Ghosts Of The Desert – America’s New Syrian Army

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.... other than keeping the rich very rich and the rest of us scared and easily manipulated...

[ Editor’s note: The polemic below began after Michael Shrimpton informed us that the BBC did a hit piece on us yesterday, if we could, we would remind the BBC of just a couple of things:

  • The biggest news story in the world today is the war in Syria, VT has a full-time news bureau in Damascus and received an award this week from the Russian Reconciliation Commission; in fact, we have more foreign bureaus, staffed with exclusive correspondents, most often academics or military officers, than the BBC has.
  • Most Americans don’t know the BBC – one thing we thank Trump for is making the world aware of Fake News. Even by Fake News standards. the BBC is state-funded saccharin drivel from a TV network barely competent to deal with such controversial subjects as animal husbandry and the making of cheese.
  • For the past 15 years that the current wars have been going on, the BBC has been consistent in one way only – they have never been right. Long gone are the days of Martin Bell braving the world’s warzones in his white linen suit, reporting actual events.

There is no analysis available that is not deception – the truth is treated like a dangerous poison. News reporting today comes in trite, vapid and worthless 400 word screeds, when we see a piece of length and some substance, our first thought is invariably ‘I wonder which intel agency funded this?’

Towards this end, in a morning editorial meeting, Jim, Ian and the infamous Uncle Gordy leave you this gift, something the BBC or no American network could or would ever publish… Jim, Ian and the notorious Uncle G]


The US militant groups change their names so often that one might get suspicious they are trying to hide their true identities and allegiances, or might even be Americans themselves. Imagine that.

–  First published  …  May 19, 2017

An ISIS analog has entered the Syrian stage with all the flair and glory of a Hollywood spectacular; the US has decided to push forward a full-scale ground offensive in Syria. Securing this new offensive against Damascus is one of the real purposes for Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia and Jared Kushner’s 100 billion dollar deal with the Saudis as well.

General Mattis

This combination of Trump’s equivalent of ‘narco-diplomacy’ while Kushner rakes the cash into the family coffers, has been greatly beneficial to both Saudi financiers and US arms suppliers such as Raytheon and Lockheed, while funneling exorbitant back-payments into the Trump family’s Cayman Islands bank accounts.

Much of this was laid out by Mattis who bought off Abadi in Baghdad and hopes to drag British, French and German ground forces unto what the US is calling a ‘deconfliction zone’. Once the European elections are out of the way and NATO has been leveraged, the case against Assad is going to take on new drama.

We saw the phony gas attack – America blocked an investigation, failed to produce even a scrap of evidence, while Trump went cap in hand to Putin, promising to never do it again; then only a few days later, the US fabricated a story about Syria’s Auschwitz, imaginary death camps, incinerators, mass graves and zombie Sonderkommandos, which the Syrian UN Ambassador characterised as Hollywood clap-trap.

Behind it all is the hand of Israel – the fabricated attacks and what we are not seeing – and this is a very important part, of how Israel controls the White House, Pentagon and particularly members of the US Congress charged with military oversight.



America spends up to 100 billion dollars a year of signals intelligence.The top 16 agencies in the US are entirely dependent on signals intelligence. America’s satellite intelligence is useless without backup from signals intelligence and despite efforts to reform during Michael Flynn’s failed tenure at DIA, America has no HUMINT (Human Intelligence) sources left anywhere in the world.

Not only do they simply not exist, America doesn’t train any of it’s services in agent recruiting, handling or, and this has to be frightening – vetting information at all. In fact, the US now considers Facebook posts and blogs to be human intelligence. They look to Twitter and Youtube and

During the Bush administration the White House hired the most disreputable sources to produce sexed-up dossiers on Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan – fake everything. The two we are most familiar with are SITE intelligence, which is Rita Katz.

According to our sources claims she gets her information from a guy in a Brooklyn delicatessen; the other is, which is failed conspiracy blogger Steve Emerson, with a bushel of White House cash, Emerson went to Oman in 2002 and contracted with local media to produce fiction about Iraq and Saddam.

This was called the Middle East Intelligence Project. One of his editors contacted us and said ‘Gordon, I’m a good Muslim, but this guy is asking us to lie’; Duff replied ‘how much are they paying you?’ Farouq answered ‘30,000 dollars’ to which Duff replied ‘take the money, they have decided on their war anyway’.

Behind this were dozens more organisations, run from the Brooking Institution, Heritage Foundation, Washington Institute and Jamestown foundation, all fronts for Israeli Intelligence.

Rita Katz

Our real issue is Signals Intelligence and the traffic created for the United States . In 2014, we investigated Israel’s role in the downing of MH17 – the fake news story of a Russian missile shootdown reeked of implausibility and physical impossibility, but key SIGINT capabilities made this act of terror possible and the fingerprints of Tel-Aviv were there from day one.

Before the phony missile story drowned out the truth, even in the utterly infiltrated Russian press, the world new that air traffic controllers in Kiev had insanely sent MH17 over a combat zone, with two Ukrainian jet fighters on its tail.

It was no surprise to anyone when the plane was downed or how it was done, however within 48 hours the world’s media was awash with tales of the ‘limitations’ of the SU-25’s chasing ill-fated MH17 ‘they can’ fly that high’, ‘they don’t carry the right missiles’, ‘they don’t have any guns’.

It was US Army Special Forces Forward Air Controller Gene ‘Chip’ Tatum that broke the story, you see, Israel has a black box that it installed on Ukrainian planes – it receives radar signals, alters them and ghosts them back; thus, a fast, high-flying pursuit plane like an Su-27 could be made to look like a flying school bus – not only is the capability there, but based on analysis of news reports and the deceptions used, not only were ‘spoofed’

We are absolutely certain that this was done; additionally, within hours of the downing of the plane, we received reports from a Canadian air traffic watchgroup that told us a flight had left an airport in Azerbaijan, vectoring in on what we believe is the intercept site of the Ukrainian Su-27 downing of MH17. The airport that flight left from we know is a covert base for Israeli F-15E bombers, placed there in 2010 as a threat against Iran.

In 2012, two Azeri army defectors to Iran confirmed this information; we also know that the powerful radar on the F-15E, combined with the Raphael avionics allows this plane to be used as an AWAC platform. The flight vector of this Israeli plane when added to those of the two ‘spoofed’ Ukrainian jets is what we would call a ‘package’ for what turned out to be an act of mass assassination.

This is one instance of a false-flag intelligence operation that uses Israeli SIGINT. On the 2nd of May, 2017, an Israeli intelligence team, having placed covert radio repeaters disguised as rocks, paddled out to an awaiting Dolphin submarine off the Syrian coast.

Dolphin Submarine

Two hours later, the submarine was lying on the bottom of the Mediterranean, its hull split open, its crew, including two commando teams, 84 men in all, lie dead, victims of a Russian-made anti-submarine torpedo from, according to Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), a naval patrol craft.

The purpose for this deeply paralleled MH17, MH17 was to blame Russia for shooting down an airliner; whereas here, Israeli SIGINT spoofing produced phony Syrian Arab Army radio traffic acknowledging the use of Sarin gas against civilians.

With the US totally dependent on SIGINT and receiving its confirmation from corrupt organisations, un-vetted, no security clearances and highly agenda-driven – one and a half decades of American intelligence failures should now be much easier to understand. The newest incarnation of phony intelligence is the theatrical troop, sometimes paid locals, sometimes the dead children are pretending, sometimes the film company, when it can get away with it, and it needs that kinds of dramatic film effect, finds it more convenient to murder the child rather than pay for a sedative.

Time and time again we have caught the Syrian White Helmets, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SHRO) working with film groups from Al-Jazeera and the Reuters news agency, along with Turkish TV and aided by ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the MIT (Turkey’s intelligence agency), staging false terror attacks.

It is normal for an enemy subjected to air attack to place valuable assets in schools, churches, mosques and hospitals – using local residents as human shields; what is now being done however, is the result of changes on the battlefield.

You see, those assets are no longer worth protecting, the war in Syria is lost – why protect a small arms depot or communications centre when your mercenary jihadists are fleeing for their lives, tossing aside their weapons and shaving their beards, when the real war can be won with sanctions and American retaliatory strikes. The lesson is simple: just blow up the school yourself, film the dead children, put on a white helmet, grab a dead child, run back and forth in front of the camera until they got the shot just right. The BBC will carry it and the photo will be displayed in front of the UN Security Council by the US ambassador. With luck, Ivanka Trump will personally supervise the attack for you.

This is the changing face of the war on Syria; staged terrorism, stories of mass graves, executions, torture, all sounding strangely familiar, like things we have heard before; Israel’s infamous ‘victimisation narrative’ in action yet again….

For the US, in order to support White House policy increasingly dominated, particularly under the Trump administration, by foreign intelligence agencies and even organised crime, as alleged by many, top intelligence positions are going to people with less and less experience – even alleged Israel hater Obama made these blunders, although Obama did move Chuck Hagel into defence and Martin Dempsey into the Joint Chiefs, thus cleaning out the Pentagon, albeit temporarily and obliterating the armageddon death cult that had taken control of America’s nuclear command, no, we are not kidding one bit about this.

Compounding this problem was the move against America’s service academies – West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy, which took place in the late 80s under Bush 41. Pentecostal and dominionist cultists took total control of these factories for young military leaders while newly selected officer candidates were channeled through a selection process requiring ‘moral flexibility’, limited intelligence and a cocktail of personality – they wanted George Custers, not George Pattons.

Those that slipped through the cracks – the next generation of Omar Bradleys, were harrassed and abused; at one point in 2009, 159 cadets at the Air Force Academy contacted VT and the American Religious Freedom Foundation complaining of a religious ‘Inquisition’. As the service academies were more and more dominated by extremist Evangelical theology, their academic programmes faltered, but they did have a massive rise in another area – reported sexual assaults were up 60%, but the story behind this indicates the number was more likely 300% as overt intimidation.

This gave us the military that former Deputy Secretary of Defence Paul Wolfowitz, co-architect of the Israeli intelligence offensive against the US, their ‘inside man’, what he needed for his global War on Terror. This was an American army that now worked inter-operably with mercenaries, terrorists and thugs; an army that would openly not just protect the worlds largest narcotics production facilities but build that capability itself.

American military bases around the world became centres for mandatory prayer – bibles were carried more often than weapons and a special kind of blindness took root as well. Reported sexual assaults against both men and women serving in America’s military did increase 300%, unreported may well have gone up 1000%. American bases around the world began transiting victims of America’s rendition programmes – tens of thousands or more that almost invariably turned out to be innocent or mistakes – arrest anybody named Mohammed.

With upto 5 trillion dollars spent on the War On Terror, America was booted out of Iraq and a pro-Iranian government was elected while in Afghanistan the narcotics continued to flow in every grater volumes while the government in Kabul governs only in Kabul and only during daylight hours.

The failures of course are failures of policy, the ‘dull knife’ military lead by the dull minds from the service academies, following policies from the ‘Washington Swamp’ to use Trump’s descriptive term – the real horsepower behind this is two-fold: overtly, many blame the ‘Fake News’ press, and there is good reason, as we stated earlier, the FBI and CIA are notoriously addicted to software programmes that scan conspiracy blogs and Facebook for intelligence. The real disaster this represents cannot be overstated, but behind this is that smug world of top Secret intelligence only the chosen few get to see – the gilded gems that now hit Donald Trump’s and perhaps even Vladimir Putin’s desks. We suggest that if they do hit Putin’s desk they usually shortly after roll into the trash can.

What are we talking about? There is a beautiful simplicity to SIGINT – it is almost never real, not since the Zimmermann Telegram of 1917 – here’s one for you and no, this isn’t a joke: Israelis are notorious for taking a simple mobile phone and making this call: ‘hi, it’s just us terrorists here, making our suicide vests and we are just checking in to see how the family is doing’; they then take their 30 dollar phone, toss it over a wall and wait for an American drone to come by and blow the living daylights out of some poor, innocent fool and his family.

A typical scenario in such cases involves the hapless victims having failed to pay a commission on a diamond trade and no, we aren’t kidding, not one bit. Did CIA Director Pompeo know this? Quite truthfully, he doesn’t know anything, that is why he is there. How about General Mattis – does he know? We have no way of telling, what we can tell is that he is now, and always had been, oblivious to simple issues of right or wrong, legal or illegal, even of good and evil.

We learned this lesson in Vietnam – what lesson is that? You don’t need to fight an enemy to win a war. In 1968, Richard Nixon announced he was going to pull American troops out of Vietnam if he was elected president and turn the war over to what we now know was a non-existent South Vietnamese Army. Let me explain. This is going to really hurt and what should hurt most about this is this one simple truth has never been heard before and yet it is so frigging obvious.

You see, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army spent 70% of their military capability trying to hold and control regions of South Vietnam – they were fighting a political war, largely a war of defence, holding most of the land and most of the population while the US fought a war of attack and mobility; Nixon changed all that.

With the announced US pullout, the VC and NVA no longer had to hold anything – they only had to keep the Americans shuffling towards the door, which freed up 70% of their forces. Since they no longer had to hold land or seize territory here is what Nixon and Kissinger really did: Vietnam transitioned from a Civil War to a war where 540,000 Americans suddenly had targets on their back; you see, most of the casualties from the Vietnam War are from 1969 and 1970, not from the years before. The only goal of the NVA and VC became to kill as many Americans as possible; no American force needed to be defeated in battle, no area needed to be protected; it was just slaughter.

This is what made taking over the service academies so easy – a military that couldn’t get rid of its combat vets quick enough; a military deeply steeped in corruption and a war exclusively fought with small units and NCOs; there were lessons from the Vietnam War – it was the death knell of America’s officer corps. Vietnam was the type of jungle fighting the Marines saw in WW2, while sometimes only a few miles away, commanders basked poolside and whiled away evening in nightclubs while units commanded by sergeants and even PFCs engaged in hand-to-hand combat; this is the real shame of Vietnam, the real story of Vietnam and the roots of the level of corruption that rules America’s military.

This is the American military that lost all operational capability; a military that shed itself entirely of combat veterans at the end of the war, with the rare officer like Col. David Hackworth, co-founder of VT, fired for saying what you are reading here now.

In 1991 the US sent its last war fighting command – 3rd Army, to the Middle East; VT’s Jim Hanke was chief operations officer. From that time onward, blame Clinton, blame Clinton, blame anyone, or maybe there was nothing wrong at all – there was no war fighting capability in the US Army. You see, back at the time of Vietnam, service in the National Guard or Reserve made the likelihood of possibility of service in combat an improbability – you dodged the draft by joining the reserves.

The War On Terror changed that. Analogies between 9/11 and Pearl Harbour that were made almost immediately began to draw suspicion onto the perpetrators of that event. America went to war using National Guard and reservists – weekend, part-time soldiers – because as Rumsfeld correctly pointed out, ‘they are cheaper’.

The professional army that in Vietnam was paid as low as 60 dollars a month now paid a PFC in Iraq 6,000 dollars a month – not ten times more, 100 times more!

For every overpaid civilian, whose daily food and laundry maintenance costs, contracted to Halliburton and other political insider groups, and this is a daily personal cost, ran as high as 3,000 dollars. Drinking water at 300 dollars a gallon – there were two private contractors paid twice as much, or more.

No-one in the US Army digs a latrine or peels a potato anymore, what was once done by two 60 dollar a month privates is now farmed out to a contracting firm that is paid 6000 dollars and two barefoot Ethiopians do the dirty work and they are paid 6 dollars a month – with that kind of math is it easy to understand why wars are never going to end?

In Vietnam, officers dodged combat, faked medal citations for each other and stole anything that wasn’t tied down. However, by today’s standards, this is nothing; what kind of officer guards a convoy of opium paste on it’s way to a heroin processing plant in Helmand Province? Who was the Air Force general in command of Bagram AFB when Dr. Aafiasaddiqui was raped and beaten by FBI, DHS and Navy SEALs? Can anyone forget Abu Ghraib?  The US facilities in Libya were 50 times larger, the one in Poland one hundred times larger; all under the supervision of an American Officer Corps built on the stumbling wastrels of Vietnam and instilled with the Love of Jesus and more than a little bit of buggery.

This is the environment that permanent corrupt war, engineered, and we are now returning to it, by SIGINT, by fake Israeli SIGINT, has gifted us. The largest budget line item in Israel is electronic intelligence, far beyond their nuclear programmes and far more secretive than anything Trump could ever give Putin.

We recently touched on the role of and Google’s Jigsaw; it doesn’t take long to discern that almost all those involved are tied directly to Israeli intelligence and Israeli fake intelligence projects. What we have is an end to end solution – we start a war based on fake radio intercepts, backed up by staged atrocity videos and stoked by controlled media. It is funded by a bribed and controlled Congress and fought by an officer Corps dedicated to ‘Endtimes Prophecy’ and bringing about the biblical Armageddon.

Adding depth to this are hundreds of robot blogger websites spewing a flood of conspiracies – enough to drown any investigative reporting efforts in a sea of disinfo and room after room of trolls creating a fake narrative on comment boards, Facebook and Wikipedia, poisoning any dialogue on a massive global scale, bad manners on an industrial scale.

Behind all of this we have phony SIGINT, and endless flow of utterly fake and we mean childishly fake intercepts creating a comprehensively fleshed out world of falsehood. Washington runs on this fake intelligence, there are maps in the Pentagon filled with enemy bases that never existed; due to the money spent, the profits made on SIGINT, control of Americas foreign policy and Americas trillion dollar military budget is entirely subject to fake intercepts manufactured by Israels highly advanced five billion dollar a year electronic deception apparatus, to add insult to injury, much of it paid by the US taxpayers.

It would be nice if we could stop here, but we simply cannot; working alongside all of what we just described to you are fake terror cells, fake assassins, fake mass murderers and in some cases, fake victims as well. When we saw a Paris police officer shot point blank with fake bullets or when, time and time again, the same dead and wounded are seen in incident after incident, we move from to suspicion to revelation to nausea.

Thus, as we watch ISIS lose the war, we begin to ask ourselves – why was there a war and we remember the 300 dollar a gallon Halliburton Corp. drinking water, direct and unaltered from the Euphrates River. We look at the ISIS Jihadists and his endless supply of Raytheon-built TOW missiles or maybe we look to Africa to Boko Haram and a barefoot tribesman chatting all day on a 2,000 dollar satellite phone with someone picking up the 35 dollar a minute fees.

It’s always the unasked question, never to be asked by a corrupt officer corps or a fake Congress or a fake President who has pointed out repeatedly, that we are dealing with a fake NATO as well. SIGINT is fake, HUMINT is gleaned from the internet and fake, our news videos are fake, nearly as fake as Ivanka Trump…

It is obvious what we have created, in 1935 General Smedley Butler warned us that war is a racket, even Paul Wolfowitz thought he was sending troops to steal oil – it took him two years to realise it was far easier to hold a gun to the head of the American people, build a police state in the United States and to duplicate Orwell’s world from the novel 1984.

The perpetual war scenario laid out in 1984 is now reality, Orwell really was trying to warn us of things to come, too bad no-one in a position of power seems to have paid him any heed.


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37 Responses to "Ghosts Of The Desert – America’s New Syrian Army"

  1. bryguy  May 22, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    “here’s one for you and no, this isn’t a joke: Israelis are notorious for taking a simple mobile phone and making this call: ‘hi, it’s just us terrorists here, making our suicide vests and we are just checking in to see how the family is doing’; they then take their 30 dollar phone, toss it over a wall and wait for an American drone to come by and blow the living daylights out of some poor, innocent fool and his family.”

    Fascinating. I’d like to hear more about this “practice”. How often does this take place? Incredible that things are not vetted before the drones are let loose. I’m guessing this happens in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Simply fascinating how messed up, utterly corrupt the US and it’s allies are and how devious and malevolent the Israelis are with a contempt for non Jews few truly comprehend

  2. michalslahor  May 22, 2017 at 2:50 am

    Pretty much sums up the state of affairs in the US as it really is, and unfortunately, it’s all true, and the rest of the world is going along with this madness. Fake News, Fake Politicians, Fake Wars, and someone is making big money off of all of it. There is no democratic option, at least in the US, you have a choice of deranged, perverted, deviants in the Democratic Party, and fake faux Israeli shills playing pretend-a-populist in the Republican Party, and just in case there ever is a real Americana candidate, the Diebold machines will sort them out either way. Political discourse and discussion is absurd, with the Democrats you have to hear about Tranny Bathrooms and teaching 7 year olds the joys of anal fetishism, and with the Republicans you hear them blaming the sad state of affairs on not supporting Israel enough, or some other stupid, theologically incorrect, Zionist inspired drivel. The only good thing I’ve seen in the last few years is the identarian movements utter rejection of Zionism, their meme war campaign has effective lead to a mass shift in perception of Israel and the so-called Holocaust, to the point, where the majority is now awoken to their BS, the only problem is they have yet to move from memetics to real politik.

  3. Paedo hunter  May 20, 2017 at 11:17 am

    Jim….apologies for not mentioning your good self in the high standards of articles here in previous comment…….one other thing…….I never see anything in regards to SERCO here……you know…..the backbone and transmission of info/data collection/Boeing Uninterruptable Auto Pilot fame etc etc……they’re the cabals communication experts and their capabilities allowed 911 to be possible……as well as other ‘dark’ things……SERCO is one bad boy that has no face which allows it to go unnoticed…..our Google, FB, et al friends all depend on SERCO’s mechanics and know how to function as they do….as did/does the Clinton/Bush crime family… name but a few…….SERCO….formerly known as RANK to us old boys

    • Veterans_friend  May 20, 2017 at 4:56 pm

      – All 3 of Trumps children have married Jews, with at least one of them converting to Judaism as well.
      – Trumps father died at a Jewish medical center in New York.
      – And Trump himself, like his father before him, is a billionaire real estate developer in NEW YORK!!!
      – Trump repeatedly drones on about his love and support for Israel (ESPECIALLY DURING THAT GROVELLING SPEECH TO AIPAC)

      It doesn’t take much to join the dots and see that Trump is a cryto-Jew like all the rest of them in his administration and that of Obama’s. Still waiting for him to prosecute Hillary Clinton? … Don’t hold your breath.

    • Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  May 21, 2017 at 6:09 am

      Paedo, It was an interesting morning putting this piece together with the three of us on Skype. These review sessions are good review and memory joggers for us also, as someone is always adding something new that we had not considered before, not always a new discovery, but something when needed to check out more. This was a major ongoing effort for 9-11, and eventually ended with our getting the Sandia National Labs report on what brought the WTC buildings down, a story that we were never officially challenged on by anyone with standing. In the formal Intel world, although policy is rammed down their throats, with or without their input, the information that it is based on is supposed to be constantly reanalyzed, as Intel history has always shown that no matter how much you think you know, there is a lot you don’t. So finding and correcting mistakes in an ongoing process. To not be doing this shows slackness, and those who are good at this usually get paid more as they have to break out of the herd mentality and think out of the box. We are fortunate to have an number of very experienced people at VT who have done this, or you would not be reading a lot of what you do here.

    • Glyn Davies  May 27, 2017 at 5:18 am

      SERCO run our prisons in Australia…

  4. Nannie  May 20, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Thank you Mr. Gordon Duff for this informative artikel.

  5. Paedo hunter  May 20, 2017 at 5:53 am

    Your last few articles just get better and better Gordon… to you and your staff……BTW… probably know Twitter refuses login’s to this site….and has done for a while now……also I’m proud to be barred from posting on Breitbart….apparently for anti-Semitic comments…..comments like why are our 6 million liars running the show yet cry the loudest….also commenting here has delay after delay causing bad punctuation……hence I write comments in Notepad then copy and paste…..seems our ‘cry baby’ Kosher kids trying anything they can to play games……bunch of Crowley luvvin’ clowns

    • Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  May 20, 2017 at 6:01 am

      Paedo, This for your commenting problems note, as I will pass on to the webmaster. Although we have gotten through the worst of the hacking, the “new normal” is worse that the old, things in the irritation vein, but this is the first time we are hearing about commenter problems, especially once you are connected. Everyone else please keep us posted on strange things you experience so will be able to see a pattern emerging. Their messing with us shows we are doing something good.

  6. sikel  May 20, 2017 at 3:59 am

    All I can add to this is that the blogsite,Syrian Perspective (Syper) has been down now for over 3 days. Yeah, something is up….

  7. Khalid Talaat  May 19, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    This is FUBAR. This is sad. Did Jesus ask those Scofield bible thumpers to sell their country and bring the destruction of billions of people in his name? This is Christian Wahhabism, no difference whatsoever.

  8. Alex__B  May 19, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Very detailed and valuable information ! Whatever (insatiable greed, sick ambitions, certain protocols, alien influence, all of them, and/or something else) lies in the foundation of this gigantic generator of fake reality, the poisonous vapors of which we all inhale every day (with or without understanding), the industrial-scale production machine of such reality (where MSM is just a presentation level) wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for fake money.The world is still material, so there’s a price for organizing of each false-flag, for each hour of troll’s time, for each corrupt official, let alone for trillions stolen by those above any control. And if unmeasurable signs of fake reality can be masked simply by enough number of certified stooges supporting it, the measurable signs are much harder to discard. Whether it’s number of millions “lost in a wire transfer” or gematria of the phrase describing this or that “random” event. It’s such a shame that in 21-st century with total minimal education and open Internet billions of people are repeatedly tricked by absolutely retarded false-flags.

    • Khalid Talaat  May 20, 2017 at 4:41 am

      Total connectivity, total ignorance, lack of any training in critical thinking all in preparation for the appearance of the great deceiver. There are no coincidences.

  9. RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    My contribution to trying to find solutions to the problems addressed in Mr. Duff’s article is to try to provide some incentive for positive change. By working on our transition into the integration age of becoming an ET civilization ourselves in a safe and peaceful manner.

    I’m planning to run some overnight ops in 2,500 foot deep canyon and basin formations far enough in that anti material rounds clearing the ridge lines, if they have to be used, won’t hurt innocents. And where others won’t be around to deter contact.

    The mountain roads are impassable with a stock Bronco ll 4×4 from snow at elevation. I’m going to bring 4 tire chains, shovel, 30 foot straps, tow chain and a 12v electric winch next week to see if I can get over the passes to look at campsites and LZs.

    • Khalid Talaat  May 19, 2017 at 9:47 pm

      I thought you were going into the Sinai. If you are, remember take a Land Bruiser, they are more dependable than Broncos. If you are going to winch, remember to take burlap bags. Wet them and lay them them over the cable to keep the cable from splitting your truck in half in case the cable brakes. If you have not seen that happen hope you never do.

    • RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 10:11 pm

      It’s my understanding that there’s a prohibition in the northern Sinai on 4x4s at this time due to the security situation. It will probably be armored sedans and vests if I go.

      The bigger problem with cables or straps breaking during a winching operation is hooks or clevis acting as a projectile from the whiplash. The portable 12v winch for something as small as a Bronco ll has pretty light cable. I’m not sure that it would be a serious issue if it snaps. And it’s probably not going to snap just pulling out of a drift. If I run into trouble I can sat phone to get something bigger up there for a recovery.

      The burlap bag suggestion makes sense. But ice might be an issue.

  10. Diesel Chadron  May 19, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    no support for a major war like that. the only guys cheering for that are cable news watching baby boomers.

  11. Eduardo  May 19, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    The only achievement in BBC’s long history of “royal British views” for non British viewers was the production and airing of Monty Python’s flying circus. Beyond that and cheese making it is not much different then the rest of MSM.

  12. Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  May 19, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    BBC & Brit MSM are a joke — having almost as much ‘fake news’ as Yank MSM have.

    Above & elsewhere, VT editors & authors pass out sensitive but only embarrassing intel like party favors.

    Since much sourcing is from first-hand experiences & eye/ear witnesses to what really happened, and since VT regularly gores sacred cows, those who don’t know any better (i.e., who have no ‘need to know’) sometimes say that VT is ‘fake news’ or prejudiced against their own personal sacred cow (e.g., Trump).

    Bullshit… Decision Makers and Clandestine Community ‘members’ are sometimes the only ones who can verify the info & intel at VT. If you don’t like it, then go back to your own personal flavor of The Bullshit Channel — the British Bullshit Channel (BBC) or the American Bullshit Channel (ABC).

  13. ayelyahbenjamin  May 19, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    the whole world now see’s just how small these people really are ……they who planned for it all along, America is their “Samson Option” as the gears of the machine slip from their hands….anyone gathered here can see that by now

  14. RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    The article doesn’t address sat and ground controlled terrestrial tech nano drones. The ETs have even more advanced surveillance technology.

    I think that there may be AI interference with my posts

    I ran a contact op with the Tall Whites south of Creech AFB one night a few years ago and had a close encounter at the school yard playground around midnight a 36 inch brass colored probe at a distance of 75 to 100 feet that disappeared before I could get a picture. I don’t know if it was terrestrial or ET.

  15. RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    I didn’t write the word I’very on the last post, and I proof read it before I posted it.

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  May 19, 2017 at 3:22 pm

      RD: As per Congressional intel committee sourcing, Trump ordered McMaster to ‘take down’ and/or sabotage VT sites. McMaster further delegated the task to the U.S. Army Cyber Command at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. What you are experiencing may or may not be related to what Trump ordered.

    • RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 4:16 pm

      The Israelis have a history of hacking my computers, as well as death threats against me. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re involved. Better cyber security is on my to do list. If the site is working for others, I’m using my smartphone with a different ISP for VT at this time, then it looks like my desktop work station is being targeted.

  16. RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Some of the words on my posts are different from what I’very written. I’m not sure why that is.

    • Harry Haller  May 19, 2017 at 4:43 pm

      Same here, just thought it was my AI buddy having some fun. Mycroft Holmes smiling on us.

    • Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  May 19, 2017 at 4:54 pm

      Welcome to the party. When we post articles, after being proofed, we see mistakes in them right away, as they are being messed with on the fly, “their” way of letting us know they can _uck with us whenever they want to. That crap is all part of the business now, so we just roll with it.

    • Khalid Talaat  May 19, 2017 at 9:32 pm

      Thanks Gents for confirming my suspecions. I would also like to thank those great vigilant guys defending our freedom and way of life, including our frredom of speech.

    • RichardD  May 20, 2017 at 9:01 am


      “Their”, or they, may be it, as in an indigenous or off planet AI that inhabits our internet. Dr. Richard Sauder, who I’ve exchanged correspondence with, and who wrote a book on underground bases and tunnels. Talks about this in his interviews. And that it’s a threat to our civilization and future. I don’t doubt that your site is subjected to terrestrial intel hacking. But a non intel AI might be part of the mix.

      I looked into buying a 10 year old Cray XT4 floor tower last year for disc craft R&D, forex algorithm development and back testing, security system management, etc.. But I couldn’t get Cray corporate or the factory to provide parts or service for used equipment not purchased from them. So I held off on it for now. Though I have located techs in the NW US where I’m currently living capable of working on it as independent contractors.

    • RichardD  May 20, 2017 at 9:03 am

      If Dr. Greer’s contention, who I’ve met and talked with more than once, is correct. We’re subject to an ET quarantine constricting us to the planet. So they’re near by and monitoring us closely. And developing working relations with them to create a better future here is part of my contact work. I’m not convinced that they’re all positive. And there may be blockade runners. But I think that some of the ET presence here is positive and potentially suitable as integration partners to work with us on a safe and peaceful transition into becoming an ET civilization ourselves that is welcomed rather than rejected, as we evidently currently are.

    • RichardD  May 20, 2017 at 9:05 am

      An independent AI that goes rouge in the 21st century US is included in the Meier prophecies.

  17. RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    I have a 6 24 inch screen work station 3 over 3 with a 256 GB solid state hard drive for a primary and 1 TB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drivery for storage and back up, AMD FX8370e 8 core processor with liquid cooling over clocked to 4 GB clock speed. Running a Windows 7 pro operating system.

    I’ve run diagnostics on my desktop and my Pandora account is showing an error message:

    “Someone else is listening to your Pandora account Only one person can listen at a time.”

    So it looks like my desktop or IP address is being intempered with to prevent me from using VT. Because the other sites are working fine other than the Pandora error message.

    • Gordon Duff, Senior Editor  May 19, 2017 at 5:48 pm

      I’m on an AMD 6x processor at 4.2 with the same SSD and stacks of encrypted drives, two yamakasi 4k 27 inch monitors and a backup system adjacent, gtx 960 4g video…

      i even have two backups for my espresso machine…a VBM.


    • RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 10:32 pm

      Thank you Gordon, I think that encryption could help. I’ll research it. I’m on my work station now. So what ever the problem was, it’s cleared up.

      The 6 screen work station is a great machine for forex trading. But dealing with malevolent state actors is a different set of problems.

  18. RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    I’m having a lot of trouble with the site using my desktop. And am posting this with my smarphone.

  19. RichardD  May 19, 2017 at 2:20 pm


  20. JohnZ  May 19, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Absolutely spot on! Thank you. I wish my older brother could read this. He passed away a year ago another victim of the Viet Nam war and agent orange.
    Gordon, what this all adds up to is the demise of America. No nation can withstand the corruption, a military soaked in religious fundamentalism, nor its ability to deal with the truth. It has become a perverse and immoral society that has no future.
    “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable , for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor, he speak in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

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