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Netanyahu: Symbol of Rogue Governance

Mideast Israel Palestinians

by Stephen Lendman


Arguably he’s Israel’s worst ever prime minister. Disgracing the office he holds. A fascist by any standard. Exceeding Sharonian evil.

Even money to remain prime minister after mid-March elections. Israelis are as out-of-touch as Americans.

Mindlessly supporting what demands rejection. Why they put up with Netanyahu they’ll have to explain. A war criminal multiple times over.

So-called BibiTours charges remain outstanding. Unresolved because Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein seems intent on helping him remain prime minister, Haaretz contends.

Its editors state:

“This behavior is seen in a series of actions and blunders, the most recent and blatant of which was submitted to the High Court of Justice, as a response to a petition against Weinstein’s decision to suffice with an ‘examination’ of the suspicions against Netanyahu over the funding of trips and transfer of funds for other purposes when he was head of the opposition.”

At issue is Netanyahu benefitting from luxury travel. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved. Including alleged double-billing and forged receipts.

Official travel is one thing. Paid for by state funds.  Wealthy donor supporters financing first-class flights, luxury hotels, fancy cars, personal assistants, entertainment and five-star restaurant meals for personal travel is quite another entirely.

These type perks are ethically questionable and then some. Perhaps illegal under Israeli party funding laws.

Haaretz accused state law enforcement of “dragg(ing) its feet.” On the pretext that Netanyahu isn’t “any (ordinary) suspect.”

Claiming his fate affects Israel’s entire political system is “groundless,” said Haaretz. “(I)f a prime minister…violate(s) the law, he must stand trial like anyone else.”

Israeli elections are six weeks away. Polls show Netanyahu’s Likud and Labor/Hatnua’s new Zionist Camp about even.

Newly released numbers have Likud winning 25 Knesset seats. Zionist Camp 24. Bayit Yehudi 14.

Joint Arab List 12. Yesh Atid 11. United Torah Judaism and Koolanu 8 each. Shas 7. Meretz 6. Yisrael Beiteinu 5.

No single party ever won a majority of Israel’s 120 Knesset seats. Coalitions govern.

Hardliners often dominate. For sure under Sharon and Netanyahu. Fascists by any standard.

Zionist Camp co-chair Tzipi Livni accused Netanyahu of spending “100,000 shekels of public funds over two years on alcohol.”

Around $25,000. Mostly on wine. For personal use. On January 30, Haaretz accused State Comptroller Joseph Shapira of “holding up a report on seemingly excessive expenditures at the prime minister’s residences.”

Waiting until post-elections. Perhaps intending to bury it altogether. Haaretz cites allegations involving hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Netanyahu improperly or illegally benefitted at taxpayers’ expense.

On February 1, Haaretz editors called him “a ticking cluster bomb, discharging its lethal load at time intervals and destroying the remains of Israel’s standing in the world.”

His “campaign propaganda (and irresponsible policies) threat(en) Israel’s security…”

Killing Hezbollah military leader Imad Mughniyeh, five other Hezbollah fighters, Iranian General Mohammed Allahdaddi and five other Iranians for security reasons “is not convincing,” said Haaretz.

Doing so was cold-blooded murder. Longstanding Israeli practice. Including numerous targeted assassinations.

Throughout its bloodstained history, Israel never once was held accountable for its high crimes. They continue daily.

Netanyahu circumventing official protocol by arranging to address a joint congressional session in early March was way over-the-top. A brazen campaign stunt.

“…Israel’s friends, both Republicans and Democrats, view (his) visit as a diplomatic ” ‘ terror attack’ whose purpose (is) more to bypass their president than just another effort to warm against (a nonexistent) Iranian threat,” said Haaretz editors.

Reportedly Obama is furious. Plans no meeting with Netanyahu during his visit. Unprecedented when an Israeli prime minister comes to Washington.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said she “doesn’t know” if most Democrats will attend Netanyahu’s address. Let him go on US Sunday talk shows instead, she advised.

Friday’s announced tenders for 450 new settlement homes on stolen Palestinian land was Netanyahu’s latest “firebomb.”

Another brazen pre-election stunt. He “could have waited another six weeks” but acted now to boost his “election campaign,” said Haaretz editors.

“Netanyahu is removing all the brakes that guided him in office, cruising at full throttle in an election race in which Israel’s interests are considered marginal compared to his lust for victory.”

What does he plan next? What new over-the-top stunts will he use to boost his reelection chances?

How much more harm will he cause? “The Israeli public…should review the balance sheet carefully ahead of the election and settle accounts with him” once and for all.

The longer he retains power, the greater the internal and regional harm. Netanyahu is much more than a ticking cluster bomb.

Partnered with Washington, he’s a nuclear one threatening world peace and security.

Haaretz editors ignored his greatest crimes. Including two horrific Gaza wars. Naked aggression. Inflicting mass slaughter and destruction.

Preventing reconstruction by controlling everything on the ground. Terrorizing Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem communities multiple times daily.

Murdering noncombatant civilians. Including young children and women. Committing daily high crimes too serious to ignore.

He belongs in prison, not high office. Haaretz editors didn’t explain. Israeli voters are mindless about horrific conditions Palestinians face.

Netanyahu’s bluster wore thin long ago. Claiming Iran threatens Israel’s destruction elevates chutzpah to a higher level. One of his  many Big Lies.

He believes war is peace. Saying bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities will “spread relief” across the Middle East is polar opposite reality.

He finds new ways of making more enemies than friends. On January 27, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg headlined “The Netanyahu Disaster.”

“(D)espite their mutual loathing,” he and Obama manage to work together on Iran and other issues, said Goldberg.

For sure against Syria’s Assad. Waging direct and proxy war. Netanyahu opposes P5+1 talks with Iran.

Wants its nuclear facilities eliminated. Despite no evidence of a military component or intention to have one.

“He has not attacked Iran, which is good,” said Goldberg. Doing so “holds the promise of disaster.”

“(B)ut he has decided to ruin his relations with Obama.” Making them worse than already.

Never perhaps is US/Israeli history have two leaders been so contemptuous of each other.

“(E)nd-run(ning) around (Obama) (by addressing) Congress to oppose” his policy on Iran is unprecedented and then some.

Especially since odds of resolving things equitably with Iran are slim at best.

Previous articles stressed ongoing nuclear talks are red herring cover for regime change.

Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance replacing Iranian sovereign independence.

Claims about an existential Iranian threat don’t wash. Big Lies substitute for hard truths.

Netanyahu and Obama give rogue governance new meaning. Goldberg said Netanyahu’s “recent actions (show) he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing.”

Six years of Obama policies show he’s heading America more deeply into the abyss than when he took office.

Immanuel Wallerstein calls it “liv(ing) amidst chaos. The world-system is in serious trouble and it is causing pain to the vast majority of the world’s population,” he explains.

It’s “self-destructing…(T)he present system cannot survive…(T)he (key) question is what will replace it.” Something better or perhaps much worse.

With leaders like Obama, Netanyahu and likeminded lunatics, humanity’s survival is up for grabs. Especially since media scoundrels support what demands denunciation.

World headlines should explain what everyone needs to know. Honest commentaries should in detail.

Maybe enough people would be aroused to change things. Potential disaster looms otherwise.

Try finding one daily MSM headline explaining what’s most important. Change destructive US/Israeli-dominated Western policies or perish. There’s no in-between.



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10 Responses to "Netanyahu: Symbol of Rogue Governance"

  1. Antigov  February 2, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    sweetliberty…I can assure you that all Governments and Media hobnobs read VT…EVERYDAY..1ST THING. I know this as MSM has been using words that you will find on here..Gatekeeper etc . This is only recent and the MSM does use intelligent blogger comments to study then use against the rest of us. Its why I tell people , NEVER use MSM blogs. If you must , use it with facts that are undeniable. The Jew trolls will reply that you should go and take your Meds etc , stuff like that. There is a person who calls themselves RightwingedNuclearArmedDeathRabbit….I always reply to him as LeftwingLonewolfRabbitShooter…I dont think he likes it….even tho Im no wing , just dont like to see innocents killed while the Elite sip Champagne.

  2. Allesandro  February 2, 2015 at 9:45 am

    According to what I’ve read there was a threat made to Bush 2 that Israel would explode Nuclear Weapons that they have brought into the US and placed in key areas for optimum destruction, if we didn’t allow them to set-up and deploy Homeland Security. The Israelis also wanted the authority to tap-into every Intelligence Agency in the US as part of it.

    So would NOW be a good time to disclose this to the American people?

    Also, Israel is alleged to have Nuclear weapons staged and ready to detonate in key parts of the world should they decide to take apart the Global Economy. Wouldn’t it be wise for the rest of the Global population to know of this huge potential threat and take measures to eradicate it?

    • moneytalks  February 2, 2015 at 11:59 pm

      Golly gee Allesandro , I think you may be onto a good idea about informing the sheeple . Please keep in mind though many of them believe that [ ignorance ] is their ticket to being [ saved ] . In fact , the essence of Christian Science ( the only religion to be recognized by an act of the US Congress ) is { hear no evil , see no evil , speak no evil — so that evil is all gone } .

  3. Howie J  February 2, 2015 at 9:03 am

    Another great article by Mr Lendman, I like your style of writing.

    I apologise if my previous comment caused offence, Nutty tends to make me very angry.

  4. arlequin  February 2, 2015 at 7:44 am

    i agree
    the question is why he uses this style

  5. captain obvious  February 2, 2015 at 2:43 am

    I more tend to think his “popularity” as evidence of vote rigging as bad as here in the USA.
    his tours, “HAH! I can do anything I want!” just like the freakshow in the District of Criminals.
    I do hope there is a day of reckoning for ALL of these critters on a global scale, because they DO claim global-international-corporate status, considering themselves above ANY laws.

    • moneytalks  February 3, 2015 at 12:12 am

      When you have enough money to buy out entire legislators , courts , judges , lawyers , law enforcement and anyone else in the way , then for all practical purposes you would indeed be above the the law . End-the-Fed and thus [ End ziojew rulership//enslavement of nonjews ] .

  6. Bartered  February 2, 2015 at 12:47 am

    He needs to be given more rope. If his ego is so large he cant see how much hes angering the world its a good thing that as the PR man for racist israhell he is obligated to represent them in the only way he can, and that is loyalty to the golden calf and those that worship it. War, war, war, genocide, land theft, traitors to the countries that allow them in, behave like rabid dogs when challenged and always believing they are infallible. How are we the people going to see this if he doesn’t act like a baboon on red bull, gun powder and caffeine pills, or something stronger?

  7. Hotdog  February 1, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    Obama’s mother was a CIA agent in Indonesia.

  8. davor  February 1, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    The upcoming elections are a big test for Israeli people and will show whether in such a young country there is a will to quit politicizing Holocaust and scavenging on it. Obviously with his troubled and military past Netanyahu has no inner scale for valuing people’s lives and being anti-palestinian and anti-israelneighbors is a huge part of his identity, political one especially. Netanyahu always stresses out “Israel, the only democracy in the middle east.” Well these elections are perfect chance for Israelis to reboot on their neighbors relations and actually start with democracy, but not US style democracy, which is excessive simplemindedness of its people. Or there will be just continuos War waging forever in a bloody and lucrative and bloody lucrative US-UK-Israeli marriage. UK are not merely a statue in his story, they have successfully “outsorced” their obligation towards the looking after creation of Israel, to their superspecial allied comrades US.

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