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For more articles and videos by Ashraf Ezzat visit his website The author is an Egyptian, born in Cairo and based in Alexandria. Ashraf Ezzat joined the staff of Veterans Today in 2009. Graduated from the faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University but keen not to be entirely consumed by the medical profession, Dr. Ezzat invests a lot of his time in research, documentary filmmaking, and writing. He is a regular guest lecturer at the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the national museum of Cairo. History of the ancient Near East and specifically of Ancient Egypt has long been of special interest to him. In his writings, Ashraf Ezzat approaches ancient history not as some tales from the remote times but as a contributing factor in our existing life; and to him, history is as relevant and vibrant as the current moment. In his research and writings, Dr. Ezzat is always on a quest trying to find out why the ancient wisdom & spirituality had been obstructed and diminished whereas the Judeo-Christian teachings and faith took hold and prospered. Dr. Ezzat has written extensively in Arabic tackling many issues and topics in the field of Egyptology and comparative religion. He is the author of Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses, a kindle book published in 2015 and available on amazon. He writes regularly at many well-known online websites such as Dissident Voice and What Really Happened. Dr. Ezzat is also an independent documentary filmmaker. His debut film was back in 2011 The Annals of Egypt Revolution and in 2012 he made Tale of Osiris a short animation for children. In 2013 his short film, The Pyramids: Egyptian Genesis The following documentaries were screened at many international film festivals in Europe. In 2020 the documentary film: SEA OF LOVE: Transforming Journey to Egypt (Documentary) In 2021 Egyptian Mountain of the Dead (Documentary) Dr. Ezzat is working now on his upcoming documentary "Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses".

Are The Unholy Books Hijacking History?

VT's man in Egypt, Dr. Asraf Ezzat explores how Khazarian Mafia contrived to cheat their way into American history just as the Hebrew clergy did in Ancient Egypt

Why did Israel kill Shireen Abu Akleh?

"The killing of Shireen Abu Akleh and the attack on her funeral is the greatest report she has ever given to the world …"

Goshen of Arabia: Delivering Egypt from the Exodus

If the Exodus of the Israelites was a historical story, then surely it did not take place in ancient Egypt ...  

Hijacking history in Jews’ unholy books

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat VT Alexandria, Egypt If fame and recognition is what you’re after, then the first thing you should do is spend a lot of time in the company of someone who is...

Second Exodus: Israelites vs. Muslim Brotherhood

...by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat VT Alexandria, Egypt “Actually, the essential cornerstone behind the legendary recognition of both the cult of the Israelites and the creed of Muslim Brotherhood is their connection with Egypt” First published ... ...

The Forgotten Irvine 11: Meet the Real Michael Oren

In the United States of America if you are a brave Muslim and if you peacefully stand up in front of an audience being addressed by an American- born Israeli who supports Israeli war crimes you can be convicted of a crime.

Trump: A dictator who could win big in the Middle East

Trump was never a populist nor an anarchist for that matter, he was simply a dictator in the making.

Imprisoned Morsi died in court: who really cares?

People in Egypt are not in a state of shock nor even mourning the death of Morsi

Lamb of a Bloodthirsty God (Video)

Are we worshiping the same God? And more importantly, is he a pagan God in disguise?

Why didn’t God have his son born in Rome?

Why did God have his son born in the wrong place?

Mr. Trump, Jerusalem is NOT the capital of biblical Israel

Modern-day Jerusalem was never the capital city of David's kingdom

Why didn’t Egyptians convert after the Ten Plagues?

Why didn’t Ancient Egyptians convert to the cult of the Israelites after witnessing first-hand the miraculous & devastating Ten Plagues? Or maybe those Plagues were not miraculous and devastating enough for them?

In what language did God write the Ten Commandments?

The Ten Commandments should have been written down in Ancient Egyptian language, but that was not the case. So where is the missing link?

Joseph of Arabia (Video)

The Story of Joseph is an ancient Arabian tale, and everything about it is Arabian: its linguistic, cultural and geographical milieu.

Story of Joseph sinks like the Titanic

Find out the striking anachronism that would make the historicity of the story of Joseph in Ancient Egypt an impossible theory.

Exodus Debunked: Slave trade was not common in Ancient Egypt (Video)

Watch the video and discover the true story of slavery in Ancient Egypt that absolutely debunks the biblical narrative about that Ancient land.

Was Egypt’s Coptic bus attack a smoke screen?

Targeting the Coptic Christians in Egypt is not something new, as a matter of fact it has lately morphed into some kind of a systematic pattern

Aftermath of Church attacks in Egypt

The twin church attacks in Egypt were among the deadliest onslaughts against Coptic Christians in the country in decades.

Breibart’s war on Muslim Brotherhood: The Egyptian connection

  By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat VT Bureau Chief Alexandria, Egypt Editor's note:  VT was confronted by an article in the UK Guardian regarding Steve Bannon and his ties to an Egyptian politician the Guardian assets had...

Egypt’s last NGO Report about Police torture

The 2016 NGO report about Egypt’s Police brutality and torture.

Is Holy Family’s flight into Egypt Myth?

Greater than the great pyramids of Egypt are the myths and misconceptions about that ancient Land

Brooklyn Imam Calls for beheading of Egypt’s Sisi

American Muslim Brotherhood leaders call for beheading of President Sisi of Egypt

UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem: The Hidden Truth

The (crazy) idea of bringing world’s Jews to leave their homelands, settle in the occupied (Palestinian) land and ‘inventing a Jewish People’ out of them is the real ‘theatre of the absurd’

Yazidism: Meet the Devil you will love

Violent and extreme as their culture was, the Jewish version of the ‘Yazidi Genesis’ has somehow created a Devil out of the ‘Peacock Angel

Busted: Why are the Pyramids not mentioned in the Bible?

What if the whole story of the Exodus from Egypt was a fake story, and what if we could prove that it is?

Tale of Osiris – The film

Based on the epic story of Isis and Osiris, Ashraf Ezzat’s film will introduce you to the creation story and to the Gods of Egypt.

Was Muhammad Ali’s conversion to Islam uneducated decision?

Converting to Islam (to unlock the shackles of modern cultural slavery) is as naïve a move as adopting Zionism to combat the brutal Israeli Apartheid and occupation.

The Jewish roots of ‘Takfiri’ culture

The Author revisits Ancient Yemen, the homeland of the Israelites. In the essay, Ashraf Ezzat digs deep into the cultural roots of (religious) extremism and intolerance in both Judaism and Islam.

The Pyramids: Egyptian Genesis (Film)

I had in this short film the opportunity to capture glimpses, albeit experimental, of two of my most obsessive passions, cinema and ancient Egypt.

Abraham’s Pharaoh was not King of Egypt

Judaism and its Israelite stories of militant raids are as genuinely Arabian as Islam and its tales of holy wars and jihad