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EXCLUSIVE: Syrian statement on Deir-Ezzur Massacre

...for those who have ears to hear, and hearts to care.


سبق ونبهتكم أيها القادة الأمريكان السفلة وعديمي الضمير والوجدان والأخلاق لأن كل من يدعم داعش والنصرة والعصابات الإرهابية المسلحة المتوحشة هو عدو لدود للانسانية جمعاء بشكل عام وللذات الإلهية الطاهرة بشكل خاص …. وتمننيت عليكم عبر أثير إذاعة الفيتران توداي عبر مقابلة إذاعية بثت مباشرة مع الصحفي الصديق مايك هاريس وبمساعدة الممثلة الإقليمية للفيتران توداي السيدة ناهد الحسيني بأن تحذروا لعنة الأرض السورية …. تلك الأرض المقدسة التي احتباها الله ليكون مركز الكون في بقعة منها (تدعى تل كوكب 10 كلم جنوب دمشق)حيث هبط السيد المسيح بعمود من النور من السماء إلى الأرض ليمنع القاتل شاوول من ممارسة اول إرهاب ديني عرفته البشرية حيث كان شاوول قادما من فلسطين لقتل من اعتنق المسيحية في دمشق وحواليها وحوله بعد أن هداه إلى القديس بولس الذي نشر دين المحبة والسلام دين السيد المسيح عليه السلام في أصقاع الكون …. واخبرتكم أثناء المقابلة بأن الرسول الأكرم محمد عليه الصلاة والسلام يقول: ( رأيت في منامي أن عمود الكتاب حمل من تحت رأسي ، فأتبعته بصرى ، فاذا هو كالعمود من النور يعمد به إلى الشأم ، ألا وإنّ الإيمان إذا وقعت الفتن، بالشأم) ثلاث مرّات “. وهذا العمود من النور هو الذي يمنع هبوط السماء على الأرض ونهاية الحياة والعودة إلى نقطة البدء عندما كانت الأرض والسماء رتقا …….
ما حدث اليوم من تفجيرات وحرق وقتل في مدنكم وولاياتكم وتكرار هذه المتلازمة لعدة مرات بحيث في كل مرة تقتلون السوريون الأبرياء وتدنسون أرضها الطاهرة بشظايا الموت من قنابلكم القذرة قذارة نفوسكم ونهجكم الصهيوني يعاقبكم الرب في عليائها بحوادث تفجير واضطرابات تؤدي بحياة مواطنيكم وممتلكاتكم لأن الله سيحرس هذه الأرض الطيبة المعمدة بدماء شهدائها وجرحاها القديسين….. ما حدث في مدنكم اليوم غيض من فيض مما ستعاقب كم به الرب والقادم أعظم…. هبوا أيها الشرفاء في امريكا بمظاهرات مليونية لإيقاف قادتكم الصهاينة الاوباش من اللعب مع الله والقدر على أرضه المقدسة سورية حفاظا على ابنائكم ومستقبلهم ولتتاكدوا من كلامي افتحوا الإنجيل واقرأوا بماذا أومر شاوول من الرب عندما قال له (اذهب الى سورية ) . نحن الشعب السوري الحضاري نحبكم أيها الأمريكيين ونقدر عاليا مساهمتكم في التطور العلمي والتقني والحضاري الإنساني ونتمنى لكم ولغيركم من شعوب الأرض الخير والمحبة لأننا أحفاد هاني بعل الذي نحت على الحجر منذ خمسة آلاف عام قبل الميلاد :
اكسر سيفك أيها السوري
وخذ معولك وتعال نزرع كبد الأرض قمحا
ومحبة لأن سورية مركز الكون.
قفوا معنا وساعدونا في معركتنا للقضاء على هذا الإرهاب التكفيري المتوحش العابر للقارات نيابة عن البشرية جمعاء.
د.بسام حبيب بركاتخ


The VT A-Team at the Damascus anti-terorism conference, Dec. 2014, Col. Hanke 3rd from R - photo Jim W. Dean archives

The VT A-Team at the Damascus anti-terrorism conference, Dec. 2014, Col. Hanke 3rd from R, Dr. Barakat (R) – photo: Jim W. Dean archives


We can't even count the massacres now

We can’t even count the massacres now

[ Editor’s Note: Yes this is a letter from an angry man, but a tempered one as the anger has no hate for those who have been duped, only for those who do the killing, and all those who support them, in every way.

We here at VT have had a front row seat on the “numbing of America”, on how the country’s desire and will to resist evil, “foreign and domestic”, has diminished over the years into a task that is always someone else’s job to do. But when the scourge comes to their front door, their call for help goes out to anyone anywhere…”Help me, Save me.”

The Syrian Army has taken large casualties. Although the numbers are never published, they are worse that our own WWII casualties as a percentage of our respective populations. America’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon. VT can guarantee you that; and way too few give a hoot about it. I am not including VT readers, as they are cut from different cloth.

But when is the last time you heard of a Syrian retribution bombing here in the US, or even one killing to make America bleed, to get some attention for the US bloody regime change jihad in Syria? How many Syrian army veterans are held in our jails who were caught trying to infiltrate to commit revenge attacks here?

The  answer is none. These are a people different than we are, better in some ways. They deserve some moral support from the American people and our institutions, but don’t get it. The shame is on us, particularly now with the recent slaughter in Deir Ezzur, after the Syrians and Russians have been asking the US for a long time to jointly coordinate air strikes. 

Our Pentagon has steadfastly been against doing that, while knowing that the cost of that decision will be innocents killed…but they don’t care. They will get their paychecks on Friday anyway, and they never bounce. They think they can cover their behinds with “Doo doo happens”.

They don’t feel they are responsible, or can be held responsible…but they are responsible, because this was a totally avoidable event. We know it, and they know it. It is time to make those guilty payJim W. Dean ]



                                             Statement of Dr. Bassam Barakat, Damascus


Dr. Barakat

Dr. Bassam Barakat

I already warned you, the leaders of the Americans! You are completely lacking in moral fibre and bereft of a conscience.

Because those who support ISIS and champion the gangs of armed terrorist monsters are the enemies of mankind in general and Divinity in particular…. I warned you of the curse of Syrian territory through a radio interview broadcast directly with our journalist friend Mike Harris and with the help of the regional representative of the Veterans Today, Mrs. Nahed Al-Husseini ….

Make note that the holy land which is cherished by God as the center of the universe in a spot called Tellet Kawkabeh (10 km south of Damascus) where Jesus Christ fell to earth as a column of light to prevent the murderer Shaoul from practising the first religious terrorism known to mankind is Syria.

Shaoul came from Palestine to kill those who had converted to Christianity in Damascus was reborn as St. Paul who spread the message of Love and Peace and the teachings of Jesus Christ all over the world.

Prophet Mohammed says: I saw in my dream that the column of the book was carried from under my head and followed by my side. And when I saw it, it was light a column of light going to Damascus.

Sedition will be in Damascus. Sedition will be in Damascus. Sedition will be in Damascus.

The column of light prevents the sky falling to ground and bringing about the end of days.

All the explosions, the mass killings, the chaos and suffering throughout America’s cities is retribution for the desecration of Holy Syria. America’s dirty bombs, the poison gas, the spread of disease, hate and suffering, as a manifestation of Zionist will, will bring down God’s wrath.

God will watch over the lands of the martyrs and saints. What happened today, what has happened, what will continue to happen unabated is but the tip of the iceberg. We the suffering humanity of Syria call upon the American people to rise against their masters, the criminals, the Zionists, the thieves and the unclean haters of God, those who deny destiny, those who place themselves among the elect of heaven.

Open your Bible, read what Shaoul was ordered to do, what God willed. Shaoul was sent to Syria.

We the Syria people are civilised. We appreciate America’s contribution to collective humanity, to science, to technical achievement, to the collective good works of mankind.

However, as we are the ancestor of Hani Baal who carved The Stone 5000 years before the birth of Christ…

Break your sword, Syrian

And take the hilt to cultivate the fields of wheat and love as Syria is the Center of the Universe

Stand with us

Help us eliminate the barbarism of global terrorism on behalf of all mankind

Dr. Bassam


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8 Responses to "EXCLUSIVE: Syrian statement on Deir-Ezzur Massacre"

  1. guitargirl  September 19, 2016 at 7:27 am

    This treasonous attack on the Syrian troops has shaken me to the core. It is so hard not to hate.

    My condolences to Dr. Bassam, the families of the Syrian troops and the Syrian people in general.


  2. Zina Ciceklic  September 19, 2016 at 6:35 am

    Eh, my man, inviting Americans to help you is a big illusion, Americans live in their matrix in which they are enlightened by God that keeps America, and everyone else’s fault they can. Since the beginning of America’s permanent 93 percent of the time throughout its origin, they are criminals of humanity, who have killed hundreds of millions of people in its origin, which originated in the genocide of indigenous peoples Indians who destroyed and took their land. Only since WWII. War to the present day, the US killed 50 million people. Who are you talking to man to help themselves out of their biggest criminals in the existence of mankind ever.

  3. Altimometer  September 19, 2016 at 6:25 am

    There exists a very large percentage of my community who knows it’s us killing ourselves by allowing the belly crawlers to exist absolutely unabated. This is observed by any one conversed with, and the consensus that the boot on our necks isn’t going away by sitting on our hands with our heads up our wazoos. Time has long past to become loud, always non violent, as they are. A former CBS exec. involved with production of sitcoms stated they knew life as we knew it was going to change with the murder of JFK, in an interview years after the fact.

  4. ayelyahbenjamin  September 18, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    I stand with you Dr Bassam….if you can hear a heart tearing, its mine

  5. Foci  September 18, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    “Because those who support ISIS and champion the gangs of armed terrorist monsters are the enemies of mankind in general and Divinity in particular…. ”

    So that would be Obama and Hillary. Pull that D lever when you vote all the way down. What ever you do don’t vote for Trump who is against “Nation building” and Nation Toppling too. Be a good “Murican and vote for Hillary.

  6. davor  September 18, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    What I believe that the martyrdom at Deir ez-Zor will do is change the worldwide false narrative for generations to come. It already has changed it, and the biggest evidence is that so many US nationwide false isil attacks are desperately launched all in favor of silencing what happened at Deir ez-Zor. To honor Syrian men who lost their lives, I salute them for what their martyrdom has achieved. Samantha Power had to pull out her finest clothes, a Meryl Streep performance, but irreversibly failed, just as did the diabolical US-UK century long false middle-east narrative.

  7. davor  September 18, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    Righteous proposal. Also Mrs. Husseini’s reports are finest online reads on Syria’s situation. The trouble is these leaders of Americans mr.Barakat speaks of couldn’t care less about religious prophecies. To them it is a game. Jesus said: obey the pharisees but do not act as they do. So the game was played and won yesterday by the Russians at the UNSC where pharisees have had a bath in their own vomit, and as ms Zakharova spoke inviting mrs Power to mutual pilgrimage to Deir Ez Zor to breathe US embarrassment.

  8. Zaguero  September 18, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Well, that’s a clarion call if I ever heard one. This man doesn’t beat around the bush, does he?

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