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Dear False Flaggers: Please do NOT knock down the Eiffel Tower tomorrow!

Consider this article a pre-emptive strike

"ISIS" film provided by Mossad (Rita Kaatz) foreshadows the next big operation

“ISIS” film provided by Mossad (Rita Kaatz) foreshadows the next big operation

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The false flags are coming fast and furious. Orlando, the Jo Cox killing, Dallas … a Ramadan of “ISIS” horrors in Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere … this is getting out of hand!

As a specialist expected to crank out instant high-quality analysis of every major false flag, I’m starting to feel like Charlie Chaplin on the ever-accelerating assembly line.

It’s a thankless, poorly-paid task, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Instead of perpetually playing catch-up like Charlie, maybe it’s time to try to get ahead of the game. Why not try to predict the next big false flag?

On yesterday’s False Flag Weekly News, Christopher Bollyn, Tony Hall and I came up with a brilliant idea: A false-flag futures market. People could buy shares in various future false flag cities, dates, and scenarios.

If a false flag futures market existed, one of my Truth Jihad Radio listeners, Harald Meling, would be buying shares in the Eiffel Tower … and the date 7/10/16, which happens to be tomorrow.

He writes:

Hi Kevin.
I find your articles on false flags  on the money,  and want to send you a prediction on the next one.
There is a game of distraction going on with ever tighter fake events popping up
with different thematics from continent to continent.
Tomorrow Sunday in Paris the final in the European Soccer Tournament will be played.
And we should always try to predict next false flag :
Date  :  10/7/16
Where : Paris
Event :  European Soccer (UEFA) Tournament
Indicators  : 
1.    10+7+16 = 33
2.     Symbol :  Tilted Eiffeltower on the wall at Brussels Airport. 
         ( Dammegård)
3.   The  Eiffeltower happens to be closed  on the evening the final plays for no apparent reason  whatsoever.
Sorry to bring bad news or predictions so early in the morning. Still, have A Good Day!
Harald Meling

The listener refers to Ole Dammegard’s discovery of a photo showing alleged bomb damage from the alleged bombing of the Brussels Airport on March 22nd of this year. (Listen to my interview with Ole describing witnesses to the Brussels “bombing” being at least partly faked with the use of phony noisemaker “bombs” and crisis actors.)

Did the orchestrators of the Brussels deception offer this photo as a hint about their next false flag?

Did the orchestrators of the Brussels deception offer this photo as a hint about their next false flag?

The perpetrators of the Bataclan nightclub massacre in Paris last November 15th told us in no uncertain terms that their next target was the Brussels airport. As i wrote in my VT article “Bloody tracks from Paris to Brussels:

Who smeared a heart shape – in blood – on the floor of the Bataclan?
Who smeared a heart shape -in blood - on the floor of the Bataclan?

Who painted a big, bloody heart on the corpse-strewn floor of the Bataclan theater, and why? Who took the famous picture? Who released it – illegally – to the public? Why hasn’t the owner of that extremely valuable photograph stepped forward to claim it … and to sue me for using it, without anybody’s permission, on the cover of the book ANOTHER French False Flag?

We now have tentative answers to some of these questions.

Did the perpetrators smear a blood heart on the floor of the Bataclan as a sign pointing to their next target: The Brussels airport?

Did the perpetrators smear a blood heart on the floor of the Bataclan as a sign pointing to their next target: The Brussels airport?

The shocking photo of the Bataclan “blood heart” was first broadcast to the world (illegally – the French law forbids the diffusion of such photos) by an Israeli group called United Hatzalah. And by a shocking “coincidence,” a member of the same group is the source of key propaganda videos of passengers trapped in the Brussels airport after the recent bombings, as reported by Panamza.com.

Wherever there is a “radical Muslim terrorist attack,” United Hatzalah is there, pre-placed to take and disseminate propaganda images designed to inflame hatred of Israel’s perceived Muslim enemies.

Did United Hatzalah agent Yaakov Yeret know in advance that there would be a bombing at the Brussels airport? Is that why he was there, set up to film (like the Dancing Israelis on 9/11) with the UH  network standing by, ready to broadcast his videos to the world?

So the tilted sculpture of the Eiffel Tower from the Brussels Airport café could very well be an indication that “ISIS” (Rita Kaatz) is about to do what they keep threatening to do: Knock down the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower is the leading iconic symbol of Paris, a city which itself is the iconic symbol of Enlightenment secularism. The Eiffel Tower is also an icon of modernity, as opposed to (religious) tradition.

So a false flag “radical Muslim” attack on the Eiffel Tower would be a natural symbolic coup for the Zionist “clash of civilizations” team that invented the “war on terror” at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism back in 1979, and provided its official public relations launch with the mega-PR stunts in New York and Washington on September 11th, 2001.

I hope the publication of this article shaves a few points off the Eiffel Tower Attack Options on the False Flag Futures Market.

-Kevin Barrett, July 9th, 2016

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6 Responses to "Dear False Flaggers: Please do NOT knock down the Eiffel Tower tomorrow!"

  1. ayelyahbenjamin  July 9, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Brilliant move guys….. can you imagine how pissed off they would be having set it all up?…like letting the jewel thief down the road planning for the big heist know he’s being watched…abort

  2. Dan Sheppard  July 9, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    Another heads up for a False Flag that could happen one week from now
    “Together reset2016” – 1 Million Christians will meet at the Washington Obelisk in the National Mall, Washington DC – July 16th 2016.
    Guest speaker will be Pope Francis among an assortment of Christian celebrities and musicians.

    • ayelyahbenjamin  July 9, 2016 at 7:01 pm

      all the hallmarks of an up and coming …. the date, the name, the place…the obelisk

  3. ManCavePatriot  July 9, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    You might be able to put together a ‘heads-up’ on false-flag futures by detailed analysis of the January Economist cover. Also, freemasons like to draw ‘guy-lines’ to tie their deeds together. Dallas, I believe, is on or very near the 33rd degree longitude.

  4. Scandinavian  July 9, 2016 at 9:29 am

    They sure need something to continue the roadmap to a new France and this time a revolution free police state.

  5. Trakkath  July 9, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Perhaps they need the steel for building new tanks ?

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