“Woman shot dead” – Venezuela NWO color revolution false flag?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The New World Order’s fake-news-generating mainstream media is hyping their attempted coup d’etat in Venezuela with a three-word meme: “woman shot dead.”

Just as they tried to torpedo last year’s Brexit vote with the false flag murder of Jo Cox, blamed on a “crazed Brexit supporter,” the NWO is trying to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution and install a fascist neoliberal regime by hyping an image of violence blamed on their opponents.

The reported shooting in the Catia neighborhood of Caracas is, of course, being blamed on the government of Nicolas Maduro. But like the shootings that launched the NWO color revolution in Ukraine – falsely blamed on the Yanuchovych government that was targeted for overthrow, but actually carried out by NWO agents – the iconic shooting in Catia was in all likelihood a PR stunt by the enemies of Maduro.

The NWO is ruthless, evil, and unimaginably mendacious. They murdered Hugo Chavez with a cancer weapon. Now they are trying to murder the revolution Chavez sparked.

The super-rich of Venezuela, and their even richer foreign backers, are waging a genocidal war against the poor majority of Venezuela, and the poor majority of planet earth. Here is a graphic that tells the whole story.

Bolivarian revolution success stats. Since 2014, the NWO has been waging all-out economic war on Venezuela (and the world’s other independent nations).

The plutocrats and oligarchs can’t stand the thought of ordinary people leading decent lives. That could lead to higher taxes – might have to sell one of those yachts or Gulfstream luxury jets!

They’re trying to turn the whole planet into a slave plantation. And once they’ve got enough AI-driven robots, they’ll kill off the slaves.

It’s past time for the slaves of planet earth – the 99% – to do what the slaves of Haiti did in 1791.


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