JB Campbell was born in Chicago in 1946, grew up in Oakbrook, Illinois, then the polo capital of the world. Graduated from Carmel HS in California. Raced cars in Australia and England for two years. Three years of college, mostly at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Operated the School of Slide Control to train racing drivers and others the technique of slide control.

Commercial (oilfield) diver in Texas and Louisiana for two years.

Campbell was in the British South Africa Police in Rhodesia in the early '70s and was a Section Officer in Support Unit, the anti-terrorist group. He was the first American in the BSAP since 1923.

Campbell started the modern militia movement in 1989 with his book, The New American Man - A Call to Arms. The militia movement lasted until '95 with the state-sponsored destruction of the OKC federal building. The State Department considers him a "mercenary." The FBI considers him a problem. The Secret Service considers him a terrorist. Campbell couldn't care less.

Campbell makes his living as a drilling supervisor, mainly in southern California.

The Military Solution

The Military Solution

As a Rhodesian anti-terrorist in the early ‘70s, I figured that the combination of normal African cruelty with Jewish Communism was the ultimate in political sadism. The atrocities I witnessed were shocking and revolting.

Choppers & Coppers

Choppers & Coppers

Faking the death of Public Enemy #1 is nothing new for the US government. Neither is blaming crimes on the wrong guy. It should be remembered that Osama bin Laden immediately denied involvement or knowledge of 9/11, stating that it is never okay to kill non-combatants. But that didn’t stop the government from giving us a fake video of a chortling fat phony bragging on how he pulled off the second Pearl Harbor.

Killing Pat Tillman

Today is the seventh anniversary of Pat Tillman’s assassination in Afghanistan. On April 22, 2004 Tillman and several other Army Rangers were given an odd order to split their motorized squad and proceed toward a village called Magarah. The original mission was to recover a broken-down Humvee from a rocky and almost impassable trail through […]

The American Problem

There is something wrong in the American make-up. A fatal flaw in the American mentality. It’s always been there, from the very beginning, and it’s still there, as we see in bootleg videos from Iraq, from Guantanamo Bay, from American airports and from the dashboard cameras of police cars.


Are you aware that it is against the law in this country (America) for an American to ask if a product comes from Israel? That it is against the law for an American to answer that question, yea or nay? That it is against the law for anyone asked that question not to report the offender to the FBI or Department of Justice? That the penalty for asking, answering or not reporting is up to five years in federal prison and fines equaling five times the cost of the product or $15,000, whichever is higher?

The Seat Belt Mentality

Apparently, most Americans have it. Most Americans ought to wear their seat belts because A), they’re willing to be told what to do by their employees and B), they don’t know how to drive. Of course, if I’m a passenger and the driver makes me nervous, I’ll buckle up to protect myself. But that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is you need to learn how to drive safely and defensively, and cops using “safety” as an excuse to arrest you.

Anatomy of a Frame

As VT readers know, the Pentagon was hit by a Soviet-era naval cruise missile called the Granit, known by the US government as the Shipwreck, because that’s what it does: wrecks big ships such as aircraft carriers. Unlike normal cruise missiles, it is made of steel and weighs 7.7 tons. It goes 2.5 Mach and cannot be stopped by any sort of anti-aircraft weapon. It hits ships right at the waterline, which is why the 12 foot holes in the six capital (structural outer) walls of the Pentagon began right above ground level without harming a blade of grass on the lawn out front.

Dimitri Khalezov on 9-11

Veterans Today Staff Writer Dimitri Khalezov Talks on 9/11 and the Mysterious Death of Nick Rowe By J B Campbell STAFF WRITER You may not remember Nick Rowe. His 1971 book, Five Years to Freedom, told the story of his being captured by Viet Cong after a hellacious gunfight in October, 1963 and his five […]

Have Gun Will Travel

Guns guns there’s guns on the roof, Guns guns they’re made to shoot Americans are Ready to Defend themselves from the Government.  Egyptians?  They have Rocks, Pots, and Pans! This is for the gun guys. Gordon Duff and I were shooting the breeze last night and the subject naturally turned to guns.  One of the reasons, if […]

By Way of Deception

The J-factor By J  Bruce Campbell STAFF WRITER The uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen are the inevitable results of the J-factor, which destroys everything. As I was told by a Saudi army general many years ago, all Arab countries are secretly controlled by Israel, including his own. (I hadn’t known back then that the Saudi […]

Foreign Trade Zones

FOREIGN TRADE ZONES What could they be?  Where could they be?  Overseas? Nope.  They’re here.  They’re everywhere.  They’re in all fifty states.  My state, Idaho, has at least one, up in Boundary County, and a really big one is reportedly being set up right now, near Boise.  30,000 acres.  The land inside these foreign trade […]

Foreign Trade Zones

FTZs. What could they be? Where could they be? Overseas? Nope. They’re here. They’re everywhere. They’re in all fifty states. My state, Idaho, has at least one, up in Boundary County, and a really big one is reportedly being set up right now, near Boise. 30,000 acres. The land inside these foreign trade zones is […]

Curve Ball

This is not referring to the Iraqi liar who was the basis for the psychopathic, long-planned invasion of Iraq, the anonymous twerp who assured the CIA that Saddam had WMD. Even those initials have become obscenities, let alone the words for which they stand. I’m referring to a so-called American. So-called Americans can be very […]

Part Two Manchurian Shooters

This is the continuation of the Arizona mind-control story. I only offer it because of the massacre in Tucson in which two high federal officials were shot by an apparently mind-controlled assassin. Anyone who has examined mind-control even a little realizes that the infamous ones have led strange, dreary and often pathetic lives leading up […]

Manchurian Shooters

Due to the atrocity in Tucson, the following experience is offered. It is extremely disturbing and none of our friends would even comment on it at the time. Our MK victim, Mike Gadbaw, was programmed to kill Senator Harry Reid, and my wife prevented this from occurring, perhaps to the chagrin of some. It also […]

JB Campbell: Zionist Profiteering

To: Robert Wenzel Dennis Kucinich’s proposal is an attempt to conform to Article 1 Sec 8. You have revealed yourself to be in the Alexander Hamilton camp of private bank predators with your attack on him and his proposal to liberate us from debt slavery. Lew Rockwell calls him a Zimbabwean? What do you call […]

JB Campbell: Responsibility is the Key to Power

RESPONSIBILITY IS THE KEY TO POWER By JB Campbell STAFF WRITER We are ruled by parasites. We are ruled by people who not only don’t work but expect us to work for them. This is totally irresponsible on our part. And we have been carefully trained to be irresponsible because responsibility is the key to […]

JB Campbell: This Savage Nation

Communists are the lowest form of life. We’ve been Communists since 1861. The Yankees, that is, and all who sympathize with what they did, which was wage aggressive war against people they’d already ripped off for decades. And then they ripped them off for decades after the war was over. That was Communism, American-style. Karl […]

JB Campbell: Anti-American

The leakers are being called “anti-American.” What decent person, anywhere in the world today, is not anti-American? Is there anyone more dangerous than our typical ignorant, arrogant American “citizen,” who very likely couldn’t find America on a marked map of the world? Well, yes: the American military man, who is the most dangerous son of […]

JB Campbell: Force and Fraud

(Flashback – Prelude to today) The Bush dictatorship just got its green light for army law. The Military Commissions Act sets up military tribunals to kill the enemies of Zion. We won’t have roadblocks right away but they’re coming. Have you flown lately? Militarized police will be setting up checkpoints where we’ll have to stop […]

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