Suicide Bombers Attack Military Facilities in Syrian Homs: More Than 15 Killed

As the Jihadis continue to lose, they will unleash a sustained bombing terror war. Will this finally provoke world retaliation against those countries supporting proxy terrorism?

… from Sputnik News, Moscow

This is some of the early work of the US-backed “moderate” opposition to Syria

[ Editor’s Note: We are seeing a pattern emerge. As the jihadis are losing their territorial bases, the planes and helicopters fly in to extract the terrorist leaders plus the Western and Gulf Intel headquarters staff and sometimes key lieutenants, to have staff to build and retrain new terror recruits. The rest are left as rear guard die-hards, or used in the subsequent guerrilla war bombing campaign, which can go on indefinitely.

While initially targeted on the current front line Mideast countries, this “pay ’em back by blowing them up” jihad can easily spread to the West and the Gulf.

All it takes is either recruiting clean people with no internet radicalism history, or using “other” intel operatives to do non-suicide bombings, with clues left to place the blame on jihadis. I can think of a half dozen tier-one national Intel agencies who could arrange such a campaign with ease, knowing quite well how to hide any trail back to themselves.

You will notice that the Russians came out again last week publishing the number of Russian and former Soviet state jihadis they have in their database of fighting in Iraq or Syria. One of the benefits of incurring the cost of the Syrian War was stated in Putin’s explanation that it would be easier and better to kill as many of these native jihadis on the battlefield, where military power could be fully deployed to do it, versus the more difficult route of dealing with them once they came home.

The Russians are also killing British, French and other European jihadis on their own nickel, without so much as a thank you from those countries that even allow jihadis to return home, where they are then “watched”. Can you imagine all the murderers in prison who feel unfairly treated that they weren’t given this opportunity to be “watched”, often while on public assistance? You just can’t make this stuff upJim W. Dean ]

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Will Syria remain on the cross, even after “peace” is declared?

– First published … February 25, 2017

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up near military facilities in the Syrian city of Homs with over 35 people dead and multiple injured, RIA Novosti source reported from the scene.

The head of the military security department in the Syrian province of Homs is reported dead as a result of the attack.

General Hassan Daabul

“The number of casualties has reached 35 people, dozens injured. More than six suicide bombers blew themselves up near only two objects belonging to the security forces. General Hassan Daabul, the head of the military security department for the province of Homs is among the dead,” the source told the agency.

​”From what is known so far, two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the city of Homs. One — near the building of the state security department, the second — near the department of military intelligence. It is impossible to say exactly how many people were killed or wounded at the moment” the source told the agency.

“According to preliminary data, more than 15 people were killed near the [bombed] military intelligence department building, there are multiple wounded. We do not know about [a number of] casualties near the building of the state security department yet,” the source said.

The al-Nusra Front terror group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, Libyan TV channel Al Mayadeen reported. Talal Barazi, governor of the Homs Province confirmed that 32 have been killed and 24 injured as a result of terrorist attacks.

“The two terrorist attacks have claimed lives of 32 people and injured 24 others,” Barazi said as quoted by the Syrian national TV channel.

Talal Barazi, governor of the Homs Province – Jim Dean Archives, June, 2014, on election day


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  1. JohnZ  February 26, 2017 at 7:34 am

    I was listening to one of David Swanson’s shows where he had on a young woman and the conversation got around to Syria and out of the mouth of this girl was here belief that Putin had committed war crimes in Allepo.
    I nearly spit out my breakfast.
    The idiot liberal morons who so religiously supported Obama and yet deny that he was directly responsible for the wars in Syria, Ukraine and Libya.They simply will not acknowledge Obama’s duplicitous crimes in the middle east and Ukraine, instead they choose to believe the zionist media.
    The situation in Syria is worsening by the hour with no hope of any kind of truce or cease fire. The west does not want peace in the middle east. America and israel together have committed more crimes against humanity than all previous wars put together.
    One nation under god…….my ass!

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