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Militants surrender Wadi Barada water supply area to Syrian Army

Damascus had to make this deal, as with others, to be able to secure the water source and shift the troops to new fronts

… from Southfront

The days of mass executions of Syrian PoWs is coming to an end

[ Editor’s Note: The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is continuing its successful formula of pushing the jihadis out of threatening range of Damascus. This current group along the Wadi Barata river made a bad move when it poisoned the Damascus water supply, which forced the taking of their long held positions there.

You will see in the first video that the SAA holds the heights and has good observation on the enemy, limiting their ability to resupply or maneuver. Their radio traffic gives away their locations so the artillery can zero in on them, or use plane strikes if a larger target.

Assad would rather negotiate to have them take amnesties and move to Idlib, as that reduces the enemy fighting power, and avoids having to reduce these outlying Syrian towns to rubble, and more Army loses, which are becoming a thing of the past, including the mass executions of surrendered troops.

Assad, and the Russians know how critical that winning momentum is to obtaining a final ending to the major fighting. I qualify that, as I fear the losers will fall back to a guerrilla and suicide bombing campaign as a way of continued tormenting of the Syrian people.

There will also be a growing number of Western victims, as these angry losing jihadi fighters filter back into their home countries, where incredibly way too many can just walk through borders using their own passports, or smuggle themselves in via the many routes, like the ferries, with counterfeit passports. The Israelis might even give them a free passport.

If the opposition groups want to drag out the negotiation process, they will find themselves holding less and less territory, and seeing more and more Syrians returning to their homes, ending any fantasies the opposition may have of any political supremacy in the countryJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  January 07,  2017

The Syrian government and militant groups operating in the Wadi Barada area have reached a reconciliation agreement. The agreement was brokered by a delegation of Russian officers that had arrived the area.

According to the agreement:

  • Militant groups have to hand over light, medium and heavy weapons to the Syrian army;
  • All foreign militants have to withdraw from Wadi Barada. The can move to Idlib with light weapons;
  • Local members of militant groups can stay in Wadi Barada or move to Idlib;
  • Local members of militant groups that choose to stay in Wadi Barada will be pardoned by the government;
  • The Syrian army will enter villages in the Wadi Barada area and will set up checkpoints there.

Last night the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) made a major advance in Wadi Barada capturing Dahret al-Nhaylah which overlooks Kafr al-Awamid. This and participation of the Russian military delegation in the negotiations were key facts that pushed the so-called “opposition” to accept the terms of the agreement.



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2 Responses to "Militants surrender Wadi Barada water supply area to Syrian Army"

  1. roger  January 7, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Make an ADN test of each one so, they don’t come back ,If they return as a militant they would have a different treatment.

  2. JohnZ  January 7, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Hanoi John must be nearing a brain embolism over all the losses his pet head choppers have suffered.
    Maybe one more push and it’ll be all over for old Songbird.

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