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Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican

And Mocking Bird Media Rupert Murdoch's Boss


…by Katherine Frisk

Opus Dei Influence Rises to the Top in the Vatican by Betty Clermont is a long and informative article that connects many dots and is worth bookmarking for future reference.

What is important throughout, is the overriding theme of the suppression of the exposure of the international pedophile network and the Roman Catholic priests involved coupled with a misogynist aversion to equal rights for women.

The list includes support for all Right Wing corporate fascist political parties and governments; the connection to the Illuminati which was founded by the Jesuit Johann Adam Weishaupt, which leads us to Judge Scalia and Bohemian Grove and child sex abuse; into the heart of the Vatican itself, and what is more, the Mocking Bird Murdoch Media propaganda machine.

Thrown into this mix is the prospect of WWIII and the Christian Zionists who are literally hell-bent on destroying the oldest Orthodox Christian communities in the Middle East.

Hence we have their de facto CIA mercenaries and Knights of Malta supporting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and the Orthodox Christian Church in Eastern Europe and Russia terrorized by a combination of Ukrainian Nazis funded by Jewish Zionists and supported by Muslim Brotherhood insurgents to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Scalia funeral

Here are some key points, keeping in mind that the Vatican is the biggest pedophile all boys club on the planet, that the Illuminati was founded by a Jesuit, and that the P2 lodge is one of the most powerful Illuminati Lodges and Mafia central:

1. “Their goal is the same as other plutocrats – unbridled power – except they use the influence of the Catholic Church and its worldwide network of institutions exempt from both taxes and financial reporting requirements to advance rightwing parties and governments.” 

This explains the Nun, the Jesuit from Poland and Clive Derby-Lewis who killed Chris Hani, a favourite of Nelson Mandela who wanted Hani to succeed him. The list of names that the Nun gave to Derby-Lewis also included Mandela to be assassinated.

It also goes a long way to explaining Robert Mugabe, a Jesuit with close ties to the Vatican and all the right-wing dictators in South America, Argentina being first and foremost as the Jesuit Pope Francis comes from that country. It also puts a huge question mark over the head of Julius Malema and his “Red Berets” who has close ties with Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF. Who is really paying for and steering his controversial anti-ANC stance?

LaRouche is a Jesuit with close ties to the South African Nationalist Apartheid government, who through the Roman Catholic Church and their world wide intelligence helped the Apartheid Regime track down Mandela and put him in goal for 25 years. LaRouche’s father was a Jesuit who infiltrated the Quakers until they found him out and threw him out. He had his hand in every right-wing dictatorship in South America and in Africa where he has been a major influence on Robert Mugabe.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is married to Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti born in Argentina to Jorge Zorreguieta who was the Agricultural minister under fascist dictator General Videla at the same time that Pope Francis was Bishop. Willem-Alexander is the grandson of Prince Bernhardt, who was a Nazi fascist supporter and founder of the Bilderberg group. He was also a supporter of the Apartheid Nationalist Regime and today Nobel Peace Prize winner De Klerk lives on a very lucrative farm in Argentina along with his fascist friends.

By 2016 Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier of Durban South Africa was appointed by Pope Francis as a Cardinal Member of the newly established Council for Economic Affairs. He participated in the cardinal conclave that elected both Ratzinger, a known Nazi sympathizer with links to child sex abuse and the papal conclave that elected Bergoglio who has a cloud hanging over has head for presumed support of the fascist regime in Argentina.

Also of  concern is that along with DiNardo of Houston and  Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico “As with so many of the pope’s other appointments, three of the cardinals have “words and deeds regarding clergy sex crimes and cover ups” which are “deeply troubling.”

2. ” “Supernumeraries” are married and live independently but are still required to make large contributions and send their children to Opus Dei schools if available. At all levels, the names of the lay members are secret unless self-disclosed. Opus Dei also has an order of publicly identified priests and prelates.”

These are the men in government, the military , the law courts with people like Scalia and banking. The newly named Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA) which replaces the Institute for Religious Works was overseen and took advice from none other than Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sachs, a long time consultant of the Vatican. Keep in mind that it was Goldman Sachs that played a major role in the economic meltdown in Greece, a predominately Orthodox Christian country which should raise eyebrows!

3. “Robert Hutchison, a Canadian financial journalist, traces the growth of Opus Dei financial power “by all available means” – deception, dirty tricks, even “physical muscle” like poisonings which mimic heart attacks.

So many heart attacks you start losing count. Scalia died from a “heart attack,” as have many others who have become a problem.

4“It’s widely known that Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas belong to Opus Dei – and that Chief Justice John Roberts may also be a member,” stated Matthew Fox, a former priest, progressive theologian and author of more than 23 books.”

And there you have it! Scalia was Opus Dei. But there is more…

5. “These organizations will support whichever Republican candidate has the best chance of winning regardless of his religious affiliation. That’s why the endorsement by five former U.S. ambassadors to the Vatican of Mitt Romney in early January 2012 before the primaries signaled that “big money” had already chosen the GOP presidential nominee. “

Well now, look who we have here! Our old friend Mr “Just Too Weird” Romney. This also explains Ronald Reagan and one of the major changes he made whilst in office and which went against the Founding Fathers resolution not to allow a Papal Embassy due to their policy of separation between church and state.

In 1984 Reagan gave the Vatican permission for an ambassador whereas formally they were only represented by an apostolic delegate. And think about last year, the Pope addressing the US Congress for the first time.

And a Jesuit Pope at that! This contrary event was supported by none other than Joe Biden and John Boehner, who wept tears of triumph as did Marco Rubio. Mission accomplished. Considering that the Pope misguidedly believes that he owns the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls, did the USA think for one minute that they are any different?

6. ” In the U.S. Catholics are roughly 22-24 percent of the population. The latest poll conducted in Feb. 2014 by the Public Religion Research Institute showed that the percentage of Catholics who are non-Hispanic white is down to 60 percent.

Solution? Open the borders and let a floodgate of Hispanic Roman Catholics into the country and level the playing fields. On the 18th of February 2016 Pope Francis accused Donald Trump of not being a Christian because of his policies towards immigrants. My personal opinion on this subject and it apples to all countries, religion aside, is that any country that is in debt to the tune of trillions, has high levels of unemployment and homeless people should take care of its own back yard before inviting in the starving unemployed from other countries. Once your own people have a roof over their heads and are gainfully employed and are able to support themselves without depleting the coffers even further by more social security, then you can gladly open the doors to others less fortunate. Ask the neglected Veterans, ask the people living in Chicago. I had a friend who lost his job because Whirlpool who he had worked for moved to Mexico where the wages were cheaper. So the jobs have been sent to Mexico and now the US must take in more from across the border? Am I missing something here? Perhaps Pope Francis should have been more specific. That Donald Trump is not a Roman Catholic? Trumps values show a concern for American Christians the large majority of whom are not Roman Catholic.

But it gets even better!

7. “Days before Pope Bergoglio appointed Pell on April 13, 2013, to his “G8” group of cardinals who would advise the pope on “governing the Church,” Pell attended a “Gala Dinner” celebrating the Melbourne-based Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) an “ultraconservative think tank.” Rupert Murdoch was guest of honor and Abbott the keynote speaker. (Murdoch was awarded a papal knighthood by Pope John Paul II for “promoting the interests of society, the Church and the Holy See.”

So, Mocking Bird Murdoch Media is sanctioned by the Vatican and Murdoch has a “knighthood”no less for propaganda and disinformation. What is more, as of 29th February 2016 his pal,  George Pell, ” is being called on to give evidence about his time in the Ballarat and Melbourne diocese… During his time there, several paedophile priests were operating, including at St Alipius school in Ballarat where children were subject to abuse from Gerald Ridsdale, Australia’s most prolific paedophile who described himself as “out of control” at a hearing last year.”

Seems to me this merry bunch of men have been out of control for over 1,000 years. But… it gets worse, if that is at all possible. This is one of those green moments when you need a barf bag and mumble to the person closest to you, “Can you please pass be the paper packet?” But first the good news, from March 1st 2016: US bishops hid sex abuse of hundreds of children: US court

“The US Catholic Church is already facing severe financial difficulties over settlement payments to victims and other costs totaling around $3 billion, forcing it to sell off assets and cut costs.

A dozen dioceses have filed for bankruptcy in the face of extensive lawsuits, claiming they do not have the resources to pay them.”

If they close shop and ship out back to the hive in Rome, this is good news for Americans. Here is the part that makes you want to vomit! A pay out chart?

“Two Roman Catholic bishops, at the helm of a church in the US state of Pennsylvania, have helped cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children, molested by some 50 priests over a span of four decades, an official report says….

The report said Adamec had created a “payout chart” to help guide how much victims would receive from the church in return for their sexual services..

Based on the chart, between $10,000 and $25,000 would be paid to victims fondled over their clothes, between $15,000 and $40,000 to those fondled under their clothes or subjected to masturbation, from $25,000 to $75,000 to those subjected to forced oral sex, and between $50,000 and $175,000 to those subjected to forced sodomy or intercourse.

Kane further noted that none of the criminal acts detailed in the report can be prosecuted because alleged abusers have died, victims are too traumatized to testify and the statute of limitations on prosecuting cases has expired.”


The Opus Dei Influence Rises to the Top in the Vatican answers so many questions and connects so many dots that it is mind blowing. Here is a brief extract but there is so much more to explore!


Stopping the predator?

Stopping the predator?

Opus Dei, an official institution of the Catholic Church, at the top is a secret society of international bankers, financiers, businessmen and their supporters.

Their goal is the same as other plutocrats – unbridled power – except they use the influence of the Catholic Church and its worldwide network of institutions exempt from both taxes and financial reporting requirements to advance rightwing parties and governments.

A year after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s elevation as head of the Church and his many appointments, the dust has settled. Three cardinals have emerged as the most powerful in this papacy; all have close ties to Opus Dei. Two now control all Vatican finance.

Still the most exhaustively researched book written about “The Work” as it is referred to by its members, Their Kingdom Come (1997, 2006) by Robert Hutchison, a Canadian financial journalist, traces the growth of Opus Dei financial power “by all available means” – deception, dirty tricks, even “physical muscle” like poisonings which mimic heart attacks.

“What gives Opus Dei its importance is the influence it wields and also that it deploys its immense financial resources…Opus Dei knows very well that money rules the world,” Javier Sainz Moreno, professor of Law at Madrid University, told Hutchison. One of their goals was to control the Vatican’s wealth, now closer than ever to being realized.

Like many religious cults, the members at the bottom are sincere believers that Opus Dei is the path for personal holiness. Many are “numeraries,” men and women vowed to celibacy who live in communal residences and hand over their earnings to the organization. This creates workers totally dedicated to their assigned tasks, assures a steady stream of revenue and makes it difficult for members to leave. “Supernumeraries” are married and live independently but are still required to make large contributions and send their children to Opus Dei schools if available. At all levels, the names of the lay members are secret unless self-disclosed. Opus Dei also has an order of publicly identified priests and prelates.

Opus Dei’s only “charity” is founding schools, mostly business schools and student centers at the world’s leading universities to train and recruit a continuous supply of professionals dedicated to Opus Dei/Catholic goals. Opus Dei is “significantly connected to 479 universities and high schools,” according to journalist Michael Walsh based on a confidential report submitted to the Vatican in 1979.

Opus Dei’s flagship university is in Navarre, Spain. Its graduate business school, IESE, founded in 1958, “has growing alliances in key areas such as Latin America, China and Eastern Europe, campuses in Barcelona, Madrid, and New York City and teaching facilities in Munich and Sao Paulo,” according to a 2012 report in the Economist. They also operate aglobal network of MBA schools per Bloomberg.

Probably Opus Dei’s largest financial institution is Banco Santander S.A., “the largest bank in the Eurozone by market value and one of the largest banks in the world in terms of market capitalization.” Santander funds Opus Dei schools. “Santander’s interest in higher education is a deep interest, long term, because we understand that at the university are studying the leaders who will run the country in the future,” explained a company official.

“Opus Dei pursues the Vatican’s agenda through the presence of its members in secular governments and institutions and through a vast array of academic, medical, and grassroots pursuits. Its constant effort to increase its presence in civil institutions of power is supported by growth in the organization as a whole….Their work in the public sphere breaches the church-state division that is fundamental to modern democracy,” wrote Gordon Urquhart author of ThePope’s Armada: Unlocking the Secrets of Mysterious and Powerful New Sects in the Church (1995).

“It’s widely known that Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas belong to Opus Dei – and that Chief Justice John Roberts may also be a member,” stated Matthew Fox, a former priest, progressive theologian and author of more than 23 books.

“They’re in the CIA, the FBI,” said Fox. “Daniel Ellsberg recently told me that some of the ranking commanders of our military are also Opus Dei,” Fox stated in another interview. Veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh made a similar observation.

“Hersh stated that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Vice Admiral William McRaven and others in the Joint Special Operations Command (the group responsible for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden) were members of the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei. ‘They see themselves as protecting [Christians] from the Muslims….And this is their function.’ Hersh added that members of these societies have developed a secret set of insignias that represent ‘the whole notion that this is a culture war between religions.’”

The New York Times noted in 2012 that an Opus Dei boy’s prep school “has become the popular school for a small clique of Washingtonians”: Rick Santorum; lobbyist and former U.S. Senator (R-FL), Mel Martinez; Sect. of Defense Chuck Hagel; the infamous FBI spy and Opus Dei member Robert Hanssen’s boss, former FBI director Louis J. Freeh; NOM founder Maggie Gallagher and National Review editor Kate O’Beirne.

Fox said that both Santorum and Newt Gingrich are members but that doesn’t guarantee Opus Dei/Catholic Church backing. These organizations will support whichever Republican candidate has the best chance of winning regardless of his religious affiliation. That’s why the endorsement by five former U.S. ambassadors to the Vatican of Mitt Romeny in early January 2012 before the primaries signaled that “big money” had already chosen the GOP presidential nominee.

Read More…. Opus Dei Influence Rises to the Top in the Vatican



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50 Responses to "Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican"

  1. LC  April 2, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    16 million views proves Illuminati===IsRael in

    Proving the Illuminati is Real!

  2. Mary Louise  March 23, 2016 at 7:47 am

    Calvinist, Oliver Cromwell butchered more Irish Catholics in one go than were put to death during the entire existence of the Inquisition. Why don’t you write about Protestant crimes, Katherine?

    • Katherine Frisk  April 3, 2016 at 12:28 pm

      Because he did not butcher more Irish Catholics than were put to death during the Inquisition and maybe some people were rather tired of being burnt at the stake by Roman Catholics and decided to finally retaliate. It is a Bit*ch when you get slapped back yes? Simple law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow. Arguing the symptom does not solve the problem. The problem is solved by rooting out the cause.

  3. DGSE  March 5, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Interesting read.
    I found it curious that Ms Fisk credited Herr Weishaupt with the creation of the “Illuminati”. The ‘enlightened ones’ have been around a hell of a lot longer than the 1600-1700’s.
    In do believe, the first reference was made is in the 1100’s to a group within a priesthood called the “Brotherhood of the Snake”
    Herr Weishaupt did create, at the request of his Masters, the “Bavarian Illuminati”, a group of sociopathic cutthroats out for world domination.
    Call them whatever you want- Catholics, Jesuits, jews, kazars,…doesn’t matter, they are ALL anti-Human psychopaths bent on delivering death, destruction, misery and mayhem to the Humans of this Planet.
    The insanity continues

  4. A Clock Of Thirteen  March 3, 2016 at 3:13 am

    So… I suppose those Jesuits and Catholics must be the ones that own all six media conglomerates, and it’s also their lobby that has the USG by the balls, right?

    Egad. The title alone of this piece stood out like a billboard with the phrase “controlled opposition” sloppily slathered, in large bold letters, upon it.

    • Katherine Frisk  March 3, 2016 at 11:38 am

      If the Vatican Knighted Murdoch for his service you can bet that the Vatican has shareholding in all of them. All the six media that you mention have CIA oversight. The CIA answers to the Vatican. Controlled opposition? How about we get at some truth here for a change. They are ALL guilty of lies and deceit. And yes, the Vatican has USG by the balls. They have major shareholding in Lockheed Martin and no doubt the NSA if you dig deep enough.

    • Katherine Frisk  March 4, 2016 at 8:03 am

      Will keep that in mind. Thanks.

  5. Simpsons Donkey  March 2, 2016 at 4:29 am

    I was wondering when Ms Frisk would mention Archbishop George Pell, the Australian prelate who is now a staunch knight of the Vatican, so arrogant he refused to fly back to Australia to be questioned at a Royal Commission into the widespread child sex abuse he covered up in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
    This motherfucker I cottoned onto a long time ago as a religious fascist, who demanded artworks in Melbourne’s state art gallery be removed for ‘heresy’.
    It was a wonderful item called ‘Piss Christ’, an occupied crucifix suspended in a vial of wee.
    Pell chose his moment to go on a theological witch hunt.
    Well now the swine is toast in Australia, having shown his contempt for the safety of small children as he gave evidence by video link, cowering in Rome, while crowd-funded middle-aged abuse victims milled around outside his lair.
    He sneered, dismissing the idea of protecting kids against an organised pedophile gang of priests running wild, raping and torturing kids.
    Pell hid the rapists and shuffled them around so they could prey on yet more unsuspecting victims. As it was in Boston, so it was in Ballarat.
    The nest of vipers that is the Catholic Church can no longer be disguised as anything but a depraved bunch of filthy pederast degenerates.

  6. CRM114  March 1, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Thanks, Catherine. I’m very interested to know if you have any thoughts on the Jesuit Pope Francis’s position on “climate change” as stated in his encyclical (Laudato Si’) given the work and research you’ve done in that field. My guess is that would provide food for quite an analysis. I’ll add that, in addition to those Jesuit educated in the preparatory schools and colleges and universities, you could likely include among the “influenced” those guided by Jesuit direction in the numerous worldwide parishes and retreat houses run by the order, as well as those influenced by general Jesuit ministry.

    • Katherine Frisk  March 1, 2016 at 7:36 pm

      Well let’s bring it down to basics. Under the feudal system the serfs, that’s us, paid taxes to the Lord of the manor and also to the church. Paid for masses to save our souls, for funerals, for weddings, to get our loved ones out of purgatory, and were forced to make “donations.” Keeping us in “sin,” with huge debts. Plus the church promoting breeding like rabbits, this is their collateral. This was a lucrative business. With the rise of nation statehood especially in predominately Protestant countries, this income declined remarkably. As a result Protestant countries instead of filling the coffers of the Vatican developed a strong middle class. I was surprised to learn only recently that Germans are STILL expected to pay taxes to the church. This astounded me. In this day and age? But old habits die hard.

    • Katherine Frisk  March 1, 2016 at 7:42 pm

      As I understand it, the central banking system that incorporates most countries in the world, pilfers off the tax revenues of those countries which have been collected through US Treasuries and the dollar being the world international reserve currency which goes to the Fed and feeds the military industrial complex. Then a portion goes to the City of London, the centre of finance, then to the Vatican, Pope owns the planet remember? The “hate the Jews”will get on my back at this point, but the Jewish money farming system and their bankers are joined at the hip with the Vatican. Goldman Sachs in the above article being one example.But people are getting tired of seeing the hard earned tax money disappear and no benefits for what they pay for and they are revolting against the central banking system. So you have to find another way to farm them.

    • Katherine Frisk  March 1, 2016 at 8:02 pm

      Firstly keep in mind that the Vatican has major shareholding in the Vampire Squid, the 50 companies that rule the world. Lockheed Martin for one. These corporations want to model themselves on Vatican City, the host and centre of the squid. With the same benefits. Their own law courts, they do not pay taxes and their own diplomatic immunity. Free trade zones are part of the spawn. Hence the TPP and the TTIP agreements. But…. they still need to money farm us, enter Climate Change and Carbon taxes and a model to replace the central banking system which is now becoming defunct because many countries are no longer trading in the dollar and US Treasuries are being dumped left right and centre. Its all hocus pocus and always has been. Webster Tarpley a Catholic, has a very good article on the Pope’s support for the Climate Change model, and Webster is dead set against it, and rightly so. It is worth a read. Here is the link: http://tarpley.net/climate-freaks-in-hysterical-push-at-paris-climate-change-global-warming-circus/

    • Katherine Frisk  March 1, 2016 at 9:28 pm

      One last word to my loooong answer. As I recall the Lord’s Prayer says, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who have debts against us.” This merry crew want you to pay for “debt forgiveness,” your “sins”because after all as they keep telling you ad nauseum, you were born in original sin, that is IF you buy into the whole Adam story in the first place, though at the same time they tell you Jesus died for your sins so basically those sins are already forgiven. So they hang a dead bleeding body on a stick every place they can and terrorize you with it, instead of Jesus giving the Sermon On The Mount. Huge guilt, that you have to pay for in order to keep them in Prada and gold toilet seats and of course power, because… the Pope owns the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls, so says he! And this takes money and servitude and slavery along with usury and the debt based money system. .

  7. drbhelthi  March 1, 2016 at 2:09 am

    Well, Mrs. Katherine Frisk, I am having difficulty in my attempt to draw one specific conclusion.
    Which is “more gooder”, the extrapolations in your articles or your between-comments extrapolations?

    • Katherine Frisk  March 1, 2016 at 6:35 am

      Dunno. You tell me? mmmmmmmmmmmm lol

  8. Searcher15  March 1, 2016 at 12:42 am

    I doubt that Mugabe is a Jesuit. Yes, as a child he was taught by Jesuit missionaries at the Kutama Mission in Zimbabwe. But those Jesuit missionaries were actually ideological Marxists – I know that because I grew up in that area – my family were white famers – one of our neighbours used to go and drink with the missionaries and was horrified at how leftist and pro Russia and Stalin they were. (This was in the alte 30’s and early 40’s). I suspect that Mugabe dropped any religion to be had in favour of Marxism. Later he relied on witch doctors (Shona women shamans) for day to day guidance.

    • Katherine Frisk  March 1, 2016 at 2:59 am

      Mugabe is treated with honour at the Vatican on a regular basis. He attended the funeral of John Paul 11 and the inauguration of Benedict and Pope Francis. He has certainly not dropped out of religion. Most of the white farmers thrown off their land were of Protestant decent, many Scottish and Scotland was the first country ever to be excommunicated by the Vatican because they refused to give up Bravehart. Mugabe has dealt equally as badly with black Zimbabweans and has a history of human rights abuses similar to Pinochet and Videla. Nothing new there as these were the same policies as Hitler and Stalin. Operation clean up rubbish being one example. There is very little difference between right wing corporate fascism and communism. In the former everything is owned and controlled by a small handful of corporations in the latter by a privileged few in the government. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2295626/Pope-Francis-I-Inauguration-Mass-New-Pope-meet-Robert-Mugabe-President-Zimbabwe-inaugural-mass-Vaticans-St-Peters-Square.html

  9. LC  February 29, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    ILLUMINATI ROOTS === Sabbatai Zevi===Father of all terrorism (1600s) ::::

    Sabbatai Zevi (Khazarian Mafia + False Rabbi + Satanist) invented Bio-Genocide 100 years B-4 Rothschild::::

    @ 30: He invented plague & black death of 1600s & took it to all corners of Europe murdering tens of millions::::

Exposing The Head Of The Snake & The Most Evil Cult In The World ~ Christopher Everard ~

    In 1666 he was crowned King of The Jews (Kagan)
    Today’s SatanYahus occupying & genociding Palestine are his followers & defendants ===ZEVITES.
    Zevit’s followup was Jacob Frank Liebowitz who tied with Rothschild & created Illuminati Satanism + cannibalism + mass-murders
    Alister Crowley became his follower!!!

    @1:34 Mohammad Atta was Mossad!!!

  10. Charlotte NC Bill  February 29, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    A Papal Knighthood for Murdoch?! I sure hope the SSPX never rejoins these Masonic wretches! Bishop Williamson and the Resistance to Bishop Fellay ( and his money man zio-rat Max Krah ) are right. While I love the Latin Mass and many “trads” have a traditional Catholic worldview many succumb to that Americanist quasi-Masonic superficiality and all they care about is making money and having a place they can chant their Latin on Sunday. Well at times such as these Our Lord demands more..What we have in Europe is the biggest catastrophe in 500 yrs. and not a peep fm this worthless Pope!

    • Katherine Frisk  February 29, 2016 at 7:56 pm

      I and many others have looked into the “Jewish” side of this issue. Many others have looked into the Muslim side of the issue. One of the most beautiful , open and honest articles I read on that score is “After The Prophet “by Hamza Haidar ( see link below) . I also think it is high time we examined the Christian side of the issue. Nobody is innocent. And for far too long now, few have got out alive. There is wickedness and evil in all three as there is much goodness and wisdom as well. Most people in all three have more in common than disagreements. Nobody likes corruption, injustice, etc. Everybody would like to see a prosperous and safe world where we all can thrive. Greed , hated and inhumane behaviour is unacceptable to all. And that includes the sexual abuse of children and the subjugation and slavery of women. Tolerance and respect is what is needed. And fascism does not cut it. http://theinternationalreporter.org/2016/01/31/after-the-prophet/

  11. Charlotte NC Bill  February 29, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Well, the point is that Weishaupt and the rest were of that special tribe who infiltrated and ruined the Jesuits. This Pope is more Masonic and Jewish than Catholic. The enemy hates the Catholic and Orthodox Churches bc they’re the only ones with valid priests, bishops and sacraments. I mostly go to a local SSPX parish where they only say the old (Latin ) Mass. I learned the body of the Mass in one mo. btw. The daily introlt, epistle and Gospel and such I follow in my Latin-English missal. If Bp. Williamson were Pope you would see an entirely different Church. A Church militant that would fight to expose the Synagogue of Satan’s machinations and fight to build the Social Reign of Christ the King. The Fish rots fm the Head. Only a Great Chastisement will probably change things.

  12. Keyser Soze  February 29, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Good article Ms. Frisk.
    Pell had no chioce but to admit that these depraved crimes occured, but it really is only the tip of the iceberg in Australia and elsewhere of what happened over a very long time to so many and he must surely have known about it. So many of these sick bastards got away with it.
    Also I came across this little item and if true what does that mean with Catholic/Israeli/Zio relations?
    Msgr. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, Catholic patriarchal vicar of Jerusalem. “We’ve recently heard – he says – that some municipalities have blocked the accounts of churches, clergy, religious orders. Moreover in addition to the services we already regularly pay, they want to compel diocese to pay an extra administrative tax, but it is an absurdity because since the Ottoman Empire religious orders have been exempt”.

  13. Bruce Wick  February 29, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    The OPUS DEI “prep school,” is worrisome, as the boys’ fathers all believe and practice regular “mortification of the flesh.” In an article on growing Opus Dei influence in America, Gore Vidal even offered Justice Scalia, an Opus Dei member, the services of a willing and enthusiastic non-member; namely, Vidal.

    • LC  February 29, 2016 at 10:23 pm

      Do you mean Gore Vidal offered Scalia to be his butt-buddy????

      If so::: It sure means all Scalia Pedophilia must be true!!!! Vidal knew every top peoples secrets!!!!

  14. Luther Renfroe  February 29, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    religion since it’s beginning seems to be the root of evil on this planet. also if you research this it would seem that humanity has been controlled by it from off world and other dimensional entities. even the sumerians talk of the anunnaki . the pharohs had elongated heads and deformed bodies. all pyramids sit on earths ley lines and the base matches length to the top. and there are three of them built of crystal in the bermuda triangle. oh yes we are led to believe we built these out of 50-100 ton stone blocks with chicken bones, bronze chizels and logs. most history is distorted or a lie. humanity and earth is now under attack on all fronts possible and everything is now posionous and far worse. even the cabal, and others are mind controlled psycho-paths fighting each other for off world evil entities

  15. Amelius  February 29, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    “the connection to the Illuminati which was founded by the Jesuit Johann Adam Weishaupt,”

    It’s true, Weishaupt was a Jesuit, but where did the Jesuits come from? Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order, was born to crypto-Jewish parents and was himself, a Marrano jew. A Marrano jew, is a jew from the Iberian peninsula who outwardly converted to Christianity to A:)-avoid persecution and B:)- to infiltrate the Christian order and introduce Babylonian Jewish tradition into the Christian community as a means of leading Christians away from the true teachings of the gospels. Loyola’s successor, 2nd general James Lainez, 4th general Eberhard Murcurian, Francisco Rivera and Emanuel Lacunza were all crypto-Jews. In 1593 during the 5th general congregation, 25 out of 27 members who proposed changes to the constitution of the Jesuit organization, were Jews.

  16. Pyotr  February 29, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    First Class Ms Frisk. Sincere thanks to you: The truth of this entity must be dragged into the light.

    PS. I believe you refer to the Marranos, who were behind the funding of Columbus I believe.

  17. Katherine Frisk  February 29, 2016 at 9:00 am

    Yup seems that way to me Saheike.

  18. cynthiamaccioli  February 29, 2016 at 8:49 am

    And the Catholic church pulled off the French Revolution, not the Freemasons, every world war, the Russian and Armenian holocausts, now WW111, and all out total war against conscience, morality and freedom in the world today? It’s the Catholics right? And here I thought the Jews might have had a hand in that.
    Thanks for setting me straight.

    • Katherine Frisk  February 29, 2016 at 8:59 am

      Pleasure. Any time. A study of history over the last 1,000 years does bring some clarity. The Roman Catholic Inquisition freely available on the net is a good start. So are the Huguenot massacres in France. The Protestant revolt and their later persecution. The persecution of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and the Balkans. Napoleon, WW1 and WW2 all engineered to take over Eastern Europe and Russia and destroy the Orthodox Church.

    • Amelius  February 29, 2016 at 7:48 pm

      Thanks for setting me straight”

      If I didn’t know any better, it would seem that Cynthia is being sarcastic here.

      The Duc D’Orleans, a leader of the French Revolution, was the Grand Master of French Freemasonry and was enticed into his leading role by Mirabeau, who was largely in debt with a notorious Jewish financier named Moses Mendelssohn. It should also be remembered that the French Revolution is where Rothschild’s gained a large majority of their terrible influence. This was no accident! In the life of Napoleon, Sir Walter Scott records that the Communauté de Paris (the Paris County Council) became the SANHEDRIN of the Jacobins, and that until they had served their purpose, Robespierre, Danton, and Marat shared the high places in the SYNAGOGUE of the Jacobins.

      As for WW1, the winners were a handful of Jewish bankers and their agents. Not even the Jewish encyclopedias attempt to deny the disproportionate role Jews played with communism. They played disproportionate roles on all levels, from the communist manifesto written by Moses Mordecai Levy (Marx), the financing by Rothschild/Schiff/Warburg etc, to the governing bodies, all the way down to the violent revolutionaries coming out of the ghettos. They won WW2 as well, with the establishment of their own sovereign state, subsidized by a world suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

  19. CRM114  February 29, 2016 at 7:52 am

    Ms. Frisk, out of curiosity, what is your definition of “Jesuit”? You use this characterization in reference to several individuals named in the article. When you say someone is a “Jesuit”, are you basing this on those who have been ordained as a Jesuit priest, someone who has been made a Jesuit “Brother” by the order, or someone who has received a Jesuit education in one of the orders many learning establishments?

    • Katherine Frisk  February 29, 2016 at 8:04 am

      All three. The Jesuits like Opus Dei are also a secret society. Priests become ordained into the Jesuit Order. There are Jesuits like Clive Derby Lewis who are ordained as Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, but they get married and do not live life as priests. Then you get people who have been to Jesuit schools and who have been indoctrinated by Jesuit teachings and are faithful to the order and their religious and political beliefs. Robert Mugabe is one of them. Then you get Jesuits who join other churches and religious covertly like LaRouche’s father but still work for the Jesuits in order to subvert and infiltrate other religions, belief systems ad political parties. Opus Dei works in much the same way.

  20. cynthiamaccioli  February 29, 2016 at 7:25 am

    If there is one thing in general the Jews loathe, it’s Christians and the Roman Catholic church specifically.
    They infiltrated the church and Christianity before Christ was cold in His grave. This article completely obscures who is pulling the strings at the Vatican. It’s more than tiresome listening to and reading Christian bashing while “The Chosen” cream rises to the top blaming all ills of the world on others, feigning crocodile tears for their victimhood. I’ve had about enough of it.
    This article is no different than the so-called journalists from lame street media pontificating on the troubles of the world making sure they never put names on the real culprits identities or better still obfuscate and blame the wrong parties. The war on Christianity is 2000 years old. Today that war includes Islam with nary a word spoken about the genocidal orchestrators and manipulators.

    • Katherine Frisk  February 29, 2016 at 7:47 am

      But even with a “Jewish”influence on the Roman Catholic church it does not excuse the millions of other Roman Catholics for the policies taken by this church that by the 21st century is far from Christian in any real sense of the word. The devil offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, he turned the him down flat. The pope and the cardinals have a different agenda and think that the Vatican owns the planet. It is the Roman Catholic church who has burnt millions at the stake, millions of Christians who do not believe in worshiping the pope. It is the CIA and the Knights Malta who have been supporting ISIS in killing Orthodox Christians in Syria. it was the Jesuit priests in Croatia during WW2 who murdered Orthodox Christians.You cannot wash it off by proclaiming that they are all now suddenly “Jewish!” It was Vatican mercenaries who murdered Christians during the Cathar crusade. It was Vatican mercenaries who raped Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia. For the last 1,000 years any Christian who has not become Roman Catholic has been persecuted by them . And any Christian who does not follow a misogynist, fascist political and economic ideology including Catholics is soon murdered and/or assassinated.

  21. Jack Heart  February 29, 2016 at 5:31 am

    The “numeraries” of Opus Dei and the ants afflicted by Ophiocordyceps unilateralis share the same pathology. The Vatican and its new army of homicidally demented eunuchs at Opus Dei, the neo-cons, the Zionists and the various masonic death cults of Kenneth Grant all manage to move in unison as one organism because that is exactly what they are. They are orchestrating their actions through quorum sensing like a hive of deadly cockroach’s hell bent on global nihilism. They should be exterminated accordingly by those who know who they are and can still act, regardless of consequences. The fact that Americans let the pope into this country for a victory lab after using Mexico as his surrogate to flood this nation with drugs and undesirables does not bode well for Americans. You got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them but sometimes you gotta know when pull the trigger too…

  22. rockwool  February 29, 2016 at 4:59 am

    Check out the research done by reverend Kevin Arnette regarding The 9th Satanic Circle in the Vatican and its branches, which laid the ground for the convictions of Ratzinger and his predecessor at the International Common Law Court of Justice in the spring of 2014.

    The information given by Jonathan Kleck on his channel is second to none on the webz (in varied subjects so spend 5-10h):
    * youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsqO5KBlCPjfYN_LcAWccIxiW4HdieF_N&spfreload=10

    Quotes from the Babylonian Talmud (starting at 6:00 min):
    * youtube.com/watch?v=quTXwTjgfc0

    TALMUD, Yebamoth 98a:
    * ‘ All children of the goyim are animals.’

    TALMUD, Kethuboth 11b:
    * ‘When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this, 3 years and a day, it is as if one puts the finger into the eye.’

  23. paul becke  February 29, 2016 at 2:41 am

    Be be very wary of Betty Clermont’s ‘exposes’, Katherine. As another Tory said of Rudyard Kipling, mutatis mutandis, if she were any further to the right, she’d fall off the end. She blames Putin and Russia for the horrors now engulfing Ukraine. Nuff said ?

    • Katherine Frisk  February 29, 2016 at 3:27 am

      Possibly. However her links and other well recorded events do bare her out on this particular issue. And I do not know how she could be possibly more far right than this. If on the other hand she blames Putin and Russia for Ukraine as well, one can only conclude that she is a Zionist who is against the Vatican because they supported the Nazis and against Russia because she supports Nuland.

  24. Preston James, Ph.D  February 28, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Another awesome article by Katherine Frisk. I thought her last article was as good as it gets. This one is even better. Highest commendations. Please keep this outstanding investigative journalism coming. Try getting this kind of article anywhere else. can’t be done.

    • Katherine Frisk  February 28, 2016 at 10:42 pm

      Thank you for your ever present support PJ, always appreciated 🙂

  25. Katherine Frisk  February 28, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    Nice try hips. Just gotta keep that Jewish hatred going yes? However I will give you this. There is some validity in what you say. In my research on the Khazars, many of the Talmudic Jews of Spain were Khazar converts who had left eastern Europe thanks to … the Russian Orthodox Christians who else, who kicked them out. I cannot remember the link now so you are going to have to take my word for it, this was about in the 12th century, when questioned on the Babylonian Talmud as opposed to the Palestinian Talmud which is older, these Khazars were of the opinion that where any differences of opinion between the Torah or the Palestinian Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud arose, the latter was to be taken as the authority. Neither the Torah nor the Palestinian Talmud advocate child sex abuse or Jesus boiling in crap for eternity. For a Khazar converting to Judaism and then Roman Catholicism was no biggie. But even with this influence on the Roman Catholic church it does not excuse the millions of other Roman Catholics for the policies taken by this church that by the 21st century is far from Christian in any real sense of the word. The devil offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, he turned the dude down flat. The pope and the cardinals have a different agenda.

  26. Katherine Frisk  February 28, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    PLEASE NOTE: This was in response to a post that has since been deleted accusing me of being jealous of Male Power in the Vatican. There is no telling with some folks: As a mother I have the deepest compassion for the millions and it is millions over the centuries, of women and men whose children have been sexually abused by this “little boys club” dressed in drag and who have been helpless until recent years to put a stop to it. In the past when they have attempted to do so, they have been called witches and heretics and burnt at the stake. I doubt if Mary who these same perverts have a proclivity for worshiping, would think much of them either. Neither would Jesus. If this is “coveting” their power or being envious of “male privilege” to rape, then you have a warped sense of justice.

  27. wjabbe  February 28, 2016 at 10:49 am

    All Americans should demand all religious organizations be constantly audited and taxed highly up to 90%. The audits should extend all the way to the home office if in Rome. If they refuse, shut them down and confiscate their valuable property. Auditing would disclose their likely criminal activity world wide. There is likely enough money in these church rackets to fund our whole budget and even pay the debt off. Americans are the biggest fools on the planet. Secrecy hides all the likely nefarious and criminal conduct in these religion rackets just like it does for government. And one can be sure these criminal activities don’t just end with the Catholic Church. Where large sums of money are involved, especially with no oversight by government, one can be sure something stinks behind the secrecy.

    • captain obvious  February 28, 2016 at 11:37 am

      agree, the tax exempt no auditing is BS, and the “return favor” is no talking politics in the churches, making a hand washing marriage of (CRIMINAL!) church and state.

  28. jonnbrown  February 28, 2016 at 10:41 am

    Katherine: “Rulers of Evil” by Tupper Saussy. If you have not already read this, it is now found in PDF in a few places. granddesignexposed.com

    Although Tupper refused to bring the Zio / Khazar thing into his work, pitting purely Catholic operatives against Jews & Protestants, etc, the book is nonetheless encyclopedic on the subject of this post and provides invaluable connections.

    Thank you.

    • jonnbrown  February 28, 2016 at 11:52 am

      But he does superficially connect the Rothschilds with the Vatican, and makes bare reference to that family creating wars. But his references to the American Jewish Congress are only about them suing the Ronald Regan administration because it “had unconstitutionally
      granted to the Roman Catholic faith privileges that were being
      denied to other establishments of religion..” yet another spin for controlled opposition.

  29. Edward Dodge  February 28, 2016 at 10:14 am

    The bottom line for me is that not one of these individuals or institutions has love for the truth of Christ in them. They’ve obfuscated the lines between that which is Caesar’s, and that which is the Almighty’s.

  30. LC  February 28, 2016 at 9:13 am

    +++ checkout this old $$$$$ report of District of Cesspools (DC):::
    Just Put below page name in GOOGLE:::

    Bob Chapman Newsletter Jan 15,2011 – Slush fund of top politicians found at Vatican Bank, Obama, Clinton, Roberts? Legatus split!

  31. ksp  February 28, 2016 at 8:35 am

    ” Open the borders and let a floodgate of Hispanic Roman Catholics into the country and level the playing fields.”

    Don’t overlook the flood of catholics from south east Asia after the war.

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