Hanan Habibzai, an investigative journalist with more than ten years’ experience in global journalism has covered the US invasion of Afghanistan, the fall of the Taliban regime and post-Taliban developments, including the rise militancy in the country.

MA in global journalism from Coventry University, Hanan writes on the conflict in Afghanistan and the regional politics, his work has been published by the BBC Afghan Stream, Pajhwok Afghan News, Reuter’s news agency, the Washington Post, Veterans Today, several local and the global media agencies, Including contribution in a journalism book Afghanistan War and the Media: Deadline and Frontline (2010), edited by R, Keeble & J, Mair, Hanan’s academic work is published around the world.

Libya: The Propaganda War

Libya:  The Propaganda War

Gaddafi attracts no sympathy within either the Islamic or the western world because during decades of power he appeared to be a rude and selfish leader; therefore, the majority of global news coverage remains pro-rebels, focusing just on how weapons are used, regardless of the consequences for the future of Libya.

Afghanistan and Pakistan: The Human View

Afghanistan and Pakistan:  The Human View

On first day of the raid they massacred around 40 civilians and arrested dozens others, including children. Among the deaths there were my close relatives, who were shot to death whilst working in cultivated area. The killing forced nearly whole village to rise up against the Soviet occupiers. They called themselves Mujahedeen. My father and three brothers also joined them.


 “Bin Laden, with his wives and followers, flew to Jalalabad on an  official plane provided by the then Afghan president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, who remains an associate of the current president, Hamid Karzai, as chairman of the high peace council”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Hanan Habibzai,STAFF WRITER  Finally, Bin Laden the most wanted man has been killed and the […]

Hanan Habibzai: Afghanistan – The Struggle for Power in Mazar-e-Sharif

UN staff terrorized over the control of Mazar-e-Sharif By Hanan Habibzai Veterans Today Afghan Bureau UN mission in Afghanistan post ponded its office in Mazar -e -Sharif after a violent mob of protesters killed At least seven UN staff earlier this month in a quiet city of the war shattered country. A delegation investigating the case, indicated […]

Powerless Karzai is more helpless than Afghan civilians

Compelled by enormous human lose, billions of taxpayers’ dollars, American prestige and the deadline set for the withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan Gen. David H. Petraeus had this to say to the Senate’s armed services committee “The momentum achieved by the Taliban in Afghanistan since 2005 has been arrested in much of the country and reversed in a number of important areas,”.

Hanan Habibzai: NATO Targeting Afghan Civilians

Careful examination of numerous reports, and images/video footage, along with eye-witness and victim testimonies, clarify that Afghan civilians are the main targets of deadly attacks by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Hanan Habibzai: Cricket to be Nationalized in Afghanistan

In aftermath of Taliban regime in 2001 Afghanistan’s capital ‘Kabul’ gradually becomes a city of foreign intercourse, and also a city of military decisions. The phrases like, the fall of Taliban, new Afghan friends and western allies were the topic of media and statesmen. Apparently, they were speaking the end of war, but behind the doors Kabul was a place for remapping military surges.

Hanan Habibzai: Afghanistan, The Music of War

Tribal Musicians caught up as militancy increases in khyber pakhtunkhwa By Hanan Habibzai, STAFF WRITER Veterans Today Afghanistan Bureau Music shops in Peshawar are now struggling to stay open as the Taliban’s influence on daily life continues to spread further into government-controlled areas. One such shop owner, Shaid Gul who used to own a chain […]

China bans a Painkiller, Dextropopoxyphene

China bans a Painkiller, Dextropopoxyphene

Chinese authorities ordered ban on medicines that contain Dextropropoxyphene, a painkiller. The country’s drug watchdog agency warned that medicines, which have negative side effects, may create a potential threat to the life of citizens.

Musharaf dreaming new power in Pakistan

By Hanan Habibzai,STAFF WRITER General Parviz Musharaf , who led Pakistan into a war, backed US-led occupation of Afghanistan in 2001  , and attacked the Red Mosque on July 2007 which took him to an uncertain battle against his own people. Therefore, he faced the serious anger of his fellow countrymen but despite widespread displeasure […]

Official Circles in Afghanistan Dominated by Iranian Influence

The presence of Iranian diplomat in a key international meeting raised concerns over Iran’s controversial role in Afghanistan. It is first time, an Iranian representative attending a meeting on Afghanistan’s development issues organised by an international group. ‘’Iran will attempt to influence international strategies, if it regularly allowed attending such meetings ‘’ A Kabul University student Qadimullah Masoomi expressed his concerns.

Nine years in Afghanistan with failed mission

By Hanan Habibzai STAFF WRITER It have been nine years since the U.S led invasion of Afghanistan but the situation in Afghanistan is worsening, gap of confidence between the people and US backed government is widely increasing.ISAF turned embedded force and International mission in Afghanistan remained unsuccessful. Keeping tabs on the events of the war […]

Afghanistan: Land of Injustice and Warlords

Justice means peace,peace means freedom,war means violence and violence is crime. Peace can be restored only by the prosecution of war criminals in Afghanistan. By Hanan Habibzai  STAFF WRITER Nearly two weeks ago, some eight Aid Workers were put to death; this has further made the life insecure in Afghanistan where peace and development are […]

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