US Releases Secret Surveillance Video of Iranian Missile in Gulf

Is the USS Theodore Roosevelt really an oil tanker or is America fibbing? Perhaps they should have kept this video to themselves.

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This video is a two edged sword, showing America’s amazing ability to pull real video “out of its hat,” based on the multi-billion dollar 3 level surveillance capability that covers much of the globe.

The “fail” comes into focus when the US has no video of ten thousand oil trucks casually motoring into Turkey, unmolested through the peaceful Iraqi Kurdish controlled countryside.

Then again, America came up with no video of the lines of Russian tanks invading Ukraine though Pentagon photos were later found to be years old, from South Ossettia hundreds of miles away and used in hoaxes before.

Then again, the US also never released their evidence on MH17, planes shooting down the airliner or was it a missile?  The US has the video, why don’t they release it.

How about the video from Sinai and the Russian passenger plane there?  How about Israeli military operations aiding ISIS and al Nusra on Golan and well into Syria or the ISIS training facilities in Jordan, jihadists brought in from Israel and arms from Saudi Arabia, that makes a good picture.


Nicer gear than the morons in Oregon

Do you want me to go on?  Who do you think puts up several million dollars a month so that Boko Harum can use satellite telephones to chat about things with their traitorous friends in Abuja?


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6 Responses to "US Releases Secret Surveillance Video of Iranian Missile in Gulf"

  1. Altimometer  January 11, 2016 at 12:23 am

    When Boko Harum made it’s debut with the kidnapping, so called, of over 200 school girls, they proved their state sponsorship with each video that was flashed on the nightly lies of the children. That they could barely give basic food, shelter, and medical to themselves let alone ,over 200 young women told the truth about the big lies being espoused. These stunts are important to clods in the psyop industry no matter how much egg they wear on their faces. Their out of excuses for foreign entanglements, so the clowns are juggling garbage to the complete shame of the US.

  2. Monty!  January 10, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    When falsehood is accepted by the majority of the population in their own little comfort zones of life, truth becomes a heresay of unimaginable proportions that the leaders find to their own benefit in controlling the masses.

    And in any unjust society, Divine Law states and warns it’s masses, that one of the Main signs (of it being an unjust society) is that each of their leader who inherits the position will be more brutal and worse in oppression than his predecessor. Ooooop,,,,

  3. Bill  January 10, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    We’ve lied about everything fm the USS Maine to the Lusitania. the “sneak attack” at Pearl, the “evil Krauts” and the Holohoax, the Gulf of Tonkin, sold out the USS Liberty, giving our ally Saddam the green light to retake Kuwait ( those slant-drilling Zionist ass kickers created by the UK ) and 9-11, 7/7, Pan Am 103, German discoteque ( both NOT done by Libya but by Mossad ), the Boston Hoaxathon, Sand Hoax, Aurora, Co. San Bernadino, the US-Talmudia-Saudi axis sending Wahabi Takfiri terrorists into Libya and then Syria. We do whatever the trillionaire ( Rothschilds ) and billionaire cabalist Jews who own us demand of us. We’re a Zio-owned nation of Faux News zombies chewing tobacco while watching the NFL and monster truck shows.

  4. Donald Moore  January 10, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    US: Here’s proof that Iran shot rockets near our Carrier. Were is the Carrier, all you show is some small boats shooting rockets at a small coastal tanker that is probably owned by Iran. You can tell it is a small tanker by the size of it against the small boats shooting the rockets so more then likely it is owned by Iran since the big tankers are used to ship oil overseas.
    US: If you are going to lie at least make it look believable! Trying to pass off a small tanker as an Aircraft Carrier, one of the largest ships in the world only superseded by the Super Tankers. Anyone one with half a brain and a little knowledge about ships will see through this lie.
    I believe that the US Government lies so much know that when they could and should tell the truth they tell a lie just to keep in practice which they are not getting any better at. If Iran did shoot at the US Carrier it would be brought up in the UN and investigated but it did not and wouldn’t because it is a total lie and the US doesn’t want it exposed openly as one.

  5. Zaguero  January 10, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    Well, it’s certainly not the Roosevelt. Based upon my experience working at a shipping magazine 40 years ago, I tentatively thought it looked like either a bulk carrier or an ore carrier. It has what looks like a crane amidships, and some sort of a tower in the bow. There are no containers stacked on deck, and yet it’s riding low in the water, well down on the plimsoll marks.

    I see the time/date stamp at the top right, telling us it’s a bit after 1100 on Boxing Day of last year, but aside from that there’s no proof of where it was taken.

    As evidence goes, I’d call this just about meaningless.

  6. guitargirl  January 10, 2016 at 10:52 am

    Yes, please I would like you to go on and expose it all!!!


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