Trump’s “Black Nazi Stormtrooper” Goes Police State on Airline Passenger -Hero

Lock him up! Ordered detectives to harass and threaten airline passenger who spoke up to Trump's "Black Nazi Stormtrooper"

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Did Clarke order the torture death of Terrill Thomas as well?

I can give you the quick of it, save us all a lot of time.  David Clarke is even crazier than Trump, and scared of his shadow, a totally out of control utterly corrupt sheriff in Milwaukee with, according to our sources, strong ties to the drug cartels.  He runs one of the dirtiest counties in the US.  Trump has nominated him for a job at the Department of Homeland Security, the most corrupt agency in our government and that is saying a lot.

The history of the DHS goes back to the Mossad that set it up after 9/11 to coordinate and control other agencies and to keep an Israeli run and all powerful national police force with far more power and independence than the FBI, lording over citizens that don’t keep in line.  DHS has never broken a single case and has cost the US $30 billion so far.

“Clarke’s Life Matters” Keep him safe or he will have your family killed

Anyway, Clark was in a plane in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in January and sent a text to one of his officers after a passenger allegedly expressed that he disapproved of how Clarke was doing his job.  Please note that Clarke, who was armed on the flight mind you, wanted a police escort out of the airport.  He was afraid.  This is what we are told, unstable, paranoid, feels people are out to get him, and uses his department to run his personal errands, that our sources say go much further than this.  This is what he texted, imagine what he says behind closed doors:

“Just a field interview, no arrest unless he become an asshole with your guys,” Clarke wrote Captain Mark Witek. “Question for him is why he said anything to me. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?”

“Follow him to baggage and out the door,” Clarke continued. “You can escort me to carousel after I point him out.”

Were one to want to dig into Clarke, one might look into the jail system there and Clarke’s role in selecting vendors.  One might also look and conditions there.  Our “hero” sheriff thinks he is running his own Abu Gharib:

Clarke was referred for criminal prosecution for civil rights violations for his texting problem, a slam dunk one might think.  However, we are told that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who himself normally support lynching and hates “colored folks,” quashed it personally.

As for the torture killing, one might want to look for a text to one of the lieutenants at the jail, a text from Clarke, asking that an inmate be denied water until he died of thirst, which is exactly what happened.  We suspect that text is there as well.  Might someone as to look for it, and we might just have a murder case as well if evidence supports it.

What a guy.


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2 Responses to "Trump’s “Black Nazi Stormtrooper” Goes Police State on Airline Passenger -Hero"

  1. Khalid Talaat  May 26, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    The scum will always rise in the Executive Branch or if you prefer the psychopaths will eventually take over.

  2. David Odell  May 26, 2017 at 9:37 am

    Clarke would have crushed it, as a replacement for Samuel Jackson in Django Unchained.

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