MUST-SEE VIDEOS: The new weapons of war that illustrate the madness of US foreign policy

Why military procurement corruption has made America a former superpower

The viral videos below demonstrate the insanity and futility of America’s military-lead foreign policy; lead by Pentagon ‘little brain’ thinkers and the Kagan mafia (Institute for The Study of War).

Watch the videos showing real or imagined weapons systems in video game simulations, castrate trillion dollar weapons systems and do it ‘on the cheap’. Remember this, America has the worst and most wasteful weapons development and procurement system on the planet – new superships don’t work (USS Zumwalt), the new planes are a joke – the F-35 carries no weapons payload and the F-22 kills it’s pilots while sixth generation Russian, Indian and Chinese fighters at half the price will be deployed by 2020. The Sukhoi PAK FA T-50, easily an equal to the F-22 and vastly superior to the F-35 will be in common export distribution by 2018. Then again, two minor facts:

  • A Russian Iskander-M cruise missile can destroy a Patriot battery with impunity and do so at very long range
  • Inexpensive hypersonic anti-ship missiles exist and are deployed – this is why the majority of US carrier battle groups are either mothballed or sail out of harm’s way.

Don’t forget that everything you see here will eventually be part of the arsenals of countries like Venezuela and Cuba as Russia will export these weapons all over the globe. Time to realise that the days of the US as a superpower able to bully the rest of the world are over.

Russia and China don’t even need to deploy these weapons themselves – by selling these weapons to the world they are making sure that the US cannot continue it’s current aggressive policies; there can be no more invasions of Iraq without tens of thousands of US sailors meeting a watery end while Trillions of dollars of US warships litter the seabed in a 21st century recreation of Iron Bottom Sound.

This is China and Russia’s answer to America’s surrogate terrorist armies – IS and Al-Nusra and their war on the cheap against Syria and other targeted states too numerous to mention.

This is the analysis the Pentagon should be reading, this is the analysis that Breedlove and the Potomac Institute don’t want you to see, this is what Israel knows and why they are cosying up to Russia, this is why Erdogan has arrested the pilots that shot down the Su-24 and doubtless will present Putin with their genitals on a silver platter.

9-11 was a watershed, Bush cleaned out the Pentagon the way Erdogan is purging his own military; when Bush replaced the thinkers, the planners and the warriors with his own version of ‘true believers’ – the fat-ass bible thumpers, the process began; the war in Iraq lost; the war in Afghanistan lost; America’s military gutted, privatised, worn down, it’s equipment depleted, crippled to where putting a dozen planes over Syria and Iraq or deploying 500 men now strains operational capabilities. A show of power for America now is busing a few hundred troops to Latvia to march around in the woods or sneaking ship loads of advanced weapons to terrorists who have now turned them on Americans as we see with the three special forces killed in Manjib by a US-supplied TOW missile.

There is a more serious problem, we re-iterate, and that’s the bullshit factor – VT are the last remaining experts, our analysis, this analysis, will go unchallenged; keeping this from the service academies, from the War College, from the fat-ass bible-thumping Pentagon and it’s ‘perfumed princes’ (quoting VT co-founder Colonel David Hackworth).

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6 Responses to "MUST-SEE VIDEOS: The new weapons of war that illustrate the madness of US foreign policy"

  1. Ian Greenhalgh  July 21, 2016 at 1:28 am

    What’s with the David Icke reptilian nonsense? Don’t waste people’s time with such things.

  2. Simpsons Donkey  July 20, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    Discussions pretending to show a future after a nuclear exchange are ridiculous. There will be nowhere left unpoisoned, and no working civilisation anywhere. Do you think the Trobriand Islands, or Palau, will be left untouched? No. My home town Perth, in remote Western australia, hosts a nuclear submarine base where nukes are kept. After our Pine Gap is used in Amerika’s Armageddon, this will be targeted. Perth will be a hole in the earth’s crust.
    The NWO will not have anywhere to run, and partisans WILL kill them, their families, torch their remaining domains and rub out their gene pool. These people are criminally INSANE.

  3. Leno  July 20, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    If all the proposed animated weaponry is as good as the F-35, the world will have nothing to fear.

  4. nawlins  July 20, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Amelius, Actually it’s Patagonia.

    DGSE, Eisenhower did the same thing, except he knew how bad they were. He couldn’t stop them while President, so he made a show of not having anything to do with them and played golf all the time. He was sending a quiet clever message that almost no one got… “I’m not really in charge, so why bother”

  5. Edward Dodge  July 20, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Couldn’t a shipboard laser hit that DF-21 missile? ascertain it’s flight path, turn on the laser until the missile traverses. Mach 10 can’t beat the speed of light.

  6. Garry Compton  July 20, 2016 at 10:48 am

    Col. Hackworth – Haven’t heard that Man’s name enough. There is only “Honor amongst the Honorable “- and there aren’t many left. There’s always room here in Crimea for the VT gang – if ya’ll have to take on the Lamb — Pres. Putin wouldn’t – most likely mind ! Spacibo

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