Press TV DEBATE: In which my pro-Saudi opponent finally blows up

Having to defend Saudi atrocities in Yemen drives poor guy over the edge

Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor interviewed by Press TV (watch this one to the end to catch the fireworks)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, an editor with the Veterans Today from Madison, and Jihad Mouracadeh, a political analyst from Beirut, to discuss a UN report on Saudi Arabia’s crimes against the Yemeni people.

Barrett says the Saudi crimes in Yemen are “so extreme” that the UN head and some Western politicians have been forced to speak out and say “enough is enough” to the massacre of Yemeni civilians at the hands of “inexperience” and “reckless” Saudi officials.

He notes there are credible reports that “the Saudis have used miniature nuclear weapons in Yemen,” adding that the kingdom is buying all kinds of military equipment from all over the world to “utterly pulverize” the impoverished nation.

The Al Saud regime must be held to account for its war crimes and crimes against humanity, Barrett says, criticizing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for keeping mum over Riyadh’s atrocities.

“There is tremendous political pressure to cover up all of the incredible crimes committed by the Saudi regime, because the Saudi regime is an integral part of the world’s dominant power structure,” he notes.

Mouracadeh, for his part, believes both Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni forces are to blame for war crimes.

The analyst maintains that the Saudi aggression against Yemen is “not totally a balanced war,” because the kingdom is using its aircrafts against the Yemenis, thus the high number of civilian casualties is natural.

He also says Britain and the United States continue their support for the Saudi war on Yemen, adding, however, that the West is not sending arms to Saudi Arabia for killing Yemenis.

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2 Responses to "Press TV DEBATE: In which my pro-Saudi opponent finally blows up"

  1. Aziz Khalfan  February 7, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    It is not only this Jihad who seem to suffer the selective moral stance but many other people being interviewed on PressTV speak with hypocritical concern about the situation in Syria and when they are reminded of Yemen they seem to be at a loss for words.
    I wish the citizen of the Gulf countries would show their revulsion (if any) at their regimes brutal meddling against Somalia, Yemen , Libya and Yemen by holding peaceful demonstrations to show where they stand.

  2. Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  February 7, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Superb, Kevin, simply superb. Even the paid propagandist for the Saudis could not hold his temper. Not only on PressTV but in many different places, we are winning — in significant part thanks to you.

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