Trump: The “Madman Theory” President?

British parliamentary rules prevent lunatics from speaking

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The “madman theory” is not just a theory any more. It’s fact.

Circa 1970, Kissinger pretended that he had to report to a madman in the White House — Richard M. Nixon. Henry the K tried to convince the Vietnamese, and anybody else who would listen, that Nixon was completely out of his mind and might just drop nuclear weapons on Hanoi. The purpose: Convince Hanoi to cave in and surrender.

It didn’t work. Why not? Maybe Nixon didn’t quite look crazy enough.

The problem is, he isn’t faking it

That’s not a problem Donald Trump will ever have. If Trump isn’t the perfect example of a psycho — a walking talking embodiment of ultra-narcissistic sociopathy — we are going to have to go back and revise all of our diagnostic manuals.

But will the world’s fear of “Madman Trump” lead every one of the world’s 196 nations to surrender to the USA and allow its psychotic leader to don the purple robes and anoint himself World Emperor? As the British Parliament just said in response to Trump’s request to speak there: “Not bloody likely.”

The problem, as neocon creep David Scum, I mean, Frum, recently said, is that Trump just isn’t strategic. That comes with the territory of actually being insane, as opposed to feigning insanity.

We do have a procedure in place for cases in which the president goes insane.

Of course, it is anybody’s guess whether a sane Mike Pence would be any better than a crazy Donald Trump.



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2 Responses to "Trump: The “Madman Theory” President?"

  1. Peter Johnson  February 8, 2017 at 1:25 am

    They generally take little longer than Trump before they are judged insane ir otherwise unsuitable. There are established procedures for switching them off when this occurs.
    They can be bumped off like Kennedy, Impeached like Nixon, castrated by an artificially prolonged crisis like Carter, medicated like Reagan, discredited like Clinton, or boozed and coked up like Bush2.

    I suspect that Pence will be the de facto president and Trump will just be a distraction — much like Bush the Lesser and Cheney, or Reagan and Bush the Elder.

  2. Kevin Barrett  February 7, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    So you are saying Trump is “crazy like a fox.” What actual evidence can you point to – appointments, position papers, advisors with track records, etc.? I don’t see any of that. He’s surrounded by the worst of the worst, with few exceptions. Not one person close to Trump has the slightest interest in truth and justice.

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