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Veterans Today (VT) is an online journal representing the position of members of the military and veteran community in areas of national security, geopolitical stability and domestic policy. 

VT is the only independent, unaligned voice of its kind in America, accepting no financial support from any organization or individual, existing solely for news, opinion, and educational purposes.

Spanning the political spectrum, we support the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

VT is part of the Veterans Today Network, a network of over 60 sites  independently operated and owned serving the U.S. Military-Veterans Community.

VT writers and editors are veterans or proven veterans’ advocates.

In Memoriam
Colonel David Hackworth (“Hack”)
Colonel Ted Guy USAF (“Eagle”)

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  1. Charlotte NC Bill: What can they blackmail him on? His step-dad in Malaysia helped organize CIA death squads? He "swung both ways"? Even if he did that's almost a social plus these days...Will ...
  2. Excalibur: Here we go boys and girls. Now we will find out if WAR between Russia and the west was what the tribe was angling for all along - so that ...
  3. vetstodayfan: Thanks for the good article. It's hard to find insightful commentary in the media so discussion of what the future is likely to hold is always something I like to ...
  4. Charlotte NC Bill: What a shame what we've become as a country....Gen Cornwallis warned ( or was it more of a promise? ) that we would be ruled by this cabal...this "Synagogue of ...
  5. Excalibur: Stuart - I am a Christian myself and as such perhaps should not be too cynical about the things Mr Cameron is saying. It just goes to show how low ...

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