Bio by Jack Heart: My earliest memories were of being surrounded by machinery and a constant deep mechanical humming rose and fell like the breath of fitful sleep. Maybe it was the "mother ship" or the "Montauk underground" like Preston Nichols author of the The Montauk Projects would later claim but I am inclined to believe it was the post natal care room at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn where I was born to a well to do family. I grew up in Brooklyn.

My father had a Fur business on Twenty-Seventh Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan. The city bought him and his partners out when they built the Fashion Institute of Technology. From grades one to five I attended the finest Catholic school in NYC. Before I was 12 my family moved to Amity Harbor Long Island and from there the volume on the strangeness was turned up full blast. My teenage years were spent working on fishing boats at Montauk Point where my father had been stationed at Camp Hero for the Korean War. Back home in Amityville we would wile away the night doing performance art for tourists milling around outside my best friend’s home gawking at the Amityville Horror House, some of you may have already met me I was one of the guys throwing beer bottles at you. Butchy to this day doesn’t know who was up in that room with him that night, nobody does but I can take a real good guess.

By the time I was eighteen I realized that globalism had made the seas off Long Island barren and I would have to find a new way in life to make a living. I had always wanted to be a fisherman but I opened a landscaping business with my mother who was the top woman designer in her field. Our clients included many celebrities and denizens of Long islands gold coast. Back then it seemed life would always be good. I remember one day while dragging trees out some stock broker’s yard he pulled up his long driveway in his convertible sports car. I looked at his decaying body not much older than mine. Then I looked down at mine. Salty sweat encased sinewy bronze muscles pumped full of blood from the days exertion. I decided I was just where I wanted to be. He would make his 500$ for the day and he had to give it to me because there was no way he was dragging that tree down his long driveway. Little did I know that he and his tribal brethren had a plan. Over the next twenty years they would flood America with illegal “immigrants” to do my job for a hundred dollars a day. Things are not so good anymore even with an associate’s degree in architectural engineering I’ll never make 500$ a day again. He makes more because now the government that sold me out, not once but three times subsidizes his job. I wonder how many of his tribe are buried in veterans memorial cemetery’s. Practically every male member of my family is.

I ended up on the wrong side of the law when I was 27 years old through no fault of my own. I was helping Geraldo Rivera film what I now realize must have been Ollie North's little cocaine contra excursion into NY. It was never aired. He quit his job but I was beaten and tortured by the police then branded as a felon for the rest of my life. In 1987 I was asked to remove the Pagans motorcycle gang from their clubhouse a strip club named Bogart’s. The person that asked me was Richard Capri who died abruptly a few years back. He owned Bogart's and a lot of other strip clubs on Long Island. He was a prominent figure in New York's underworld. Financially he dwarfed people like Gotti and the rest of the menagerie of mutts paraded on TV as “mob bosses.” It was during that period that I realized I was a member of a very elite unit. Some would call us soldiers of God others the army of Satan. You read what I write and you decide.

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Philadelphia experiment

Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head part II – In the reality of the free men and women who have sacrificed everything to come here and try to help these beasts of burden out of their chains; this is the Feast of Ishtar! It celebrates the day of the year where she again breathes life back into her creation after a long and barren winter. This is the day of Fertility. What the hell do you think the eggs are all about? Take time out sometime today from your oxymoronic slave holiday and give this a read. I’m sure she would appreciate it…

by Jack Heart with Orage

Without the benefit of the modern internet, or at least a Wikipedia-styled encyclopedia with hyperlinks, Preston Nichols could not have written The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. It’s doubtful that any of the best science fiction writers today could, let alone a neophyte author in the beginning of the nineties. He made a few unintentional mistakes, insignificant ones like calling wavelets wavicles, but any real errors are deliberate. There are rules.

Nichols begins with an old standby of conspiracy hucksters; placing the genesis of Stealth Technology in the so-called “Philadelphia experiment” which supposedly took place in 1943. According to lore, promulgated by Hollywood and the rest of the CIA’s disinformation outlets, during an experiment based on the work of Albert Einstein, a ship was made to disappear from the Philadelphia Naval yard and appear at the Norfolk Naval base hundreds of miles away, then disappear there and reappear back at the Philadelphia Naval yard. There is not one shred of legitimate evidence for that story, not even the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence…

But from there Nichols suddenly turns real and adroitly adjusts his course right through the heart of the labyrinth. Canceling Einstein’s Philadelphia experiment, Nichols puts von Neumann at the helm of Project Rainbow exactly where he would have to have been. In Norse mythology, the Bifröst is a Burning Rainbow Bridge that reaches between the realms of the gods called Asgard and earth called Midgard. After suspending Project Rainbow to work on the Manhattan Project, von Neumann resumed the experiments after the war, under direction of the Brookhaven Lab, as the Phoenix Project. The Phoenix is a great raptor that rises from the ashes…

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4 Responses to "Philadelphia experiment"

  1. James Robert Coyle  April 16, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    I can honestly say that I have never been there.

  2. MileHighLife  April 16, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    I almost missed it since article says posted by GDP, so “heads up” for readers to click the link at bottom of article for Part II of Jack Heart and Orage’s highly anticipated follow-up offering. Be sure to read Part I first for info/disclosure found in very few places! (Note: one doesn’t HAVE to be a member of Mensa to comprehend — but wouldn’t hurt 😉 )

    Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head II
    By Jack Heart & Orage

    Thanks Jack & Orage, I’m off to check it out…

    • Jack Heart  April 17, 2017 at 12:56 am

      I am the “most dangerous man in America” Mile High, no writer endures what I endure at the hands of the geeks and freaks that work for these cowering little girls who cringe like vampires in the light when they read Jack Heart. They should have heeded what I said about the one inch paring knife. Now when I am done with them they will have no secrets left at all. Synarchism cannot exist without its secrets and one by one I will tell every last one of them. The bigger the podium the faster and more merciful this will be but I kind of like the fact that they “fight” back through Google and their army of misbegotten subhuman cyber diseases, it gives me more time to watch them writhe in agony as I develop my narrative. Just think of all the fun we all would have missed out on talking about this stuff had they just given me the book deal in the first place, like I wanted…

  3. JohninMK  April 16, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Just followed the link and read the rest of the article. My my that was an experience!

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