Rapprochement Can Help Joint Fight Against Terror, Israel Tells Turkey

Netanyahu condemns terror attack, which came hours after Israel and Turkey formally announced full renewal of diplomatic ties; Erdogan and Obama talk.

Ass and Hole

Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it – everything about this Istanbul airport attack is bullshit and all of the pronouncements about it by various political figures are bullshit also.

Yes, three assholes with AKs and suicide belts walked into the terminal and murdered people, that part is all too real; however, at that point, the narrative becomes pure, unadulterated, malodorous and deeply disgusting bullshit.

The smoke had barely cleared from the terminal building before Erdogan and the Turks were blaming ‘Islamic State’ and playing the poor victims of reprehensible Islamic Extremist Terrorists.

Uh, no, that won’t fly I’m afraid, not when we have know for quite some time that ‘Islamic State’ is nothing more than a front for the Turks and their Israeli and Saudi allies.

So we know right away what really happened here – Erdogan had some operators carry out a murderous attack on the Turkish people and nation in order to garner sympathy from the international community and to be able to portray Turkey as a victim of Islamic Extremist Terrorism.

This desire to portray Turkey as the victim of Islamic State is fallout from the Brexit debacle – Brexit has put an end to the notions of an EU-Turkey visa deal and Erdogan really badly wants that deal to happen. By having ‘IS’ carry out an attack in the heart of Istanbul, Erdogan is sending a message to Europe – ‘look, we are victims of IS too, Istanbul has suffered just as Brussels and Paris have’ but the subtext of that message is ‘IS has attacked Turkey because in their eyes, we are no different to you Europeans’. This is Erdogan hoping to pluck the heartstrings of Europeans and resurrect the EU-Turkey Visa deal.

As for Israel and Netanyahu’s ‘rapprochement’ with Turkey; that’s nothing but bullshit too; Israel and Turkey are close allies, partners in crime, they are ‘as thick as thieves’ as we say in England.

Therefore Netanyahu’s voicing of sympathy has to be seen as a cynical attempt to bolster Erdogan’s scheme to paint Turkey as a victim.



Rapprochement Can Help Joint Fight Against Terror, Israel Tells Turkey

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Tuesday’s terror attack that struck Istanbul, killing 41 people and injuring more than 200, only hours after Israel and Ankara announced a formal diplomatic reconciliation between the two countries.

“Israel condemns the terror attack on Istanbul,” Netanyahu said in a statement, adding: “All the culutured nations must stand together to fight terror.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s President Rivlin told his Turkish counterpart that their countries’ new reconciliation pact will help with joint efforts to combat attacks like the one at Istanbul airport.

In a condolence letter, Rivlin told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Israel is willing to help Turkey to recover from the attack, and to work together to thwart future attacks.

“I take this opportunity to welcome the chance to renew our good relationship especially because our strengthened dialogue will greatly aid in our joint efforts against this threat, and because it sends a strong message to the terrorists that we will stand united against hatred,” Rivlin said in the letter.

Israel and Turkey have agreed to restore full diplomatic relations after six years of animosity between the once-close allies.

Afterwards, Erdogan spoke on the phone with U.S. President Barack Obama, who said he strongly condemned Tuesday’s suicide bomb attack, Turkish presidential sources said.

Obama offered his condolences to the people of Turkey after the attack on Europe’s third-busiest airport, the latest in a series of suicide bombings this year in Turkey. The NATO member forms part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, which is suspected of perpetrating the attack.

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3 Responses to "Rapprochement Can Help Joint Fight Against Terror, Israel Tells Turkey"

  1. ayelyahbenjamin  July 1, 2016 at 3:37 am

    …and how generous and very convenient at this time that “Israel is willing to help Turkey to recover from the attack, and to work together to thwart future attacks”….and that bombing provides that excuse for that nice easy flow-in, flow through “working together” co-operation on that greater Israel project… we know what they want, its all been laid out so we have no reason to be surprised

  2. Alexchubb8  June 30, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    Spot on, Ian. The worst case scenario for EU and even, now, your own country, is Turkey joining, as that would make it that much easier for Erdogan’s sponsoring of terrorism to leak towards you all in Europe. Meanwhile, Erdogan and company are probably guilty of multiple war crimes against humanity and should be treated as such by anyone within the EU and British Parliament.

    It was really was obvious this time.


  3. 3katie3  June 30, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Thank you, Ian. my thought, too.

    and ISIS does seem to be losing, or at least forced to move elsewhere. so why not cast them as the perpetrators.

    but if erdogan thinks another false flag will save him and bring him allies, he’s wrong.

    why do the Turks put up with such a childish liar, he is totally destroying the reputation and standing of Turkey.

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