC  February 19, 2015 at 9:30 am

      NASA’s first successful Lunar Lander tests can be seen by putting in YouTube:
      “Robotic Lunar Lander Completes Multiple Outdoor Flight”

      Do we see “ANTI GRAVITY” here. It topped 10 meters!!! Next attempt of 11 meters probably crashed though!!!. That’s why we don’t have it on YouTube!!!
      So that’s how advanced NASA is now 50 years after their bogus moon-landings!!!
      Its capable of lifting a toy 10 meters above ground for a few seconds & landing it safely!!!

      The bill from above toys so far in today’s dollars == over $$$$40,000,000,000,000 – 40 trillion!!!!

    • LC  February 22, 2015 at 12:47 am

      Caterpillar crane on the moon moving LEM all over the moon to pose for shots:

      Put this in YouTube to see:

      “NASA Busted: Apollo 17 Moon Hoax”

  3. Estipi  January 28, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Gordon D, you said in a comment:

    “However, the real issues, a thousand times more frightening and certainly more ‘challenging’ aren’t even within the scope of imagination of many (not all) posting on this. I am certain we visited the moon. However, I am unable to tell you what the moon actually is.”

    Are you alluding to questions such as — is the moon hollow? — and, was it artificially constructed? — and, what might it have inside of it? (In short — is the moon a ‘clockwork orange’ ? ? ? )

    I first saw these questions raised by David Icke.


  4. LC  January 27, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    Scientific proof of moon photo-fakeries. A link posted by VT reader: John Kesich


    Apollo Investigation

    Hadley: A Study in Fakery
by Professor Colin Rourke
    Colin Rourke is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick England

    @ bottom of page there is link to a Ukranian Physics professor documenting Apollo photo fakeries by parallaxing discussed in recent Jim Fetzer page:

    See Also: A Stereoscopic method of verifying Apollo lunar surface images by Oleg Oleynik Ph.D.c
    Exposing extensive Apollo 15 fakery.

  5. jmreeves  January 27, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    What if there were two (or more) ‘space programs’.
    Then both ‘stories’ could be true.
    Parallel Universes so to speak.
    NASA.. Never A Straight Answer.
    Thanks Mr. Duff.
    I love your exposes, I said before,
    what an interesting path you have traveled.


    • LC  January 27, 2015 at 7:36 pm

      Like I wrote below if U.S. or anyone else had sent anything to the moon to the spots where the bogus LEMs supposedly were then NASA would’ve obtained the pictures & videos to re-photoshop own nuts into them & re-sell them to us. That hasn’t happened. So there hasn’t been another program but the one of fakery independently proved by above scientists. (above comment takes a while to post due to its link)

  6. LC  January 27, 2015 at 11:31 am

    Mr. Duff:
    “you know, tens of thousands of people worked on Apollo….why aren’t more of them speaking up about the scam?”

    1st: Does anyone actually know how that over 10,000 worked on Apollos??? I don’t believe that the did!!!
    ++ We know that all the thousands of original NASA & U.S. Nuke scientists were Germans working here as POWs & fully monitored. + & I wonder how many did try to talk & were liquidated???
    There was & still is Pegasus hitmen dedicated to liquidating NASA whistleblowers. Ralph Rene & Bill Kasings have given video testimoneys to that. Surely CHip Tatum knows bout it too.
    Other than a dozen murdered astronut whistlblowers a couple of dozen murdered NASA staff were named by Kasings & Rene & others in their books & videos.
    In Shrimpton Luna Landing pages I had linked to a documentary showing about 10 CIA folks were the astronut actors & that only one of them survied by fleeing to UK & becoming a priest in a church!!!
    That CIA priest gave video testimony of the names with photos of his former murdered buddies & details how they were Pegasussed. Most of them were sent to Cambodia supposedly to conduct an operation but there they were tortured & gruesomely murdered & filmed all the while by their own mission buddies. Their fate sounds eerily similar to Chip Tatums’s Red Rock opertion where most of his crew were murdered or capturered first by their own & then by VK!!!
    Their brutal murdering scenes were later to shown to any other possible

    • LC  January 27, 2015 at 11:33 am

      Their brutal murdering scenes were later to shown to any other possible whistleblowers suspected of wanting to talk to make’m think twice!!!
      Bob Lazar always said there were many more qualified people to work on those UFO & suspected he was chosen because he had previously talked to Dr. Teller. It’s no surprise that Jewish folks chose unqualified Jewish folks for any job for which many qualified non-Jewish folks are available.
      That may also be the reason Lazar didn’t get Pegasussed after all!!! (although he revealed nothing about Apollos that I recall) His adventures there were in the 80s.

    • LC  January 27, 2015 at 7:53 pm

      Anke van Ziel (a VT reader) in the Moon Fake page had already linked to the documentary I referenced above. I don’t know in which part the murder scenes of the CIA fake astronauts are discussed but this is a must watch-all parts. Nixon ordered their murders to Richard Helms he took’m out!!!

      YouTube: “Moon Landing A Fake or Fact part 5”

  7. Doc Walt  January 27, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Thanks for the article, Mr Duff. It got me thinking about some things I’ve seen lately and not so lately. I remember watching the Lunar Excursion Module take off to meet the orbiter for the return trip and the take off was definitely not ballistic, but a climb that looked almost like it was being lifted by an invisible cord. It almost looked like it could have been done on a movie set. Now, just a few years ago, I was camping in Flamingo campground at the Everglades and each night we had unusual planes fly over at low altitude and the sound of a fan (or fans) was noticeable. Having just watched a couple of the Marvel movies (Avengers, etc.) I see fans on wings with a Hollywood added flame coming out of the fan which wouldn’t necessarily do that – certainly the LEM didn’t. The planes I saw over the Everglades had thrust coming from the rear, but now I’m trying to figure out if they had fans on the wings. Is Hollywood showing us the next generation of military aircraft?

  8. Howard T.Lewis III  January 26, 2015 at 10:50 pm


  9. NortonSmitty  January 26, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    That’s OK with me Mr. Duff. Everybody gotta’ have a hobby.

  10. Gordon Duff  January 25, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    I didn’t write the article. Jeff did. He works on this crap. He is a physicist. According to the ADL, I kill people and pick on Jews.

  11. LC  January 25, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    NASA’s Mars orbiter which supposedly found UK’s Beagle-2 fake is itself a fake with this proof which you can pull:
    Google IMAGES: “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) curiosity”

    & see many shots of Mars Curiosity Rover from Mars Orbit.
    (since 2013) In VT space-related pages I linked many solid proofs that Mars Curiosity & its predecessor (Voyager) were all faked for stealing $$$$$$ & that Curiosity’s shots were all from places like California’s Mojave Desert. Bobcats & other animals were easily identified in the shots!!!
    John Lear also confirmed this fact in his most recent appearance on Coast-2-Coast which I linked here afterward. He even identified the location of one of the desert-shots. For more proof either youtube or: Google IMAGES: “MARS CURIOSITY HOAX”.

    Conclusion: since MRO claims to have shots of a hoax (CURIOSITY) then it must itself be a hoax!!!
    ++ seen NASA’s moon base + which I just posted in the Prof. Jim Fetzer Moon Fake page like this one:
    YouTube: “Robotic Lunar Lander Completes Multiple Outdoor Flight”

    Above was NASA’s first successful test with a model LEM (NOT the real thing)!!!

  12. LC  January 24, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    YouTube: “Bob Lazar: 25 Years Later – Part 2”
    for Lazar’s recent interview with George Knapp in Vegas 25 years after his first one in 1990 when he explained that the propulsion system or anti-gravity system (or anything) of the 9 UFOs in Area 51 had not been back engineered until 1990.
    NASA’s claimed “MOON TRIPS” of Apollos were supposedly 20 years earlier!!!
    Above he describes how a candle flame froze in time when it got close to a UFO power-plant which produced its own gravity!!!

    • Gordon Duff  January 25, 2015 at 8:25 pm

      Will not comment but I do have access to check on most UFO related rumors. I still seem to have clearance for some reason, though I can’t remotely imagine why.

    • LC  January 26, 2015 at 12:27 am

      Mr. Duff:
      My previous comment below was actually meant for here. ”

      For an XPRESS proof of moon hoaxes of….

      “Bill Kaysing proves apollo hoax once again”
      just copy past above title in YouTube.
      Kasings worked for Rockedine which even to this day supplies rockets fuel systems to NASA.

      Also: whenever in Youtube or google IMAGES you type in “Moon HOAX NEW” OR “APOLLO HOAX NEW” usually the latest postings come up for instance one called:

      Bogus Reentry Vehicles (part 1 of 2)
      This one starring Col. Hadfield shows him & others held by straps. Stop film @ Min. 16. to see space station hatch is a dented trash can lid with rust on one side!!! ++ much more.

  13. BRETT  January 24, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    Those round things people see in the live NASA feeds floating around everywhere. The ones that look like giant orbs, if you know what an orb is, are not all ufo’s they are actually living entities not spacecraft. whether the government knows this i’m not sure, but then again they don’t much about the universal community and not just a few but millions of different creatures that exist beyond this planet. If you watch in some of the videos you can see the larger entities coming near or in contact with the smaller ones. They are being fed by the mother. these creatures exist in a non physical state.

  14. ksp  January 24, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    “They just pressurized the fuel tanks with Helium instead of using the usual nitrogen charging system. Helium being diamagnetic simply neutralized the gravitational effects of~~”

    Nitrogen and Helium are both diamagnetic ???

  15. JS  January 24, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    G, your discussion of ball lightning mentions research at Severe Storm Research Center in Norman, OK. I think you mean NSSL? Severe Storms Research Center belongs to Georgia Tech.

    • JS  January 24, 2015 at 5:37 pm

      I don’t mean to detract from the discussion. It DOES sound like interesting research, no matter who’s doing it.

    • Gordon Duff  January 25, 2015 at 8:33 pm

      I published this under my name because I did the editing..with Jim Dean.

      he and I wrote NONE of this.

      you see, we know and like jeff but also recognize his access, well beyond anyone mentioned here. when given access to a real asset…who doesn’t support pet theories from key “look at me” pundits…

      Is anyone here a qualified scientist? real question….

      you know, tens of thousands of people worked on Apollo….why aren’t more of them speaking up about the scam?

    • LC  February 1, 2015 at 11:04 pm

      Mr. Duff:



      @ Apollo’s peak activities NASA had total of 30,000 personnel (for Apollo + all NASA stuff).
      Same 30,000 shown for contractors who were pocketing billions for doing nothing by billing under bogus staff names + projects + by cooking books (like Rumsfeld-Zakheim smoked $2.3 trillion-Actually $6+ trillion-per Susan Lindauer)

      In the source of Above chart: ****//history.nasa.gov/augustine/racfup5.htm

      NASA claims Apollo cost only $20 billion of 1990 $$.- a false underestimate. But if you add 3 zeros you get its 2015 real $$$$ equivalent of $20 TRILLION.
      that massive hoax was possible only during Vietnam War which preoccupied America’s attention away from closing in on the bogus Apollos & its looting of $$$$ without delivering a rocket which could clear launch pad!!!

      ++ during Vietnam War 100,000 + US forces lived in Iran in luxury with entire families. According to former Iranian officers most had used political connections to stay out of Vietnam.
      I think that lots of NASA + related personnel were also Vietnam draft-dodgers!!!
      Bill Kasings testified that during Apollo years he saw both Rocketdyne & NASA staff spending their days farting around buildings doing nothing. Just walking around + smoking & reading + chit-chatting + drinking coffee!!!

      BTW: NASA’s published Shuttle FTWR == 7.8 / 4.5 == 1.7 times (NOT 1.5)
      Despite that I believe it’s a fake & 2000 tons can’t clear launch pad

  16. BRETT  January 24, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    Is so preposterous to believe we went to the moon. maybe some of the photos were edited and altered to remove certain “things” the public would not accept at the time. There is life on every single planet, moon, and star in the universe. There is even more life in between the bodies that you are able to see at your level of existence. what level soul does one carry? and what composition does it have to interact with higher non physical beings not from this planet? Also, a lot of the stars you see through the night sky are not stars. If you were able to go into deep space you would see there is nothing physical there. When you have certain geometrical positions of a set of stars they create the illusion of another star. This may seem out of the realm for some to accept. but our educational system is a piece of crap and the only other way to know is from “others” or personal experience. FYI, “MAN” needs to get right in the soul and emotional part of the brain. This planet was to be wiped out already, we have one last chance and not much time left. “Though shall not steal, think correct, act correct, talk correct”

  17. ksp  January 24, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    “This early type of magnetic buoyancy system works in the vacuum of outer space by displacing the magnetic field lines producing magnetic buoyancy or an anti-gravity effect.”

    Why would a vehicle need anti gravity in outer space where there is no gravity??

    • peter  January 24, 2015 at 4:53 pm

      As in the vacuum, on the moon.

    • LC  January 24, 2015 at 4:54 pm

      “To go where NO man has gone before”!!!

    • Gordon Duff  January 25, 2015 at 8:29 pm

      so the lander could meet the orbiter…note we have broad access to the teams that built the lander and orbiter and full access to the science on the weight reduction unit. What we really don’t have is anything but internet gossip on the rest of it.

      No one in the community takes any of this seriously, just to note. However, the real issues, a thousand times more frightening and certainly more “challenging” aren’t even within the scope of imagination of many (not all) posting on this.

      I am certain we visited the moon. However, I am unable to tell you what the moon actually is.

    • LC  January 25, 2015 at 10:45 pm

      Thank you Mr. Duff:
      & please let’s know if you find out something.

      A question: Since you lived near NASA if that was near the launch site do you know what’s under these rockets where the exhaust flame goes??? & why such disproportionate amounts of fumes come out???

      ++ you mentioned you are sure we have been to the moon.
      In a yesterday comment on Jim Fetzer’s page I responded to this & to what some people claim (even some who believe Apollo trips were faked) but that “We have been to the moon with advanced alien-type technologies but not with Apollos”!!! (they mean back-engineered stuff like those discussed here)

      My common sense answer to this claim is this:

      If such was the case then the first task of the “ADVANCED TECH” astronauts would’ve been taking plenty shots & videos of the faked Apollo landings so that back on earth NASA (or Hollywood) could photoshop LEMs & Apollo astronauts into them (as backgrounds) & feed the new hoax to us with excuse that the lost Apollo program photography were rediscovered & here they are!!!

      Have we seen any of that?

    • BRETT  January 26, 2015 at 5:49 pm

      Gravity is still a form of magnetism, and the vacuum of space is not a true vacuum. There are several reasons you might want a gravitational system in space. there is more than one type but ill stick with one for now. You can adjust the field around the craft to either repel or attract from the earths gravity field. and once your in space you can tune into another body in space to get attracted or repelled. so you want to go to the moon. You can have the craft repel the earths fields while being attracted to the moons field. the strength of the crafts field will determine the speed. you can actually use the light from various suns in the galaxy or elsewhere to tune into its field and travel there. also, having to wait for light to travel how ever many light years to get here to detect it is nonsense. you can detect the light or changes in the sun your interested in in zero time, yes this technology to detect the instant changes exist. once these sensors are made public say bye bye stealth air craft. hope that helps KSP

  18. dirtus napus  January 24, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    The ‘problems’ are overcome when you realize how all of those scientists were fooled from ground based telemetry and a closed circuit feed from Nevada. Bypassing even Australia and spoofing them. The areas where more filming happened are known, survivors do tell tails, you haven’t looked deep enough. I had the great pleasure of working with the man who was in charge of the communications for Apollo 13. I have picked his brain apart on many issues. He was there for the “Houston, we have a problem” moment and he told me how Lovell? pegged his heart rate at around 185 for several minutes and remained calm through the entire ordeal. Now, was Lovell and crew on their way to the moon? That’s the question isn’t it. I’ve been winked at over this by people who know and at risk to themselves even after all these years. Ask yourself, has the USG EVER TOLD YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT ONE THING IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE? cmon….

  19. peter  January 24, 2015 at 10:36 am

    One really neat video on utube shows the kerosene fuel being used in flight. Type in saturn rocket fuel on utube. Notice the hexegon shape from inside the tank, just like the top of saturn itself. the design according to the video would prevent the fuel from swooshing around.

    • LC  January 24, 2015 at 4:53 pm

      Just put in Youtube: “saturn-v rocket fuel” 7 many of them come up.
      Like this one: “The Saturn Propulsion System” Project Apollo Rocket Engines 1962 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center”
      @ its beginning it says it’s capable of taking man to the moon. That’s 7 years before they pulled the hoax thus telling you how well planned whole hoax was at all times with no intentions to actually fly anywhere!!!

      @ minute 10 it says 4 of its tanks are filled with kerosene!!!

  20. ksp  January 24, 2015 at 6:02 am

    Leave the thermos closed, end of day the hot coffee will be same temp as ambient, so how does the heat leave the the thermos?

  21. adeUK  January 24, 2015 at 1:28 am

    a vacuum is an insulator , consider a thermos flask, no conduction

  22. LC  January 24, 2015 at 12:01 am

    In Google IMAGES copy past this in:

    It brings to you the ORION flop project.
    Look at top-left shot with basic specs of: Mass == 794 mT & Thrust == 15.8 M N == 1,500 mT == Lift Force
    Thus: Force-to-Weight Ratio (FTWR) == 1.9 == almost twice its weight force needed to lift it up.
    The alleged Saturn-V FTWR was only 1.1 which made it impossible to lift off.
    ORION pparently flopped because its FTWR was not big enough.

    This flaw had been extensively discussed by a private rocketeer (Gaetano Marano) above since about 2006 & advised NASA according of his solutions for Orion. Marano explained to NASA nearly 10 years back that Orion won’t lift off the ground unless it improves its FTWR. Now so many years & so many billions later NASA learned Marano was right & Orion was flop.

    The honest Marano hasn’t grasped that NASA’s routine is stealing $$$$$$ with bogus projects not flying anything!!!.
    But Marano avoids using Saturn-V data obviously because he knew it was fakery which made its numbers also fake. eg: all Saturn-V shown to liftoff weren’t 3,000 tons & didn’t even reach earth orbit!!!

    NASA == $$$$$$$ EXTERMINATION CAMP. Nothing more!!!

  23. Jack Heart  January 23, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    Just have to warn you Jeff; Ancient Aliens does not pay very well, not even a thank you card from the orange guy…

  24. ksp  January 23, 2015 at 7:52 pm

    “there would have been no medium for energy transfer”

    If you are addressing the 500 degree temp change, solar radiation is thermal / infra red radiation and doesn’t need a medium. The suit itself
    would be a conductor.

  25. LC  January 23, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Bob Lazar was on Coast-2-Coast a couple months back.
    I gave VT folks a heads up a week earlier. Now I couldn’t find a youtube link for that program.
    But if you put this in Youtube a long program + bunch of others come up:

    Youtube: “Bob Lazar – Area 51 – S4 – UFOs – Aliens – and more!”

    @ Cold Wind:
    Astronuts were protected from radiation + temp. changes ++ with Kryptonite by wearing thin SUPERMAN overalls!!!

  26. Simpleton  January 23, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    @Disciple of Jesus – as you appear to have a deeper insight into the Bible than most evangelists I know, can you elucidate on what Christ referred to as the “synagogue of satan” , which our dumb southern baptists are currently enamored with. If only to get the Kochs that are stuck deeply up our backsides now, out.

  27. Simpleton  January 23, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Its really simple, they have pics of the lost British 4ft Beagle that landed on Mars 380 MILLION miles away. Surely we should have had pics of the fluttering flag,landers,rovers on the Moon 240k miles away by now? Will the Chinese/Russians oblige? Or were they buried at Fresh Kills like the “1.2 million tons” from ground zero?

    • Martin Maloney  January 23, 2015 at 7:00 pm

      @ Simpleton

      “…Surely we should have had pics of the fluttering flag,landers,rovers on the Moon 240k miles away by now?…”

      Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site Seen in Unprecedented Detail


      The clearest view yet of the famous Apollo 11 landing site on the moon was captured by a NASA spacecraft in orbit around our planet’s natural satellite.

      The agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) zeroed in on Mare Tranquillitatis, or the Sea of Tranquility — the place where humans first touched down on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. The new image from LRO captures amazing details of the historic site, even revealing the remnants of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first steps on the moon.

      * * * **

      Never mind — you’re probably gonna claim that this is faked, too, aren’t you?

    • Martin Maloney  January 23, 2015 at 11:41 pm

      @ Simpleton

      “Its really simple, they have pics of the lost British 4ft Beagle that landed on Mars 380 MILLION miles away…”

      UK’s Lost Beagle 2 Mars Lander, Missing Since 2003, Found in NASA Photos


      The United Kingdom’s Beagle 2 Mars lander, which mysteriously disappeared during a landing attempt over Christmas in 2003, has finally been found by a NASA spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet.


      The Beagle 2 Mars lander is clearly visible in new photos from NASA’s sharp-eyed Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) in orbit around the Red Planet…

      * * * * *

      Please note “…has finally been found by a NASA spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet.”

      The Beagle was spotted by the MRO in Mar’s orbit, not by HST in Earth’s orbit.

    • Martin Maloney  January 24, 2015 at 3:46 am

      @ Simpleton

      Your ridicule does not disprove the authenticity of the photo.

      I noticed that you ignored my comment about the MRO photo of the Beagle. Are you gonna claim that it was fake, too?

    • Simpleton  January 25, 2015 at 1:21 am

      To the CONTRARY I am relying on a 380m miles away pic, to insist that we should have a clear picture of a fluttering flag that is only 240,000 miles away, if the moon landings are to be proved. Your level of dershowitzery only leads me to think you are a synagogue of satanist or even worse a simple lack of intelligence of a brennan or a dumb redneck.

    • Martin Maloney  January 25, 2015 at 3:45 am

      @ Simpleton

      “…Your level of dershowitzery only leads me to think you are a synagogue of satanist or even worse a simple lack of intelligence of a brennan or a dumb redneck.”

      I love the stench of ad hominem attacks in the morning.

      It betrays that the attacker finally realizes that he cannot win the argument on substance, and that he therefore, in desperation, slanders the opponent.

  28. Cold Wind  January 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    I remain a skeptic whether we landed on the Moon or not; and in fact am leaning toward the Moon Landing was a hoax position as more and more time goes by and we-still- have yet to return there. Bud Cooper raised an interesting point about the suits worn by the astronauts. Given the technology of the 60’s, was it really possible to design a suit that could withstand an instant 500 degree temperature change that would have occurred when an astronaut moved from shadow into the light? Almost certainly not! But there are just too many issues and problems with the Moon Landing narrative that have yet to be resolved.

    • Gordon Duff  January 23, 2015 at 5:28 pm

      there would have been no medium for energy transfer

  29. CoJonesGrandes  January 23, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    Yo captain! Title missing ‘b’ in September 2014

  30. srjonesad  January 23, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    Mercury to Apollo is an endlessly fascinating peiriod, those men that figured it all out, and those astronauts brave enough to blast off, RIP apollo 1 crew, are amazing. I had a science teacher in the late 1980s that warned the know how would be lost as the pioneering scientists continued dying off.We probably couldnt even duplicate the Gemini missions at this point, let alone Apollo 8. It all seems like magic now.

  31. mary1011  January 23, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I was born in 1968 so I was too small to realize what was going on in the late 60’s and our space program. I am inclined to believe we did land on the moon, yet when I questioned Jim Fetzer’s article stating the moon landing was faked, I was blasted (nicely) by Mr. Fetzer and others. I have listened to Clark McClelland and I believe him to be reputable as he took part first-hand. You guys have my head spinning with such differing opinions, but that’s okay. I love you both!

    • joe chuy-medina  January 23, 2015 at 2:26 pm

      mary1011, the recent JF article sought to prove that the photos sent back were faked, as I believe. Marcus Allen sought to prove, or did prove the same thing. Clark may have said we went to the moon, don’t recall if he said we went on the Apollo craft. the logic is that if we went on the Apollo there was no need to fake anything. only if we did not go, or went with another technology.
      hundreds of photos taken with a camera mounted on the chest, no means for adjustment, or focus, not one consecutive serial # a toss out? perfect, as NASA said.
      who was it who first said, “gravity is the root of lightness?” Lau Tzu?

    • Gordon Duff  January 23, 2015 at 5:31 pm

      I know Clark, he has written for us in the past and is credible. We also have others who worked on Apollo. My parents lived in the area during the Apollo program and we knew many of the scientists.

      I was in Vietnam during the first shot but saw a Saturn 1 put up Skylab and witnessed subsequent Saturn 5 launches.

  32. LC  January 23, 2015 at 11:43 am

    The only man who flew to the moon can be seen in YoutuBe: “Frank Sinatra – Fly me to the moon”

    ++ Re above:
    “In order to reduce weight on the lunar LIM it was fitted with only a 500lb kick motor that lasted for a maximum of 30 seconds. Due to weight constraints this was the biggest motor that they could put on the LIM but the problem was that on the earth it weighed in at over 3,000 lbs. So how do you get a 3,000 lb space craft off of the lunar surface with only a 500 lb kick motor that lasts only for 30 seconds?”

    ANSWER: they didn’t because LIM or even Saturn-V didn’t even exist as I proved in recent Jim Fetzer page + related links.
    If any of this ANTI-GRAVITY FAIRY TALE existed & was even deployed then why did they claim to have made a rocket of 3,000 tons which is impossible to lift off ground except with a nuke bomb???

    • Gordon Duff  January 23, 2015 at 11:49 am

      ever watch a launch? Many of us did.

    • LC  January 23, 2015 at 12:37 pm

      Ever watch 2,000,000 tons of steel + cement + granite + 3000 people ++ vaporize with a couple paper planes??? Many of us did on 9/11!!!

      + thanks. -lc

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