VT Nuclear Education: The Secrets of EMP Weapons

By Jeff Smith with Gordon Duff


With the recent use of neutron weapons in Yemen and the threat of EMP terrorism against the United States a reality, VT is publishing some of the limited material on these weapons from the archives of the US Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratories.

EMP Weapon Phenomenon

EMP Weapons

EMP Weapons


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One Response to "VT Nuclear Education: The Secrets of EMP Weapons"

  1. nawlins  June 18, 2015 at 10:26 am

    EMP bursts will fry all unshielded electronics within range. However, old analog technology will be relatively unaffected. For instance, your modern toyota will croak, but that old VW beetle will still keep going. Same for your old briggs lawn mower, which uses a magneto to make its spark. Also, same for old aircraft that use magnetos. Their cockpit electronics will be fried, but the engine will still crank, and with those old cable controls she will still fly. Your modern TV and computer will head south, while the old geezer down the street with his vintage tube radios will still be able to yak on his ham radio. EMP won’t take us back to the stone age, but it will cause a local/regional reversion to the 50’s. Of course, in some areas they’ll hardly notice.

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