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Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams are ideologically working for the Israeli regime

If Spielberg is prepared to "die for Israel," then he is prepared to give Israel a license to liquidate Palestinian men, women and children in the name of self-defense. The old boring argument is that “Hamas started it, and Israel responded in self-defense.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Steven Spielberg is an interesting fellow. When his movie Munich came out, critics began to say that Spielberg was no friend of Israel. But those critics didn’t realize that Spielberg had been a flaming Zionist since his youth. When he was asked the question, “How would you describe your attitude to Israel?,” Spielberg responded:

“From the day I started to think politically and to develop my own moral values, from my earliest youth, I have been an ardent defender of Israel. As a Jew I am aware of how important the existence of Israel is for the survival of us all.

“And because I am proud of being Jewish, I am worried by the growing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the world. In my film I ask questions about America’s war on terror and about Israel’s responses to Palestinian attacks. If it became necessary, I would be prepared to die for the USA and for Israel.”[1]

Spielberg also declared then, “I am an American Jew and aware of the sensitivities involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”[2]

As a Hollywood mogul, Spielberg had to come to grips with the Israel/Palestine conflict, and he eventually found it more comfortable to side with Israel’s perpetual wars. “In 2007 the Arab League voted to boycott Spielberg’s movies after he donated $1 million for relief efforts in Israel during the 2006 Lebanon War.”

The logic is pretty clear here: if Spielberg is prepared to die for Israel, then he is prepared to give Israel a license to liquidate Palestinian men, women and children in the name of self-defense. The old boring argument is that “Hamas started it, and Israel responded in self-defense.” As Netanyahu himself has perpetuated, “Israel hasn’t targeted a single Palestinian.”

Obviously the mad man in Tel Aviv is out of touch with reality and has completely denied the facts on the ground. As Israeli scholar Avner Cohen put it, “Hamas, to my regret, is Israel’s creation.”[3] In other words, If Hamas didn’t exist, Israel would have invented it. How else would they continue to have what Israeli historian Ilan Pappe calls an open-air prison in Gaza? How else would they justify torturing children by keeping them in “outdoor cages during winter”?[4]

Steven Spielberg cannot say that he is not aware of all those incontrovertible facts. He cannot say that he is not aware of real extremism in Israel.[5] But he will never produce a video that would expose the genocidal crime of the Israeli regime because, well, he would “die for Israel.”

What has Spielberg been up to lately?

He and J. J. Abrams are working on a movie about the Syrian refugees in Europe, most specifically in Sweden.

As far as we know, Spielberg is planning to sympathize with the refugees. But that does not mean that Spielberg and Abrams will address the fundamental issue, namely, the state of Israel is largely responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe and elsewhere precisely because they launched an essentially diabolical confrontation with the Assad government in the first place. Spielberg and Abrams must also know that the Israeli government largely created chaos in the region and has been supporting even ISIS.[6]

You see, Spielberg and Abrams will never address these issues because that would ruin Israel’s Zionist project in the Middle East. Spielberg and Abrams will pretend to care about the suffering of Syrians fleeing war zones in Syria, but they will never care about precious Palestinians who are being placed in concentration camps in Gaza.

Shame on Spielberg and Abrams.

[1] SPIEGEL Interview with Steven Spielberg: ‘I Would Die For Israel,’” Spiegel, January 26, 2006.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Quoted in Andrew Higgins, “How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas,” Wall Street Journal, January 24, 2009.

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[5] See for example Isabel Kershner, “Israel Continues to Crackdown on Jewish Extremist Network,” NY Times, August 9, 2015; “Jewish extremists torch Palestinian homes, killing toddler, authorities say,” Washington Post, July 31, 2015; “Palestinian shot by Israeli troops during protest dies,” Washington Post, August 1, 2015; “Israeli leaders propose harsh new measures to fight ‘Jewish terrorism,’” Washington Post, August 2, 2015; “ “Israel Church Set Ablaze in Possible Jewish Extremist Attack,” NY Times, June 18, 2015.

[6] Johnlee Varghese, “UN Report: Israel in Regular Contact with Syrian Rebels including ISIS,” International Business Times, December 7, 2014; see also “Syrian in Israeli hospital: ‘Most fighters know they will get good care here,’” Jerusalem Post, September 15, 2013; Elhanan Miller, “Syrian rebel commander says he collaborated with Israel,” Times of Israel, August 13, 2014.

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8 Responses to "Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams are ideologically working for the Israeli regime"

  1. davor  March 11, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    I still believe there is hope for Spielberg. In Munich I think he did a good job of explaining the inevitable tragic and paranoid outcome of applying the Old Testament “eye for an eye” principle. Probably that’s why Wikipedia calls the movie controversial. Also it is the same principle why USA doesn’t apologize for its victims (which makes it an anti-Christian nation). Once you murder you are no longer Jew, or a Muslim or a Christian, or Israeli or an American, you are a gangster criminal and you enter another world with its own set of rules, or without rules. The allegiance becomes very loose, and in the end you are left with your family as your only allegiance, not your country nor your agency.

  2. JohnZ  March 11, 2017 at 4:43 am

    Spielberg’s head is filled with zionist ideology as it literally pours out of him. Completely wrong on all accounts as the true threat to world peace is in fact the continued existence of isreal.
    Ignoring the truth is a dangerous path.

  3. Mr. Jang  March 11, 2017 at 1:03 am

    now that right there’s a pair of wrong ‘uns if ever there were.

  4. seafrog  March 10, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    You do know that the books “Hitler burned” were pornography and other assorted filth – correct? It wasn’t like he was burning fine works of art and literature…

    • JohnZ  March 11, 2017 at 4:39 am

      As if the juze were ever capable of fine art and literature. Even Freud has been discredited.

  5. ksp  March 10, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    ” of how important the existence of Israel is for the survival of us all.” ???

  6. wjabbe  March 10, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    It’s the same old story: A relatively small subset of the whole set, by their unconscionable and often evil actions, make the whole group look bad. This is a many faceted problem. The tax laws once upon a time taxed the rich and high rates while we had little debt; today the rich are so rich they buy the government while the debt is unsustainable. The second facet is all religious institutions must be taxed just like everyone else. This would end the government subsidy of these powerful lobbies who corruptly use power to buy our government. Third, the morality code was reduced to zero also by undue influence by these mega rich people whose God is MONEY and POWER. Disconnect your TV from the cable and place it in the nearest dumpster. Never pay money again to watch violence and sex garbage to enrich this group which seeks destruction of the only country in the world which made them so wealthy. They don’t love America. No one can serve two masters. All dual citizenships must be ended. Americans must wake up or soon they will have no country left. Boycott is a very powerful force. It is perfectly legal and moral. Just say NO to the Hollywood Perverts. The same group tried to steal Henry Ford’s great company he worked for all his life. That is why he published the Protocols which were documented by historical experts. Their answer was the same as Hitler: Burn the books. Book and thought censorship is a return to the dark ages; just say NO.

  7. Trakkath  March 10, 2017 at 11:36 am

    And they all work for whom in the background ?

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