The Jacksonian Era and the Trumpian Interlude!

He’s seen trouble all his born days. But like Donald Trump, he was a man of destiny.

by Speer-Williams – [email protected]


There was a fire burning in his gut, but his life force seemed frozen. He sat alone in the darkened bedroom of his Tennessee home, staring at the fireplace, trying to thaw his soul.

With eyes that were moist and red, he continued to brood – how could he possibly go forward in life, even through he was America’s newly elected president-elect?

What are all the honors of the world to me, now that she’s gone?

He was sure the slander, lies, and abuse heaped upon him and his wife, Rachel, by the ever banker’s press, all through his presidential campaign, had killed the being he loved above all others.

Mental images of her beautiful, but lifeless face gnawed at him day and night. Again, and again, he thought of digging up her casket … just to see her one more time.

The Banker’s press had publicly called Mrs. Jackson a bigamist, with implications of worse accusations. In the private quarters of the power elite she was surely called a whore.

The old man wanted to fight them, but how could he fight the loss of the most important being in his life?

No longer could he and his Rachel smoke their tobacco pipes in front of a cheery fire on cold Tennessee evenings.

Yes, the great leader of men had often overcome staggering odds, but to lose her was just too much.

Did he really want to live in the White House, with his vale of tears, with no Rachel at his side? Could he do it even if he wanted to?

Night after long night, he asked himself the same question …

Could I do it even if I wanted to?

Slowly out of his deep despondency, the intrepid old man grew angry.

The fire in front of him had grown cold, but the flame left in his heart had grown hot. He bolted out of his chair and shouted to no one but himself …

Damn right I can do it. They’ll pay. By thunder, they’ll pay.

This enraged old man, body broken by age, war, and duals, carrying a broken heart, paused and decided he would become the first American president ever to defeat the tribe of international bankers. And he did just that. The only American head-of-state, through our disappointing decades, to ever do so.

The foreign International Bankers had destroyed his Rachel. They had long controlled Europe and had massacred France, but President Andrew Jackson would not let them shatter the United States of America.

One hundred and twenty years before there was a President Donald Trump, there was a President Andrew Jackson.

Both presidents suffered epoch-making, biased, and withering attacks from the banker-owned US press throughout their public lives.

Andrew Jackson, because he was a well-known and announced enemy of the criminal banking cartel.

Donald Trump because he was an unpredictable outlier from those  bought-and-paid-for career lackeys, politicians and bureaucrats within the DC beltway.

Jackson pledged to kill the central banks within the United States. Mr. Trump promised to make America great again (that was the last thing the International Banking Cartel would allow).

Despite the unprecedented media attacks each man received during their campaigns and terms of office, both men were elected as American presidents by populist majorities – the majorities of ordinary men and women.

Populism would seem to be the hallmark, the most distinguishing feature of democracy. But not so to the banker’s liberal press, who has labeled populists as racists, fascists, homophobes, Nazis, xenophobes, nationalists, isolationists, haters, and deplorables.

Andrew Jackson kept his pledge by accomplishing the near impossible; he threw the European bankers out of our country and reduced the US national debt to a celebrated zero.

Will President Donald Trump make America great again, as he has so often promised?


Mr. Trump will not be allowed to stay in the Oval Office long enough to accomplish anything much – either good or bad.

The International Banking Cartel will turn their seventeen American intelligence agencies (with the National Security Agency being at the core of that soulless behemoth, with their undisclosed hundred billion dollar annual budgets) and their six major broadcast networks (with 24/7 television) all allied against President Trump until he is impeached and convicted by the banker’s blackmailed stooges in Congress.

Even former US Representative, Dennis Kucinich has recently stated, “Whether you are for Trump or against Trump, the White House is under attack from elements inside the intelligence community … Wake up America”

Every tempest in a teapot the US intelligence agencies uncover in President Trump’s administration, going forward, will be blown into raging cyclones by the bankers media. *

*President Obama and his eight-year administration were a gold mine of potential scandals – all ignored by the banker’s intelligence services and their major media. After all, Obama was the perfect puppet president for the foreign bankers.

The hoped for Trumpian Era will never become more than a brief breathing space – the Trumpian Interlude.

Trump was born on first base, but made it to home plate on his own steam. That steam, however, will give out before his first four-year term as president expires.

Jackson was born in a log cabin, shortly after his father died in a work accident and was orphaned when his mother died in Andrew’s early teens.

And yet, Andrew Jackson became one of the richest men in Tennessee, defeated the army that had earlier defeated Napoleon, accomplished the near impossible by killing the central bank in America, and thus fulfilled his destiny.

The Jacksonian Era is thought to have lasted for about two decades. But Andrew Jackson’s influence on America has endured unto this day, the Era of the Common Man.

Godspeed, Mr. Jackson; and may God bless you, Mr. Trump, for trying to help us all.

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3 Responses to "The Jacksonian Era and the Trumpian Interlude!"

  1. MileHighLife  February 17, 2017 at 6:51 am

    I held a ray of hope through around the first half of Jacks article, and wondered “how on earth did this piece get green-lighted by VT editors?”

    Then, this…

    “Will President Donald Trump make America great again, as he has so often promised?


    It fit the agenda.

    • MileHighLife  February 18, 2017 at 3:17 pm

      Just to add — I wrote that post in haste and don’t wish to leave the impression that I was bangin’ on JSW’s article….quite the opposite.

      No doubt JSWs’ contributions add much to VT with his various, historical pieces on Americana and its tumultuous history. JSW’s own personal history is one of interest. I encourage those not familiar to read his bio and works on his challenging youth, Hollywood accomplishments, and other experiences that shaped who he is today.

      Always nice to know where someone sits before they tell you where they stand. I won’t pretend to know anything about anyone via Wiki, but…JSW seems a sincere humanitarian — and for that, I thank him!

  2. ayelyahbenjamin  February 16, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    whats new…”before Trump there was someone who placed on his face a cover of hypocrisy- in that he speaks nice words to you, congratulates you on EID holidays, but what else does he do? He places sanctions on you and he launches war on you throughout the world and he kills thousands of civilians with his airstrikes and he supports and embroils himself in wars like the Yemen war ….Now what is new, which is a good thing, is that someone came and put hypocrisy aside and for this reason Imam Ali Khamenei said that we must thank Trump – because he revealed the true face of the US Administration ..which is racist, ugly, criminal, murderous which spills blood, confiscates freedom, steals the wealth of other nations and plots against the oppressed nations of the world.
    Thank you, we are not upset we are thankful to Trump…because from the moment he came, this is the reality of the US Administration, so that nations, who had begun to get lost, misled and confused once again, could see….as for the idea we have fear, this issue ended a long time ago…
    Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

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