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SouthFront: Chinese Naval Power

…from SouthFront

A brief overview of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy:

Personnel total of 235,000 (including 35,000 conscripts).

People’s Liberation Army Navy fleets: the Beihai Fleet (North Sea), Donghai Fleet (East Sea) and Nanhai Fleet (South Sea).

PLAN Vessels and Aircraft

Surface Combatant Vessels

Aircraft Carrier – 1 (1*)

Destroyers DD/DDG – 26  (21*)

Frigates FF/FFG -52 (35*)

Corvettes FFL – 25 (25*)

Fast Attack/ Patrol – 85 (85*)

Amphibious Ships (all types) – 56 (Hard to quantify. About 10*)

Mine Warfare – 42 (30*)


Nuclear Attack SSN – 5 (5*)

Nuclear Ballistic Missile – 4 (4*)

Diesel Attack – 57 (12*)


Land Based Fighter/Attack – 316

Carrier Based Fighter/Attack – 21

Helicopters of all types – 130

*Modern – Considered modern and very capable. Built in the last 10 – 20 years (the majority within the last 10 years).

Most Potent/Modern Vessels

Aircraft Carrier:

Liaoning – 1 (2nd in Class being built)

Guided Missile Destroyers:

Sovremenny Class – 4

Type 051B Class – 1

Type 051C Class – 2

Type 052B Class – 2

Type 052C Class – 6

Type 052D Class – 3 (of 12 planned. Total of 9 built with 3 in service)

Guided Missile Frigates:

Type 053 H26 Class – 4

Type 053 H3 Class – 10

Type 054 Class – 2

Type 054A Class – 19


Type 056 Jiangdao Class – 25

Fast Attack Craft/Patrol Boat:

Type 022 Houbei Class – 60

Landing Platform Dock/LPD:

Type 071 – 4 (of 6 planned)

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One Response to "SouthFront: Chinese Naval Power"

  1. Donald Moore  January 7, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    You are right on, I feel the same way. Something about the Chinese and the way they act on the world court, they show it has to be all about them or they don’t care. Taking care of your own is alright but the world is bigger then one country, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan found that out during WW2.

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