HTS-Jihadi attack on Qamhana failed in nortern Hama


… from Southfront

On March 26, members of the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) terrorist organization launched a new attack on the loyalist stronghold of Qamhana in Northern Hama trying to capture it for the second time after their first assault resulted in a failure.

Unfortunately for terrorists, the second assault failed again resulting in no gains as predicted by SouthFront earlier. There are 1,000 Tiger fighters from the town’s local population defending the home city.

Violent clashes continue in Breidij, al-Mugheer, Kafr Nabbudah front, al-Bana, and Tal al-Sakura villages where units from the Syrian Armed Forces supported by local fighters are repelling several waves of assaults by HTS-led forces.

The Syrian Army artillery took no break as it bombarded insurgent positions and fortifications on Ma’arzaf front. As a result, a large influx of killed and injured rebels flooded into the rebel field hospitals in Kafar Zita, according to local sources.

HTS targeted a civilian building in Mahardeh with 23mm cannon while the “moderate opposition” group Jaish al-Izza continued supporting HTS with TOW missile strikes.

A Syrian T-62m battle tank operating under the newly-formed 5th Corps was targeted by a TOW missile and was pulled out of service. The crewmen reportedly survived.

The Russian Air Force continueed to pound terrorist targets in the Hama-Idlib countryside.

Meanwhile, reinforcements from the 5th Corps continued to pour along with a number of recently delivered T-62M tanks. Those tanks have proved their worth in the fierce battle for Palmyra.

Members of the 5th Corps are heading to the Hama countryside (source):


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  1. JohnZ  March 27, 2017 at 6:12 am

    Aloha snackbar! They just gave away their position to Russian aircraft.

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