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He has been writing, speaking and doing public relations, television, consulting and now multimedia work for a variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel platforms. Jim's only film appearance was in the PBS Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates, and he has guest lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon.

Currently he is working to take his extensive historical video archives on line to assist his affiliated organizations with their website multimedia efforts, such as the Military Order of World Wars, Atlanta, Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans , Assoc. for Intelligence Officers, the Navy League, Georgia Heritage Council, National Memorial Assoc.of Georgia.

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Interview – US Republicans asked Iran to delay prisoner swap until Nov election


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … with Press TV,  Tehran

[ Note: This was a bizarre story. When Press TV called me with the topic my first thought was that someone there had really gotten the story wrong, so I asked them to repeat it, and certainly could not pass it up. They have not said who they were dealing with, which took some air out of the tires. Once they see that they may release more.

But could it me true? Sure. Would Repubs do such at thing as a before the election surprise?….You betcha! as the famous Sarah Palin used to say. So I will close with “You just can’t make this stuff up”…”most of the time”.

I can’t imagine why Iran would do this story other than as threat to reveal who it was. It would be denied of course, but that might be the bait. Wondering minds would like to know, so with the guilty we could go toe to toeJim W. Dean ]


– First published … February 11, 2016

A senior Iranian official reveals US Republicans’ pressure to delay last month’s prisoner swap between the two countries.

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council says US Republicans were asking for the inmates not to be released until the run-up to the presidential election in the United States. Ali Shamkhani, however, stressed that Iran acted on its own will and in accordance to its humanitarian values and national interests.

He said Iran is serious in countering infiltrators and spies. On January 16, Iran announced the release of four dual nationals as part of a prisoner exchange with the US. Washington, in return, released seven Iranian detainees and agreed not to pursue the extradition of 14 other Iranians charged with skirting anti-Iran sanctions.



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3 Responses to "Interview – US Republicans asked Iran to delay prisoner swap until Nov election"

  1. Serenity  February 13, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    Jim Dean, Your diplomatic skills set an example for those of us who care about refuting the neo-con Republicans & their dirty tricks ad nauseum. Thank you most sincerely!

  2. MileHighLife  February 13, 2016 at 5:36 am

    Mr. Dean, I’m not one to idol worship but I MUST say you, Sir, have the BEST editorials in the bit-niss. Precise, to the point, usually with a touch of your humorous toungue-in-cheek flair which is appreciated considering the ridiculously painful topics you cover at VT. Your summaries are sometimes all I read on given article, especially when I’m at work or short on time.
    Just wanted to say thanks and send a lil love your way this Valentine’s Day (ha) thx man!

  3. Bill  February 12, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    I have a feeling the controlled major mass media is going to ignore this…

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