Civil War (1861-1865)

The Unseen Enemy PTSD Continues To Take Its Toll

The Unseen Enemy PTSD Continues To Take Its Toll

PTSD is really a reaction to being exposed to death, and anyone who’s been exposed to death in even a single incident, like a car accident ~ you don’t want to go back and think about that all the time. But you can’t not think about it.

Part 2. Racism, bigotry, slavery, injustice, and the Democrat Party

Part 2. Racism, bigotry, slavery, injustice, and the Democrat Party

Try as they might, and even enabled by the liberal media, the Democrat Party cannot run from their complicity in slavery, their legislative enactment of the Jim Crow Laws, the Ku Klux Klan, the lynchings and terror of Blacks, and the racial hatred and bigotry, any more than they can run from their attempt today, to re-enslave Black America. Through their use of government welfare and handouts, the Democrats are luring people of color to the New Government Plantation with the federal government as the overseer.

Confederate Soldiers are American Veterans by Act of Congress

Confederate Soldiers are American Veterans by Act of Congress

April is Confederate Memorial Month where various commemorations held throughout the month, primarily in the South. In the other states I would venture to say that most have never even heard of it, a combination performance of historical revisionism, political correctness, and amnesia. But I am happy to report that we are seeing more events being held each year,and better attended.

War Is Racism by Other Means

What makes the most fantastic and undocumented war-launching and war-prolonging lies credible are differences and prejudices, against others and in favor of our own. Without religious bigotry, racism, and patriotic jingoism, wars would be harder to sell.

Links to a bygone era: Fewer than 100 kids of veterans of conflict remain; 6 in Tennessee

At 98, Brown’s part of an exclusive group – the surviving children of Civil War soldiers, removed by a single generation from the nation’s bloodiest conflict. Records show fewer than 100 sons and daughters of the blue and gray veterans remain nationwide. Tennessee boasts four Confederate sons – two in the Knoxville area, including Brown – along with a Union son and daughter.

Institute aims to identify graves of black veterans

By Jake Palmateer A local research institute specializing in the study of black Civil War soldiers is expanding its efforts to include Revolutionary War veterans. So far, the initiative has led to a greater understanding of the life of Cato Freedom, a freed black man who served in a Connecticut regiment, and whose grave was […]

Senate Backs Apology for Slavery

Resolution Specifies That It Cannot Be Used in Reparations Cases By Krissah Thompson Washington Post Staff Writer The Senate unanimously passed a resolution yesterday apologizing for slavery, making way for a joint congressional resolution and the latest attempt by the federal government to take responsibility for 2 1/2 centuries of slavery.       "You wonder why we […]

Seven Civil War stories your teacher never told you

    * Hundreds of women in both armies dressed as men so they could serve    * Confederate anthem "Dixie" was a favorite of Abraham Lincoln’s    * Confederate President Jefferson Davis was effectively mugged by a gang of women    * Paul Revere’s grandson fought at the Battle of Gettysburg By Eric Johnson Perhaps your history teachers […]

Republicans want Georgia to secede

Secession wrong play for GOP By Jim Thompson Athens Banner-Herald There’s no question Senate Resolution 632, a legislative proposal that should have been packaged with cases of survival rations and bottled water, a stash of automatic weapons, a mountain hideaway and enough tinfoil to make fashionable headgear for the entire family, was a Republican play […]

The Enemies Within

Op-Ed Columnist By CHARLES M. BLOW Published: April 17, 2009 The United States Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis issued a report last week suggesting that current political and economic conditions are energizing right-wing extremist groups, that many of these groups follow extremely conservative ideologies and that some may seek to recruit […]

The Right Wing Loonies Here Are Cowards

As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I take very much to heart the well being of the republic, not just for my own best interests but for every one elses as well, not the lunatic fringe element how ever that I read about who seem bent on burning down the country now […]

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