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Katherine Frisk is or was an enigma. We know that the amazing world-changing book, Jesus Was A Palestinian, was authored by a "Katherine Frisk" but there is NO other information on "Katherine Frisk".  We don't even have an active email for her. Many say that Katherine was Catherine "Kate" Frisk who was born in Malta in 1933 and lived in the USA where she passed away in 2018. But that's NOT confirmed. It may be that "Katherine Frisk" is a nom-de-plume. Considering the subject matter in our book, it would NOT be a stretch to imagine that some would take offense to her truth-telling and so going full anonymous would make survival sense. We simply don't know.  And so we cannot 100% confirm her identity. What we do know is that Katherine submitted over 50 articles to VT and wrote a great book. That all stopped in 2018.  VT periodically does a few re-publishes of her work.

Greater Israel and the Tale of Two Temples

Ayn Dara and the Syrian Connection

Anti Christ Rising in the Nagorno-Karabakh

Katherine Frisk -- The predominately Orthodox Christian community in Nagorno-Karabakh have been roped into what is quite openly called World War III, Armageddon. As I recall, Tut- Mosis 111 made mince meat of his enemies at Armageddon/Megiddo. There is a good chance that he will do it again along with his Armenian sons. IF I am right, well then, poof goes the Judah weasel!

Millions of Christians worship wrong relics

Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari   Turkish archaeologists say that they have unearthed the genuine burial ground of Nicholas (Nikolaos) of Myra - a saint revered by Orthodox and Catholic churches, who lived in the...

Middle East Bankers Behind Jacob Zuma’s White Hate Speech And Land Grabs

by Katherine Frisk:  South Africans Protest Zuma-Gupta State Capture Who is behind Jacob Zuma’s  Proposed Land “Expropriation Without Compensation? ” The same people who are behind Islamic State. The same people who have been behind the land grabs...

Get Out Now! And Spitting Cobras An’All

I recently received a very kind offer from an American friend and fellow journalist. He is most concerned about my safety in South Africa.

The Godfather, Book Censorship, TSA And Going Undercover

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa. During the 1970’s South Africa had heavy censorship laws with regards to all reading material.

CNN, Fake News And Sarah Sanders

by Katherine Frisk The so-called “news,” which is a propaganda tool and no longer gives truthful, honest, unbiased and accurate reporting, is a blight on all societies and a travesty in the so-called “civilized world.” In spite of...

BEN SCHRECKINGER’s Politico Attack On VT- Comment From Katherine Frisk

Anyone who knows me and who has followed my work on VT cannot accuse me, by a long shot, of being biased towards the news site, its editor’s or its writers.

Fire Sale In The Gulf States

Katherine Frisk  We all know that the US has been sitting on highly advanced technology that has never been released. The Tesla tower 100 years ago, that is ONE HUNDRED YEARS ago, was suppressed because it...

Some Thoughts On the ISIL crisis in Philippines, Duterte and martial law in Mindanao...

It appears that when any country upsets the Deep State (NWO) and does not tow the line, as Duterte clearly has done in recent months, they set their embedded “ISIL”lose on the population to create “terror.”

Third Secret of Fatima Revelations and the truth about the Knights Templar

With regard to the Knights Templar, the key here is Gold and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

TRUTH DIED at the Hands of Katherine Frisk

Or did the Truth die at the hands of Wikipedia’s Editors?

Updated: Who Killed Gavin MacFadyen?

Assange's Mentor Murdered?

Daily Maverick Betrays the People of Syria

Abrogated Journalism and Disinformation

75% Truth – 25% Lies And Going Down With My Boots On

Shoulder to shoulder with Vlad

Why Russia Will NOT Be Dedicated to the “Virgin Mary”

And Why The Native Americans in Dakota are up Against the Same Enemy as the Russians - What the people in Dakota are fighting for is the same as what Russia has fought for for 1,000 years. Freedom from a "One World Order".

Rules of Engagement for the Exceptional Nation

Economic Destruction, Social Upheaval and “Terrorist” Incursions - Finally World War

WW3 On Your Doorstep

NATO has by degrees since the fall of the Soviet Union, increased Nuclear and ground troops along Russia’s border.

Where were You When the Anti-Christ Came?

On the Road to Damascus

Plausible Deniability, the Jesuits and Citizen Cain

Missionaries of The Anti-Christ

The Real War On Drugs

And the Winds of Change

You’re Fired!

Michael Morrell Has No Morals

The Enemy Of A Jew Is A Jew

And the enemy of a Christian is a Christian, and of a Muslim a Muslim.

An Appeal To Americans

For your sake and our sakes.

Back To The Future

Unkulunkulu, Wakan Tanka and other roses.

Turkey Surrenders?

The only conclusion I can come to is that Erdogan has in effect, surrendered to Russia, and the letter of apology for shooting down the Russian plane is in fact a letter of surrender

The Fourth Turning

Brexit and other stories...

Child Abuse – The Scourge of the West

Making Pedophilia Normal

Morning STAR

Ok baby steps...

Ziggy Has Zagged

and sagged and bagged badly.

Middle Earth

The Place once known as Atlantis


Western civilization is not founded on Greece or even Rome - The building blocks of western civilization are to be found in Egypt.

Biden For President?

Or just the Same Game Plan with a different Puppet?

There is only One Game and You Do Not Know how to Play It

Currency Wars, Trade Wars, World War