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GORDON DUFF: Evidence Mounts For U.S. Complicity In Terrorism


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor


story from December 29, 2009….busts ICTS and explains this one as well….between the lines.


When nothing adds up, its time we starting looking at what we know.  Our recent terrorist, now dubbed “the crotch bomber” is another dupe.  He could have been working for anyone, drugged, brainwashed or simply influenced, maybe by crazy Arabs, maybe by the Mossad, maybe by the CIA.  We only know the game is falling apart.

We do know a couple of things.  Dad, back in Nigeria, ran the national arms industry (DICON) in partnership with Israel, in particular, the Mossad.  He was in daily contact with them.  They run everything in Nigeria, from arms production to counter-terrorism.  Though Islamic, Muttalab was a close associate of Israel.  He has been misrepresented.  His “banking” is a cover.  Next, what do we know about the two Al Qaeda leaders Bush had released, the ones who planned this?

According to ABC news, the Al Qaeda leaders running the insurgency in Yemen were released from Guantanamo, although two of the highest ranking known terrorist there, without trial.

Guantanamo prisoner #333, Muhamad Attik al-Harbi, and prisoner #372, Said Ali Shari, were sent to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 9, 2007, according to the Defense Department log of detainees who were released from American custody.

Both of the former Guantanamo detainees are described as military commanders and appear on a January, 2009 video along with the man described as the top leader of al Qaeda in Yemen, Abu Basir Naser al-Wahishi, formerly Osama bin Laden’s personal secretary.

With all the hoopla about trials in New York, not a word is said when top level terrorists are released to Saudi friends of the Bush family who let them go.  We are now fighting these two Bush friends in Yemen.  They are running a major insurgency there.  We have been using Cruise missiles and our jets to attack their bases in the last weeks.


CBS News has learned that as early as August of 2009 the Central Intelligence Agency was picking up information on a person of interest dubbed “The Nigerian,” suspected of meeting with “terrorist elements” in Yemen.

Sources tell CBS News “The Nigerian” has now turned out to be Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. But that connection was not made when Abudulmutallab’s father went to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria three months later, on November 19, 2009. It was then he expressed deep concerns to a CIA officer about his son’s ties to extremists in Yemen, a hotbed of al Qaeda activity.


CIA admits broad information during the November interview, information not acted on in any responsible way but failed to understand that the terrorist they were warned of in November was the one they had been tracking since August.

We learned of him in November, when his father came to the U.S. embassy in Nigeria and sought help in finding him. We did not have his name before then,” said Paul Gimigliano, a CIA spokesman. “Also in November, we worked with the embassy to ensure he was in the government’s terrorist database – including mention of his possible extremist connections in Yemen. We also forwarded key biographical information about him to the National Counterterrorism Center.


It is claimed by groups claiming to be Al Qaeda in Yemen that the Detroit attack was in retaliation to US attacks on bases in Yemen run by Al Qaeda leaders released by Bush.

The government of Yemen, as reported in the BBC , says that the Al Qaeda terrorists, led by those released by Bush, are really Israeli agents though they have organized attacks against US targets:

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said the security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence. Mr Saleh did not say what evidence had been found to show the group’s links with Israel, a regional enemy of Yemen. The arrests were connected with an attack on the US embassy in Sanaa last month which killed at least 18 people, official sources were quoted saying.

“A terrorist cell was arrested and will be referred to the judicial authorities for its links with the Israeli intelligence services,” Mr Saleh told a gathering at al-Mukalla University in Hadramawt province. “Details of the trial will be announced later. You will hear about what goes on in the proceedings,” he added.

The 17 September attack was the second to target the US embassy since April. Militants detonated car bombs before firing rockets at the heavily fortified building.

Mr Saleh did not identify the suspects, but official sources were quoted saying it was same cell – led by a militant called Abu al-Ghaith al-Yamani – whose arrest was announced a week after the attack.

With continual reports from Pakistan that India and Israel have been involved in terrorist attacks against US supporters there and the recent reports that the Detroit bomber was assisted by an Indian while boarding in Amsterdam and partially confirmed reports that a second bomber, an Indian, was arrested and taken from the plane in Detroit.  MILive broke this story in the US which originated with Reuters:

Reuters reports Dutch military police are investigating claims that an accomplice may have helped Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab board Northwest Flight 253 in Amsterdam on Christmas day without a passport.

Kurt Haskell of Newport, Mich., took to the comments section of this Web site early Saturday to share his story: That he and his wife, Lori, saw a well-dressed man help Abdulmutallab board the flight without a passport under the guise he was a Sudanese refugee. The military police have already said Abdulmutallab did not go through passport control at Schiphol when he arrived from Lagos.

In another interview on Inside Edition, Haskell described what happened:

A passenger has come forward with disturbing new details about the plot to bring down a jet, including the astonishing claim that the accused terrorist was able to board the plane without a passport.

Kurt Haskell showed INSIDE EDITION his boarding pass for Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. The lawyer, who lives outside Detroit, was returning home from an African safari when he says he saw the terror suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallabm, and another man, who he thought was Indian, approach the ticket agent.

“Only the Indian man spoke,” says Haskell, “And what he said was, ‘This man needs to board the plane but he doesn’t have a passport.’ ”

“His clothes were like jeans and a t-shirt or something, he looked kind of thin, like a 16-year-old teenager, and the other man, looked like he was 50 years old, looked like he was a wealthy, Indian man. I just couldn’t figure out why they were together,” Haskell tells INSIDE EDITION.

An earlier CBS news report today stated:

CBS News has learned the State Department system designed to keep track of active U.S. visas twice failed to reveal Nigerian terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had been issued an active visa allowing him multiple entries into the United States.

According to a law enforcement source, the first failure came on Nov. 19, 2009, the very same day Abdulmutallab father’s, Dr. Umaru Mutallab, a prominent banking official in Nigeria, expressed deep concern to officials at the U.S. Embassy in Abjua, Nigeria, that his 23-year-old son had fallen under the influence of “religious extremists” in Yemen.

The second failure to flag an active visa belonging to Abdulmuttalab occurred the very next day in Washington, after Mutallab’s concerns were forwarded to officials there. It was only after the Christmas Day terror attack in Detroit that U.S. officials learned that Abdulmuttalab had been issued a visa by the U.S. Embassy in London valid from June 16, 2008, through June 12, 2010. ..

Thus, in another set of coincidences, the system put in place after 9/11, meant to prevent the misuse of student visas for terrorist acts, single, Islamic engineering students tied to religious extremists being a risk factor in that area, failed totally.

Picture the November 19 interview.  A poor taxi driver comes to the US embassy:  “My son, he is hanging around with a rough crowd.  He says he wants to blow something up!”

No, wait, that was someone else.  Picture the November 19 interview.  One of the richest people in the world, head of a major bank, cabinet minister, head of the national armaments industry, close associate of the US Ambassador and someone known around the world makes an appointment to come to the US embassy.

He wouldn’t have met a clerk.  The US Ambassador himself would have arranged for the highest ranking officer in the embassy hold the interview.  Mr. Muttalab would have been greeted by the ambassador when he came to the embassy.


We have confirmed that Mutallah met with the CIA chief of station in Nigeria.

Imagine this person of great power and influence, with friends at the highest levels of the CIA and Mossad.  When he came to announce his son may be a terrorist, he was a loving father asking for help?  He would have made this points:

  • My son is a danger to himself and others, please keep him safe
  • Do not allow my son to travel to the United States under any imaginable circumstances as he is likely to be involved in acts of terrorism
  • Please assure me that you will act immediately and contact me as to what measures you have taken

Were any of this true, this is what would have been said.  Were any of what we have been told true, none of what we saw in Detroit could have happened.  What we know is that something very different than this really happened.  Go ahead and Google “muttalab, nigeria, bank, mossad, defense”


Let’s look at the Wayne Marsden report on the failures at the airport in Amsterdam along with direct ties between this case and the shoe bomber Richard Reid:

The Mutallab case also resembles that of another
attempted plane bombing, that of the hapless “shoe bomber” Richard

It has also been revealed that Mutallab is the son of Alhaji Umaru
Mutallab, the former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria. According to
This Day of Lagos, the elder Mutallab claims he reported the
extremist views of his son to Nigerian security agencies, as well as
to the U.S. embassy in Abuja, yet no attempt was made to prevent the
radically-inclined Nigerian student to board the plane in Schiphol.
The attempted plane bomber was schooled at the British International
School in Lome, Togo and attended college in London and moved to
Egypt and Dubai. The elder Mutallab is a frequent visitor to the
United States and he is married to a Yemeni woman. …

Marsden points out the well established family ties to Yemen thru his wife.  He further points out how Israel managed to bring the terrorist son of Mutallab through multiple airport security obstacles with the same ease the United States shepherded a known terrorist through a visa process.  What we hadn’t seen is how much this process had been tested during the “shoe bomber” episode.


For a number of years, passengers at Schiphol flying to the United
States have been subjected to intense grilling by security personnel
linked to an Israeli firm.


US bound passengers at Schiphol are asked a number of personal questions, including where
they have stayed either in the Netherlands or in their country of
origin. Hotel receipts are routinely requested by security personnel
and the addresses of private temporary residences are recorded.
Mutallab boarded a KLM flight in Lagos for Schiphol where he
transited for his onward flight to Detroit on Northwest/Delta.

Six months prior to Reid’s near shoe bombing of American Airlines
flight 63 from Paris to Miami in December 2001, while memories of
9/11 were still fresh in everyone’s mind, Reid attempted to board an
El Al flight from Schiphol to Tel Aviv.

Reid was taken aside by El Al
security and identified as a terrorist suspect. Reid paid for a
one-way ticket with cash and would not reveal what he planned to do
in Israel.

However, rather than turning Reid into Dutch security for
further action, he was allowed to board the El Al flight by Israel’s
Shin Bet security so his movements during his five days in Israel
could be monitored.

Six months later, Reid attempted to ignite his
shoe on the flight from Paris to Miami. Israel had not informed
British, American, or any other security agency of the concerns about
Reid. Reid’s aunt, Claudette Lewis who raised Reid in south London,
was quoted as saying she believed her nephew had been “brainwashed.”

Reid later said El Al failed to detect that he had explosives in his
shoes on the flight to Tel Aviv, an amazing revelation considering
the Israeli airline’s tight security.
The links between El Al security and Mossad are extremely close with
abundant cross-pollination of senior personnel back and forth.

The security company that allowed Reid to board American Airlines 63
at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris was ICTS (International
Consultants on Targeted Security) International. ICTS’s senior
management are all ex-Israeli security officials, many of whom worked
for El Al security.

It was ICTS that largely developed the passenger “profiling”
procedures used at Schiphol and other airports around the world
through its subsidiary, ICTS Holland Products BV.


Let’s review what we know thus far:

  • Our terrorist traveled to Yemen to meet with terrorist there
  • The terrorists in Yemen had been in Guantanamo but had been ordered released by the Bush Administration though they were, perhaps the most dangerous detainees held
  • The government of Yemen tells us that Islamic terrorists there have been arrested who have proven ties to Israeli intelligence
  • Our terrorists father, though we are told is a retired “Nigerian banker” actually ran their defense industry in close cooperation with Israeli Intelligence (Mossad)
  • Our terrorist’s visa to the US was never with withdrawn, though he was on a “terrorist watchlist”
  • Our terrorist, though flying from Nigeria, entered the Netherlands without passing thru customs, something impossible to do without assistance from an intelligence agency
  • Our terrorist, while at the Amsterdam airport, was being assisted by a man appearing to be Indian, who claimed our Nigerian terrorist was a Sudanese refugee with no passport (no passport was used entering the EU, something technically impossible)
  • However, Dutch authorities, the same ones who confirmed he entered the country with no passport also confirmed he had a valid US visa, though on a terrorist watch list that is shared with Dutch authorities.
  • Airport security in Amsterdam is contracted to an Israeli controlled company with, not only the most sophisticated technologies, but, in fact, the company that had developed the concept of security profiling.
  • The parallels between this case and the Richard Reid “shoe bomber” case are much more than admitted.


We keep going back to 2007.  Why were these terrorists released to Saudi custody?  Why did Saudi Arabia release them soon afterward?  With the 2nd major terrorist front in the world being Yemen and the terrorist operation there under the control of released Bush detainees, there is reason for suspicion.

While we have all of these facts, easily verifiable, we have a much stronger case against the Bush Administration or Israel than Al Qaeda.  There is no real evidence that Al Qaeda would be operating in Yemen without American or Saudi help and even, as stated by the Government of Yemen, direct material assistance from Israel.

Why would such a thing be done, something against all reason unless terrorism itself was part of a larger regional plan and a “war on terror” was only a ruse.

When Pakistan comes to us and says that Israel and India are involved in terrorism there and we ignore it, is it because it isn’t credible or because the US government has been involved, as we seem to be involved in Yemen?


Why are we satisfied to take one person into custody, one person who ties to so many irregularities and ask nothing else?

As with 9/11 and so many other seemingly impossible times when so many things go wrong that only great power and the cooperation of many agencies in many countries could make it possible, why do we ask nothing.

We have a major investigation in Nigeria, not only of the father and his connections to Israel but our own embassy and why they left this visa alone when the individual was a known terrorist.

How could this terrorist travel to Yemen to meet with an organization run by former detainees released by Bush and his Saudi friends, former detainees that Yemen claims are working for Israel?  How could he do this and be allowed to return to Nigeria, a country whose intelligence services are tied to Israel and trained by Israel.  They would have known in a second.

How did this terrorist enter the Netherlands without showing a passport?  Try it.  You will meet lots of Dutch people who will keep you in a small room for hours, days even.  It is absolutely impossible.

People are picked up in the EU while in passport control for non-payment of child support.  I am being told they can’t find a terrorist?

We haven’t begun to discover how he got past security equipment and screening.  It isn’t like he isn’t the highest profile potential terrorist who has entered Nigeria in decades.  He is Islamic, young and traveling alone.  Ask any young Islamic traveler how many times they have been searched.

Is is on a terrorist watchlist.  This is like the “no fly list” on steroids.  You aren’t just denied flight, you are put under immediate surveillance.

If he had shown his passport, it would have shown him entering Yemen, a known terrorist training ground.  This would have stopped him also.

With the Bush administration releasing terrorist leaders and shepherding them back into their former profession, with our embassy, State Department, Homeland Security and every other organization we spent so many billions of dollars to “coordinate” all failing, is there, just perhaps, a minor sign of conspiracy?

I would call President Obama to account for failures to discover what appears to be a conspiracy of his predecessor but, as the GOP blogs that fill the internet are working overtime to obscure the facts and place the blame on Obama alone, there could be no greater proof of non-involvement.

duffsterFrankly, if the Obama administration was involved with Bush, as it seems they are, then the Bush/Cheney “disinformation” attack dogs would be leashed.  They are not.  Thus, Bush and Cheney should be targeted for investigation.

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on policial and social issues.





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108 Responses to "GORDON DUFF: Evidence Mounts For U.S. Complicity In Terrorism"

  1. LC  March 24, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Holy crap::: Complex yet simple::::

    1st::: One big typo above:::: “Bush Family” should read::: “BUSH CRIME FAMILY”

    ++ Google IMAGES:::: “Richard Reid shoe bomber”

    & see he really looks like just thrown out of an insane asylum just like the son of the Nigerian dealer was mentally challenged.

    Couple years back here on VT there was a video of a Saudi guy auctioning off his mentally challenged son for $100 grand to go to Syria & blow himself up with a suicide bomb!!!!

    ZIO-CIA-Gladio ++ have unlimited supply of such victims to send to blow up places or at least to try blow’m up & get arrested like Richard Reid who didn’t even know a flame couldn’t ignite the plastics supposedly in his shoe!!!!

    ++ I wonder if Brazil was hit with ZIKA virus so CIA could buy unlimited supply of of ZIKA victims down the line to blow up as suicide bombers!!!!

    Folks are you convinced the best way to vote is follow advice of late statesman in
    YouTube:::: George Carlin doesn’t’ vote

    ++ & only way to get rid’of’m all is by NOT voting explained by indicted congresswoman in
    We Now Have A Total Gangster Government


  2. thracian  March 24, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    The United States is the Largest Terrorist Organization in the WORLD , financed by an Unknowing publics’ Tax Dollars , Duped by the Public Media . Quite Pitiful Actually .

  3. theSpirit  March 24, 2016 at 10:12 am

    The crotch bomber was used as justification for Obama Drone killing Al Alwalki, then his 16 year old son two weeks later.
    The guy was an interpreter for the secret US prisons, then he blew the whistle, and was killed because of it.
    Obama claimed he was responsible for the crotch bomber, even after eyewitness saw the “crotch” bomber being put on the plane by security.
    Al Alwalki was a US citizen, his son was born in New Mexico.
    The fifth amendment cleary lays out Due process, and this was a flagrant violation, it was murder, state sanctioned.
    Then we have idiots defending Obama, even after he announced it to the press, taking full credit in Ft Meyer Virginia.
    This is not only impeachable, it really calls for prison time.
    The difference between a Republican and a Democrat has nothing to do with what is right and wrong.
    Somehow Gordon always spins things so the Republicans are to blame for everything, which is what all good progressives do.

  4. captain obvious  March 24, 2016 at 2:25 am

    thanks, I was wondering if this was the “mister fizzlepants underwear bomber” used to justify porno scanners in the airports that were already built and awaiting deployment. the stories we’re handed aren’t any more real than Jeff Dunham’s “Achmed the dead terrorist” puppet.

  5. jones  March 23, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    The bad guys like to do outrageous things, and we like to be outraged about it. Sympatico! Where’s the motivation to stop the madness? We are all genociders now.

  6. Raven Knight  March 23, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Investigators should be asking questions about organized crime and Brussels. DW article, “two Belgian nationals, the El Bakraoui brothers, as suicide bombers who blew themselves up on Tuesday. Both men had criminal records for armed robbery, but the authorities reportedly had no information about their involvement with jihadi cells before anti-terror raids last week.” They were robbers with no connection to jihad cells? Who did they work for?

  7. Pyotr  March 23, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    I wonder if KSA would have gone so overboard had significant oil deposits not been found in Yemen.

  8. Howie  March 23, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    It makes one wonder if that scary looking hairy thing on wet start McCain’s head is really in control.

    I think closing GITMO may be premature. All the psycho’s like McCain should get the treatment.

  9. Infantry  January 13, 2010 at 2:10 am

    I have to agree with Mike. This is, and always has been a jewish problem.

    There is no debating this fact.

    It doesn’t matter what your “opinions”, or “feelings”, or “ideas” are in light of the facts. The jews have been nation wreckers since the beginning, and they’re doing it to these united states now.

    You can’t argue the fact that the media, which we ALL KNOW lies like hell, is all jewish owned. That means newpapers, tv stations, radio, advertising agencies, you name it. Same goes for Hollywood pushing their anti-Arab propaganda in movies like “The Hurt Locker”, trying to keep our troops and our people thinking it’s OK to kill Muslims. Then there’s the fact that they own most major corporations, wall street (think: Bernie Madoff’s $50 BILLION scam), own the PRIVATE NON-federal reserve bank, and most other central banks around the globe.

    Then there are the jews like Janet Napolitano who label our troops “terrorists” and “right wing extremists”. The Department of Homeland Security is no different than Stalin and the NKVD or Cheka. Of course, the white house has it’s share of jews like Rahm Emanuel, son of KNOWN JEWISH TERRORISTS who really runs the show. Then there’s congress, more jews elected to congress this year than ever before. (They’ve got the voting machine thing down pat.) And then there is also the senate and judicial branch of government, full of jews like Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Sonya Sotomayor (crypto jew).

    EVERY rock you kick over has a jew under it. So, how long till you realize it’s a JEW problem like the first EIGHTY FOUR countries that exiled them? How many exiles will it take to get it right? Is ONE HUNDRED AND NINE not enough? You better damn sure hope 110 is, because they’ve got all kinds of nasty, genocidal tricks up their sleeve to push you wherever they want, just like 911, but far worse.

    You don’t get any INPUT on the facts…they are as stated. America and the world are in BIG TROUBLE because we let these demons run a muck.

    There is no discussion as to who or what the problem is. There is only action or inaction.

    “In this business, you find the enemy, then go after and destroy him. Everything else is rubbish!” – Eddie Rickenbacker, WWI Flying Ace

    “Unless you do your best, the day will come when, tired and hungry, you will halt just short of the goal you were ordered to reach, and by halting you will make useless the efforts and deaths of thousands.” – Gen. George S. Patton

    Buck up. Visit http://www.realoathkeepers.org

  10. Mark W  January 11, 2010 at 9:34 pm


    Beware of this Mike character. ANY organization you sign up to is tied to Homeland ( Hitleresque ) Security & the ‘ RED ‘ list, ie the first to be executed. All the militia members I personally know, including myself, avoid these ( DARPA manufactured ) internet groups like the plague because THEY know, as do I, what the real deal is. Just like the bogus NRA !

    He’s setting you up, especially given his religious-bias ( religious hatred is divide-and-conquer without merit ). He can’t differentiate between the luciferian-zionists and True Jews, or more appropriately, Orthodox Jews. He might as well blame the TRUE Semites, ie the peoples of the Middle East or Christians for that matter.

    You have been warned. He, Mike, is a globalist shill and is here fishing for voluntary sacrifices. Think twice before you act on his words, and for your sake, do your homework before you act.

    The war will be here soon enough, but if we shoot first, we lose ALL non-participatory support . . . . . Think about it.

    Research the Revolutionary war, and do it outside of the commonly promulgated texts. Yes, it takes some digging to get the truth, but, commonly taught history is bullshit !

    Death to the new world order, we SHALL prevail . . .

    • duffster  January 11, 2010 at 9:39 pm


      We actually do have a Mike (michael t. griffiths) who uses a homeland security/border patrol server. 

      However, as he is noticably lame, we can only hope that the boot of the oppressor is guided with his general lack of both intelligence and follow thru.

      being an enemy of an incompetent bureaucracy is a dream of mine….in an anti-kafkaesque reality


    • Mike  January 12, 2010 at 6:47 am

      Ok you are right, the game is up. I won’t go into detail about how jews control the media (minds) of Americans, how they direct US foreign policy and overwhelming bias towards jews in the jewdicial system. The fact Obama has “appointed” jews all around him should just be overlooked. The fact that most heavily publicized websites such as “democracy now” and “we are change” and Alex Jones are heavily biased towards jews shouldn’t be looked at either. The fact that 911 loose change was created by 2 jews should be ignored. The fact that a jewish company controlled the security at the airports on 911, the security at the subways on the London attacks on 7th/7th and the recent underpants bomber who got on a plane WITHOUT A PASSPORT should all just be overlooked as well. Do nothing Americans, death to the new world order…..whoever they are….name some names buddy?!Who are they? I can name plenty of jews and their non-jewish blackmailed and corrupted puppets screwing over America. I bet you are the guy that protects the jewish practice of circumcision and sucking the blood off the boys penis? Thats what they do, and I oppose it. Do you? What about the jewish kiddie doctor that was just caught having raped and molested over 100 young non-jewish kids? You want to protect him don’t you……He is not the first. How many lives do jews have to ruin before you look at what they are doing? Per head of population jews have by far the highest number of criminals. It’s always been that way. Jews have never been nice to anyone.
      As I said before, I would not care if it were blacks causing all the trouble, I would blame them. Jews pretended to be the black mans friend, yet most of the slave ships that brought them to America were owned by jews! Jews are the string pullers, its not hard to see for most people nowdays. LEARN WHAT JEWS DID TO RUSSIA between 1917-1953, its the same thing they will pull on America when the economy finally gives up. They will call for action by the PEOPLE, call it a fancy name like “New American peoples revolution party” or something, kill all the non-jewish rich people, then turn on those non-jews that helped them gain power. Same thing will happen, because it’s proven to work.
      WHO IS TRYING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AMERICA! Not muslims! Not Blacks! Not Asians! Not Whites! ……JEWS are behind all of the anti-gun and anti- 2nd amendment legislation. They want you to be DISARMED.
      Mark is telling you “DON’T LOOK at jews”, Im saying LOOK FOR YOURSELF AND FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF. Your choice who to trust. Jews do not want you to get with like minded people, so they constantly say “Don’t trust anyone”, then you will never have any groups that can go against them. It’s true, there are a lot of bogus sites out there, but look at what they say and it’s easy to spot them as a phony Al-CIADUH site or false militia group. Use your head, trust the guy that says LOOK for yourself, and ARM YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. Learn what jews did to eastern europeans once they gained control. Learn that jews are communists. Learn how much control they have over America already. It’s not hard.
      I don’t care if you don’t want to head over the websites I suggested in earlier posts! But if you are too afraid to look at what the jew has done in the past and can’t see what they are doing now, and you can’t bring yourself to look at the whole tribe and learn about them and what they are, then thats your problem and when they come for you like they did the Russians, you will only have yourself to blame. In all fairness to Mark and his ignorance, I was in the same spot he was 3 years ago, blaming some shadow group of people that you can’t touch or see. Get passed it. All I am saying is LEARN about a group of people, whats wrong with that Mark? Learn about the Sayanim network.

  11. rese  January 10, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks for your great article
    as to the comments here I explain my feelings based on evidence in the comments at http://www.thenation.com/blogs/thebeat/514394/the_2010_political_timebomb_is_unemployment

  12. Enlightened  January 7, 2010 at 5:50 pm


    Love your comments. I have travelled around the world for the past 20 years on business and I cant remember a time when I ever thought I could successfully board a flight without a passport. It just doesn’t happen – ever – unless you are placed on their by security. The Indian ‘gentleman’ is a dangly loose end. I haven’t seen him mentioned by the MSM since the first reports rolled in (same as 9/11, once the ‘facts’ are fixed, unexplainable things are dropped in the memory hole – i.e. M. Atta’s passport being recovered intact from atop the smoking ruins of the WTC – yeah right). My American wife laughed so hard she fell of her chair when I told her a ‘terrorist’ managed to board a plane on an international flight to the US without a passport.

    You are on my favourites list from now on.

    • US-First  March 23, 2016 at 6:13 pm

      I actually managed to get on an Air Lingus flight to Paris back in the mid-70’s only to arrive at Le Bourget without my passport. Got hauled off the line – of course, and frog-marched to the office of the Police Commissioner at the airport. I was sixteen and he kept asking me my thoughts on his ‘beautiful’ secretary while I waited for the mother of the Laisse family of Rue Joseph De Maistre to arrive.

      My worry was what would happen when I tried to leave via Dunkirk for England three weeks later. No problem. The Le Bourget Commissioner’s colleague at Dunkirk at the unholy hour of 9 in the morning was sitting with a Customs guy drunk out of his mind. “My friend at Le Bourget let you in,’ he stammered, ‘I let you out.’ Those were the days!

  13. Mike  January 6, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Yes, keep your eye on the ball!

    In this game there are no “failures” or “coincidences” by these creatures. Bank failures and the bailouts were not a mistake by jewish bankers, it was calculated to steal YOUR WEALTH. Money is created by these pricks out of thin air, then loaned to governments around the world at interest, meaning you pay it all back, plus interest, which you have to borrow again to pay it…..and there is more interest on that too. You can NEVER pay it all back. The SYSTEM is designed to FAIL for us, the people.

    Learn about MONEY, who owns it, and who protects the current scam. Terrorism is just to keep you distracted from the truth about MONEY. They use money to gain power, which is what it’s all about. Power over everyone, to make us all into obedient slaves.

    Maybe someone with some guts could go to the federal reserve building and figure out what needs to be done?

    Anyone that protects the current money system is a TRAITOR to mankind. Money MUST be printed by the GOVERNMENT, DEBT FREE for the people. That is not the case right now, even though the US constitution makes it clear that ONLY the government can print the money and regulate the value thereof. All sitting US congressmen are TRAITORS to Americans for allowing this system to continue, even Obama.

    They cannot do what they are doing without the control over the money system. All else filters down from this. Jews protect the current money system, and benefit from it. Learn about the Sayanim network they have.

    The last thing these creatures want is a well informed, and well armed populace, so head in that direction. Do what they hate, be what they can’t stand.

    • Mark W  January 7, 2010 at 12:02 am


      Are you a dis-info operative inciting violence ? You wrote:

      ” Maybe someone with some guts could go to the federal reserve building and figure out what needs to be done? ”

      Someone ? If you feel so strongly, why don’t you act on your own words ? I know why ! It’s stupid to attack the vendor instead of the source.

      Who do you work for ? CIA ? FBI ? Mossad ? The Fascist Homeland Insecurity ? Obama ?

      You sound just like Alex Jones with your rhetoric B.S. Jews ? You don’t have a clue Mike, not a clue.

      Go read the U.S. Constitution, paper money is NOT legal tender, ONLY gold and silver is. Again you stated:

      ” Money MUST be printed by the GOVERNMENT”

      Wrong ! REAL money can ONLY be minted, not printed. And NOT by the government, by via the U.S. Treasury, NOT the Federal Reserve. And again you are wrong, the ” government ” doesn’t regulate the value of minted coin, that IS FIXED. You are a fraud !

      Oh, that’s right, the U.N. wants to mint gold coins now. Where did they get the budget to purchase gold ? Do you work for them ?

      Also, you don’t possess the presense of mind to note that Congress and the not-so-white house are but mere puppets of foreign bankers. Got any Rothchilds blood in you ?

      Although some of what you state is correct, you’re spinning reality.

      Shame on you.

      Oh, and couldn’t refute my previous reply, could ya ?

      You have been exposed.

      You Mike, are an ignorant propagandized racist. Plain and simple. Hell bent on inciting an attack as opposed to defense. Or, an operative against the soverign people of These United States of America.

      Shame on you, traitor.

    • Mike  January 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm

      My mistake, “coined” is correct. Of course congress are puppets of the bankers, which happen to be JEWISH. So what if I point out that most of the people destroying America are JEWS. Is that racist?
      Im like Alex Jones? huh? Jones PROTECTS THE JEWS because he is married to a jew and has jewish kids!

      Also, I bet you are the type of person that likes to hold a cheap cardboard sign and wave it at these rothchilds and bankers. Don’t you get it? They just laugh at you and send in their ARMED attack dogs, the police and military, which are “supposed” to work for you. THEY will turn anything into a violent scene if they feel like it. What about the undercover guys running around smashing stuff up at peaceful protests? THEY use violence to get what they want, THEY do not come at you with a cardboard sign. Get with the program, THEY will kill you if they feel like it, or if it benefits them.

      I want to see the entire US government and federal reserve abolished, and the money system handed back to the people, to whom it properly belongs. Gold standard is a farce, as jews own most of the gold anyway.

      There should not be any jews allowed in any government or money position, or media or education. THATS A START. It’s proven they are subversive and have an ulterior motive. Look at them right now, do they look like they are working for YOUR BENEFIT?, or THEIR BENEFIT! Remeber the BAILOUTS? Who got the money!!!!?

      America has a cancer eating away at it that has done the same thing in europe. The number of jews involved in this mess FAR outweighs the proportion to their population. I have written before how people CENSOR themselves, obviously you are one. You cannot see the forest for the trees. Why would you care to protect these people? Not a jew are you? I wouldn’t care if it was mostly black people doing all the damage, it is what it is. People only need to look at the numbers.

      What kind of defence are you talking about anyway? Talking to them? Yelling at them? Why let THEM dictate how things will turn out? One thing they hate is self inititive. They want you to be an obedient slave that sits back and does nothing, too afraid to be called a racist or too afraid to be labeled and “extremist”. You know 70 years ago people with my attitude were classed as normal.
      Do you think they will just walk away and give you the keys to the reserve bank?
      Do you have any idea what they have planned for YOU? Because you are here on this site, you have already been flagged as a trouble maker.
      Maybe you had better watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USZcrMn48Xg
      this is what they plan to do to any Americans that stand in their way of global government and the destruction of America.
      You are ALREADY A TERRORIST for being the slightest bit against them, unless you are jewish.

      Besides you have the so called “law” on your side. Read the coinage act of 1792 section 19-
      Penalty on de- Section 19. And be it further enacted, That

      basing the coins. if any of the gold or silver coins which

      shall be struck or coined at the said mint

      shall be debased or made worse as to the

      proportion of the fine gold or fine silver

      therein contained, or shall be of less weight

      or value than the same out to be pursuant to

      the directions of this act, through the

      default or with the connivance of any of the

      officers or persons who shall be employed at

      the said mint, for the purpose of profit or

      gain, or otherwise with a fraudulent intent,

      and if any of the said officers or persons

      shall embezzle any of the metals which shall

      at any time be committed to their charge for

      the purpose of being coined, or any of the

      coins which shall be struck or coined at the

      said mint, every such officer or person who

      shall commit any or either of the said

      offenses, shall be deemed guilty of felony,

      and shall suffer death.

      Nothing about courts or trials here, so you have the right to kill anyone screwing around with the money system. Think about how many people are involved!

      Go wave your protest sign. Don’t fight back. At what point will you resist physically? When they are dragging you off to a camp? Bit late then isn’t it?

      I have been exposed? You have been exposed as a do nothing wimp. You won’t even “talk” about removing them, which MUST be done to save America. Talking is where it starts, the rest will follow in time.

      If Americans have your attitude, they will walk all over you, and you will lose because you are only countering what they do, you are giving them the first move.

      What is it about you people who think you can “expose” someone in one sentence. You don’t know me. You know nothing about me!

      You are a do nothing traitor for giving these people a free pass and wasting my time.

    • Mike  January 9, 2010 at 3:55 am

      For those of you that agree with what I say, get over to http://www.realoathkeepers.org or http://www.subvertednation.net and get with like minded people.
      There is a jewish website called http://www.oathkeepers.org which has gained a lot of publicity through the media and Alex jew jones, but they are telling their members to “STAND DOWN” and do nothing. http://www.subvertednation.net/oath-keepers-are-a-fraud/#respond This is what an enemy would say to you.
      http://www.realoathkeepers.org is for whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, and all those that do not wish to live under a jewish controlled jackboot, or the “jew world order”.
      The mind manipulation by jews is intense, learn from them, but never follow them.

  14. Last Word  January 6, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Keep your eye on the ball.
    Do not forget that Cheney and Bushie stole a US nuclear weapon when the B-52 loaded with 6 nukes at Minot AFB illegally flew the long way to Barksdale AFB and landed with 5 nukes. Don’t kid yourself. The group these POS are tied to plan to use that stolen nuke on a US city.
    But of course it will be played on TV as those pesky Al CIA DUH types did it and we could not stop it because well you know an intelligence failure. You know those recurring intelligence failures where everyone involved somehow fails upward to a promotion.

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