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Kashmir Nexus of Media & Violence: Interview with Madhu Kishwar

Madhu Kishwar, a prominent public intellectual and a dear friend of mine for many years, was recently given a non-bailable arrest warrant by a Kashmir court.

Her alleged crime was that she exposed a journalist who is well-positioned in the power nexus of Kashmir, by arguing that he is aligned with separatists, and yet he receives money from the J&K state government and Indian government.

She has been charged with criminal defamation.

This live episode of my investigative reports discusses:

  • The nexus among media in Kashmir, government patronage and militants.
  • Pakistani link in Kashmir violence.
  • Ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir.
  • The silence of Indian and global mainstream media in exposing the deep Hinduphobia.

This episode of my show is pressuring mainstream media to pay attention & cover the facts.


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One Response to "Kashmir Nexus of Media & Violence: Interview with Madhu Kishwar"

  1. Aftab shah  April 14, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    It is good that you are supporting your friend but I can see that most of the media is not covering Kashmir as you say “cover the facts’ But does any one have a proof of any one getting money from any government agency ?
    Since you have been sending people to all conflict zones to know the facts , would you also send a fact finding mission to Kashmir and let the world know what is happening there.

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